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January 26th, 2006, 05:09 AM
As a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 with an even bigger crush on several of its characters, I have often fantasized about their more personal relationships outside Stargate Command. This story began as a simple fantasy, but as it developed, it became much, much more, evolving into a story spanning several chapters.

Being acquainted with the TV programme and its characters will undoubtedly increase your enjoyment of the story, but I have tried to fill in as many pieces as I could for those who have not had the opportunity to see the show before.

I would especially like to thank the creators and writers of Stargate SG-1 for their wonderful story lines (some of which I have borrowed) and their delightful characters. One suggestion, though - next time, come up with a language that doesn't rely so heavily on apostrophes!

I will be posting a new chapter every few days or so in a new thread and linking the chapters together so you can more easily read the story in order without having to search for each chapter.


Chapter 1

Deep beneath Cheyenne Mountain, Major Samantha Carter walked briskly through the dreary halls of Stargate Command on her way to Dr. Daniel Jackson's office, her footsteps echoing dully off the drab, metal walls. Dressed in military green, she was a bouncy, energetic young woman whose intelligence and knowledge of science were unquestionable. Blonde-haired and with a pixie face, Sam didn't waste time or money on beautifying make-up or professionally-coiffed hair. Instead, hers was a natural beauty which few people failed to notice.

Sam, along with the rest of the SG-1 team, was on the second day of a 5-day stand-down and she was using the time to catch up on a few long-neglected projects. Colonel Jack O'Neill was, of course, at his cabin, no doubt sitting at the end of his dock with a bottle of beer in one hand and a fishing pole in the other, trying to catch non-existent fish in the pond near the cabin. The Jaffa shol'va, Teal'c, was visiting his good friend and mentor, Bra'tac, on his home world of Chulak. Daniel was waiting patiently in his office for the results of the tests Sam had done on the ancient tablet she now carried along with her notes beneath her left arm. She had promised him she would have the results that morning. She was keeping her promise.

Sam still could not believe that Daniel was actually back. She had cried for days when Daniel had died over a year earlier. She could not think of that day without her emotions broiling inside of her. She preferred to think of the day that they had rediscovered an un-Ascended and amnesiac Daniel living a simple, nomadic life on a forgotten planet. Daniel didn't remember them, of course, but they had convinced him to return to Earth and to become the valued team member of SG-1 he had once been.

She couldn't believe how much Daniel had changed. When she had first met Daniel on Abydos several years earlier, he reminded her of a little boy trying to play with a dozen different toys at the same time. Awkward and gangly, anxious and excitable, with long, brown hair and plastic-framed glasses, Daniel was the quintessential ‘geek'. His knowledge of ancient history and mythology amazed her. It was, in fact, Daniel who had first come to the conclusion that the stargate, found in a dig at Giza, was actually an alien transportation device which allowed interplanetary travel and that aliens had been visiting Earth for thousands of years posing as Gods. His theory did not go over well in the archaeological field and he had suffered greatly for it. She felt sorry for him. Now that his theory had been proven correct, no-one could ever know about it. When she saw him again on Vis Uban, she was astounded at the change. With shorter hair and no glasses, Daniel had lost his little boy, nerdy quality. He was now a strong, healthy, handsome young man. His blue eyes still held secrets that he preferred to keep to himself, but his hair was much darker now, adding to his new masculinity. She liked the change.

Following his untimely death and Ascension, Daniel had been replaced by Jonas Quinn, a friend they had met on the planet Langara. Jonas had fallen out of favour with his home continent of Kelowna after Daniel had died saving it during a failed Naquadria test. Daniel had received fatal doses of radiation in the rescue. In order to keep the tests secret from other warring nations on the planet, the Kelowna High Council had branded Jonas a traitor. He had escaped to Earth where he quickly found his place amongst the Earthlings, bringing with him a smuggled supply of Naquadria. As a potential source of vast energy, both Jonas and the mineral were eagerly welcomed.

Jonas, too, had a boyish quality about him. A compact mesomorph, Jonas' blond hair had originally been cut short but combed naturally. During his time on Earth, he enjoyed the short, spikey-haired look that Earth's mousse allowed, giving his face a more mature quality. Blessed with deep dimples on his cheeks and sapphire eyes, the boyish quality returned every time Jonas smiled. He was easy to get to know and even easier to become friends with. A voracious reader with a photographic memory and a keen interest in history, Jonas quickly filled Daniel's empty shoes as a member of SG-1.

Following Daniel's rediscovery, Jonas had accompanied Daniel on his first mission after ‘coming home'. It had involved a little subterfuge aboard Goa'uld System Lord Anubis' mothership, and they had barely escaped with their lives. The mission had, eventually, been successful, but nothing had gone as planned. They barely managed to escape from the mothership, ending up on Kelowna where Jonas had returned a long-overdue favour and saved his friend's life by jumping in front of Daniel as he was about to be shot by a Jaffa staff blast, taking the shot himself. Later, Jonas had returned to Kelowna, now a hero to his people. Daniel's memory gradually returned. Samantha Carter couldn't have been more pleased to have Daniel home and a member of SG-1 again.

She arrived at Daniel's office, hand ready to knock and announce her arrival, when she saw that Daniel was not at his desk. "Probably getting another coffee," she thought to herself. Daniel had been a little ‘out of sorts' lately, undoubtedly due to his efforts to regain lost segments of a life he was trying desperately to remember. She wasn't overly concerned. She knew it would take time. She was about to leave when an unusual sound came from inside the room. Concerned, she stepped inside and glanced to her left.

"Oh, my," she said aloud. Standing before her, out of sight of the door, were Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn, locked in a very close embrace and engaged in a deep and extremely passionate kiss. Each had their right arms wrapped around the neck of the other. Jonas' left hand held Daniel's right butt cheek firmly in its grasp while Daniel's left hand was firmly planted over the mound of flesh tenting the front of Jonas' pants, his hips pressing urgently into Jonas' left hip.

On hearing her voice, both men looked in her direction, surprised and startled. They quickly disentangled themselves, Jonas dropping his hands to cover the distended material at his crotch.

Carter turned away, about to leave, when Daniel called to her, "Sam! Wait!"

"Sorry, Daniel. Jonas," she mumbled. "I'm really sorry. I'll . . . um . . . I'll put these on your desk." Sam turned toward the desk and set the tablet and notes onto it. "I'm sorry," she repeated.

As she did so, Jonas said urgently, "Sam, it's not what you think!"

Still looking at the desk, she responded angrily, "No, Jonas! I'm pretty sure it's what I think it was!" She could not look at them. She turned toward the door, anxious to leave..

"Sam, please," said Daniel, much urgently. "We need your help!"

Samantha turned to face them, anger and embarrassment showing clearly in her face. They had moved to stand directly in front of her."If you don't know what to do now, Daniel, I'm afraid I can't help you! You'll just have to figure that out for yourselves!"

"Listen to me, Sam," Daniel pleaded. "We don't understand why this is happening to us. We think Anubis might have done something to us when we were aboard his ship."

"Oh, come on, Daniel," Sam said accusingly. "Surely you don't expect me to believe that Anubis had anything to do with what I just saw you doing! You could have come up with a better story than that!"

She clenched her jaws, her eyes burning. She had never felt so betrayed in her life.

"Sam," Jonas said quietly, "have we ever lied to you?"

Sam thought for a moment. It was true. They had never lied to her. The anger slowly drained from her face and she relented. "No."

"We need your help, Sam," Daniel continued. "We're feeling urges we've never felt before. Compulsions. Desires. We don't know what's happening or why. Will you help us figure this out?"

"Please?" added Jonas.

Carter averted her gaze to the floor beside her. "I'm feeling very uncomfortable with this, guys."

Daniel warmly put his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Sam."

She looked into Daniel's bright, blue eyes and was drawn into them. She searched them for a long time. At first, she saw fear, but it wasn't the look of fear at being discovered by her in a compromising position. It was much deeper than that. She saw the confusion, the concern, the battle going on within his mind.

She looked at Jonas and saw the same thing. Perhaps she had been mistaken. It was definitely a very passionate kiss she had witnessed, but doubt rose in her mind that their feelings were truly their own. They were frightened. Perhaps Anubis had done some mental manipulation on both of them. He had been, after all, an Ascended Being once. Daniel had told them so while he, himself, was Ascended. Anubis would certainly have the knowledge and wherewithal to carry out such a plan. Why, she could not fathom, but the possibility was there, and both Daniel and Jonas deserved the benefit of her doubt.

She turned her attention back to Daniel, who removed his hand from her shoulder. "Okay," she said. "I'll try to help. So, let me get this straight. You're saying that something like this happened on Anubis' ship?"

"Yes," the boys answered in unison.

"And I'm guessing that neither of you have done anything like this before." She said it as a statement rather than a question.

"Never," said Daniel.

"But the compulsion is there, Sam," Jonas explained. "That's why I'm here. I couldn't deal with it on Kelowna. I had to come back to be with Daniel. I had to find out what's going on with me. I was more than surprised to find out that Daniel was going through the same thing, that he has the same feelings about me as I have for him."

Sam thought for a moment, then asked, "You don't think these feelings are real, do you?"

"We don't know," Daniel said calmly. "They feel real enough that they could be. But I didn't even feel the need to be with Sha're as strongly as I feel the need to be with Jonas. We just can't explain it."

Sam looked at Daniel in a new light. Daniel was a very private person. A loner of sorts. He never discussed his private life with anyone. But he was also the most honest person she knew. He overflowed with integrity. Both he and Jonas were brilliant. They should easily have been able to rationalize this behaviour. And they had. Anubis was a possible answer. After all, there had been many missions in the past in which some method or other had been used to force a member of the team to fall head-over-heals in love with someone. They felt that this might be another one of those times. That was good enough for her.

"I'm going to need Janet in on this as well," she said finally.

Daniel heaved a heavy sigh of relief. "Thank you! We were going to ask for her help as well."

"And General Hammond," Sam added.

Jonas' voice filled with concern as he asked, "Do we really need to involve him?"

"If Anubis is playing with your minds somehow, he must be involved."

"She's right, Jonas. We can't keep him out of this one." Jonas nodded.

"Okay, then," said Sam. "Can I use your phone?"

"Of course."

Carter picked up the receiver and punched a few buttons on the dial. A moment later, she said, "Hi, Janet. It's me, Sam. Listen, I'm here with Daniel and Jonas. . . . Yeah, he arrived this morning. Something's come up. They think Anubis might have done something to them." She paused, listening. "No, I don't know any details. I wanted to wait until we could all talk together. And we need to get General Hammond in on this as well. . . . I have no idea. . . . Yes, when they were on the mothership. . . . Okay, I'll wait here. I'm in Daniel's office." She hung up the phone and turned to her friends. "She's going to talk to General Hammond and call me back here."

"Good," Daniel said. Then, after a moment or two, he added, "Do you think we're nuts, Sam?"

"Well," Carter said, thinking back to the time she and Colonel O'Neill were stranded in Antarctica with little hope of rescue, the feelings she had shared with Jack, "you thought you were going to die. You said so in your report. Weird things happen when people think they are going to die. Trust me, I know."

"But we didn't die," Jonas said. "And we're not dying now. So why do I still have all these urges?"

"And me, too," Daniel reminded him. "Sam, it feels like we're losing control of ourselves. We need to know what's going on."

"Okay, we'll figure it out," Carter said reassuringly. "Look, I'm sorry I over-reacted."

"Believe me," said Daniel sincerely, "we're as shocked by it as you were." He smiled at her, then leaned forward to kiss her cheek. "Thank you, Sam."

"What could happen to Daniel?" Jonas asked, concerned.

"You mean concerning his job here?" Jonas nodded. "You're both civilians. I don't think they could use it to fire him, especially if Anubis is controlling your minds. General Hammond will be able to tell you."

Daniel asked quietly, "And if the feelings are real?"

"I don't know, Daniel," she said. "I really don't know."

The phone interrupted them. Samantha answered it. "Major Carter. . . . Hi, Janet. . . . Okay. We'll meet you there." She replaced the receiver. "General Hammond is waiting for us in the briefing room. Janet will meet us there."

Daniel sucked in a deep breath. "Okay, then." Looking at Jonas, he asked, "Are you ready to do this?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

Gesturing gallantly toward the door, Daniel said to Sam, "After you."

To Be Continued

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Chapter 2

General Hammond sat in his usual chair at the head of the large briefing table, the stargate visible through the large windows behind him. Major Carter and Dr. Fraiser sat to his left; Daniel and Jonas to his right. He began. "Dr. Fraiser has informed me that there may be some concern about some mental influences on both of you by Anubis?"

"Yes, Sir," said Daniel. "Since our mission aboard Anubis' mothership, both Jonas and I have felt some. . . ‘urges'. . . that we don't understand. We think Anubis might have something to do with it."

"Urges?" Hammond asked.

"Yes, Sir," Jonas explained. "Since I returned to Kelowna, I've had this desire - this. . . ‘need' - to be with Daniel. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I couldn't concentrate on anything. That's why I came back to Earth this morning. I needed to know what's going on. I needed to see Daniel again."

"I've had the same thoughts about Jonas, Sir," Daniel added.

"Do you mean just to be with each other or. . . ?"

"We mean ‘or', Sir."

General Hammond looked from Daniel to Jonas and back again. He took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

"Excuse me, General," Sam interrupted. "According to both Daniel and Jonas, they have never experienced these feelings for other men until they went aboard Anubis' mothership. Since then, the compulsions have been overwhelming them. That's why they're concerned that Anubis may be influencing them somehow."

Hammond turned to face the two young men. "Isn't it possible that these feelings for each other are real and you've simply been repressing them?"

"They feel very real, General," Daniel explained. "But they happened so suddenly, and they were so overpowering."

Jonas added, "And they still are. We didn't even know the other was having them until just a few minutes ago when I went to see Daniel."

Hammond nodded his understanding. "If Anubis had a part in all this," he said, "it raises a big question: Why?"

"I don't know, Sir," Carter said. "Perhaps he sensed them aboard his ship and wanted to ruin their plans to shut down his weapon."

"But we succeeded," Jonas reminded them. "If he wanted to make sure we couldn't destroy his superweapon, he could have just killed us."

"The Tok'ra isotope shielded us from the ship's sensors," said Daniel, " but maybe not from Anubis' mind. He could have been aware of us from the moment we boarded his ship but couldn't find us because of the isotope."

"He would have had the ship searched if he felt threatened," Carter said. "You said the incident didn't happen until after Jonas escaped from his cell."

"Perhaps," suggested Dr. Fraiser, "he wasn't aware of them until it was too late. As far as he knew, his ship was virtually impenetrable. He was much too busy looking for the Lost City to be wasting his time searching for someone who couldn't have been on his ship in the first place."

"That sounds reasonable, Doctor," said Hammond. Then, to Jonas, he asked, "When exactly did the urges begin, Mr. Quinn?"

"Soon after I escaped from the prison cell, Sir."

"Then we're still stuck with the question of why Anubis would plant the suggestions afterward."

The room fell silent as everyone tried to think of the answer.


Everyone turned to Daniel, who had been sitting quietly, staring at the wood grains in the tabletop.

"Please explain, Dr. Jackson," the General encouraged.

Daniel sat up in his chair, grasping his hands together in front of him. "Think about it," he continued. "Before I Ascended, SG-1 kicked some serious Goa'uld butt. We weren't a threat to Anubis, though. He's half-Ascended. What could we do to him? When Jonas took my place, SG-1 kicked more Goa'uld butt, but we still weren't a threat to Anubis. And, suddenly, there I was again, and there were 5 of us. In a single mission, we had managed to trick him into our plan and lure him into our trap, nearly had him eliminated by Lord Yu, and disabled his new superweapon. We were suddenly a very real threat to his plans to dominate the Goa'uld System Lords."

Daniel paused a moment, allowing the others to absorb his theory. "Okay," he continued, "so he had to find a way to split us up. . . to make us less of a threat to him. He had to find a way to drive a wedge between us. What better way than to have SG-1 fighting amongst ourselves?"

"But he couldn't have been certain of the team's reactions to something like this," Dr. Fraiser said. "Or your own, for that matter. And he couldn't even have been certain of your survival."

"We did survive, though," said Jonas. "Maybe that was part of his plan. Maybe he allowed us to escape in order to start the dissent between us."

