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  1. Go Nail 'Em Babe

    Far Away ~ Nickelback

    This time, This place
    Misused, Mistakes
    Too long, Too late
    Who was I to make you wait
    Just one chance
    Just one breath
    Just in case there's just one left
    'Cause you know,
    you know, you know

    That I love you
    I have loved you all along
    And I miss you
    Been far away for far too long
    I keep dreaming you'll be with me
    and you'll never go
  2. There will always be hard decisions

    Decisions come in all forms - easy to make, moderately easy/hard and those mind boggling ones that tear you apart. Its not easy to make those decisions.

    I guess I probably need time to consider it.

    "Nobody said it was going to be easy" ~ The Scientist, Coldplay

    What makes it difficult is that its a year, exactly. 18th July. No mistake about it. I don't want to be the bad guy. But I feel that maybe now is not the time. Later on? Another lifetime? ...
  3. For every up is there a down?

    What goes up must come down they say. Is this statement really true? Can it be held true for the emotional state?

    The past few days have been low... I'm worried about him. He hasn't been on since Saturday his time. I've tried waiting up to see if I can catch him. I wonder if the card has arrived his side yet. The last PM from him was, well, he's not doing so good. I just want to be there and hold him close and hug him to help him get through. Its been nearly a year, and June 18th ...