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  1. Creating Things Is Fun!

    I recently put together a bunch of songs I had been noodling around with for years. First time I have sung to my songs and put them out there for Earth to hear. I'm uncomfortable with my singing but I'm still satisfied with the finished product. So go listen please! :)
  2. Interesting

    I still miss the good times with an old friend, but when the good times are overshadowed by the bad, it's time to move on. Sometimes people just aren't good for each other anymore.

    Little Window

    Last night I was
    Walking down the
    Street with my hands
    In my pockets
    When I happened
    To find myself
    Upon your doorstep.

    And I donít know
    How I got there
    On your porch but
    I could not help ...
  3. Jesus

    I wrote this one day long ago after hearing the sermon at one of the last church services I attended. Sermons can be inspirational, but I just don't dig the whole Jesus thing so much... Anyway, I'm posting this because I just wrote the music to it this week.

    Frances and McClinn

    Iím eighty-one years two after today
    Been round a lifetime already, son
    Frances aní me been almost six decade
    Aní boy, Iím sad to say weíre done
  4. Another One

    This one is pretty out of the ordinary for me musically and lyrically. We'll call it an experiment, but at least I can put some words and a title to "New Song #3" now. One of these days I'll get a recording up.

    Falling Down

    Tried to rip up your heart tonight
    Gave my words an extra bite
    Saw you curl up with fright
    As I wound to strike you

    But we made love just yesterday
    Wonder if youíre just for play
  5. New Stuff

    Finally I can put some words to a little ditty I've been calling "New Song #2" and name it...

    Listen to the Lies

    He comes to me and says
    "Baby Iím a mess
    Iíve got something on my chest
    Something to confess

    You know Iím not the best
    Youíre settling for less"
    Then he walked off to the West
    And left this emptiness

    I didn't hear just what they said
    Didn't pay attention but ...
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