"Okay," Janet accepted statement. "So, how would homosexuality drive a wedge between SG-1?"

Daniel responded. "He knows Teal'c, and he knows how regimented and rule-bound the Jaffa are. Surely, Teal'c would object to something as taboo as homosexuality. And if anyone else on the team objected, it would definitely create hard feelings within the team. It would probably tear the team apart eventually."

General Hammond, lips pressed tightly together, contemplated the idea. He nodded slightly to himself and said, "Agreed." Then, "Jonas? Dr. Jackson? Are you sure you've never felt these urges before? Nothing like this has every happened to either of you before?"

"Very sure, Sir," said Daniel. "And I'm sorry that we. . . I mean. . . Jonas and I. . . that we. . . um. . ."

"I think what Daniel is trying to say, Sir," Jonas added, "is that we lied on our mission reports."

General Hammond stared menacingly into Jonas' eyes. "Yes?"

"Well," Jonas amended, "we didn't so much ‘lie' as we left some things out."

"Perhaps now is the time to put them back in, Mr. Quinn."

"Yes, Sir," said Jonas. Between himself and Daniel, they filled in the missing pieces.

January 27th, 2006, 09:17 AM
Chapter 3

(With additions provided by mission reports and from notes taken by Dr. McKenzie.)

Anubis was a threat, not only to Earth, but to the entire galaxy. Unlike Daniel Jackson, who retained no memory of his Ascension except a better understanding of the Ancient language, Anubis held the knowledge of the Ancients within his mind. He had used that knowledge to create a superweapon - one which could destroy entire fleets of ships and, indeed, entire worlds. The destruction of Abydos was definitive proof of that. It was clear that Anubis was well on his way to domination on a galactic scale.

He had to be stopped.

The first glimmer of hope came from Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had recently been found alive and well on what SG-1 had thought to be ‘The Lost City of the Ancients'. After being expelled from the Race of Ascended Beings for his intentional attempts to battle Anubis, Daniel appeared in human form with no memory of life before his Ascension. Taken in by a kindly tribe of nomads, Daniel had lived with them for several months before being discovered by friends he could not remember. Convinced of his identity and his unique ability and knowledge to help fight evil as part of SG-1, Daniel had agreed to return with them to Earth. His memories slowly began to return.

After examining the tablets found on Abydos, the tablets he had warned Jonas Quinn to guard with his life just minutes before the destruction of Abydos, Daniel noticed that Jonas, who had used Daniel's own notes, had mistranslated the word ‘locun'. It did not mean ‘of the lost' as originally thought. Instead, it meant ‘to make lost'. In other words, the Lost City was not actually lost. It had been hidden away by the Ancients. The City of the Lost still existed, but not where they were looking for it on Vis Uban. If a way could be found to trick Anubis into traveling to Vis Uban as they had done, they might have a chance of destroying his superweapon and eliminating him entirely.

A plan was quickly put together. Using a fake tablet which would be planted by the Tok'ra and ‘discovered' by Anubis, he would be lured to the same planet upon which Daniel had been found, thinking, as they had, that it was ‘The Lost City of the Ancients'. Major Carter and Colonel O'Neill, flying an F-302, would use a very short and very precise burst of hyperspeed to pass through the shields surrounding Anubis' mothership. Once inside, they would destroy the cooling shaft which would cause the superweapon's crystal core to overheat and be destroyed as soon as the weapon began to power up. Dr. Jackson and Jonas Quinn would smuggle themselves aboard the mothership with the aid of a Tok'ra isotope injected into their blood which would hide them from the ship's sensors. Using their knowledge of the Ancient language, which Anubis used in order to protect his computer systems, Daniel and Jonas would locate the necessary ventilation shaft, relay the coordinates to Carter and O'Neill, and escape. Teal'c would arrive with Lord Yu's fleet, which would then give Anubis cause to power up his superweapon. Carter and O'Neill would destroy the ventilation shaft, making the superweapon useless, and Lord Yu would easily eliminate a defenseless Anubis.

According to plan, a Command Centre had been set up on Vis Uban. Daniel and Jonas, disguised as Jaffa, used the transport rings to board Anubis' ship. They cautiously made their way to a computer terminal while Carter and O'Neill, awaiting the arrival of Lord Yu's fleet and the location of the ventilation shaft, were forced to engage a number of gliders. Unfortunately, Lord Yu did not arrive as planned. Suffering from lapses in memory and senility, Lord Yu decided at the last moment to take the Jaffa, Teal'c, into custody and to divert his fleet across the galaxy, where he believed Anubis was really situated.

Fortunately for SG-1, Anubis discovered the presence of General Hammond and the Command Centre set up on the planet below and targeted the stargate. The ‘Lost City' would become lost forever. As he began the power-up of his superweapon, Carter and O'Neill burst through the shields and destroyed the cooling shaft. Anubis had no choice but to power-down his superweapon before it exploded.

Meanwhile, the two infiltrators, Daniel and Jonas, were discovered aboard the ship and were forced to run for their lives. In a desperate attempt to save his friend, Jonas forced Daniel to hide in the ship's ventilation shafts before he, himself, was captured and taken before Anubis.

Anubis implanted a spiked golf-ball-sized mind probe into Jonas' brain and discovered the existence of Naquadria, a fuel much more powerful than Naquada, on Jonas' home of Kelowna. With this new discovery, Anubis would have all the power he needed, despite the fact that it was extremely unstable. A way would be found to stabilize it. He set course for Kelowna.

Jonas survived the mind probe - a procedure which would have destroyed the brains of ordinary humans. His unique genetic structure, possibly bolstered by the recent genetic experiments done on him by the Goa'uld Nirrti, allowed Jonas to escape death. Imprisoned in a holding cell protected by a force shield, Jonas could only bide his time and hope that Daniel, too, was still alive.

Daniel, having made his way to a computer console, discovered that Jonas was still alive and being held prisoner. He cautiously made his way to the holding cell but could not shut off the force field protecting the doorway. As he and Jonas were discussing their options, an explosion shook the ship and the force field became unstable, but did not disappear. Jonas could think of no other option than to try to jump through the shield during one of its disruptions.

Jonas managed to escape the cell through the shield, but his timing had not been as exact as it could have been and he received quite a severe jolt to his body. Knowing that Jaffa would soon be arriving to check on their prisoner, Daniel quickly grabbed Jonas and, supporting him, made his way to the ventilation shaft.

Leading the way, Daniel crawled through the shaft in the direction he hoped would lead them to the rings. Jonas followed closely behind. Intent on his efforts to find a way to freedom, Daniel did not notice that Jonas had stopped following him until he heard a hollow thud and a desperate whisper, "Daniel!" He turned his head. Jonas lay face down in the cramped ventilation shaft. He quickly crawled back to Jonas, reaching him in seconds.

He placed his hand on Jonas' back and called softly to him. "Jonas! Jonas, can you hear me?" He rolled Jonas onto his back and, kneeling beside him, cradled the young man in his lap. Jonas was unconscious. He gently slapped Jonas' cheek while whispering his name over and over.

Jonas eventually opened his eyes. Looking up into the face of his friend, he said loudly, "Daniel!" Daniel quickly placed his hand over Jonas' mouth and shushed him.

"Easy there, Champ," he said quietly, moving his hand to stroke Jonas' hair in an attempt to calm and reassure him. "We're not out of this yet." Looking both ways along the shaft, Daniel turned his attention to his injured friend again. "Are you okay?"

"It hurts. I can't stop shaking. My whole body feels like one giant toothache. If I ever get the urge to jump through a shield like that again, shoot me."

"I can do that," said Daniel with a reassuring smile. "We'll rest here for awhile. Can you sit up?"

"I think so," said Jonas. Daniel helped him into a seating position. Unfolding his legs from beneath him and leaning against the wall of the shaft, Daniel pulled Jonas toward him and wrapped his arms tightly around him, comforting him.

Both sat in silence for several minutes. Slowly, Jonas' body stopped twitching and he relaxed in Daniel's embrace. "We're not going to get out of this one, are we?" His voice was full of worry.

"Sure we will," Daniel said emphatically. "We've been in worse situations than this before."

"No, we haven't," Jonas replied. "The last situation we were in together, you died. Remember?"

"I'm beginning to," said Daniel, hugging his friend even closer. "We'll get out of here. I promise."

After another pause, Jonas said, "You should have escaped when you had the chance."

"And leave you behind?" Daniel assured him. "Not an option."

After a long pause, Jonas said in a quiet whisper, "I'm glad you didn't."

Jonas sat up. Daniel released him. Turning his body to face his friend, Jonas stared deeply into Daniel's warm, blue eyes. Suddenly, he leaned forward. Their lips met. They kissed.

When they separated, Daniel asked, "Why did you do that?"

Jonas shrugged. "I just wanted to. . . I needed to show you how grateful I am for what you did for me. . . and for what you're doing for me now. Are you angry?"

"No, I'm not angry at all," Daniel replied. "In fact. . ."

Daniel reached out, wrapping his arms around Jonas once more and pulling him forward. He pressed his lips firmly against Jonas' lips. The kiss was long and deep and very passionate. Jonas' arms soon wrapped themselves around Daniel, pulling their chests together, and the kiss continued with even more passion and urgency.

With both mouths and both tongues working furiously against each other, Jonas coaxed Daniel onto his back. Lying halfway on Daniel's body, Jonas pulled his right arm loose and planted his hand firmly on Daniel's left breast, the nipple captured between his index and middle fingers. He could feel Daniel's heart pounding beneath the thin material of his T-shirt. Jonas' leg slid easily over Daniel's legs, his thigh nudging the base of Daniel's crotch which was now quickly expanding with excitement.

The kiss continued. Jonas moved his hand smoothly down Daniel's body, across the heaving chest and stomach, until it came to rest over the zipper of his pants. He grasped the solid flesh beneath the material, his own hardness pressing against Daniel's hip. Moments later, his fingers found the zipper tab and pulled downward. The fingers slipped easily inside, grasping the throbbing penis through the thin material of Daniel's underwear. Daniel made no move to stop him.

Moments later, however, reality caught up with Daniel. He placed his hand against Jonas' shoulder and pushed him away. "Jonas!" he whispered urgently. "Stop!" Jonas pulled away and saw the panic in Daniel's face. "We have to stop!"

Jonas remembered the danger they were in and noticed where his hand was for the first time. He quickly removed it from the opening in Daniel's pants and carefully pulled up the zipper. Daniel asked, his brow wrinkled in confusion, "What in hell just happened?"

Jonas looked into Daniel's eyes. "I don't know," he replied, "but I couldn't stop myself."

"Neither could I," Daniel admitted, "but this is neither the time nor the place for this to be happening." They sat up again, Jonas moving to sit against the other wall, facing Daniel, his chest still heaving in excitement.

"I've never done anything like that before," Jonas said. "Have you?"


"These past few hours have been pretty intense for both of us," Jonas suggested. "I think we just needed to let off a little steam."

"Maybe," said Daniel. "Let's just forget about it for now and get the hell out of here. We'll talk about it when we get back home."

Jonas nodded.

"Are you ready?"

"Sure. Let's go."

In a desperate rush for survival, Daniel and Jonas made it to the ring room. Not knowing where they would end up, they engaged the rings and appeared in a warehouse on Kelowna. Surrounding them were Major Carter, Teal'c, and a number of Jaffa from Anubis' ship. Daniel and Jonas immediately opened fire with their zat guns, easily dispatching the surprised Jaffa.

The two new arrivals soon learned from Carter that she had found an information crystal which may contain details on early Naquadria experiments by the original Goa'uld who was studying the mineral. They returned to the Kelownan bunker where Commander Hale demanded the crystal. As Carter handed it to him, Anubis' chief lieutenant, Her'ak, and his entourage of Jaffa, appeared from behind him. Hale explained that Anubis had promised to leave Kelowna alone in exchange for the crystal. He handed the crystal to Her'ak who, in turn, immediately killed him.

At that moment, Ba'al's fleet, summoned by Teal'c, arrived, quickly surrounding Anubis' mothership and destroying it. Some of the blasts hit the city, and Colonel O'Neill realized that Ba'al had, indeed, arrived and immediately challenged the Jaffa in a shooting match. Her'ak, attempting to escape through the stargate, was tripped by Carter, who also managed to retrieve the crystal.

Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson was about to be shot with a staff weapon blast when Jonas suddenly pushed Daniel out of harm's way, taking the shot himself. Payment in return, he thought, for the sacrifice Daniel had once made for him.

Safely back on Earth, with more memories returning every minute, Daniel went to visit Jonas in the Infirmary the moment Dr. Fraiser gave him permission to do so. "Can I see him alone?" he asked Janet.

"Sure," she replied with a smile. "Take your time." Janet left Daniel and Jonas alone in the room, closing the door behind her.

Daniel pulled up a chair and sat beside the bed, smiling as he looked at his friend. The head of the bed was raised and Jonas was sitting up. Daniel calmly reached out and took Jonas' free hand in his own. Jonas' other arm was bandaged and immobilized in a sling. Daniel squeezed the hand gently.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

"Like crap," Jonas replied. "Dr. Fraiser is keeping me pretty doped up."

"She's the best there is."

"I know." Jonas paused, his face full of concern and embarrassment. "Look, about the ship."

"Forget about that right now," Daniel said. "Concentrate on getting better first."

"I have to talk about it, Daniel. Now. Please?"

"Okay, let's talk."

"I didn't imagine it, did I?."

"No, you didn't."

"Are you upset?"

"No. Not ‘upset'. More ‘confused'."

"So am I." Jonas paused, his eyes moist with tears. "I wanted so much to happen. I couldn't help myself. If you hadn't stopped me. . ."

Daniel squeezed Jonas' hand reassuringly. "Believe me," he said with a smile, "if circumstances had been different, I don't think I could have."

"Look," Daniel said after a short pause, "you look like you're about to fall asleep. I'll let you rest for now, but I'll be back later and we'll talk about it then." He released Jonas' hand from his own and stood up.


"Try to stop me." On impulse, he leaned forward and kissed Jonas gently on his forehead. "I will definitely be back. Now, get some rest."

To Be Continued

January 30th, 2006, 05:35 AM
Chapter 4

As the days passed, Jonas' injuries mended under the skilled administrations of Dr. Fraiser and her staff. Daniel returned to talk to him as often as he could, but they didn't talk about what had happened on the ship, nor did they hold hands or kiss each other again, but each felt much better when they were together.

On the third day of his recovery, Jonas surprised Daniel with shocking news. "I'm going back to Kelowna."

"When? Why?" Daniel's disappointment was obvious. He didn't like this idea at all.

Jonas' eyes were filled with sadness as he explained. "Tomorrow. They want me to come back. The Tiranians and the Andaris have agreed to a joint ruling council, but only if I'm the Kelownan representative. I'm a hero now." The smile that crossed his face was a feeble one.

Daniel swallowed the hurt he felt growing in his throat and managed to say, "That's great!" The smile he showed was forced. Jonas could see that Daniel didn't want him to leave. He didn't want to leave, either. But he had to. Daniel would be rejoining SG-1. There was no place for him here anymore. He would miss his friends greatly, but he had no idea how much he would miss Daniel.

* * * * *

The dreams began that night. Alone in his apartment, Daniel awoke suddenly in the early hours of the morning. His pyjama bottoms were strangely moist, he still had a throbbing erection. He suddenly realized that he had had his first wet dream since he was a teenager. The highly erotic dream was still fresh in his mind, and Jonas had been his co-star. The sex had been heart-poundingly real and intense and more exciting than any other dream he could remember having.

It had felt so real to him. He could actually remember the feeling of Jonas' mouth as it had traveled up and down his throbbing cock. He could remember the feel and the texture and the taste of Jonas' own cock, both in his hand and his mouth. He could feel the intensity of Jonas' orgasm. . . the swelling of his penis. . . the taste of his semen. His participation and reciprocation had not been the least bit repulsive to him. He had, in fact, been a more-than-willing participant. He was eager to please Jonas as Jonas was pleasing him. He was even more confused than he had been during the past few days.

He considered getting up and having a quick shower to clean himself up and to get changed, but he was enjoying the moment and the memory too much to move. Instead, he rolled onto his side, grabbed the other pillow into a warm hug, and fell asleep. In his mind, Jonas Quinn slept in his arms.

