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  1. Благодаря!

    I just want to say a huge "благодаря ти много" to my special JUB buddy, D-Base.

    Thank you for the "Good morning, buddy!" starts my day off great.
    Thank you for the music keeps my day going great.
    Thank you for the videos ...they warm my heart.
    Thank you for the pictures ...they bring you closer to me.
    Thank you for the chats, the laughter and the silliness ...they make my day.

    Thank you for everything you have ...
  2. Travel to Romantis

    Travel to Romantis

    Funny how everything changes for me
    Memories take me away
    Each time I open the door to my room
    Where I must stay in all day

    I donít want to be here, I am much too tired
    So I close my eyes and, snap, I am with you
    We are on vacation, you and me together
    Lying in the sunshine

    I travel to Romantis
    I travel to Romantis
    Where nothing but the blue skies
    Will tell me that the time flies ...