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  1. The Room - Part II

    The room lies vacant now,
    vacant and left to time.
    No-one ever comes
    into the room anymore.
    It remains as it is,
    as it was,
    as it has been
    for seven years.
    She no longer
    comes to the room at night
    to prepare it for him.
    She no longer
    returns in the morning
    to prepare it for the day.
    The room remains locked
    to memory.
    The same paint and paper
    cover the walls and ceiling,
    as ...
  2. The Room - Part I

    (This is a 2-part poem I wrote many years ago. I shall post Part II at a later date.)

    The Room

    The room lies vacant, now,
    lonely and quiet,
    hungry for the sound
    of laughter,
    the pleasures of love,
    the pain of sorrow.
    Each evening,
    the bedding is
    carefully folded back,
    blinds are rolled down,
    curtains are tightly closed.
    Each morning,
    the curtains are opened,
    blinds rolled up, ...
  3. Winter draws near

    The days are getting shorter. The sun's path overhead moves further south every day. Nights have a distinct chill in the air. Trees are changing colour at an alarming rate.

    Winter will be upon us all too soon.

    When I was a kid, the seasons were years long. Time passed so slowly. It seemed to take forever for Christmas to arrive.

    Now that I'm older, the days fly by so quickly. Seasons change as I sleep. Christmas arrives much too soon.

    'Time' ...
  4. Alexandre Despatie wins World Gold

    Canada's own sweetie-pie, Alexandre, took home the Gold on Tuesday, July 19, 2005, with an amazing 813.60 points. He is the first man ever to break the '800' barrier.

    "What happened to me is unbelievable," said Despatie. "I'm in shock. The 813 points is hard to believe. It's one of the first times in my career I've been able to stay on top all day."

    Way to go, Alex :=D: ...
  5. Rest In Peace

    One year ago on Christmas Day, I spent Christmas afternoon in the hospital, sitting beside my Mother and holding her hand. She was very thin and didn't look like my Mother at all. She had tubes stuck in her arm and nose and she could barely stay awake with all the morphine flowing into her veins. But she held my hand and wouldn't let go. She knew it was me, though she never said my name. She was just glad I was there with her.

    After a few hours, Mom had great difficulty staying awake, ...
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