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  1. I am who i am, and I am proud of it

    I am who i am: a friend, brother, uncle, son, nephew, cousin, deaf and gay. I may not be cute, hot or handsome, but i am the most loyal guy ever. I am a type of friend that will get your back no matter what, and will support you in any ways that i can. I may not be ideal boyfriend or date, but If i was someone's boyfriend, i will be faithful,loving and supportive. Because I am deaf, it does not mean that i am dumb. It just mean I cannot heard or speak English well as you do. I can show my love ...

    Updated March 25th, 2013 at 07:17 PM by DeafFoxDemon

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  2. What a freak I met!

    So about 2 years ago I met this guy. He was nice looking and seemed very nice. We chatted a while and long story short ended up hooking up the first night we met. The sex was incredible I must say. I was at his place for about 3 hours the first night we met and we were probably in bed for 2 of those hours.

    I liked him okay but was very upfront with him that I was not looking for a relationship with him but I did acknowledge that we had really good bedroom chemistry and that ...