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  1. Psycho Teacher!!

    Okay, it's been awhile since I updated things.

    I guess the biggest thing that's happened is one of my co-workers went loco -not postal crazy, but batshit crazy (BIG DIFFERENCE). She hasn't been to work since October 1st, and hasn't maintained any of her required job things -lesson plans, grades, etc. She found time to send some very bizarre emails to the principal and superintendent... The administration required her to check into the psychiatric ward.

    She's now ...
  2. School Days, Good Ol' Golden Rule Days

    If only it were true! I wish every student followed the Golden Rule.

    Actually, out of the 96 students I have, only 3 are about to see why I was called the Queen Empress Bitch of All Known Universes and Dimensions. The banger (as in gang member) from San Diego has already learned this little queen is much, much more than he bargained for. He flashed gang signs in my room and thought I wouldn't know what he was doing. Guess he was the only person in the school that didn't know I ...
  3. San Diego

    San Diego was a blast!

    We stayed at the Town and Country Resort, which was the AVID Summer Institute headquarters. The weather was beautiful -I already long to be back...

    The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) training was great. There was a lot to take in, so I'm still decompressing it. I think I'll feel better once I actually start things in my classroom; altho the documentation aspects still scare me a bit.

    In the evenings, we took the ...
  4. Negotiations

    I hate negotiations time! Both teams act like assholes and nothing get accomplished. :mad:

    The Board of Education decided to declare Impasse tonight rather than continue to try to work out a deal. We only have ONE point of disagreement -ONE! And the one item wasn't in their letter of negotiation, so technically we can't discuss it. :grrr:


    We negotiate every other year. We agreed upon a 4% raise each year, and a certain ...
  5. Summertime...

    ...And the Livin is Easy.

    Actually, it's expensive! With the gas prices the way they are here, I can't afford to do much. That's okay tho, cause the few trips I'm taking, the district is paying for. :D

    Summer school has been out for a few days and I've already goten a lot accomplished. he kitchen and bathroom have each received 6 hour scrubdowns. The bedrooms and living room/dining room are next on the schedule to get horough cleanings. The house could use a painting, ...
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