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  1. Looking for work

    Just realise i have been looking for work for a while now and have gotten nowhere fast :(

    I mean i can only apply for stuff that is advertised and in my field at the moment it is not much. I have been to see a couple of job agency's in scientific fields and the supposed biggest one Kelly scientific is to be honest crap no sort of updates or anything and if you email them next to no reply. The other one has been better as in they actually have some possible jobs ..| the problem being ...
  2. Me Me Me

    Well this is my first real blog entry thingy

    ok what am i supposed to say hmm

    i am 23 gay single live in melbourne but you all know that if youve read my profile

    i just finished my bachelor's degree in chemistry so im sorta relaxing a bit and will start job hunting and stuff after the graduation.

    i grew up in a small town in SA called Port Augusta before we moved to melbourne when i was 12

    i am a nice guy some times shy ...
  3. This Old Love

    This Old Love
    By Lior

    Yes, yeah we're movin' on
    Looking for direction
    Mmm mm we've covered much ground
    Thinking back to innocence
    I can no longer connect
    I don' t have a heart left to throw around

    Oh, and time moves on like a train
    That disappears into the night sky
    Yeah, I still get a sad feeling inside to see the red tail lights wave goodbye

    We'll grow old together ...
  4. Don't Give Up

    In this proud land we grew up strong
    We were wanted all along
    I was taught to fight, taught to win
    I never thought I could fail

    No fight left or so it seems
    I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
    Iíve changed my face, Iíve changed my name
    But no-one wants you when you lose

    Donít give up
    ĎCause you have friends
    Donít give up
    Youíre not beaten yet
    Donít give up