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  1. Finally an 'answer'

    It took over six months, but we finally have an answer to why my little brother died.

    'Result of a Fall.'


    Tox reports were negative. Everything else was negative. No Trauma was found. There was absolutely no reason why he died, but he is dead.

    I think this is a cop-out on the part of the Medical Examiner.

    So, for the record, it is my opinion that his brain shut off. He couldn't handle those damned voices in his head ...
  2. July Sucked

    Hi Everyone! :wave:

    I'm still here although I haven't been around much.

    Some of you knew that I decided to make my (and the Partner's) move to Colorado permanent; I was able to make arrangements to take about a week and a half off from the Retail Emporium. I'd wanted more time but it wasn't allowed without a leave of absence.
    In light of this, we decided to fly to Milwaukee, rent a car, drive to the UP (about 300 miles), spend a week packing the old monstrosity ...
  3. Still Alive!

    Despite my Manager's best efforts, I'm still alive.

    Just in case anyone was wondering.

    The Job is going more or less OK, most days I am still enjoying it. There's never enough time to do everything, the fun of working with mostly hormonal women and the moodiness sometimes is overwhelming, but generally, things are pretty OK.

    Mom is coming to visit the middle of May for 3 weeks! So in my 'spare' time I've been trying to finish up the many projects I started ...
  4. Another new job!

    Got called to the Manager's Office about noon today. Never a good thing. My Manager was using the Big Manager's office.

    Was told to sit down. Again, not a good thing.

    I asked if I was getting fired, and what I did wrong. A laugh came, and the response was 'No, it is not bad.'

    Big Cheese Manager comes in. I was informed the Receiving Team Manager was leaving the Company's employ (translation: was being asked to leave in two weeks) and because I'm the most ...
  5. Reinventing my future

    I swore I'd never do this again. Retail. Ugh.

    But for me, it is fairly easy, the pay is OK (I'll never get rich) but it is stable, has benefits, a 401(k), and can be fun. I took a part time seasonal job before Christmas, it turned into a full time sales position, and now the new job.

    So I guess I'm committed now.

    I've accepted a new position of Merchandiser, specifically Lead Merchandiser for Home and Men's at the Retail Emporium.

    I'll ...
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