* * * * *

Jonas Quinn stood on the ramp in front of the open stargate, his arm still in a sling, and holding a carrying bag in his other hand. He sadly said his tearful ‘goodbyes' and turned to walk up the ramp toward the glowing circle of light. Daniel choked back tears that threatened to begin flowing as he watched Jonas disappear into the watery horizon. He stood there for a time, even after the stargate shut down and everyone else had left. He knew now how his friends must have felt when he had died the year before. He felt like Jonas had just died and left him all alone. He didn't enjoy the feelings.

He turned, walked out the large, sliding doors, and strode quickly down the hall. He had almost reached his office when he changed his mind. Slipping down a side corridor, he hurried to his assigned quarters and closed the door securely behind him. With his back to the door, the tears burst free. He cried for a long time.

Things didn't get easier in the following days. His mind was filled with memories of Jonas. He remembered the feel of Jonas' hand inside his pants, and he longed to feel it again. He longed to feel that and much, much more. He longed to touch Jonas as he had been touched. He longed to kiss him as they had kissed on the ship. He wanted to be with him. He needed to be with him. And he didn't understand why. He had never felt that way about anyone in his whole life and he wasn't at all certain he could go on without Jonas at his side.

* * * * *

Jonas had arrived through the stargate a few days earlier, greeted by the remaining High Council. Following the usual pleasantries and greetings, Jonas had excused himself, saying that he was very tired and needed to rest. He was escorted to his apartment where he locked himself in, lay down on the bed, and cried himself to sleep. As he slept, his dreams were about Daniel. In his dreams, Daniel was willing to participate, but he took a passive role, eagerly accepting all the pleasures Jonas endowed upon him.

He awoke later that afternoon, got out of bed to use the bathroom, then returned to his bed. Stripping himself of all his clothes, Jonas lay down and masturbated three times, remembering the dream, the episode in the ventilation shaft, and thinking about all the things he felt he needed to do to Daniel Jackson. He finally fell asleep again. The dreams continued.

The next morning, he alerted the High Council that he would not be available that day and spent the day alone with his memories, his thoughts, and his feelings. He had never had sexual thoughts about another man like he was having now, and they were frightening him. Having to live without Daniel frightened him more.

* * * * *

Daniel Jackson rapped lightly on the door of Samantha Carter's laboratory. Sam, busy with her microscope, looked up. With a huge grin on her face, she said, "Daniel! Come on in!"

Daniel entered slowly, contemplating.

"What can I do for you?" Sam asked.

Daniel looked extremely puzzled and bothered. "Do you remember Seth?" he asked.

"Sure. Why?"

"What was that stuff he used on us?"

Sam answered, "You mean the nish'ta?"

"Yeah," said Daniel. "That's it. How did that stuff work?"

"From what I understand, it was a virus that infiltrated all the cells of the body and left the victim open to suggestion and thought control. They literally became a puppet with someone pulling all the strings."

"You used something to counteract it."

"Earplugs that gave a jolt of electricity."

"Right." Daniel paused, thinking. "Do you still have them here?"

"No," said Sam curiously. "Why?"

"Well," Daniel explained, "I remembered Seth this morning, but not the details. Things help me remember. A word, an object, an event. They all help to bring back the memories. I thought that, if I could experience it, I would remember more."

In actuality, Daniel now remembered the entire event, but the thing that had stuck clearly in his mind was the nish'ta. Perhaps, he had thought, Anubis had used a variation of it and all the emotions he was feeling had been implanted by the evil false god.

"I can rig something up," Sam told him. "Wait here. It will only take a minute or two."

Sam busied herself, gathering the materials she needed to create the simple machine. Soon, she was finished. "It's not an earplug," she explained as she clamped thin wires to Daniel's left ear and plugged the other ends into a small, black box with various switches and dials, "but it will have the same effect."

She plugged in the box, set the dials to her satisfaction, and asked, "Ready?"

Daniel nodded. There was a click and a sudden jolt of electricity shot through him. "Ow!" he shouted as he covered his ear. "That hurt!"

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah," he said. "I'm fine." He closed his eyes and let his mind go where it would. It immediately went to memories of Jonas and himself, together in the ventilation shaft aboard Anubis' ship. He forced himself to think of his office, but Jonas was there with him, sitting beside him, listening to him as he talked. He thought of painting the walls of his apartment, but Jonas was beside him, paintbrush in his hand. He thought of shopping for a new pair of slacks and Jonas was there to help with the fitting. No matter what he thought of, Jonas was always there with him. He clenched his jaw tightly. His forehead wrinkled as if in pain.

"Daniel?" Sam called. Then, louder, "Daniel!"

Daniel opened his eyes. And looked at Sam. He had his answer. It wasn't nish'ta, but Anubis could have used something else that couldn't be cured with a jolt of electricity. He couldn't tell Sam that, though. Instead, he said, "Tommy. We rescued a boy named Tommy."

"Yes," Sam said encouragingly.

"Jack was afraid he'd wake up singing soprano. Jacob was injured. You killed Seth with the hand device. You pounded him into the floor."

"Yes," said Sam, smiling. "It all happened."

As if in a daze, Daniel yanked the small clamps from his ear and dropped them."Thanks," he said absently, turned and walked out the door.

Confused, Samantha Carter watched Daniel leave the room.

* * * * *

"Jonas!" The voice was ethereal and distant. It wasn't speaking to him. Another voice in his head was repeating the words ‘Anubis' and ‘mind probe'. Could Anubis be responsible for the torment he was enduring? Could the mind probe be causing the thoughts he had about Daniel?

"Jonas!" The voice was louder this time - closer. A hand was shaking his shoulder.

Jonas turned his head and looked at the Andari delegate.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm sorry," he said, "I don't feel well. I need to go home."

Without waiting for a response, Jonas rose and left the room. He rushed home, threw a few of his belongings into his carrying bag, made a quick phone call, hurried to the stargate, and dialed Earth. General Hammond met him on the ramp.

"Mr. Quinn," he said cheerfully.

"General," replied Jonas, smiling. "Permission to visit SGC."

"Granted," said the General, offering his hand. "You're always welcome here, Son."

"Thank you, Sir."

"I see Dr. Fraiser worked her magic again."

"Yes, Sir," Jonas said, rotating his injured arm, now sling-free. "I'd like to see her for a check-up later if you don't mind. I don't trust those quacks on Kelowna."

"I'm sure she would like to see you as well."

General Hammond, placing a fatherly arm over the younger man's shoulder, guided him toward the door. "Your room is still available."

"Thank you, Sir," Jonas said. "Is SG-1 here?"

"They began a 5-day stand-down yesterday. Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c are away, but Dr. Jackson and Major Carter are on base. I'm sure they'd both enjoy hearing your latest news."

"I'm sure they will, too, Sir."

They stopped outside the door. "Wait here a moment. I'll have your passes and cards sent down to you."

"Thank you, Sir."

"It's good to see you again, Jonas."

"It's good to be back, Sir."

Jonas soon received his pass cards and made his way quickly to his room. Tossing the bag on the bed, he stripped off his Kelownan clothes. He opened the bag, pulled out a sweater, fresh underwear and socks, and a pair of beige pants. Pulling out a small bottle of cologne, he splashed a bit onto his hands and rubbed it over his chest and under his arms. He dressed quickly. The sweater and slacks fit tightly, shaping themselves to the contours of his body. Such clothing would never be acceptable on Kelowna, but, on Earth, they were commonplace.

He left his room, heading directly toward Daniel Jackson's office. He found Daniel sitting at his desk, dressed in his Air Force blue uniform. Books were opened in front of him, but Daniel was paying them no attention. The fingers of his left hand cradled his forehead, his elbow resting on the desk. His eyes were closed, his jaw clenching. He was twirling his glasses in his fingers. Daniel looked tormented and in pain.

Jonas felt a heat rising within him. It flowed from his chest and settled itself in his loins. He could feel himself becoming excited, his balls tingling and his penis growing. He welcomed the excitement and did nothing to either prevent or hide it. It was Daniel who did this to him, and he had to know Daniel's reactions to seeing him like this. He took a deep breath, held it, and stepped forward.

He moved quietly into the room to stand before the desk. Daniel's nostrils suddenly flared as he sniffed the air and his eyes snapped open. He stared in disbelief at the apparition standing before him. He put on his glasses and recognition and relief flooded his face as he stared into the deep, magnetic blue of Jonas' eyes. If he even noticed the long tube of manflesh expanding the material of Jonas' slacks, he gave no indication. "Jonas!" he said in a loud whisper. He scrambled to his feet and moved quickly around his desk. Jonas moved toward him. They met and they fell into a solid embrace.

"Oh, God, Jonas!" They held each other close for almost a minute, each pulling the other as near to him as he could. Daniel finally came to his senses and broke the embrace. Grabbing Jonas' arm, he said urgently, "Come on, away from the door." He pulled Jonas into the corner were he hugged him again. "I've missed you so damned much," he said, and kissed Jonas tenderly on top of his head.

"I've missed you, too, Daniel." Jonas moved so he could look into Daniel's eyes. "That's why I came. I had to come. What's happening to us?"

"I don't know, Jonas, but since you went back to Kelowna, I haven't been able to think of anything else except you."

"Same with me. I feel like I need to be with you and I don't understand it. It scares me."

Daniel looked deep into Jonas' eyes. "I've been thinking about it. I think maybe Anubis did something to us to make us feel this way."

"I had the same idea. I thought something happened to me during the mind probe."

"Anubis didn't use a probe on me," Daniel reminded Jonas. "It might have been something else, though. I just don't know."

"So, these feelings may not be real. But they feel so real."

"They might be real. But they might be false as well."

"How do we find out? What if they're real? What if they're not? What are we going to do?"

"Slow down, Champ. We'll deal with reality when we find out the truth," Daniel said calmly. "And I need to find the truth. I'll go crazy if I don't. But we need help to do it."

Jonas nodded. "Sam," he said.

"Yes, and Dr. Fraiser, too," Daniel replied. "We'll have to be very open with them, about the way we feel for each other. We'll have to tell them what happened on the ship and everything that's happened to us since. . . . Everything. . . . We're going to have to open ourselves to them. Do you think you can do that?"

Jonas thought for a moment, then asked, "Can you?"

Daniel smiled his patented ‘quick smile'. "Like I said, if I don't find out, I'm going to go nuts. Yes, I can do it. I have to do it."

"Then I can, too. Anything we need to do, I'll do it. I have to know what's happening to me."

Daniel smiled again. "I do, too. We'll find out together. How long are you here for?"

"As long as it takes. I notified the Council and told them I'd be unavailable until further notice. They don't even know I'm here."

The room fell silent as they stared into each other's eyes. They remained silent for a long while.

"Daniel, will you hold me again?"

Daniel tenderly pulled Jonas close and held him. He could feel the heat from Jonas' body, the firmness of the masculine flesh beneath his clothing, the heaving of his chest, the beating of his heart. He felt the pressure caused by the swollen crotch, and he welcomed it. Jonas relaxed in his grasp, seemingly drawing strength and comfort from Daniel. He rested his head against Daniel's shoulder and allowed the young Doctor to hold him tightly. He felt safe and secure. He felt wanted, and he liked the feeling very much.

"Daniel?" he said finally and pulled away slightly to look into Daniel's eyes once again. He saw so much in the blue he saw there. He chose his words carefully. "What if the feelings are really ours? Can you deal with them?"

Daniel chose the words to his response with equal care. "If the way I feel when I'm with you is real, everyone else will have to deal with it. Not me. Right now, there's nothing I want more than to be with you."

Jonas slowly moved his head forward and pressed his lips firmly against Daniel's lips. They pulled each other into a powerful hug once more as the kiss became more intense. Daniel lost himself in the moment. He could feel the hardness of Jonas' manhood against his own and he absorbed the power into himself. His hands moved lower, grasping Jonas' full, rounded ass, feeling the solid yet supple flesh there. He pulled Jonas' crotch closer to his own, grinding his hips against his friend's hips.

Jonas moved his left hand down to rest on Daniel's own butt and let it rest there while Daniel's left hand slid around Jonas' hip. Daniel stepped slightly to his right, pressing his groin against Jonas' hip. His hand came to rest on the large mound it found there and squeezed gently. He found what his fingers had been searching for, and the heat traveled up his arm and into his heaving chest. Whatever the reason for his feelings, whether his own or someone else's, Daniel was happier than he had ever been in his life, and he didn't want the moment to end.

January 30th, 2006, 05:44 AM
Chapter 5

"And that's when Sam walked in and saw us," Daniel concluded.

All eyes turned to General Hammond as he leaned back in his chair, hands palm-down on the table in front of him, eyes staring at the space between them. Finally, he looked up toward Dr. Jackson and Jonas Quinn.

"Thank you for you honesty and candor, gentlemen," he said. "I appreciate the effort it must have taken for you to come forward with this." Then, looking to the other side of the table, he said, "Dr. Fraiser? Major Carter?"

Janet stared down at the notes she had scribbled down on the pad of paper in front of her, deep in thought. Sam looked from General Hammond to Daniel, catching his gaze.

"The nish'ta," she said suddenly.

Daniel remained still and silent.

"Major Carter?" the General said, encouraging her to elaborate.

"Well, Sir," Carter began, "When Daniel came to me a few days ago asking about the nish'ta, he looked troubled. He told me it was to help him remember. Now I'm thinking he had concerns that Anubis had used a variation of nish'ta and was hoping the electrical shock would ‘cure' him. Nothing happened, of course, and he left my office even more troubled than when he had come in."

She looked at Daniel, but Daniel said nothing.

"I'm right," Sam said, "aren't I?"

Daniel said simply, "Yes."

"Your point, Major Carter?"

"Sir," Sam said excitedly, "Daniel hasn't been himself since he came back. I just put it down to him trying to find himself again, that he was trying to pull all his memories together to figure out who he was before. I'm thinking now that all these feelings and urges he has now are totally new to him, that he shouldn't be experiencing them. That's why he thought Anubis may have used nish'ta on him. And now we know that Jonas has the same feelings, but they're just as foreign to him as they are to Daniel. I can see why they would think Anubis has a hand in this."

"Alright, then," said Hammond. "What can we do to sort all of this out?"

"I can do a complete physical on both of them and run a battery of tests and scans. If there's any chemical or mechanical influences, I should be able to find it."

"Do it," Hammond said. Then, "Do you think it might be possible for two men who have never had homosexual feelings before to suddenly have them without any influence?"

"I'm certainly not an expert on psychology, General, but I suppose it's possible." She looked at Daniel and Jonas. "I could discuss it with Dr. McKenzie, with your permission."

Both young men nodded their consent.

General Hammond announced, "Dr. McKenzie will be here ASAP." To Major Carter, he asked, "Any suggestions, Major?"

Sam thought for a moment. "What about PPS?"

Daniel sat forward in his chair, looking directly at Sam. "What is ‘PPS'?"

Dr. Fraiser explained. "Penile Plethsymography Study. You probably know about it, Dr. Jackson. A patient is shown a series of photographs and various equipment is used to test bodily reactions and penile tumescence to the photos. It is used to discover what excites a person sexually. Of course, we don't actually have to measure tumescence. EEGs and ECGs and blood pressure should be enough."

Daniel looked at Jonas, who looked back at him. Not a word was said. Everything was transmitted through their eyes.

Jonas looked back at Janet. "Would it help to measure that as well?"

"Any measurements we can take would undoubtedly help."

"Then I'll do it," he said.

After a long pause, Daniel said, "I will, too." Unconsciously, Daniel's hand reached out to grasp Jonas' hand, their fingers entwining with each other. "Anything you need us to do, we'll do."

"Dr. Jackson?" said General Hammond.


The General looked at Daniel's hand, indicating it with a nod.

Daniel looked as well and suddenly realized that he had no idea what he had done. He quickly jerked his hand away. Sam smiled, but Janet made note of it on her pad.

"Sorry, Sir," Daniel said, suddenly embarrassed.

General Hammond moved his gaze first to Dr. Fraiser. "When can you begin your tests, Doctor."

Janet responded, "Anytime, Sir. I'll need a few hours for each."

"I'll go first," Jonas offered.

"Major Carter," Hammond said, "how long will it take you to set up that test you mentioned?"

