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  1. piano jazz

    I'm so excited.
    This weekend is my piano Jazz festival
    I have a c-7 on stage and there are 5 amazing piano players coming to my little theatre do strut their stuff.
    Sat night with Michael kaeshammer is sold out!!!!
    It is going to awesome. I just spent 1/2 hour playing to an empty space, and it sounds sooooooo good!!
    this is my pinnacle......
  2. home sick on monday

    hey guys. I don't seem to get around to update very often. Today I'm home sick with a sudden flu and i feel like shit, but ..| glad for the break

    So things are going great at the theatre. A couple of well attended shows, so the bank balance is good. I've just ordered a new computer for work - HP 3 GB 512, 80g
    Can't wait to get rid of the old pentium 2

    Not much going on in my personal life, altho did see Brian on Sat. Glad we're not still together..... Been ...
  3. I feel great

    I had a bit of a break through at work today. I was able to get to a project that has been on my to do list since Oct. I need to upgrade my box office system and get a handle on so many of the things that it can do.

    And tonight I have to go to a Birthday party where I know this Hot guy is going to be 2, so I'm pretty psyched about it all :D
  4. All is good

    So it's been awhile since I updated.
    Everything is good all around me. my house is fab, I love my job. Leo the hound is the best. I have a nice car, a boat for the summer, and I'm heading to New Zealand in 4 wks to hang out with my bro , play some golf ,and do some sailing. So all is great, EXCEPT that I'm still alone. The summer fling was fun but not going to be the man for me to settle down with. So that's what I need, the right guy to come into my life and share with me a great situation, ...
  5. Life goes on

    The bumps in the road seemed to continue for awhile, although we had a smooth stretch ultimately the relationship was not to be and we split up last week. i feel badly for Bri as he seemed so infatuated with me, but i just could not feel the passion and felt that I needed to be back on my own.
    Work has again become all consuming, and so i haven't had time to "move on " but I know that I've mad the right decision, and I'm content with that.

    Some great stuff at the ...
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