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  1. Another im portant one

    Same thread (Loneliness like a radioactive desert), two days later, after some wonderful responses:

    Re: Loneliness like a radioactive desert

    Just have to say this: I saw my own post where I confessed to crying over Stischer47's message, and it hit me: I have NEVER had a group of guys I could tell I cried over something and not get weird looks or lectures about "be a man".

    Can I cry again?

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Comment: ...
  2. An Important Post

    If this is going to be a log of my coming out, there are posts from here that belong in it. So little by little I'm going to import them from the forums. Here's my first:
    = = = = = = =
    in Not Out? No Problem! Discuss Safely Here forum,
    February 1st, 2006:

    Loneliness like a radioactive desert

    I don't even know how to start here... but I gotta pick somewhere, so....

    Picture a desert. I'm not talking about one with ...
  3. That strange screen name


    Hi again, world!
    Or at least that part who give a shit.
    Yeah, I'm feeling lonely and cynical -- so blow me. :bj:

    No one has asked, but I would have: where'd that crazy SN come from?

    Well, glad I asked. :p

    I used to be totally into fantasy RPGs, and not only ran a campaign, but got deep enough I had a meticulously detailed hand-drawn globe of the game world, a model of the solar system it was in... got it? And ...
  4. Gotta Start Somewhere

    I got told I should keep a journal of my experiences coming out, by a counselor who gave me a hand one day in Portland when I wanted to step off the overpass above I5. !oops! :-$

    I got told by a dude from I should have a home page where I can post things so people can keep track of how I'm doing. :cool:

    Together I guess those can be a blog, or a blog can be them, or whatever. So...

    I've never done a blog, or even read one -- call me lame ...
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