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  1. Leisure

    thought that i would like to have a lot of
    leisure all time
    when i was still engaged with my work.
    but now when i really have a lot of leisure in my hands,
    i feel sorta idealess.
    dont really know how to spend the time...

    try to find someone interesting to talk,
    but just got totally disappointed when
    i found that there was like almost no
    one on my contact list.

    try to go somewhere to take a trip, ...
  2. Next Stop...下一站

    life is always going on,never stops for any reason.just hope that it is not that late to know it.
    the previous stop of my life was working at a restaurant,what about the next then?
    somewhere in this world for sure...
    everyone is just moving on from one stop to another,like being on the train...oh,yes,life is just like the railway,we are just running on it.or maybe i should call it as the lane?the lane of life?...maybe...
    next stop in my life,could be here...or...there... ...