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  1. *La Déclaration*

    I no longer wish to remain lifeless

    beneath the surface of paper.

    I can feel each line,

    each drop of ink draw me.

    Allow me to take shape,

    allow me to be born…

    And I’ll be your creation

    Now and forever.

    (Thanks to Justin for the translation help)

  2. "The Elves from the Woods"

    It's rare there's somekind of follow up to a previous artwork. For once, a friend of mine who just loved my vision of Santa back in '06 (see below) ordered me a canvas with the funny elves. She was so in love with the two bumping ones on Santa's ass, she wanted me to put them in with the new ones i created. I wasn't sure about this, but as we say here, "the customer is the King, all the more when she's ...
  3. The LoveSeat

    What are these boys talking about?! You tell me!
  4. "Il sentait Bon le Sable Chaud..."

  5. Tasteless.

    Sometimes, you just realize that all things around don’t taste the same. The air you breathe right here seems insane now. You don’t feel like dancing on that music like before. That color used to be much more shiny, didn’t it ?!
    That’s obvious : something is missing.
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