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  1. Don't forget to support JUB!

    The best way to support the site and keep it free is ACTUALLY TO SATISFY YOURSELF!! WITH some of the porn that we give you 7 days a week! Can you spare $1?!! YEP, just 1 Single US Dollar goes a long way for us! Check out some of our exclusive deals that we barter just for YOU JUBBERS:
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  2. Back into High Gear!

    Just about to send out JUB's next newsletter.
    Sorry I haven't got back to PM's yet with some of you. I haven't forgot and will get back to ya soon. Been a busy week getting back into the swing of things and revving everything up.

    I'll be kicking things back into high gear here. So blog away. Post away in the forums, and above all that, checkout:

    JUB is still here after all these years, FOR FREE, thanks ...
  3. Re-Introduction

    For those that don't know me, I've been with JUB since it's inception. If you remember Seth, and JD, you prolly remember Thundercizzle. There aren't as many of us around as back in the day, but it is great to see that things are still alive and kickin' here in the forums. I'm back, officially, as of tonight and will be kicking things back into high gear hear. In a good way. ;)

    Hmmm... More about me.. Been in the industry for over 10 years doing almost every job imaginable. It's ...
  4. Ok this is test

    [CENTER] So, it looks like it is been almost a year since I was last aboard JUB as "myself". Cant really explain why, but Im glad to be back in touch with my good friends here. Miss you guys and I appreciate the love you have left me in my absence. I also want to apologize to anyone who is been feeling a little abandoned by all the older user is leaving. I will be trying to bring some of them back myself too. ...
  5. The New BearZone

    I've been way too busy with various projects lately. Not been on JUB nearly as much as I should be, but I'm keeping productive. Just a couple of days I launched a new Open Social Network site (Myspace without the problems) for Bears, Chasers, Mature Men, Chubby Guys, etc.

    Here's the url:
    That's just temporary. Once I've tranferred all my blog entries over from the ''ning'' will ...
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