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  1. Old lyrics, new music

    Wow this song is 3.5 years old! Yeah it's really about a girl I knew/dated. Not named Emily.


    I passed the diner, saw you sitting alone
    Staring into space, playing with your cell phone
    Should you call and say youíre sorry
    Or would you rather just yell at me?

    So I walked on by out to the fountain
    Where I kissed you first and you gave me that grin
    Three years gone by and we both arenít the same
    So its best ...
  2. RIP LeRoi

    This one was mostly done but I wrote a few lines for Roi tonite. It's almost like I wrote this for him in advance (I've been working on it for a month now), and it's kind of eerie. And now it's finished-- the music goes with "New Song" on my music myspace profile.


    When heís sitting right beside you
    Canít you tell youíre still alone?
    But can you seek your path without him
    If heís still clinging to your bones?
    You long ...
  3. Creativity is Frustrating

    Another one that has music I just can't put down when I sit at my keyboard... :( I wrote this two whole years ago.

    Fantasy Reality

    You and me on a new adventure start
    Iíll do mine and you do your part
    To restart a dormant relationship
    The musicís on and I place my hands on your hips

    Side to side we rock to the lazy beat
    Lean closer and our hungry lips will meet
    Weíre swirling in the taste of each other
    Our hearts ...
  4. An Oldie But Goodie

    I wrote this over a year and a half ago, but I kinda like it still. I've got a good tune in my head-- of how it should sound. But I can't figure it out when I try and play it on my piano. Oh well. Maybe someday...

    What I Am

    Iím not myself today
    Could it be you made me this way?
    I push myself inside
    Could it be you like me to hide?

    Oh, what I amís not what I am
    When Iím around you

    I hate myself today
  5. Gallery Revamp

    What happens when I get bored on Sunday nite? I watch "There's Something About Mary" and tinker with my gallery.
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