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  1. Experiencing Sleep

    Wow, I never realized it's been this long since I wrote my last blog, or that I'd been commented on it. I'll have to check back on this thing a little more. I figured no one would read it!

    Moving on to what I was going to write about...

    For the first time last night I experienced sleep. You're probably thinking "Wtf is the sob talking about? EVERYONE sleeps." What I'm talking about is experiencing sleep without actually falling asleep. Okay, let me try to ...
  2. Smile?

    Smiling. I have been getting PMs on this quite a bit. "Why don't you smile?," "You'd look sexy with a smile," blah, blah, blah.
    So, why isn't it that I don't smile? Do I have a gap? Am I afraid of smile lines? Missing teeth?
    No to those. The answer is simple, to me anyway. Why smile if you don't mean it? I'm pretty good at spotting a fake smile, and I'm rather lame at attempting it, so I don't bother with it.
    I figure I'll be kind though. I'll post a pic ...