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  1. Homecoming(out)!!!

    So I am officially 100% out. nobody is bound to secret anymore. everyone I deemed important enough to tell has been told!

    I'm in my hometown for a couple of weeks visiting my family, and all my old mates. I spent a couple of days telling more fringe family members, and those I thought wouldn't take it well. To my pleasant surprise, everyone was really good about it. Even my conservative old pop, who's only concern was my continuing the family line.

    So a little ...
  2. Three Years!

    Difficult to believe that my absence has been of such a long duration. Few things have changed apart from that of becoming an even greater recluse than I was before.
    Still the same job, the same life-style and the same outlooks on life, the universe and everything.
    Lost a dog and my faithful cat; some health problems but then who doesn’t at my age.
    Trying to give up smoking again as I would like to live until retirement age and my doctor convinced me there was a risk that I might ...
  3. Naked Party at My House! [PICS]