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  1. before today

    by , September 30th, 2008 at 05:57 AM
    I don't want excuses
    I don't want your smiles
    I don't want to feel like we're apart a thousand miles
    And I don't want your attitude
    I don't want your things
    But I don't want a phone that never rings

    I want your love and I want it now
    I want your love and I want it now
    I don't want your history
    I don't want that stuff
    I want you to shut your mouth
    That would be enough
    And I don't care if you've been here before
    You don't
  2. Words

    give me a taste of whats to come
    give me a medicine
    teach me a lesson
    maybe I deserve to know
    cut me down to size and paralyze me
    with the contents of your pretty little head
    give me somewhere else to go
    give me one thing
    tell me something I don't really need to know
    I am so afraid of breaking what we've made
    it is delicate and lovely
    but its a weight above me
    and your words are like weapon
    but you keep them inside ...
  3. Tell Me Where It Hurts

    What is my day going to look like?
    What will my tomorrow bring me?
    If I had x-ray eyes, I could see inside
    I wouldn’t have to predict the future

    I wish that you would do with some talking
    How else am I to know what you’re thinking?
    If only people would say what it really was
    What it really was
    What it really was that they wanted

    Tell me where it hurts
    to hell with everybody else
    All I care about is you and ...
  4. Wonderful Life

    I haven't thought of you for years you know
    Your memory seems to come and go
    Our time meant so much to me
    Now you can't be find
    You were the first to want me
    The first to love me
    The first to need me
    Who was the last to know you
    The last to love you
    The last to hold you

    It's a wonderful wonderful life
    It's a wonderful wonderful life

    I thought of you again today
    Reminded me of how time has changed
    If ...
  5. Queen Of The World

    If I ever had my way
    It would be a different game
    I would get away with what I want
    And never be to blame
    I'd make the weekend last for days
    And sit it in the sun
    I'd never care what people say
    Only what they've done

    All I wanted to be was
    Queen of the world
    Never wanted to be no other
    All I ever wanted to be was
    Part of the world
    Where I could laugh and take control

    All the men would worship me ...
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