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  1. car blowjob selections (both straight and gay)

    I dont know about you but i have a thing for blowjobs inside a car. Not that much for fucking as for sucking or wanking!
    Despite that most gay guys have done tried sucking inside a car (especially those who are still in the closet) there are not many gay car blowjob type videos...
    There are so many men,especially straight acting guys who find secret gay pleasure in car that i think car sucking generally is one classic fetish for a lot of men ;)

    Straight videos:
  2. My favorite X-Tube videos #5

  3. My favorite X-Tube videos #3

    Today's favorite Xtbe video!
    watching that guy in this vid i thought i MUST buy one of these machines when i ll move on my own
  4. an interesting sexuality quiz/test

    BearedWoof has posted a very cool quiz/test in his thread you can find here:

    this quiz is rather different than the most we meet in internet and you will find it very enlightening

    My resutls were weird at first (maybe my poor english were to blame) but then i saw what i already knew :)

    Homosexual with some heterosexuality.

    Complete set of results
    Homosexual ...
  5. Fight Aids project

    Join the largest project against death
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