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  1. The canvas

    The canvas is dirty
    The picture makes no sense
    It's time to lay the brushes down
    And put away the pens
    The empty space upon the wall
    Brings relief to those who saw
    The broken lines that created . nothing . at . all
    The piercing colors burned your eyes
    The textures closed your mind
    No tears will fall for this art
    Once it's left behind
    Tags: poetry
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  2. My Website

    I just finished my website yesterday. now its time to work on advertising and promotion. Not sure how to do all that, but I didn't know how to build a website before I did. So on to the next learning experience :) I'm really excited about getting it up there, but to be honest i'm more excited about getting back to painting. this has taken all of my time so far this week, i'm hoping to get the bulk of it done this week so after this i can just maintain it and focus on making art.

    i love the way they did this video. the three women that shaped one man's life. and the way he shaped, and controlled theirs.

    it makes me think of my father, and the woman that made him who he is. i loved my grandma, but it makes me sad to think that she didn't know how to show my father the love he needed. because of it he has ruled the lives of everyone he has known since. i have never felt so sorry for him.
  4. FREE

    Just outside my window pane
    The world is changing every day
    With each risisng of the Sun
    A brand new chance o come undone
    To be set free
    To scream out loud
    To stand up tall
    To stand up proud
    Show the eyes what they must see
    Tell the World what i can be
    But, today
    I'll hide away
    Maybe tomorrow I'll be me
    Yes, maybe tomorrow I'll be free.

  5. The Dream

    It was only a dream
    I awoke to the Moon's light dancing through my window
    Coming to rest upon
    The face of the man I truly love

    It was only a dream
    I slip from my bed to walk the halls
    Of my haven from the storm
    Peace holds me in her arms
    Here I fear no harm

    But alas,
    It was only a dream
    I lie here in this black cold night
    Soaking in the rain of life
    Relentless pounding on my heart
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