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  1. last night

    the heat
    you left with me
    last night
    still smolders.

    the wind catches
    your scent
    and refreshes
    my senses.
  2. Untitled

    There's a special place
    where lonely hearts find what they are looking for.

    Where empty thoughts can find a release
    and wandering souls can have their peace.

    There is a world that lives within us
    that guides us through the winding path called life
    a song that needs no melody,
    and a note that makes no sound.

    A simple thought without words suddenly becomes profound.

    Yes, there is a special place
  3. You Learn

    After awhile you learn the subtle difference
    between holding a hand and chaining a soul.

    And you learn that love doesn't mean learning.

    And company doesn't mean security.

    And you begin to understand that kisses aren't contracts.

    And presents aren't promises.

    And you begin to accept your defeats
    with your heart held high and your eyes open.

    With the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child.
  4. Kiss

    I kissed a young man last night
    Tasted a life that has just begun
    Between Heartbeats that were going too fast
    Felt the anxiety, the hesitation, the tentativeness all in a moment.
    I closed my eyes and watched him smile inside
    As I inhaled what he exhaled
    Subtle shivers danced along his muscles
    Disbelief poured over fear.
    I kissed a young man last night
    Watched his mind open like a flower
    As I held his face in my hands
  5. Waiting

    Late at night I stare at the moon
    The brightest reflection of my soul
    The craters are what used to be my heart
    The sand now replaces my blood
    Who will be the one to help?
    The man that allows my river to flow again
    With a single kiss my heart races
    He will be the one to raise me up
    My phoenix transformation from his heart
    The heat he emits ignites my life force
    When will he finally arrive?
    When will I know my true purpose
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