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  1. Playing

    Anybody around charlotte n.c.
  2. MWM Submissive CD sissy

    HI I am a mwm closeted submissive sissy CD cock whore.. I LOVE THE COCK... I have watched sooo many sissy hypno videos that they have turned me into a crossdressing high heel wearing submiissive cock sucking cock riding sissy fag.
    I LOVE COCK I shave neck to knees and lotion daily I am in Buffalo/Tonawanda New York... email me at [email protected] Wifey has no clue of my dressing and my LOVE of COCK and Cum ohhh I love the taste smell and texture.. I ma still virgin to man sex, ...
  3. Back Injections

    I am taking a series of steroid injections in the damaged area of my spine. So far it is not helping. Last Saturday night I was in Hospital taking morphine injections for severe pain and sciatica. I am going to have to get a walking cane. With my angina I have to be certain to keep my nitro pills with me. I have had to use them a few times! I am sick of Doctors and Hospitals, even though they have helped me. Sometimes I feel it would be good to lay down and never wake up. I have family that I am ...
  4. New blog entry

    Wow, I haven't posted a blog since forever. To be honest, I haven't been on JUB for a long time, mainly because there are way too many weirdos here and the people I met here that are now my friends are on Facebook anyway...
    One of the people I met here became one of my best friends. JakeLucas - you are my bestest buddy, thanks for being my friend. Glad I know you and glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person.
    As I go through my posts in the pat 6 years, maybe I have posted ...
  5. I needed to take a chill pill

    Don't read my earlier blog posts, OK?


    Thanks. 😘
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