"I'm not sure, Sir," Sam replied. "I will have to adapt the program with my own photo selections. I can find most of what I need on the Internet. I can do that today and order the testing equipment as well. It will be here tomorrow. I'll need to take photos of both Daniel and Jonas as well. We can do that sometime tomorrow and do the test tomorrow night if they're feeling up to it."

"Very well," said the General. To Jonas, he said, "Mr. Quinn, you're welcome to stay here as long as necessary. However, I ask that you remain on-base until we sort this out."

"Of course, Sir."

"And Dr. Jackson?" Hammond continued.

"Don't worry, Sir," Daniel responded, anticipating the question. "Nothing untoward will happen. You have my word."

"Right," General Hammond said in dismissal, rising from his chair. "Let's do this, people. For the sake of both gentlemen here, let's keep this as private as possible."

"Yes, Sir," four voices echoed from both sides of the table as the four people rose to their feet.

Jonas said suddenly and urgently, "General, I have a question. What will happen to Daniel if we find out that these feelings are real and not something implanted by Anubis?"

"I don't know, Son," said Hammond honestly. "Being a civilian, it certainly can't have any effect on his position here. But any hostility or interference amongst the team could cause some serious problems. If it came to that, I would have to ask Dr. Jackson to resign his position."

Jonas looked seriously at Daniel. He spoke to everyone, but mostly to the young man who held his attention. "If that happens," he said quietly, "I'll go back to Kelowna and never return here."

"That wouldn't be an option, Jonas," Daniel said, his voice quivering.

"I won't come between you and SG-1, Daniel. It will never happen."

"I have a say in that," Daniel reminded him.

"No, Daniel," Jonas said, ending any further discussion. "Not this time, you don't."

To Be Continued

February 2nd, 2006, 01:40 AM
Good story, I am a fan of SG-1, although not as much of a fan as you obviosly!! Thanks for taking the time to write all of this it was great!

February 4th, 2006, 11:27 AM
Thanks, empire. Here's a few more chapters, and a few more to follow later on.

February 4th, 2006, 11:29 AM
Chapter 6


Major Carter's head popped up from behind the desk in her lab. "Daniel," she said cheerfully. "Come on in. I dropped some papers. I'll be with you in a minute."

Daniel entered the lab, moving toward a chair near the desk. He couldn't help but notice the large, white canvas sheet hung against the far wall with a wooden stool set in front. Photographic lights were set up at the sides and a camera and tripod were in place in a short distance away.

Carter retrieved the rest of her papers, stood up, and placed them on the desk before taking her seat. "So," she said, smiling, "how are you holding up?"

Daniel stretched. "I feel like I've just gone ten rounds with Apophis."

"At least you're finished with Janet," Sam offered encouragingly.

"She was extremely thorough," Daniel said, his brow wrinkling in recollection. "I was poked and prodded everywhere. She took pictures and scans, both inside and out. She hooked wires up to parts of me that should never have wires hooked up to. She did every test she could except one that would renew my driver's license. She stuck things in every orifice in my body, and when she couldn't find anything else, she used her finger." Daniel paused and his eyebrows raised as he glanced to the floor, his fingertips touching, his chin resting on the index fingers. "Actually," he added jokingly, "that part of it was kinda fun."

He looked back at Sam, smiled, and winked. She giggled and her smile lit the room. "It's good to see you're keeping your sense of humour about it."

"That's about all I'm keeping. There's very little dignity left."

"It will all be over soon, Daniel," Sam said. "We won't be long here, then there's just your interview with Dr. McKenzie. Jonas is with him now, I think. The equipment came today. I've already got Jonas' pictures loaded into the program for the test. If you feel up to it, we can do the test tonight or tomorrow morning."

"How long would it take?"

"It will take longer to hook you up to everything than it will to do the actual test. It should only take two hours at the most." Sam paused, then said seriously, "Oh, I have to ask you a rather personal question. Did you masturbate this morning?"

Daniel's eyebrows raised once again. "Um. Why?" The ‘why' was stretched out in typical Daniel fashion.

"We can't do the test today if you did."

Daniel sighed and averted his eyes to the desk. He said simply, "Tomorrow." He could feel his last bit dignity slipping away from him and he began to question why he was going through this in the first place.

Sam responded with a timid "Okay". Rising to her feet, she asked, "Shall we get started, then?"

"Sure," Daniel replied. "Let's get it over with." With undisguised sarcasm worthy of Colonel Jack O'Neill, he added, "I am so looking forward to my visit with Dr. McKenzie."

Sam chuckled. "I'll hang this up and close the doors so we're not disturbed." She held up a piece of paper upon which she had printed ‘Photography. Please do not disturb.' When she returned, she walked over to the studio set-up and switched on the lights. Daniel moved to the stool to sit in front of the canvas wall hanging.

Sam walked to the camera and looked at Daniel. "Oh," she said, "could you take off the jacket?"

Daniel complied, tossing the blue military jacket to the side, leaving him in a baggy, black T- shirt which could not disguise the new, beefed-up Daniel Jackson. Sam smiled at him and thought to herself, "He's certainly not a geek anymore."

Sam got busy posing Daniel in various positions, adjusting the camera in order to take close-ups of his face, medium shots from the waist up, and full-body shots. She instructed Daniel to stand and did a number of full-body shots in different poses - front, profile, and back.

When she had a sufficient number of photos, she asked Daniel to remove his T-shirt as she replaced the memory card in the camera.

"You're kidding, right?"

Sam assured him that she wasn't kidding. Daniel sighed and pulled the T-shirt over his head, tossing it aside to join his jacket on the floor. Sam took several more medium and full-body shots as before, showing Daniel at different angles and with various facial expressions.

She was well aware of Daniel's modesty and she knew she would have to approach this next sequence of photos with extreme caution. As she busied herself changing the memory card again, she asked nonchalantly, "By the way, you're wearing underwear, right?"

"Of course," Daniel replied. Again, he stretched out his next question. "Why?"

"Well. . ." Sam left the rest unfinished.

Daniel's voice became anxious.. "Are you trying to tell me that you want me to take my pants off now?"

Sam looked at him, gave him a nervous ‘Sam' smile, and nodded.

Daniel went very quiet, sitting on the stool and staring down at the floor. Sam waited patiently. It was a long wait.

Finally, Daniel lifted his eyes and said, "I suppose Jonas took his off."

"Yes," Sam said. Then, after a pause, she continued, "Look, Daniel. I know how difficult this is for you. If you want, I can find someone else to take the pictures. Maybe Janet. She's seen you in your underwear plenty of times. Or maybe another man."

"No men!" Daniel replied quickly. "The last thing I need is some young private standing there, pointing and giggling and spreading it all around the locker room at the end of his shift!"

Sam became very serious. "Daniel, you know that no-one here would ever do anything like that."

Just as seriously, Daniel said, "I know. But I'd rather you did it."

"You're sure?"

"No, I'm not. But I don't have much choice, do I?" Daniel paused.

"Yes, Daniel. You do."

"And if I say ‘no', where would that leave me?"

Sam shrugged her shoulders.

"It would leave me," Daniel continued, "a worthless coward who let a little paranoid modesty get in the way of the truth." He looked away. "I have to do it."

Sam remained silent and motionless, allowing Daniel time to come to terms with what he was about to do. Finally, Daniel looked up and said, "Oh, do you see that?"

"See what?" asked Major Carter.

"My last bit of dignity falling to the floor."

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you, Daniel."

"I'm sorry, Sam. This isn't easy for me."

"I know. Would you like me to leave the room until you're ready?"

"No, it's okay. Could you just lock the door, please?"

"Sure," Sam said, and left to do so. When she returned, Daniel was sitting on the stool removing his socks. When his hands moved to the waistband of his pants, Sam politely turned aside and tinkered with the camera.

"So help me, Sam," Daniel said menacingly. "If you tell me I have to take off my underwear, you'll be wearing them on your head!"

Despite herself, Sam grinned and looked at Daniel. His pants were off except for one leg, which he was in the process of extracting. Tossing them onto the growing pile of clothes, Daniel stood before her, naked now except for his crisp, white briefs. He was absolutely stunning. She had thought that Jonas Quinn was ‘quite the looker', especially the way he filled out the backside of his bikini briefs, but Daniel took her breath away. His smooth, hairless chest glistened under the hot photographic lights, wisps of hair peeking out from under his arms. His stomach was slightly rounded, but tightly muscled. The pouch of his briefs contained what Sam considered ‘adequate endowment', his most private parts clearly outlined in the soft fabric. His legs looked strong and toned. She could never have imagined the body Daniel hid beneath his loose-fitting clothes. It was a shame, she thought, that he always took such care to hide it from everyone. If these feelings he and Jonas were feeling were to turn out to be genuine, she thought, they were going to make each other extremely happy.

Daniel brought her out of her reverie. "Sam, what if I'm doing this for all the wrong reasons?"

"What do you mean," Sam responded, " the ‘wrong reasons'?"

"What if I'm doing this for my own selfish reasons? What if my desires to be with Jonas are more important to me than my modesty? What if I'm afraid that, if I don't do this, he'll think I'm a chicken and hate me for it and go away? What if I'm doing it just for my own benefit? That I want him and I'll do anything to keep him?"

Sam told Daniel to sit down. He did. She pulled her shoulders back, then walked behind the desk and grabbed the back of her chair and rolled it toward him. She pushed it close, sat in her chair, and took Daniel's hands into her own. She stared into his eyes, her gaze shifting back and forth from eye to eye.

Finally, she began to speak softly. "I'm going to chalk this up to your memory, Daniel, but I want you to listen to me very carefully. I've known you for many years now, and you are, by far, the most unselfish person I have ever known. You have never done anything for yourself. I don't think you're even capable of it. And nothing stands in your way when it comes to doing things for others. Not even death."

Daniel listened to her, but didn't react. His eyes had a sad, vacant appearance

"I can think of a million times," she continued, "when you were willing to sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You have faced death many more times than anyone should ever have to face it in a lifetime. I can't think of a single time when you put your priorities ahead of someone else's."

Still, Daniel didn't respond.

Sitting back, Sam released his hands. "Look at yourself," she continued, using her hands to indicate his body from head to toe. "You're sitting here in front of me in your underwear and I'm about to take pictures of you like this. And you're willing to let me take them. In other circumstances, you wouldn't even allow pictures being taken of you with your shirt off, would you?"

"Probably not."

"So, you tell me now who you're doing this for."

Daniel was silent for a few moments before he said quietly, "Jonas."


"Because this whole business is so important to him."

"It's important to you, too," Sam said. "Don't forget that."

Daniel smiled at his friend. "Thanks, Sam," he said sincerely. "Can we finish this up now? Your floor is damned cold. You should really invest in some carpets."

Sam rose to her feet, smiled, then got to work.

February 4th, 2006, 11:32 AM
Chapter 7

Jonas Quinn knocked on the metal door and entered the small office. Dr. McKenzie sat on one side of a metal desk, an empty chair on the other. A file folder sat to the Doctor's right beside a pitcher of water and 2 empty glasses. In front of him sat a large notepad and pen. To his left sat a cassette tape recorder and microphone.

"Please, Mr. Quinn. Come in and have a seat."

"Call me ‘Jonas', Sir," said Jonas as he sat in the empty chair.

"Very well, Jonas," Dr. McKenzie smiled. "I have seen the video of your ‘Briefing Room' discussion with General Hammond and I have the transcripts here. Before we begin, is there anything you would like to add to the information I have?"

"Everything that happened is pretty-much there," said Jonas. "We left out the more intimate details, of course, but that's what happened."

"Okay, Jonas. We'll get to that soon enough. First of all, though, do you mind if I tape this conversation?"

"Not at all."

Dr. McKenzie poured water into the two glasses, handing one to Jonas, before pushing the ‘record' button on the recorder. After checking to see that it was running properly, he turned his attention to Jonas Quinn. "I would like to know if you have ever had any homosexual feelings before?"

Jonas nodded. "Of course," he said honestly. "Every man does at one time or another, I suppose. But that was when I was in my teens, and they were for a good friend of mine. Dayne. We grew up together in the orphanage. They were just feelings, though. We never acted on any of them beyond the ‘touchy-feely' stuff."

"Have you had any heterosexual relationships?"

"Just friendships, Sir,"Jonas replied. "I've dated a few women on Kelowna, but we never did anything sexually. I'm still a virgin."

"Does that bother you?"

"No, not really. I was too busy with my work and education to become seriously involved with anyone. Sex was something for my future. It wasn't all that important to me and I am quite capable of taking care of my own needs. The only time it bothered me was on the ship. I thought I was going to die and I didn't want to die a virgin." Jonas sighed, then smiled. "But, I didn't die, and I'm still a virgin."

"And now you want to lose your virginity to Daniel?"

"That's what you're supposed to tell me when we're all finished here." Jonas grinned, the dimples in his cheeks framing the polite smile. Dr. McKenzie found it refreshing to talk to someone so straightforward about such a sensitive topic.

"Okay," the Doctor smiled back, then continued. "Let's talk about Daniel. Do you recall the first time you met him?"

"Of course," Jonas replied. "You may not know that I have a photographic memory. Anything I want to remember, I never forget."

"Oh, yes. I seem to recall reading about that in your bio. So, tell me. What was the first thing you remember about Daniel?"

"His eyes," Jonas said, remembering the moment clearly. "Definitely his eyes. I saw so much in them. So much that I had always wanted for myself."

"Such as?"

"Kindness, gentleness, goodness, but most of all, intelligence and knowledge."

"From what I know about you, you appear to have all those qualities."

"Not like Daniel."

"I don't understand, Jonas."

Jonas thought for a moment and said, "Growing up in the orphanage was tough. Not having parents to look after me was tough. It would have been so easy to have come out of that place full of anger and hostility. I had to work hard at being gentle and good. It's my nature, I guess. I didn't want to be like the others that came out of the orphanage, all full of hate for the world. I read a lot. Anything I could find, actually. I knew I was pretty smart, but it wasn't easy to convince the authorities that I should be given the chance to get a good education. The system is quite different on Kelowna. For Daniel, it was easy and it was natural."

"Daniel is an orphan, too," the Doctor reminded him.

"Yes, I know. But here on Earth, things are so different. Daniel would have been encouraged to expand his horizons and follow his dreams. Education is encouraged here. Orphans on Kelowna are usually shoved into a corner and ignored by everyone. Most are lucky if they learn to write their own names. I would have given anything to have had the chances Daniel had."

"Were you jealous of him?"

"Envious, maybe. But certainly not jealous."

* * * * *

Daniel Jackson sat comfortably in the chair. "I think," he said, "that the first thing I remember about Jonas was his smell."

"His body odour?" asked Dr. McKenzie curiously.

"No. His cologne," Daniel corrected. "His aftershave. It wasn't like anything we have here on Earth. It was more. . . natural. We go for artificial perfumeries which hide natural body smells. Kelownans use more natural scents which accent normal body smells. I remember when I met Jonas, I felt like I was standing in the mist of a mountain waterfall. It was a very refreshing scent." Daniel paused. "He's using something different now. It reminds me of beach sand. I wish he would go back to that other stuff. ‘Tanger 3', I think he called it. I liked that smell."

"Most people notice other people's eyes," Dr. McKenzie offered.

"Oh, I noticed his eyes," Daniel told him, "and his smile and dimples, too. I thought his dimples were so cute. But mostly I remember his smell."

* * * * *

"I was ecstatic being assigned to Daniel," Jonas said in response to Dr. McKenzie's question. "For the first time in Kelownan history, we were meeting aliens from another world and I was given the opportunity to play host to one. It was so exciting to find out that we were the aliens on Kelowna and that my origins lay on Earth. Daniel told me where we came from, how we got on Kelowna, and who took us there and when. I discovered that my history began long before Kelowna. How could I not be excited?"

"So, you got along well with him?"

"Oh, definitely," Jonas replied. "I was afraid I would scare him away with all my questions - hanging onto every word he said - but he seemed to be just as excited about it as I was. He didn't seem to mind at all and he was very patient with me."

* * * * *

"Jonas was so easy to talk to," Daniel explained. "Usually, when I talk about archaeology or ancient history or mythology, people's eyes tend to glaze over and their attention turns to other important things, like their fingernails or the colour of the walls. Colonel O'Neill can tell you all about that. Jonas honestly seemed to be interested in what I was talking about which, as it turns out, he really was. He is so easy to become friends with. I didn't even really notice it. It just happened."

"Were you attracted to him?" asked the Doctor.

