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  1. My old blog!

    This is my old blog! I haven't touched it in a year, only made one post, but damn did that post was bizarre.

    Read it, and you may suddenly get a glimpse into the way my mind works.

    NOTE! It refers to some by now rather old news.

    In England, Bird Flu was first reported in a swan in Fife. Oh, and the Queen owns all of them. Swans, that is.

    Oh, and I don't hate BB anymore - I gave my first blowjob during last years final. It's softened the
  2. My first blog!

    I have an annoying habit, though, of making blogs, posting one thing, and then ignoring it.

    I had a blog filled with my personal method of suing the Queen... Needless to say, I didn't, but I *did* have a legal method of doing so.

    Titty bumsocks! (That's one of my more unique cusses) I edited this post rather than posting a new reply... :(
    Ah well, best fix it. I'll stick that extraneous stuff in quotes.

    My first blog! ...