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  1. Message to Stuart

    Dearest Stuart

    How long has it been since I wrote to you? I am sure that it has been a year or two. I still think of you now and then and I still have the message you wrote to me. I keep it in the wallet I never use anymore, along with old business cards of people I have subsequently lost touch with, and the photograph of Reesh and I at her birthday party – the one taken by my friend who’s ashes were scattered in a river that runs into the sea. Isn’t that just in the nature of things? ...
  2. Yet another movie Nicholas Cage touches turns to...

    ... CRAP!

    Yes, I could only be talking about Ghost Rider. I was eagerly anticipating this movie only to find out that it was nothing short of dismal. I thought it was a role even Nicholas Cage couldn't f*** up. Boy, does he always manage to surprise me with his pathetic posturing and [over]acting. I don't know why they had to choose this aged "actor" when a younger, more inexperienced actor would have done the trick (and probably would have cost less as well!)