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  1. Grow - Christmas edition solution

    1. Present
    2. Cloud
    3. Heart
    4. Light
    5. Ribbon
    6. Star
  2. My 2nd photoshop painting

    I'm quite satisfied with this, even though it still could use some work. Need some highlights for his hair.

    finished picture
  3. Done...somewhat

    Okay, I've just finished it up, and it's still a bit sloppy, but I have no more time to work on it. I still have lab reports and lab experiments to do. So this is all for now. I've added highlights to the hair and done more shading.

    I'm not too happy with the body hair, it looks too transparent and doesn't look solid enough. I will have to keep experimenting I guess.

  4. S-l-o-o-w

    I have a busy weekend, but I've worked a lil (teensy winsy bit) on the sketch I was making. Now I'm using photoshop instead.

    much more work needed :) I think he's a little too pink, and the shading looks red rather than skin tone...ehhh...I'll work more on it
  5. Work In Progress

    It's been busy as of late due to school and stuff, I barely have time to go out and have fun anymore. But I still have a little spare time for my hobby which is drawing.

    I've been practicing on photoshop and other programs and it's getting very enjoyable. Here's something I did on Open Canvas.

    I have the head completed, but I need to add in more shading and details to his face. His hair also has no texture. I've done the outline of his body, but I'm not sure if I ...