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  1. I Will Have My Way to All Around the World

    I have always been wanting to travel all over the world. Long before I ever came to the United States, I remembered I had this really vivid dream: first, I "was" in Hollywood, because I "saw" the Hollywood sign; and then somehow I "was" in Paris, because I "was" standing in front of the Arc of Triumph... I used to believe my dreams are pathetic, and it did seem to me that all the places in the world that I wanted to go were all so far away from me, while I ...
  2. He

    We met on A4A.
    He wanted it right away.
    I said no car, can't play,
    He said he'd drive me and let me stay.

    So I got to his place,
    and fell for his pretty face,
    He's my first young white boy,
    Can't let him be gone without a trace.

    Finally, we were kissing,
    but wait, he had rules for everything.
    No tongues involving,
    No teeth for sucking,
    And no BJ trading,
    Cos my pubic hair was standing.
  3. My Dying Aunt and Beyond

    This past Wednesday, I called my mother to tell her that I was put on the school's honor's list, but my mother told me a bad news in return: my aunt had ovary cancer, and was going to have a surgery this Friday, which was China's yesterday. She said my aunt has been mistreated for 4 month, for my aunt didn't go to any big hospital. I was still optimistic at first as usual, thought that if the cancer was not serious, 4 months was still not too late, so the doctor could just take the cancer ovary ...
  4. Movie Review: Push

    Enterntainment Weekly gave this movie a C,but I still wanted to see it because I just could not say "No" to our human torch--Chris Evans. I have to see his movie. As a movie fan, I understand why it has only gotten a C.

    The movie is mainly about people with supernatural abilities. Evans's role is a mover, which means he can move things without touching them. Fanning played a girl who's a watcher that can see the future, while Belle played a pusher who can force people to ...
  5. The Milky Way

    I wanted to watch the movie "Milk" right after its US premiere, but it wasn't available at Century Theatres until recently, so finally I was able to watch it yesterday. Frankly speaking, I was never into biographical movie, I wanted to watch this one simply because it's a gay-themed movie that is based on the true story of a man that I had never heard of before I came to the US.

    Harvey Milk is said to be the first openly gay politician that has ever been elected in the US, ...
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