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  1. Laundry Day... or Shit & Bleach

    POP QUIZ!!

    Question 1: Who puts their baby's diapers in the washing machine and turns it on at just the HALFWAY mark of "light wash" in cold water, with no bleach, and crappy enviro watery detergent?

    Answer 1: My landlords.

    that is all.
  2. Everyone needs to know my biz!

    Guess what! Today I woke up and i ate breakfast.
    and then i watched tv
    and then I played a game
    and then I jerked off to a sex story
    and then i ate
    and then I watched tv
    and then I talked
    and then I did a little tidying
    and then I watched tv
    and then I came to JUB

    You just can't stay away from my blog because it's so important. You will continue to read my blog.
  3. Your dad's dick

    i'm just so bored. nothing I like feels like fun.

    I've gotten so desperate for entertainment, I've decided to make a real blog entry, knowing I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. Really, most blogs are so egocentric. I want to scream to everyone that "NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DAY!"

    So I guess if everyone else gets to do it, then I'm going to do it as a fuck you to them. Hopefully many of them will read this and regret having wasted their ...
  4. your mom's vag

    i don't get it at all

    what's the difference between a blog entry, a profile, a homepage and a "title"?

    too many boxes!