"Not that I recall. I mean, I didn't get sexually aroused if that's what you mean. The only excitement I felt was having someone to talk to who could actually talk back to me in the same language and on the same level. We spent hours talking about the history of life on Earth and the Goa'uld influences here. I told him how the Goa'uld had taken slaves from Earth and spread them throughout the galaxy and that his people originated here. He couldn't ask me enough questions. I didn't mind, though."

"Is that why you became such good friends?"

"That and the fact that I liked him. He's really a nice guy." Daniel paused in thought. "Jonas makes it very easy for people to become friends with him. With his interest in archaeology and history, it was impossible for me not to like him."

* * * * *

"Sure, we socialized," Jonas said. "It wasn't all work and no play. The first day he was there, we toured the facility. That afternoon, Daniel asked me if he could see the city. I got all the proper clearances and we spent the entire next day visiting museums and libraries around the city."

Dr. McKenzie asked, "How did you feel, spending the entire day with Dr. Jackson?"

"It was great," Jonas replied excitedly. "Time went so fast, but I learned more in that day than I could learn in an entire year at school. Daniel taught me so much, explaining the real history of our museum artifacts. It was quite fascinating."

"It must have been a disappointment to have to take him back to the facility."

"We didn't go back that night," Jonas said. "Daniel didn't like the food there, so we went to one of my favourite eateries. It's just a small place around the corner from where I live, but the food is good and I could afford to take him there. He didn't have any Kelownan money. He explained to me what he liked to eat and I found similar foods on the menu for him. He chose the wine, though."

* * * * *

"Jonas warned me that Kelownian wine was probably quite different than Earth wines," Daniel explained. "Apparently they don't have grapes there. They use fruits and berries, and they use a different processing system than we do. I think he said it was made from adder berries or something. He told me that the wine was quite potent, but you don't get a hangover from it and you don't forget ‘the night before'. I was really looking forward to sampling it."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"A little too much, apparently," Daniel said with a smile. "I didn't realize it until I stood up to go to the bathroom. My legs went all wobbly and I fell back onto the chair. I felt like an idiot, but Jonas took it all in stride. He helped me out of the chair and to the bathroom. I remember the waitress coming up and asking him if I was okay. Jonas told her that I was his cousin and we were celebrating my engagement and had drank a little too much wine. She just smiled in understanding and went back to her work."

* * * * *

Jonas giggled as he described the scene. "I managed to get him to the bathroom. He said he could take it from there, but I waited outside the door just in case. I heard him call my name and I stuck my head inside. He looked at me with the funniest look on his face and said that he couldn't figure out how to unzip the buttons."

"That's what he said?" asked the Doctor. "Unzip the buttons?"

"Word for word, Doctor," Jonas said, still giggling. "I knew he was drunk. I was the same way the first time I had adder berry wine. It sort of sneaks up on you and suddenly your fingers start doing everything backwards. I went in and helped him unzip his pants and then stepped back in case he needed me again. Somehow, he managed to do the rest of it himself, but I had to zip him back up after he'd tucked himself in."

* * * * *

"Did it embarrass you having to ask for help from Jonas?" Dr. McKenzie asked Daniel.

Daniel's eyebrows raised, his forehead wrinkled. "Actually, no," he answered. "That surprised me. I'm usually pretty modest when it comes to bathroom etiquette. I don't even like using public toilets or the communal washrooms here on base."

"Yet, you used one in the restaurant and you went as far as asking Jonas to help you unzip your pants."

"Well, it was either that or pee in them," Daniel joked. "Seriously, though, it didn't even cross my mind not to ask for his help. I wasn't embarrassed at all. I trusted Jonas and he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed around him."

"Did Jonas touch you inappropriately while he was helping you?"

"Do you mean ‘did he fondle me'?"

"If that's what you consider ‘inappropriate', then yes," said the Doctor seriously.

"He was the proper gentleman the entire time. He did nothing untoward. He just unzipped my pants and stood back. I might as well have asked him to tie my shoe."

"I'm just having difficulty in understanding how someone as modest as you would ask a virtual stranger to unzip his pants."

"I really don't know how to explain it," Daniel said. "Jonas didn't seem like a stranger to me. Even after the short time I'd known him, I felt very comfortable with him. He wasn't a stranger to me at all. It was like I'd known him my entire life. I can't remember ever feeling as relaxed around someone as I felt around him."

"Not even Sha're?"

"Okay, maybe Sha're," Daniel admitted, "but even after we were married, it was months before I would let her help me undress. I didn't have those reservations about Jonas."

"Okay, Dr. Jackson. What happened next?"

"Well, Jonas paid the bill and we left the restaurant. My legs weren't working very well and Jonas had to support me as I walked. I knew I'd never make it to the facility, so Jonas offered to let me sleep it off at his apartment. It was only a block or so away. It was almost an hour to the facility, so I said his apartment was fine with me."

"Do you think Mr. Quinn planned it to happen that way? To get you drunk so that you would have to stay at his apartment for the night?"

"Jonas didn't plan anything, Dr. McKenzie. Except for going to his place, the entire day had been my idea. He just recommended the restaurant."

"But it was very close to his home."

"I know where you're going with this, Doctor, but Jonas took me to a restaurant that he was familiar with. He didn't even know I drank alcohol until we got there. He even tried to talk me out of the wine I wanted to order. No. Getting me to go home with him never even entered his mind until my stupidity gave him no other choice."

"My apologies, Dr. Jackson. I can't find the answers if I don't ask the questions."

"I understand, Doctor," Daniel apologized. "I'm sorry."

* * * * *

"I finally got Daniel inside my apartment and sat him on the bed while I notified the facility that he wouldn't be returning that night," Jonas said. "When I turned around, Daniel was giggling and joking about how much more gravity Kelowna had than Earth. He was fumbling with the buttons on his shirt, but not managing to undo any of them, and he asked me to help him again. He reminded me of a little boy trying to undress himself with oven mitts on his hands. I was just going to take off his shoes and tuck him in, but he said he couldn't sleep in his clothes because he had to wear them to the facility in the morning, so I took off everything except his underwear and got him into bed and covered up."

"What were you thinking when you saw Daniel almost naked?" asked the Doctor.

"I remember thinking how comfortable his underwear looked and I was surprised that they were blue. Underwear on Kelowna is made more for functionality rather than comfort or fashion. I asked Daniel if he would get me some and he promised he would the next time he came to Earth. Unfortunately, it was a one-way trip." Jonas paused in remembrance. "Anyway, I hung up his clothes for him, then I got some blankets and started fixing up the chair for me to sleep in."

"You didn't intend to sleep in the bed with him?"

"Hardly," Jonas said. "It's a small bed. Two people would have to be very friendly to sleep together in it."

* * * * *

"When I asked Jonas what he was doing, he said he was making up the chair for himself. I felt bad enough for him having to babysit me and I wasn't going to kick him out of his own bed, so I told him I'd sleep on the floor and he could have the bed. He wouldn't hear of that, so I told him he could sleep in the bed and I'd sleep in the chair. He wouldn't hear of that, either, so I told him to just get into bed with me. He said it was too small for two people, but I told him we would manage. I've had to sleep in some pretty cramped quarters off-world, so it was nothing new to me. I rolled over and got as close to the wall as I could. I heard him undressing, and then he got into bed, facing away from me. I tried to get more comfortable, but I almost pushed him out of bed, so I rolled over, wrapped my arm around him to keep him from falling out and I fell asleep that way."

Dr. McKenzie looked directly into Daniel's eyes as he said, "Dr. Jackson, again the question of your modesty comes to mind. You let Jonas undress you and you let him sleep with you. Can you explain that?"

"No, I can't," Daniel answered. "I don't even understand it myself. It might have been the wine, but I've been drunk before and I'd never let anyone else undress me or sleep with me. Jonas was different. Like I said, I felt like we had known each other our entire lives. Jonas just made me feel so relaxed that my modesty wasn't even an issue."

* * * * *

"Daniel surprised me when he rolled over and wrapped his arm around me. It scared me a bit at first and I didn't think I could even sleep that way, but it didn't take me long to get used to it. I liked Daniel a lot, and the way he held me made me feel very safe. Dayne and I used to share a bed when we were in the orphanage, and we always slept holding onto one another. He was bigger than me and he was always protecting me from the bullies and the matrons. They weren't very nice people. Dayne looked after me. That's the way I felt with Daniel, that he'd take care of me. . . that he would protect me. I really liked that feeling of being safe again. It didn't take me long to fall asleep after that, and I slept very well as I recall."

Jonas became very thoughtful and quiet for a long moment. Then he said quietly, "I remember thinking, just before I fell asleep, that Daniel would never let anything or anyone hurt me. He certainly proved that later."

* * * * *

"Dr. Jackson," said Dr. McKenzie, "you knew you would probably die if you smashed out the window and dismantled the Naquadria test."

"Yes, I did."

"Why did you do it? Kelowna was not your responsibility and there were experts there who could do it."

"You're wrong there," replied Daniel solemnly. "Innocent people are always my responsibility, and there was no-one else there who could do anything. There were no experts. No-one knew what they were dealing with or what it could do. The scientists in the room were dead or dying from the radiation. If the test exploded as I knew it would, I was dead anyway, and so were thousands of innocent people. I could at least save their lives."

"Jonas Quinn was there," Dr. McKenzie reminded him. "He could have done something to stop it instead of you."

"I wouldn't have let him," Daniel said softly.

"Why not?"

"Jonas had so much life ahead of him," Daniel explained. "He had just discovered there is a whole universe outside the little box he called ‘home'. I'd already seen that universe. He deserved the chance to discover it for himself." As an afterthought, he added, "And I didn't want him to die before he got that chance."

* * * * *

"It was horrible," Jonas said sadly. "As soon as he shot out the protective glass, I knew what he was going to do. I screamed at him to stop, but he wouldn't listen to me. I knew he was dead as soon as he smashed through the window, and there wasn't anything I could do to help him. I couldn't move. It was like I was frozen solid. I watched the whole thing unfold right in front of me and I was helpless. My best friend was killing himself for me and all I could do was stand there and watch."

"He saved your life."

"Yes. My life and the lives of a whole lot of people." Jonas used his thumb to wipe away a tear which had escaped his eye. "It should have been me that died. Not him."

"Did you feel guilty?" asked the Doctor.

"You're damned right I felt guilty!" Jonas shouted. "He was there because of me! He died because of me! I hated myself for letting him do it and I just stood there and let him go! My best friend died saving my life! How the Hell was I supposed to feel!??"

* * * * *

"Tell me about meeting SG-1 after they found you on Vis Uban," Dr. McKenzie prompted.

"I didn't recognize any of them," Daniel said. "Nothing was familiar about them at all until I shook hands with Jonas. He smiled at me and I saw his dimples and the sparkle in his eyes and I suddenly got the strangest feeling that I was standing in the mist of a waterfall. He wasn't even wearing Tanger 3, but I could suddenly smell it in my mind. I know what that means now, but at the time, the smell was like a fishing lure that drew me in. I had a very strong feeling that I knew Jonas, that he was important to me, but I didn't know how or why. Jonas was one of the reasons I returned to Earth with the team. I needed to know why he reminded me of a waterfall and why I felt he was so important. I might not have come back if he hadn't been there."

* * * * *

"What can I say?" Jonas said. "It was the second-best day of my life seeing Daniel again."

"What was your first-best day?" asked the Doctor.

"Meeting him for the first time, of course," Jonas replied. "I never dreamed I would see him alive again and I was so excited when I saw him. I wasn't really sure he even cared for me very much. Sure, he had saved my life on Kelowna, but when he was Ascended, he visited with Colonel O'Neill when Ba'al tortured him and he watched over Teal'c while he and Bra'tac shared Teal'c's symbiote, but Daniel never visited me except on Abydos. He was a different Daniel then, but he still put everyone else ahead of him. He knew he was jeopardizing his Ascension by helping us, but that was Daniel. He can't just stand back and do nothing if there was something he could do."

A minute passed in silence as Jonas sat there, staring at the floor. Dr. McKenzie waited patiently, knowing there was more to come. Finally, Jonas spoke again, almost in a whisper, still staring at the floor. "I like to think that he kept watch over me and kept me safe all the time he was gone. I missed him so much."

Dr. McKenzie wrote four short words on his notepad and circled them three times.

February 6th, 2006, 07:23 PM
Wow - this is great! I'm not a big Stargate fan, but I've watched quite a few shows. If you don't write for a living you should. Who ever would have thought something like this would be on this site... It'd be nice if there was more sex, but even without it you have crafted such a well thought out and original story... Kudos!

February 7th, 2006, 05:21 AM
It'd be nice if there was more sex, but even without it you have crafted such a well thought out and original story... Kudos!

Patience has its own rewards.

Very soon, my friend.

Very soon.

February 7th, 2006, 10:38 AM
Where's the sex?? . . . . An explanation

As I mentioned above, there will be the obligatory sex.

However, I would like to explain why it's taking so long to get there. You can find countless gay stories involving characters from TV shows, including Stargate, but they usually take the characters, drop them into a situation, and suddenly they're gay.

I don't like those stories, especially when the characters are considered 'straight' by the majority of fans. In this case, with Daniel and Jonas, I decided to drop them into a plausible situation, making their relationship real and, thus, explaining why the relationship exists in the first place. I've had a lot of fun creating that situation and writing it.

You will, however, be pleased to know that you will be discovering the sexual aspects of the story right along with Daniel and Jonas. It will, I think, be more real and much more satisfying. At least, it is to me.

February 9th, 2006, 06:02 AM
Chapter 8

Jonas Quinn and Daniel Jackson sat side by side in the small room. Dr. McKenzie sat on the other side of the desk. In front of the Doctor was his now-familiar notepad and tape recorder.

"I have reviewed my notes and listened to the interviews I held with both of you individually," said the Doctor, a hint of seriousness in his voice. "That is why I have asked you to come back this morning. I have decided that I must talk with both of you together."

He fell silent, staring at the notepad in front of him. He looked up at the two younger men sitting across from him and said sternly. "We're going to talk again, but this time I want the truth. I want you to know that I won't take part in whatever games the two of you are playing!"

Daniel sat forward, his face puzzled, his eyebrows raised. "Games?" he echoed.

"Yes, Dr. Jackson," the Doctor angrily. "Games! You two may be able to fool the others, but you can't fool me! You have been playing your games for the past two days and I'm going to find out why!"

Jonas looked at Daniel, and Daniel looked just as confused as Jonas was. "We're not trying to fool anyone, Doctor," he said to Dr. McKenzie.

"Stop with the lies, Mr. Quinn! I told you that I won't play your games!"

"We're not lying," Jonas said, his voice louder this time. "We've been telling you the truth."

"Oh, come now, Mr. Quinn," the Doctor said accusingly. "Did you seriously think that I would fall for your ‘gay/not gay' routine? It's obvious to me what's going on here!"

Daniel sat back in his chair, puzzled and curious, and asked, "And just what is going on here, Dr. McKenzie?"

"It's obvious, Dr. Jackson, that Jonas Quinn is gay and is trying to get back here on Earth! He told me himself that life on Kelowna held no future for him. Even less so as a despised homosexual, I should imagine. Earth offers him more opportunities than he could ever have back home. He could have everything he ever wanted and all the men he wants to keep himself happy for many, many years."

Jonas began to rise from his chair, but Daniel held out a restraining arm. "Let's hear him out, Jonas." His friend sat back down again, but the anger remained in his face.

"It is blatantly clear to me," Dr. McKenzie continued, "that you, Mr. Quinn, set up this scheme to get yourself back here, and you've somehow conned Dr. Jackson into playing along and helping you to do it! What did you offer him? Money? Sex? What?"

Jonas opened his mouth to respond, but before he could, Dr. McKenzie turned his attention to Daniel. "And you, Dr. Jackson! Whatever Mr. Quinn offered you, I hope it was worth it. When General Hammond reads my report, your time with SG-1 will be over! When they learn how you've been plotting against them and deceiving them with this. . . this. . . nonsense, they won't even want you in the country, let alone on the base! And you can forget about trying to get a job in the archaeological field. When they learn about this, you'll be lucky if you can get a job digging holes for septic tanks in Africa!"

