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  1. A Cosmic Joke

    I don't even know where to begin.

    I met my friend Matt back in...say...2001. I was new to Seattle and looking for friends (and more). We found each other online and have remained friends ever since. Our friendship/relationship is a curious one.

    We've been sexually involved -- for sure. The sex was never great but often good. He is a lazy lay -- and frankly, I am not one for having to coax somebody into a (the) mood.

    Matt is a strange fellow. He's rather ...
  2. Fear of Flying

    Oh joy. It's Saturday. (said in a very unimpressed tone)

    I'm not doing much...really. Just the usual sit around the house, half-erect, and half-hungover. My ex always used to tell me that hangovers made him horny. I didn't believe him until I started to experience the same thing. It's a rather unfortunate thing I think. Because I don't feel all that sexy when I am all achey and tired.

    Yet here I sit, looking at porn, and chatting with strangers. Strangers who want me ...
  3. Streetwalking Down Memory Lane

    I'm sitting here half awake...watching Olbermann on MSNBC (he's such a fox). Work was painless but was a blur of garish colors and grabbing hands. You'd be surprised what people will buy if it's just a dollar. Like pigs at the trough.

    So...I hung out with an old friend/sort of lover (Jay) last night -- and hesitantly so. I haven't seen him in years. He disappeared to Denver...trying to find sobriety. It worked for a short while...but the wandering speech and vodka breath ...