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  1. Ancient Jubber?

    I have been lucky enough to have stayed long enough to post 5,000 posts, and may even reach my tenth anniversary.
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  2. Final entry!

    Sunbuns99 excessive spamming of the blogs makes it really impossible to view other members' entries.

    This is therefore the last entry I will be making here.

    Many thanks to all those who followed me for a while and much appreciation to those who took the time to leave a comment.

  3. More Hunks

    Dani Eid


    Updated October 1st, 2017 at 10:46 PM by rich123

  4. First steps in my treatment.

    Eight hours I was lying on the bed being drip fed into my arm what in fact was an Immunotherapy treatment rather than chemotherapy as I had thought.

    The Chemotherapy starts tomorrow in the form of a large quantity of pills to swallow for the next three days. The treatment stops there until the 13th February when I have a repeat of the Immunotherapy and the following three days of pills. There will then be a final hospital visit for treatment after which the doctor will decide on a blood ...
  5. Future; Will there in fact be one?

    Future, will there in fact be one?

    Remember the fable about the ant, who after working hard all year gathering food was able to shelter safely through the winter months. A lesson worthwhile learning most would say. But one obvious flaw, of which the author didnít consider was, and what if just before the start of winter the ant found he had a cancer and was unlikely to survive the winter for which he had so conscientiously provided for. Would not the lesson in this case be enjoy oneself ...
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