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  1. fresh little ditty

    Just made this up 2 nights ago.

    Growing Up

    Girl runs off to school
    In front and behind her
    Sheís swinging her arms
    Skips down the sidewalk
    When sheís happy she thinks she
    Wonít ever grow up

    Pup sniffs out a vole
    He trots back to mommy
    A present for her
    Wagging his tail
    Dogís proud of himself but
    Mom hopes he grows up

    Upside down, outside in
    Some you lose, some ...
  2. another one

    This is called A Million Times, and it doesn't have any music with it yet. Once I get it all working, I'll post Father's Dream's music in mp3.

    A Million Times

    Were you wondering if Iíd go along?
    Stand here as if nothingís wrong?
    A million times Iíve carried you through
    A million and one now itís back to just you

    Itís all on you

    I am the waves that crash at high tide
    As you walk the beach, Iím the sand ...
  3. New song I wrote

    I've got music that I play on the piano, but I don't sing yet.

    Fatherís Dream

    If my blood should drip from my hands one day
    Iíd feel like Iíd proven my worth
    My passion would break the skin and make its way
    To fall unto the Earth

    Let the blood fall from me
    As I wake from my fatherís dream

    If my sweat should glisten on my body one day
    It would show you how hard Iíve tried
    To become the man youíd ...
  4. Here it goes...

    Okay, so for anyone who does stumble upon my corner of the world, I've got some stuff for you to read. Tell me if you like it or hate it or what, I'm open to comments. Thanks!
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