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  1. Kitchen Accident

    Let's backtrack to family Xmas get-togethers, and all the potluck foods I wanted but didn't dare touch on the chance someone had unwittingly used soy, sulfites, MSG, etc. in their preparation.

    So, I undertook a mission to duplicate everything to savor in their assuredly-hypoallergenic form.

    First was chicken pot pie, which began with making chicken broth. So, I boiled water, turned down the heat, added the herbal "bouquet garni" (bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, ...
  2. Let It Blow

    Designing and making holiday wreaths for sale has been another test on a mental quirk of mine.

    I've invested too much time with ribbons and ornaments in creating a sparklingly-effective homage to the true Star of Bethlehem, only to cringe at splashing fake snow around a small holy family scene that occured in August of 6 BCE.

    The morons paying money to hang a lie on their door don't need to know, so I guess it shouldn't matter to me.
  3. Fox, Hen, Bag of Corn

    Boots, the cat I had given to my Grandmother, came back to live with me, her mother Bo, and sister Sascha.

    I'd hoped the family reunion would have at least been peaceful, but Boots had grown accustomed to having her own space. Additionally, Sascha doesn't seem to like sharing attention with anyone, while Bo has gotten snippy with Sascha lately.

    So, I can't let all 3 in the house at the same time, to fight for access over the same food dish and litterbox. If it's just ...
  4. Roll Me Over Again

    CALZONES employ the standard pizza recipe, with toppings piled in and encased by folding the circular piece of dough over like an omelette, then sealing around the edges for baking.

    [note to self: remember to cut a slit in the top of the crust so it doesn't explode]

    Here's where the 1 or 2 hours of thinking time come in handy for me ---

    "What do I want in it?"

    Yesterday's dough batch was enough for
  5. Strung Out, Part II

    After getting the new guitar strings on, with a satisfactory amount of tension to achieve a nice strum tone, I looked on the internet to discover that they were in reverse order.

    Next day, I re-strung the guitar, and began looking into self-help lessons from, learning names for the guitar's anatomy, and how to do scales.

    Got the idea to cut expired credit cards into the shape of guitar picks.

    I've also got to see if the local pawn shop has a gizmo ...
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