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  1. Coming Out

    Its been 5 years since my last post. Im still in the closet from my family . Recently started seeing a girl. Shes great. But I always have my urges to be with a man. I love being with a woman. But theres also nothing I love more than having a cock in my mouth or sucking a cock, bottoming, etc.

    Pretty convinced im gay and not bisexual....

    ... gotta come out soon. My ex-boyfriend is a great support system.

    ugggh, what a pain :confused::confused:
  2. Toronto BABY!

    FINALLY, I finsihed my last term in school and Im now in Toronto. Ive been wanting to move here for some time now. I moved here with a guy I have been seeing for the last year. He is the one that opened me up (so to speak) about my sexuality. Anyways, Im glad to be in the T Dot and ready to party and work work work. I've been to Toronto on numerous occasions in the past, but to actually live here is awesome. I live Mid-Town, which is awesome. Hope to eventually run into ya'll. :)
  3. Hello Just Us Boys!

    I'm new here and I just wanted to say HELLO!

    Finding out a lot about myself now that I finished college. Who I am, WHat I want to do, WHere I want to be. I found this site by a random google search. Hope it's as great as it seems to be. I feel like there are a lot of people here that are fun and love to talk about Anything. I need a break from Life.

    Look forward to meeting you all.

    - DM