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  1. I needed to take a chill pill

    Don't read my earlier blog posts, OK?


    Thanks. 😘
  2. Not Coming Out has Consequences for Everyone

    The next time you're apt to think "I don't need to come out because no one needs to know about my sexual proclivities, and it affects no one else," try reading this:

    You have much more of an impact than you think you do.
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  3. BDSM is about love

    From something I posted today:

    To all the good-hearted people who are trying to help VirginBubba:

    VirginBubba is in to BDSM. It sounds very foreign to guys who aren't into BDSM, but guys who are into BDSM do in fact like pain and/or humiliation as a sexual input but it has nothing to do with low self esteem.

    Please do not try to "cure" their attraction to BDSM because it's no more curable than a gay man's attraction to men.
  4. The Gay Agenda

    Perhaps I'm too militant to some here.

    But did the racial equality and feminist movements progress by people sitting on their duffs and refusing to make waves at home or in business?

    So how is the gay rights movement going to progress if we refuse to make waves?

    You can be out, or out and PROUD.

    It's your choice. Not everyone has to be Gloria Steinem or Martin Luther King. Just don't criticize me for being like them. Ok? Thanks :kiss: (*8*) ...
  5. RIP: Gay "in the face"

    It was an interesting thread towards the end.

    They closed it.
    Now what am I supposed to do between bouts of shoveling snow?
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