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Look! Lex typed stuff!

Sometimes I feel like sharing. Sometimes, you might feel like sharing what I felt like sharing. When you do, now you know where to come for it.

  1. Hey, look who's back!

    by , April 15th, 2012 at 09:00 AM (Look! Lex typed stuff!)
    Did you miss me?

    Yeah, I've been gone for a while. For most of eighteen months, actually. No real reason why. I've been active over on Empty Closets, and elsewhere online. But I didn't delete my account. I know what a capricious bastard I can be, and I knew I might decide to return and start posting like crazy again. And whaddayaknow? Here I be.

    So what motivated the return? The answer is kinda obvious: sex.

    For all the other places I post ...