Jonas exploded. He jumped to his feet in an instant. Daniel began to rise, calling his name, but Jonas turned to him, pointed a warning finger at him, and shouted, "Daniel, sit down and shut up!" Jonas' face was red with anger and his eyes threw daggers of warning. Surprised, Daniel sat back in his chair and closed his mouth. "This is between the Doctor and me!"

Turning toward Dr. McKenzie, Jonas leaned on the desk, moving his upper body as close to the Doctor as the desk would allow. Anger and hatred filled his eyes. His jaw quivered. His temples pounded. Dr. McKenzie sat there, waiting.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Jonas said menacingly. "How dare you accuse Daniel of deceiving anyone! He's a better man than anyone else in this base, and certainly a better man than you, Doctor! What gives you the right to ruin his career and his life with your stupid, childish prejudices and homophobia? You can say whatever the hell you want about me! You can call me anything you want! I don't care! I don't even live here! And if you represent the general population, I wouldn't want to live here!"

Jonas stood straight, his eyes still locked on those of Dr. McKenzie. He continued speaking, his voice changing to a loud, threatening whisper. "Daniel is the best person I know, and I won't allow anyone to do anything to hurt him!"

"Are you threatening me, Mr. Quinn?" the Doctor said calmly.

"No, I'm not," Jonas said. "I'm warning you, if it's your intention to continue with this and destroy Daniel's life, that I'll pack my bags right now and get the hell out of here and you and Daniel and everyone else at SGC will never see me again. I will not be responsible for anything that happens to Daniel!"

Dr. McKenzie simply asked calmly, "And why should I believe you, Mr. Quinn?"

"Because I love him, damn it!" Jonas yelled. "I love him! And further more, if you ever. . . ."

Dr. McKenzie sat comfortably back in his chair. He was smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" Jonas asked, stunned by the Doctor's reaction. Turning toward Daniel, he asked, "Why is he smiling?"

Before Daniel could respond, Jonas turned back to face Dr. McKenzie. The Doctor calmly leaned forward and opened his notepad. Flipping to the desired page, he rotated the pad until Jonas could read it. There, in large, printed letters, were four short words encircled three times:

‘Make Him Say It!!!'

"Make me say ‘what'?" asked a very confused Jonas Quinn.

Daniel leaned forward and read the notation. "We've been had, Jonas," he said. "It was a trap."

"What are you talking about? What trap?"

Daniel stood up to face Jonas. "He tricked us. He got you mad enough to say it."

Still confused, Jonas repeated, "To say ‘what'?"

"To say," Daniel continued, smiling now, "that you love me."

"I didn't say that!"

"Yes, you did."

Jonas looked at Dr. McKenzie who nodded affirmation. He looked back at Daniel and stood there, staring into Daniel's eyes. Tears began to fill his own eyes. "Oh, God," Jonas said softly. "I've ruined everything." He turned away, avoiding Daniel's gaze.

"Jonas," Daniel said. Jonas remained still and silent, head down, shoulders jerking as he tried to hold back the tears which threatened to erupt. More emphatically, Daniel said, "Jonas, look at me!" When Jonas continued to ignore him, Daniel reached out gently and placed his hand on Jonas' shoulder, tugging until Jonas turned toward him once again. Still, Jonas kept his face turned away, his eyes, overflowing with tears, staring at the floor.

Daniel took Jonas' chin tenderly in his grasp, turning his face gently toward him. "Look at me."

Jonas looked up finally, seeing Daniel through watery eyes. Daniel placed his hands gently on Jonas' shoulders and neck, then his cheeks. Daniel's thumbs slowly and tenderly wiped away the tears that moistened his friend's cheeks, his eyes scanning Jonas' face, finally focusing on the brilliant, sapphire eyes, now almost the colour of cobalt. His fingertips softly outlined Jonas' face, tracing his eyebrows and ears, his quivering jaw and, finally, his lips. He ran his fingers through Jonas' hair before placing his hands on each side of his head. Leaning forward slightly, Daniel placed his forehead against Jonas', their noses almost touching. His eyes drew Jonas into him. He smiled his ‘Daniel' smile.

They remained in that position for almost a minute, silent, their eyes locked, their breath washing over the face of the other. Then Daniel spoke. "You didn't ruin anything, Jonas," he said softly and sweetly. "It's okay for you to say you love me because. . . I love you, too." He smiled his ‘Daniel' smile again. "Right now, at this very moment, I love you. I don't know if the feelings are my own or if Anubis put them there, but I love you more than anyone else I have ever loved."

Daniel pulled his head away slightly, still looking deeply into Jonas' sparkling, eyes. Cupping Jonas' face in the palms of his hands, he tilted his head, leaned forward once again, and kissed Jonas softly on the lips.

The last of Jonas' control left him. The tears began to flow freely. He wrapped his strong arms around Daniel and buried himself into Daniel's chest. Daniel lovingly cradled Jonas against him, resting his cheek against Jonas' hair and caressing the back of his head with one hand. Their eyes were now closed. Jonas' body heaved, sobbing. Daniel soothed him with gentle hushes and kisses and tender caresses.

Daniel felt a foreign hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Dr. McKenzie standing beside him. "I'll wait in the hallway," the Doctor said in a whisper and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.

Daniel and Jonas stood silently for a long time, the only sounds being Jonas' sobs and Daniel's soothing hushes. Slowly, Jonas calmed himself, his sobs eventually stopping. Still, they stood there, finding comfort in each other. Finally, they looked at each other again and Jonas leaned forward to kiss Daniel - and Daniel let him.

"This feels so right, Daniel," Jonas said, his voice quivering with emotion. "It feels so right, and it feels so real."

"It feels right to me, too," Daniel said encouragingly. "We'll know soon. Sam and Dr. Fraiser said they would be ready this afternoon."

"I want this to be real, Daniel. More than anything else I've ever wanted in my life, I want this to be real."

"So do I, Jonas," Daniel smiled. "So do I."

They kissed once more and hugged each other closely.

Finally, Daniel pulled away. "I'll get Dr. McKenzie now." He turned and walked toward the door.

February 9th, 2006, 06:13 AM
Chapter 9

Later that afternoon, Daniel and Jonas sat beside each other once again in the briefing room. Their hands rested nervously on the tabletop. Dr. Janet Fraiser sat across from them, as were Major Samantha Carter and Dr. McKenzie. General Hammond, as usual, sat at the head of the table, his back to the thick, glass window. Janet had just finished her summary of the results of the tests on the two young men. Nothing had been found in either of them - no current or residual mechanical or chemical influences. Both Daniel and Jonas were clean.

"That's not to say," Dr. Fraiser added, "that there isn't something there. Anubis may have come up with something that we don't have the technology to find."

Daniel's heart skipped a beat.

"We looked everywhere we could think to look," she continued. "We couldn't find anything that shouldn't be there."

"In your professional opinion, Doctor," General Hammond said, "how certain are you that Anubis had nothing to do with this?"

"If we - that is, myself, Major Carter, and Dr. Rothwell - if we had to pick a number, Sir," said Fraiser, "we would say 98% certain."

"Major Carter?"

"I agree, Sir," Sam said.

"Very well," the General said. "Major Carter, would you be kind enough to explain the results of your own tests?"

"Excuse me, General," Dr. Fraiser imposed. "With your permission, I'd like to get back to the infirmary to check on SG-7. Jacobs was stable when I left him, but I'd like to be there to monitor his progress."

"Of course, Doctor."

Janet gathered her papers and folders. With a wink and a smile of encouragement to Daniel and Jonas, she left the room.


Sam began her explanation. "Well, Sir, when I ordered the PPS equipment, it came with a technician to oversee and administer the tests. He brought along a computer program which suited our needs very well. There were three images each of 130 sample males and 130 sample females in varying states of undress from fully-clothed to underclothing. I added twenty control images of Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c, Dr. Frasier, you, Sir, and myself. I also added fifty images each of Daniel and Jonas in varying states of undress from fully-clothed to underclothing into the appropriate tests. Both Daniel and Jonas were wired to measure brain activity, heart rate and blood pressure. Eye dilation and eyeball movement were monitored and an elastic ring was secured behind the penile corona to measure sexual reactions. The images displayed for 4 seconds each and all the reactions were monitored, recorded, and analyzed by computer."

Sam paused in order to hand a paper to the General and one more to Daniel and Jonas, who shared it between them. "As you can see in the top graph, neither Daniel nor Jonas had any reactions to the male subjects except for one instance with Daniel when he reacted to a young man who bore a striking resemblance to Jonas. In the second graph, you will see that there were sexual and emotional reactions for both Daniel and Jonas to a number of female subjects, some of them very strong, especially when the females were scantily clad. In the next graph, you'll see that there was strong emotional reactions to the other members of SGC. However," she said, casting an accusing eye toward both men, accompanied by a sly smile, "you will also note that there was no sexual reaction to any of the members - myself and Dr. Fraiser included."

Daniel shrugged and smiled back at her. "Sorry," he said.

"Finally," Sam continued, "the fourth graph indicates very strong emotional and sexual responses to photos of each other - much stronger reactions than to anyone else. Of particular importance is the fact that the state of dress or undress had virtually no influence on those reactions."

"Meaning?" asked the General.

"If I may, Sir," Dr. McKenzie interjected. With a nod from General Hammond, the Doctor continued. "Both Dr. Jackson and Mr. Quinn were reacting to the person as a whole, if you will. A facial profile received virtually the same reaction as a photo of the other dressed only in his briefs. This leads me to believe that the sexual attraction is toward the person and not to the body alone. Had they been seeing each other as sexual objects, there should have been a marked difference in reactions between the profiles and the more erotic images, as there were with the female test subjects. These days, it is quite common for couples to become sexually attracted to each other and misconstrue that attraction as ‘love' and they get married. However, they often discover that there is very little, if any, emotional attraction. That is why divorces run rampant throughout the country. In this case, Dr. Jackson and Mr. Quinn each developed an extremely strong emotional attraction to other first before any thoughts of sexual contact entered their minds. The sexual attraction is simply a byproduct of the emotions. An affirmation of them, if you will."

"Is it possible, Doctor," the General asked, "that both Dr. Jackson and Jonas Quinn can be, for all intents and purposes, heterosexual while, at the same time, displaying strong homosexual tendencies toward each other?"

"Yes, General," replied Dr. McKenzie. "It is very possible. It is not uncommon for same-sex friends to form such a strong bond that the friendship expands into a sexual relationship as well, especially if the individuals grew up together from childhood. Their first sexual encounters are often with each other, occasionally developing and expanding from innocent sexual explorations into fully-involved and ongoing sexual activity. These tendencies may extend throughout their entire lives, even though they lead completely heterosexual lives otherwise."

"But Daniel and I have known each other for just a few weeks, really," Jonas reminded him.

"That is true, Mr. Quinn," added the Doctor. "However, your friendship is one of those rare instances in which the bonds develop virtually overnight."

"Do you mean ‘love at first sight'?" Daniel asked.

"In a manner of speaking. You both mentioned individually that, even after a few hours, you felt as if you had been long-time friends. You had so much in common with each other, and there was so much each of you could learn from the other. Your love grew quickly after that, and the events of the days following your meeting certainly affirm that."

"So," said Daniel curiously, "you're saying these feelings are. . . what?. . . Normal?"

"For you and Mr. Quinn, yes."

"Are you saying that their feelings existed before the incident aboard Anubis' ship?" General Hammond asked.

Dr. McKenzie linked his fingers together atop the desk. "Yes, Sir. In fact, they existed before Dr. Jackson died in that unfortunate accident on Kelowna. However, they either didn't recognize them, acknowledge them, or had suppressed them in fear that the other may not have shared the same feelings which, I suspect, is the most likely option. The incident aboard Anubis' ship was merely the catalyst. On the ship, they were in a desperate situation, facing imminent death. The fear of death often brings people even closer together and dismantles any barriers they may have built around themselves. The moment allowed them to express their feelings and to act upon them without fear of having to deal with them later on. Whether Dr. Jackson or Jonas Quinn were even aware of it, their feelings of love they had for each other came out at that moment."

Samantha Carter was looking down at the table, remembering her own incidents with Colonel O'Neill, when they had been stranded on Antarctica and when the Tok'ra armbands had failed them when they were separated by a force field aboard a new and powerful ship being built by Apophis. Both she and Jack had been forced to face their own demons, their feelings for each other, in those moments of desperation. The Doctor's assessment made complete sense.

Dr. McKenzie continued. "When the moment passed and they managed to escape against the odds, they were suddenly forced to deal with them. The incident had opened their minds to the forbidden feelings they each felt for the other. I say ‘forbidden' because neither of them considered themselves homosexual, yet they felt this compulsion to be with each other - not only emotionally and physically, but sexually as well. It is only natural that they would mentally rationalize those alien thoughts and feelings. Unable to make sense of them, they each came up with the idea that Anubis had implanted them. They did this on their own, and on different planets. It made sense to them since the love they felt for each other had emerged, coincidentally, following Jonas' escape from the prison cell. I have no doubt in my mind that they would eventually have developed a discreet love affair even if the incident aboard Anubis' ship had never occurred, but it was the nudge that got the ball rolling, as it were."

"So, Dr. McKenzie," said General Hammond, "you're saying that these feelings they have are genuine?"

"Yes, Sir," replied the Doctor with a glance and reassuring smile toward Daniel and Jonas. "I can faithfully add the two percent to Dr. Fraiser's assessment. These gentlemen fell in love with each other long ago. They did it themselves. Anubis had nothing to do with it."

Daniel smiled back at Dr. McKenzie. The anxiety had washed from his face, replaced by a welcomed look of relief. "Thank you, Doctor," he said.

"Yes, thank you," echoed Jonas Quinn.

Daniel and Jonas had an answer, and now their futures lay open before them. They looked at each other, smiling. Jonas unconsciously reached out his left hand, and grasped Daniel's right hand tightly in his own. A moment later, he pulled his hand away and apologized to the others for his forwardness.

"That's okay, Son," said General Hammond. "I'm sure we all understand."

"I would like to thank all of you," Daniel said, "for everything you have done for us over these past few days. We appreciate it very much."

"You're not out of the woods yet, Dr. Jackson," the General reminded him. "You still have Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c to contend with."

"We'll talk to them first thing Monday morning when they come back, Sir."

Hammond nodded. "Have you considered what you will do now?" he asked.

"Not totally, General," Jonas said. "Daniel wants me to move in with him no matter what happens between him and SG-1, but I still insist that I will leave Earth if I jeopardize his position here."

"And I keep telling him," Daniel said stubbornly, casting an accusing eye at Jonas, "that it wouldn't make any difference. If they don't want me on the team because they think I'm gay, it won't matter whether or not he's here."

Turning toward Hammond, Daniel continued. "General, if I have to leave SG-1, would I have to leave SGC as well? I mean, couldn't I still work here as a researcher and translator?"

"Of course," replied the General. "If you would be comfortable with that. The Colonel has a say in who is on his team, but he has no control over who works on the base."

Daniel returned to Jonas. "There! You have your answer. Now shut up and pack your bags. You're coming home with me."

"Well," Sam said with a grin on her face. "It's easy to see who wears the pants in that family." When she realized what she had just said, the grin disappeared, replaced with a look of shame and embarrassment. "Oh, Jonas, I'm sorry!" she apologized quickly. "I didn't mean. . . ."

"That's okay, Sam," Jonas said with a kind, understanding smile. "I know you were joking." He sat back in his chair and sighed. "So. It looks like I have a new home."

"Indeed you have, Son," said General Hammond. "In anticipation of this outcome, I have taken the liberty to secure proper identification and papers for you, along with an identity." He handed Jonas a brown, manilla envelope. "You are now Jonas Quinn, born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You were orphaned at the age of two, only child of Lyle and Catherine Quinn. You were adopted by your father's parents, Jonas and Helen Quinn, now deceased. The details of your bio are included."

Jonas beamed, his eyes sparkling, as he opened the envelope and perused the papers inside.

"The papers are temporary, of course," Hammond added. "If things work out between you and Dr. Jackson, you must take the necessary steps yourself to make them permanent and become a citizen of the United States if that is your wish."

Jonas looked at the General, his deep blue eyes watery with tears. "Thank you, Sir."

Daniel echoed his sentiments.

"Major Carter," the General said. "Before we dismiss, do you have any objections to Daniel remaining with SG-1?"

"None, Sir," Sam replied with a smile as she looked deeply into Daniel's eyes. "None whatsoever."

