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  1. My dating site profile whenever I get pissed off.

    Alright I am done with writing anything about myself here, people hardly read, so from now on you will find me writing about you people. First lets start with few basics.

    1. No Face pic no reply.

    2. Read the contents on profile, do not ask me any question, the answer to which is already present in the profile, e,g Age, Role etc.

    3. If get lucky to get my number, then for fuck sake do not play "SMS SMS" with me. Simply call or pass your number ...
  2. 4 Things that I look in my Man

    Well I will be getting 26 this Sept (2010), feeling old already, since the number of messages I get on the dating sites I use is decreasing gradually. Plus my tolerance to non-cooperative persons (in term of sending pics and stating correct info) on dating site has been pulled to zero.

    So what is that I am looking for, what is the idea behind Mr.Right?

    Well honestly I think there are four deciding factors behind declaring a person as Mr.Right/Mr.Right now/Mr.Avoid, ...
  3. Homo Terminologies In Pakistan

    Usage of Language and Terms.

    I have noticed most of you people are strugling to master the language so called English, but to me you are using Angrazee, thinking its English.
    Here are some rules that need to be Changed.

    1.Gay Sex is not correct, Called it fun or sex.
    2.The word Dear can be only used for someone close, or in formal letters, Don't use it here unless the other person is really someone you have met in person. Alternative words that can ...
  4. Homosexuality In Pakistan.

    Homosexuality In Pakistan.

    Most of my chats with members here evolves around the gay scene in Pakistan. Most of them are curious to know the unknown that they already know but need to confirm it.

    So here it goes, gay life here is no different from the one in your country except

    1.We don't have gay bars, but we do have gay points, e.g a market or road or even a particular bus to hunt men. Most of the bisexuals know the sites and would disclose to their ...
  5. About me as at 12th November 2009

    Lets start with the difficult part, and that is writing about myself, I consider myself a very normal person with all the emotions that is part and parcel of my very existence as human being. I perceive myself as honest, loving, romantic with the right person, a person with good sense of humor, and sarcastic at times, you will find me criticizing around but in a constructive way. I can get bit emotional whenever I feel like being not treated in a right way. I believe in equality in every aspect, ...
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