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  1. FaceBook | Кэппа-Старлордз Омджпинетович (Kappa-StarLords)

    FaceBook | Кэппа-Старлордз Омджпинетович (Kappa-StarLords)
    my page is there

    Updated January 11th, 2013 at 07:46 PM by Kappa-StarLords

  2. My first job

    So...tomorrow I'm going out there and start working professionally for the first time. Maybe it sounds weird for you folks here (who decide to stop a while and read this little post...oh well) but in Asian countries, unless in China or for very very poor people, youngsters don't usually work, even part-time, until they graduate.

    Actually, I kind of lied - it's not a real job, it's just apprenticeship slot, but I'm getting paid for what I did, despite significantly lower than real ...
  3. I'm Gay

    Since I joined in 2009, I've considered myself bi because at that time, I was having sex with girls more than with guys. And it wasn't so I could hold on to something or say part of me was straight. I couldn't care less of what people think of me, I used to care, but not anymore. I genuinely enjoyed sex with women.

    But that's all. Just sex.

    I didn't want to commit to a relationship because the only relationships I've had (4) all ended in jealousy on their part or their ...