"Very well," Hammond concluded as he rose to his feet. The others also stood up. "Best of luck to you both, gentlemen. And please notify me as soon as you know the results of your talk with Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c."

"Thank you, Sir. We will."


To be continued

February 9th, 2006, 12:37 PM
Thank you, Phoenix. They are my favourite characters as well.

As for Atlantis, it started showing recently here in Canada and I've only seen the first few episodes. I don't know the characters at all, really, so I'll stick with Stargate for now.

I do appreciate your comments, though. And I hope the rest of the story is as enjoyable as the beginning.

February 9th, 2006, 03:25 PM

I'm liking the story so far. Definately keep it up!

Is it sad that I'm a fan to the point where I can actually picture Daniel doing some of those things. I mean, seeing his mannerisms coming out in the story? Or is it just that you are a good author?

February 9th, 2006, 06:38 PM
I don't know that I'm that good a writer. It's just that I can see Daniel (and the other characters, of course) doing those things and I write them down. Daniel is actually a tough character to write when he speaks. Michael Shanks does a wonderful job at inserting the pauses between words and stretching them out to excellent effect. It's not so easy to write it without making it boring to the reader. I can only hope that they know Daniel well enough to read it as he would speak it.

I just wish I knew some of the big words Sam uses, if only to be able to have Jack mangle them.

February 12th, 2006, 05:17 AM
Chapter 10

Saturday, 5:27 PM. It was the end. . . and it was the beginning.

Dr. Daniel Jackson stood behind his chair in the briefing room, his hands clenching the back for support, head down and eyes closed. Jonas Quinn stood close beside him, his concerned face turned toward his friend. Thoughts of the past three days flooded Daniel's mind. Since Jonas had arrived on Earth Thursday morning, the two men had endured countless tests, scans, and examinations. They had undergone humiliating photo sessions - humiliating for Daniel, at least. They had undergone a test administered by a nerdy technician (wearing a pair of classes held together with masking tape, no less) which measured every beat of their hearts, every flicker of their eye, and every minuscule twitch of their penises. They each had endured two psychiatric interviews including one which almost resulted in fisticuffs between Jonas and Dr. McKenzie. And now, the second briefing was finished and Daniel knew that his love for Jonas Quinn was genuine. Their futures together lay before them.

It was the end. . . and it was the beginning.

Jonas tenderly placed his hand on Daniel's shoulder and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Daniel replied, opening his eyes to look at the handsome young man beside him. "Just a little tired."

"You can relax now, Daniel," Major Samantha Carter said with a smile as she circled the table toward him. "It's all over." Sam was the only one left in the room with the two young men. Dr. McKenzie had offered his best wishes and left the room as soon as the briefing was finished. General Hammond left as well after giving them a reassuring handshake and offering Jonas a position on-base as assistant researcher to Daniel. Jonas accepted immediately, but in a limited capacity. He still had responsibilities on Kelowna.

Sam took Daniel into her arms, giving him a warm, comforting hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek. She did the same with Jonas. Her gaze passed back and forth between the two, her smile bright and friendly. "I'm really happy for both of you. If there's anything I can do. . ." She left the sentence unfinished.

"You've done more than we could have expected, Sam," Daniel said sincerely. "More than we could have hoped. You can relax now, too. Your work is finished."

"Look, um," Sam said, "I'll wait outside the door for a few minutes and make sure no-one comes in. Let you guys have a bit of quiet time. Okay?"

"Thank you," both young men said in tandem. Sam hugged them once more, smiled and left the room.

When she was gone, Daniel draped his arms over Jonas' strong shoulders as Jonas placed his hands on Daniel's hips. They gazed into each other's eyes for a long time before Daniel broke the silence. "I guess this is it, eh?"

"Yeah," replied Jonas.

"Are you scared?"

"No. You?"

"Yeah. A bit."

"We'll get through it together, just like we got through this." Jonas stared deeply into Daniel's eyes. "I love you, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel smiled yet again and replied, "And I love you, Jonas Quinn."

Then they kissed. It was a slow, romantic kiss. There was no urgency to it. It was a kiss of shared love, and they held it for a long time. When it was finished, Daniel leaned back, his hands sliding down Jonas' arms until they reached his hands. Taking them firmly into his own, he said tenderly, "Let's go home."

* * * * *

At 9:45 PM, Jonas stood outside his new home, packed handbag in hand. Beside him, Daniel was searching his pockets for the keys to the apartment door. Jonas had thoroughly enjoyed the restaurant Daniel had taken him to. It had been a surprise, Daniel having made the reservations while Jonas was changing clothes and packing. The waiter had been wonderful; an older gentleman by the name of Leon, fawned over one of his favourite patrons.

"Dr. Jackson!" he had said. "What a surprise!"

"Hi, Leon," Daniel had replied.

"I've missed seeing you around here."

"I've been. . . um. . . busy," Daniel had said hesitantly.

"He was in Canada," Jonas quickly explained. "Working on a Viking dig in Newfoundland. I'm Jonas Quinn." Jonas had held out his hand in greeting. Leon's grip was surprisingly firm. "I was his intern there and Daniel invited me here for a visit to see his private collection of artifacts. He thinks he can get me a job as his assistant here as well."

"Very nice to meet you, Mr. Quinn. I do hope you enjoy your visit here, and good luck with your job."

"I'm sure I will," Jonas said, casting a quick glance and smile to Daniel.

Dinner had been delicious and the company enchanting. Leon had surprised Daniel with a bottle of Daniel's favourite wine.

"With my compliments," he had said.

"Leon," Daniel objected, "I can't accept this. It's too expensive."

Leon leaned forward slightly, his voice dropping to a hush. "Please, Dr. Jackson," he said quietly, "these old eyes see many things other eyes do not see. This is a congratulatory gift to you and your friend. I wish you both many, many years of happiness together."

Daniel stared dumbfounded at Jonas, eyebrows raised, mouth open as if to speak. He closed his mouth again and turned his attention back to Leon.

Jonas asked, "Are we that obvious?"

"Relax, my new young friend," the waiter replied with a knowing smile. "You are obvious only to those who can seen into the heart. Only to those who have experienced the same love you share with Dr. Jackson. Your secret is safe with me." Then, to Daniel, he said, "Please, accept my little gift. It is a small price to pay for the wonderful memories you have given me tonight. I lost my Jonathan 5 months ago. We were together for 37 years and I miss him dearly. Seeing you and your friend together reminds me so much of Jonathan and I when we were your age. Believe me, those memories are something you cannot buy, but they are certainly worth paying for when someone gives them to you."

"Thank you, Leon," Daniel said, accepting the bottle of wine. "Thank you very much indeed."

The click of the door lock brought Jonas back to the present as Daniel removed the key and swung the door open. They entered and secured the door behind them. At the flip of a switch beside the door, the room was filled with light.

"Welcome home, Jonas Quinn."

"Thank you, Daniel Jackson."

While Daniel took the bottle of wine to the kitchen, Jonas looked around the room in amazement and excitement. One wall was lined with shelves of old books, scrolls and large tomes. Masks and other ancient decorations hung upon the other walls while dozens of artifacts and statuettes rested upon divider shelves, tables, and ornate pedestals. It was an exhibit of antiquities, thought Jonas, which would be the envy of any museum or library on Kelowna.

Daniel returned and, taking Jonas by the hand after turning out the light, escorted him to the bedroom. A huge bed, larger than Jonas had ever seen, dominated the wall across from the door. Bedside tables on either side were topped with table lamps, a digital alarm clock and a number of small artifacts, trinkets, and candles. Curtained windows framed the bed and a full-length drapery to the left covered a sliding door which lead to the small balcony. A bookshelf and a small reading area was tucked into the corner. A large, antique, mirror-topped chest of drawers was set against the wall to the right of the bedroom door, beyond which was an open door leading to a tiled en suite bathroom in which Jonas could see a large vanity and toilet against the right wall and the corner of a glass-enclosed shower against the wall to the left. A closed door beside the bathroom door concealed a closet.

"We'll have to buy you a new dresser and maybe an armoire," Daniel said. "There isn't much room in the closet, but you might be able to squeeze a few things in there."

"They need to be washed first," Jonas explained, holding up the carry bag he still held in his hand. "These are all the Earth clothes I have."

"We'll kit you out tomorrow," Daniel said. "Right now, though, I need a nice, long, relaxing bath. Care to join me?"

Jonas dropped the bag to the floor. "I'd love to," he said, wrapping his arms around Daniel and giving him a warm, welcoming kiss.

They walked hand-in-hand to the en suite bathroom, but, the moment they walked through the door, anxiety washed over Daniel. In an instant, he realized suddenly that he would soon be naked and so would Jonas. They would be sharing a bath, and he had no idea what would happen then. He had thought he had prepared himself for this moment, but, apparently, not well enough.

He pulled his hand away and stammered, "I'll. . . um. . . I'll light the. . . um. . . wine if you get the candles. . . . I mean, you light the candles and I'll. . . um. . . ."

Jonas realized immediately that Daniel was suddenly extremely uncomfortable. It was time for him to take command of the situation. He took Daniel's hands into his own, holding them firmly, his magnetic eyes holding Daniel's gaze. With a gentle voice, he spoke: "Daniel, I love you very much. I am ready for this. I am ready for anything you may want to do with me or what you may want to do to me. I'm not afraid. But you are."

He paused, maintaining the gaze. "I know you, Daniel. I know that things are much moving faster than you had anticipated. I know that you thought you were ready for this, but you're not. You're not afraid of the future, but you're afraid of taking the steps you must take to get there."

Again, Jonas paused. "You take your bath. I'll grab a shower later. Just tell me where I can find some sheets and blankets and I'll make up a bed on the sofa. When you're ready, we can begin taking things one step at a time, at your pace. Okay?"

Daniel remained silent for a long moment, gazing off to one side. When Jonas began to release Daniel's hands, Daniel held on and turned his gaze to once again lose himself in the oceans of Jonas' deep blue eyes. Several moments later, he spoke. "No. Stay. I've done things these past few days I didn't think I could ever do. I've dreamt about this moment for days and it scares the hell out of me, but I want to do it. I need to do this for both of us. Our future starts now. . . or I'm afraid it won't start at all."

Jonas smiled warmly. "Okay," he said gently. "I'll follow your lead."

Daniel leaned forward and kissed Jonas gently on the lips. "I do love you, Jonas," he whispered. "You must believe that. I've never really been good at love. Every relationship I've been in has ended in disaster. But I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. Maybe I've been fooling myself my whole life and this is what I've wanted all along. I don't know. I only know that I want so much to make it work."

"It will work, Daniel." Jonas smile was warm and encouraging. "If you want it to work as much as I do, nothing can stop it. And don't ever forget that I love you, too."

They kissed again and let go of each others' hands. Daniel turned to start the bath, adjusting the temperature to his liking and pouring in some aromatic oils. This was the first step. He tried to convince himself that, if he could get past this first step, the rest would be easy. He wasn't certain he had succeeded.

Pushing the doubts out of his mind, he asked, "Is this too hot for you?"

Jonas stuck his hand in the water and said, "No, that's fine."

"Okay. I'll go get the wine. The candle lighter is on the vanity. Just squeeze the handle to spark it."

Daniel set out for the kitchen where he opened Leon's gift bottle, set it on a tray and collected two wine glasses from the rack. Picking up the tray, he returned to the bathroom. When he entered, the water was still flowing into the tub. The lights were turned off and the candles cast warm shadows on the white, ceramic tiles in the room. Jonas stood beside the tub, unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt.

"Jonas, stop," Daniel said.

Jonas stopped immediately, apologizing. "I'm sorry, Daniel. I thought it might be easier. . . ."

"It's okay," Daniel said, setting the tray on the small stand near the head of the bathtub. He smiled at Jonas and said quietly, "I want to do that for you."

Relief and a smile flooded Jonas' face, the deep, manly dimples of his cheeks shadowed in the candlelight as Daniel approached him. Jonas' smell reached his nostrils, overpowering even the aromatic scents of the candles and bath oil. In his mind, Daniel was suddenly standing in the mist of a mountain waterfall again, and he smiled. Raising his hands slowly to the front of Jonas' shirt, he began undoing the buttons one at a time, his fingers moving downward until they reached the waistband of the navy-blue slacks Jonas was wearing. He tugged the shirttails out of the pants before undoing the final two buttons, then, sliding his hands gently upward, over Jonas' powerful stomach and chest, he reached beneath the shirt at the neckline, sliding the material back and off Jonas' arms. The shirt fell in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Daniel took a moment to slip out of his shoes and to remove his socks. Jonas did the same. Then, after turning off the faucets, Daniel turned back to Jonas and placed nervous fingers on the clasp at the waistband of the slacks. Jonas sucked in his stomach and the clasp came undone. Slowly, Daniel grasped the metal tab of the zipper and slid it down. Just as slowly, his hands entered the opening, sliding to the sides and back until his palms came to rest on the solid cheeks of Jonas' rounded ass. A moment later, the hands slid downward, pushing the slacks off Jonas' hips. They fell to the floor and Jonas stepped out of them. Daniel stepped back to take in the spectacle standing before him.

Never in his life would Daniel ever have imagined that he could and would find a man absolutely beautiful, and never would he have imagined that he could and would fall in love with him. Yet, there he stood, and Daniel could feel his knees going weak with excitement and anticipation. Any reservations he may have felt melted away in the candlelight. Jonas' body was smooth, yet very masculine. Sandy blond hairs peeked out from beneath his arms and similar hairs sprouted around the brown nipples on his muscular pecs. More hairs sprang from the waistband of the pale-blue bikini briefs he wore, traveling up his stomach to his navel in an enticing, pointed, inverted ‘V'. His muscular arms and legs sparkled in the flickering light of the candles like moonlight on freshly-fallen snow. Daniel felt the heat from his chest moving down to settle warmly in his groin.

Jonas took a step forward and reached up to take Daniel's eyeglasses gently in his fingers. He removed them carefully and folded the arms down before setting the glasses on the vanity beside him. "May I?" he asked softly as his fingers grasped the hem of Daniel's knitted sweater.

Daniel nodded.

Jonas lifted the bulky white sweater over Daniel's head while Daniel raised his arms, allowing Jonas to pull it off. Folding the sweater in half lengthwise, then in half again the other way, Jonas carefully set it near the eyeglasses. Then, tugging the T-shirt from the waistband of Daniel's light-tan slacks, he lifted it over his head and off his arms as well, dropping the shirt on top of his own clothes.

Staring deeply into Daniel's pale, blue eyes, Jonas undid the button of the slacks and easily slid the zipper to its base, his fingers passing over the hardening shaft of flesh hidden beneath. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of Daniel's underwear and pushing down, the slacks and briefs fell easily from Daniel's body, gathering at his ankles. Daniel stepped out of them and stood, totally naked, before Jonas. The fears and anxieties Daniel had anticipated did not come. Instead, he was swept with a feeling of pride as Jonas stood back and admired the man standing naked before him. Daniel did not try to hide the rising cock sprouting from his groin, and soon it stood out from his body, bobbing gently with each pulsing beat of his heart.

Jonas looked up, catching Daniel's gaze. His own erection strained against the thin material of his briefs as it lay against stomach, pointing to his right hip. "All the dreams I've had about this moment," he said quietly, "don't come close to what I'm seeing right now. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen."

"Thank you, Jonas," Daniel replied. "But I'm not half as beautiful as you are."

"You'll never convince me of that."

He slipped his thumbs into his own underwear and slid them gently over his own throbbing erection and down his legs, stepping out of them when they reached the floor. For a long minute, both men stood, staring and smiling at each other in the flickering light of the candles. Daniel noticed that Jonas, like himself, had been circumcised, a custom which, he would learn later, had inexplicably found its way to Kelowna.

As if on cue, both eager young men stepped forward and fell into a crushing hug, flesh meeting naked flesh for the very first time. They stood like that for a long time, absorbing each other's heat into himself, drawing strength and comfort from each other's hardened bodies. Daniel reluctantly broke the contact and stepped into the soothing bath. Jonas joined him. Just as Jonas was about to sit in the far end of the tub, Daniel stopped him and opened his arms to him. Jonas turned around and settled between Daniel's legs, his head resting against Daniel's left shoulder.

With a practiced hand, Daniel poured the wine into the glasses, handing one to Jonas and taking the other for himself. In a silent toast, they clinked the glasses together and drank.

