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  1. Empty Bowls

    Glad to see this is getting attention

    I volunteer for the local one.

    there are many events like this all over the country, all you have to do is search!
  2. Anti-Climatic

    Today I am tired

    I came back from work and went for a walk, trying to get more exercise in.

    Then I went to the pottery to move my stuff, yo see things have just recently changed

    On August 1st 2009, I just became a studio potter.

    I am now renting an art studio space to share with two other potters.

    I just moved my stuff from the shelf I was renting to the studio space. It fell a bit anti-climatic, like I graduated but did ...
  3. My week as a travel guide

    My mom called me a few weeks ago, telling me about her plans for a nice vacation.

    She wanted to bring my niece to Connecticut to spend time with her father that just moved there. She also spend a week or so on a real vacation , away from family, with some friends.

    She settled for a week in NYC, with her friend and her friend's daughter. Sightseeing and walking around the city.

    After the vacation she wanted to spend time with me, so I had ...
  4. They are really Busy

    The places I like to frequent in my town have been really busy lately.

    I am glad to see that!

    You see, I prefer to go to local businesses and I was very concern that in this economy things would get really difficult for them.

    But my favorite Mexican Restaurant was packed on Wednesday

    My favorite Bagel Shop had no parking available this morning

    and my favorite diner was full the last time I ...
  5. Here it is!!

    After much stress and headaches, I've finally have the internet store created, set up, and ready for view!

    It is not done 100%, more mugs to come, BUT there is a great selection available for starters

    Remember I keep adding stuff almost daily so check it out from time to time ;)

    My store is on etsy, a website dedicated to selling art and supplies, so feel free to browse if you want to buy stuff IN ADDITION to the millions of mugs you'll ...
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