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  1. Love myself, not logical at all.

    One of the things that people always tell to me is that I need to love myself first.


    I just can't see any logic in that, why would I love me? Why?? There is no actual reason to do that. I fully understand anyone who don't.

    There is nothing in me to love...

    When, I was younger, I was mad at people who din't like me... now I see that I din't deserve half of attention they would give me...

    I... not someone who can love... it ...
  2. Wishing for Insanity

    Sometimes... I wish to lose to madness, go crazy somehow, blissfully ignorant of my own problems, locked inside myself in a shine world or broken will many personalities of "me".

    My life has no meaning.
  3. Alone: Tickets to no one

    people from my class is organizing a party to get some money, I took ten ticket.

    my mother sold 2. It was going to be 7, but some people give up.

    me... I din't sell anything, of course.

    I just don't have friends who would go to a party with me. More simple.
    I don't have friends...

    ...anything can break my already bronken heart.

    maybe I just don't deserve happiness.

    And that is all because of 10 tickets.
  4. I just can't live

    I can't stand life, yet I am to afraid of death.

    I will be unhappy. life will be painfull.

    and that is it.
  5. shame

    I just so ashamed of my life, is no like a bad or wrong life it is just ridicolous...
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