The warmth of the bath and the scented oils relaxed them as they sat in silence, the trials of the past few days washing away and filling each with an entirely new feeling. Thirty minutes and another glass of wine later, Jonas was leaning comfortably into the pillow offered by Daniel's shoulder, his right hip pressing into the joint of Daniel's legs. He could feel the heat from Daniel's erection burning into his hip. Daniel's arm hung limply over his shoulder and chest. He welcomed the contact, and so did Daniel.

"This is right," Daniel said softly, finally. "This is what I want. . . . I think it's what I've always wanted." A pause followed, after which Daniel whispered, "Don't ever leave me, Jonas Quinn."

Jonas turned slightly, setting his empty glass on the rim of the tub. Taking Daniel's empty glass and setting it beside his own, he twisted his upper body around, wrapped his left arm around Daniel's neck and engaged him in a deep, loving, passionate kiss.

Daniel held him tightly, pulling their bodies together and grinding his lips against Jonas'. A short time later, his right hand began a short journey from Jonas' back around to his chest. He could feel the beating heart beneath the soft skin. He could feel the chest expanding and contracting with each breath. Slowly, his hand slid to the side and down to Jonas' hip, pulling that part of the young man against that part of himself and he felt Jonas' pulsating cock bouncing against the back of his arm. His fingers sought out that flesh and wrapped themselves lovingly around it. For the first time in his life, Daniel was holding a cock other than his own, and he squeezed it in appreciation and excitement. Jonas gasped and his cock swelled. Daniel's hand began to stroke gently. It felt so much like his own, yet so different at the same time. He did not fear the contact as he thought he might. Instead, he welcomed it.

Jonas' breath came in gasps as their lips continued to press against each other, and then, suddenly, the gasps turned to moans and Jonas began to quiver. His cock grew, expanding in anticipation of the rapidly-approaching orgasm, and, before he could stop it, semen exploded from his cock in a stream he had never before experienced. His body shook and his moans became groans of pleasure and ecstasy, echoing off the tile walls and filling the room with sounds of love.

Not knowing exactly what to do, Daniel simply did what he usually did during his own orgasms. He squeezed harder and stroked from tip to base. He was amazed that he could so easily bring such pleasure to someone, and it pleased him. He held Jonas tightly, slowing his strokes as the intensity of Jonas' orgasm subsided. Finally, Jonas broke the kiss, falling back into Daniel's shoulder, his eyes closed and his face displaying the excitement he was feeling. His chest heaved as he gasped for air.

He lay against Daniel for a long time, exhausted from the emotional and physical eruption. Daniel's hand continued to hold the softening cock, his fingers sliding downward from time to time to gently caress the low-hanging testicles beneath.

Finally, Jonas managed to speak. "That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt in my life. I didn't want it to end."

"There will be other times," Daniel promised. "Lots more."

Jonas twisted around and gave Daniel a quick kiss of thanks. Without a word, he stood and extended his hand to Daniel, who took it in his own and was easily pulled to his feet. They stepped out of the tub as Jonas grabbed two large terrycloth towels from the rack and wrapped one around his shoulders. The other, he placed over Daniel's head and around his shoulders and began to gently towel him dry. Working his way slowly down Daniel's body, Jonas dropped to his knees to continue his progress. With extreme care and tenderness, he dried Daniel's still-throbbing cock, his balls still hanging low in their sack from the warmth of the bath.

The towel slid from Jonas' shoulders as he released the towel held in his hands, both falling neglected to the floor. He wrapped his hand lovingly around the solid flesh in front of him. The moment he had imagined since that single moment in the ventilation shaft aboard Anubis' ship was finally coming to fruition. He had no fear of what he was about to do. He had no reservations. His heart pounded in anticipation. He was ready.

One single stroke brought a droplet of clear fluid to the tip of Daniel's cock, and Jonas leaned forward and licked the droplet away, pulling it past his lips and into his mouth. The taste was surprisingly sweet, and Jonas longed for more. He was ready to please Daniel completely, and he was determined that he wouldn't stop until he had done so. Daniel's orgasm didn't frighten him. Nothing about Daniel frightened him, and nothing they could do together frightened him, either. Jonas was ready for anything.

Leaning forward once again, Jonas pressed his lips against the smooth, purplish cockhead before him. His lips parted and the cockhead slid inside and onto his tongue. He held it there for a time, using his tongue to explore the foreign flesh and to suck it into the vacuum of his willing mouth. He could feel the head swelling and he could feel Daniel quivering. His own spent cock began to grow once more, the blood pumping into it with an urgency Jonas had not expected. Eagerly, he put his hands on Daniel's hips to support him and to guide his hips forward.

Daniel looked down, amazed and thrilled, as he watched his friend's mouth move down the shaft of his cock. More and more of his cock slid into Jonas' mouth. He could feel it entering the throat and he gasped as Jonas guided him continually forward, deeper inside, until he felt Jonas' lips pressing into his pubic curls, his cock lodged deep inside Jonas. Jonas looked up into Daniel's eyes, and Daniel could see the dimples of a smile forming on Jonas' cheeks. Still looking up, Jonas pulled back and then pushed forward. Again and again, he slid Daniel's cock with ease into and out of his throat.

It was too much for Daniel. In only a few strokes of Jonas' warm, inviting, and surprisingly talented mouth, his balls took over and his cock swelled. His orgasm was imminent, and he warned Jonas, but Jonas refused to pull away, locking his lips firmly around the cockhead instead. The orgasm grew and Daniel was forced to place his hands on his friend's shoulders to keep from falling down. His body began to shake as the pressures inside grew to explosive capacity. Then it happened.

With a series of vocal grunts and moans, Daniel unloaded his balls into Jonas' eager mouth. Jonas accepted the offering eagerly, savouring the taste before swallowing it into himself. The orgasm continued, pumping more and more semen into Jonas' mouth. Daniel's moans echoed off the tile walls.

Somehow, Daniel remained on his feet until his massive orgasm concluded. Never before had he had an orgasm of that magnitude. His heart pounded and his breath came in quick, desperate gasps. Slowly, after Jonas had released his softening cock, Daniel opened his eyes to see Jonas standing before him, a huge, satisfied smile on his handsome face, and using a discarded towel to dry himself. He leaned against the vanity to steady his weakened legs, the tiles cool against the heated skin of his ass.

Eventually, he found his voice. "You told me you were a virgin," he exclaimed. "Where did you learn to do that?"

Jonas' smile grew even bigger. "I've been practicing," he said with a wink.

"On who?"

"Not ‘who'," Jonas said with a grin. "On ‘what'. Didn't you wonder why there haven't been any bananas in the commissary these past few days?"

Daniel searched Jonas' face for sincerity. "You're joking, right?"

Jonas shook his head. "It only took me one day to control the gag reflex." With a mischievous wink, he added, "Chalk it up to Kelownan physiology. We were born to be cocksuckers, I guess."

"Whatever the reason, that was, by far, the most exciting and wonderful experience in my life. Thank you."

"Any time, Daniel," Jonas said. "It was my pleasure, believe me."

Daniel tried to stand and fell back against the vanity. Jonas dropped the towel and grabbed his arm. "Come on," he said. "You're going to bed. I'll clean this up."

Daniel allowed himself to be escorted to the large bed where he climbed, exhausted, beneath the covers on the right side and lay on his back, his head sinking into the soft, full pillow. Jonas disappeared. Minutes later, he returned and crawled under the blankets on Daniel's side of the bed. Daniel shifted over slightly and Jonas settled in beside him, laying on his side and pressing his chest against his new lover, his left arm resting casually and tenderly over Daniel's stomach. After a ‘goodnight' kiss, Jonas nestled his head into Daniel's shoulder. In minutes, they were both sound asleep.

To Be Continued

(Note: Due to the life histories of both Daniel and Jonas, HIV and AIDS is not an issue in this fantasy and I have taken liberties with the events. Please, for your own safety, practice Safe Sex and use all the proper precautions!)

February 13th, 2006, 12:30 PM
I MUST tell you that that is by far the best slash fiction I've ever read. I'm so very very glad that you spent so much time working up the actual story of why it all happens. I can't wait for the next chapter. You do such a good job of encapsulating every character that I can really see them doing and saying everything. This makes me want to watch seasons 6 and 7 again!

February 13th, 2006, 03:46 PM
I love Daniel Jackson.

February 13th, 2006, 07:29 PM
Thanks guys. The chapters will be posted one at a time now. I'm currently finishing up Chapter 13 and am half-way through Chapter 14. I will finish the story with Chapter 15.

I kind of wish there was more I could do with this story without it becoming repetative. I'm having a lot of fun writing Daniel. He's an easy character to write for. The hard part is writing it in the way Michael Shanks performs him.

February 13th, 2006, 07:38 PM
I'd love to see this on the Sci fi channel. ..|

February 14th, 2006, 07:58 PM
Chapter 11

Daniel Jackson woke up the next morning still lying on his back, his left arm tossed casually behind his head. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he recalled the evening before and the unexpected pleasure Jonas Quinn had given him during the most phenomenal blowjob he had ever had in his life. Granted, he didn't have much with which to compare since he'd had only one other blowjob before, and it hadn't even been taken to the point of orgasm. Sarah had done little more than hold the head of his cock in her mouth and lick the tip with her tongue. She clearly did not enjoy it and it was never offered again. Sha're wouldn't even consider doing such an objectionable thing.

He opened his eyes and turned his head to the left where Jonas lay. Jonas wasn't there.

For a long, horrifying moment, Daniel imagined that he had dreamt the entire evening - that his mind had caused a dream of unimaginable realism and satisfaction. Anxiety rushed through him as he rolled onto his side, his right hand seeking any clue that Jonas had shared his bed. The sheets were cool to the touch. A subtle scent reached his nostrils and he inhaled deeply. His mind and body relaxed as he detected the faint, clean, fresh, unmistakable smell of Jonas Quinn and he rolled onto his back again. The smile returned. He hadn't imagined it. Still, he was more than just a little bit surprised that he could recognize Jonas' natural scent so quickly and easily.

An urgent need to urinate coaxed Daniel out of the warm comfort of the bed. Without thinking, he grabbed his blue terrycloth bathrobe and pulled it on as he padded barefoot to the en suite bathroom where he and Jonas had shared a bath the night before. The room was spotless. All the clothes were gone, new towels adorned the towel rods, and the floor and tub showed no sign of having been used. Jonas had been a busy boy.

Daniel pissed and flushed, washed his hands, then checked himself in the mirror to see that all was well. His hair was tousled and he needed a shave. He smoothed his hair with practiced sweeps of his hand as he brushed his teeth, then headed out in search of Jonas. His nose led him toward the kitchen where the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee wafted into the livingroom. As he drew nearer, a sizzling sound reached his ears. He found Jonas standing in front of the stove flipping strips of bacon and tending the eggs frying there. He wore only a pair of black bikini briefs, a style he appeared to favour. The soft material strained to contain the muscular ass cheeks. Daniel walked up behind him, opening the robe as he moved closer. When he was pressed against him, Daniel wrapped the robe around both of them, holding the robe closed at Jonas' stomach.

"You really shouldn't be frying bacon like that," he said. "You can get some nasty burns."

Jonas set the fork on the counter and twisted around to face Daniel. "Good morning," he said with a huge smile.

"Morning," Daniel replied. He pulled Jonas close into a warm hug and kiss.

When they parted, Jonas turned serious. "I have an important question to ask which may jeopardize entire our future together."

Daniel said, "Shoot." He held his breath, waiting.

"Do you like your egg yolks hard or soft?"

Daniel released his breath and smiled. "Surprise me," he said.

Jonas grinned wickedly. "I believe, Doctor Jackson, that I can feel your answer. No soft yolks for you."

"Damn! There goes my surprise!"

Following another kiss, Jonas pushed him away and ordered Daniel to sit down. Breakfast would be ready in a few minutes. He reluctantly extracted himself from Daniel's robe and turned to tend the bacon and eggs. With all the competence of a short-order cook, Jonas popped bread into the toaster, poured and prepared a coffee for Daniel, and served it to him. Minutes later, breakfast was ready and served.

"Have you got a pair of shorts I can pull on?" Jonas asked.

"Yes," Daniel said, "but you don't need them. You look fine as you are."

"You sure?"

"Of course I'm sure," Daniel said with a wink. "I like looking at you like this. Now sit down and eat."

As they ate, they talked about all the shopping they had to do that day. Daniel found a small pad of paper and pen and handed them to Jonas, who made a list of their necessities. Clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, toiletries, a new dresser and wardrobe. Jonas also made a quick grocery list. It had been Daniel's habit to dine out, keeping only bare necessities in the apartment for emergencies. He was never fond of his own cooking, and he hated doing it in the first place. Jonas enjoyed cooking and was going to change that. Daniel would be getting more home-cooked meals.

It was going to be another busy day.

* * * * *

It was growing dark when Daniel and Jonas returned home, laden with shopping bags and packages. It took two trips to the car to bring in everything. Jonas busied himself in the bedroom sorting through his new clothes, removing wrappings and tags, and putting the clothes into piles. Daniel had helped pick out his wardrobe and Jonas was particularly careful to buy only the items he liked which Daniel seemed to like as well. A new dresser and armoire had been purchased and would be delivered Tuesday afternoon. Until then, he would make do the best he could.

Daniel, meanwhile, had the boring task of putting the groceries away in the kitchen.

When he was finished, Daniel carried a bottle of wine and two glasses to the bathroom to prepare what would become a ritual he and Jonas would share whenever they were home together. He began running the bath, adding the requisite oils, and lit the candles. He stripped off his clothes and, when the bath was full enough, he turned off the faucets and the overhead lights and stepped into the tub. He poured two glasses of wine and waited patiently for Jonas.

Fifteen minutes later, Jonas entered and began to remove his clothes. Daniel watched with unabashed interest. Jonas didn't seem to mind the attention. With his eyes locked on Daniel's eyes, Jonas slowly pulled his T-shirt up his body and over his head. Daniel watched with interest as the flesh was exposed - first the stomach, then the chest. It still surprised him that he would find a man's body sexy and erotic. He was less surprised, though, when he felt his cock begin to rise in excitement when he looked at the body standing in front of him.

Jonas toed the shoes off his feet, then bent to remove his socks. Standing straight again, he unhooked the buttons of his slacks and slid the zipper down its track. He used his thumbs to push the material off his hips and down his legs, stepping out of his pants when they reached the floor. He did the same with his underwear and stood naked in front of Daniel, his cock beginning to swell slightly, his balls pulled tightly up against his groin.

After a moment or two, he turned his back to Daniel in order to piss in the toilet. Daniel's eyes traveled from the broad back to the smooth, rounded mounds of Jonas' ass. They were so different from a woman - strong, solid, untapered - and he found it strangely exciting and enticing. He also envied Jonas for it. Daniel had always considered his own ass to be one of his best qualities, though he kept it hidden with baggy clothes, but his could not compete with the ass he was admiring at the moment. The cheeks clenched as Jonas squeezed out the final drops of urine before he flushed the toilet, turned and climbed into the tub. Without invitation, he settled comfortably between Daniel's legs as he had the night before.

The bath was long and relaxing, made even more enjoyable with the chilled wine they sipped. Between the occasional kiss, they talked about themselves, their childhoods, their lives as orphans, and their future together. Half-way through the bottle of wine, Jonas added more hot water to the bath and cuddled himself back into the comfort of Daniel's powerful body. They sat in silence then, Daniel caressing Jonas' hair with the tips of his fingers.

Suddenly, Jonas began to hum a soft, gentle, haunting melody. His voice echoed off the tiled walls, giving it a depth and resonance which bore into Daniel's brain. Daniel stopped his caressing and listened intently, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. He was carried off to an unknown place where nothing existed except the song and Jonas' voice - a place where there were no worries or fears. He lost himself there until the melody ended and the reverberating voice faded away into silence.

Daniel opened his eyes. "My God," he said. "That was the most beautiful song I've ever heard!"

"Thank you," said Jonas quietly, turning his head toward Daniel.

"What's it called?"

"‘Out of the Wind'. It's an old Kelownan tune. I can pick up a copy when I'm there next time."

"I'd rather listen to you singing it."

"The instrumental version is much better."

"I'd still rather listen to you sing. You have a beautiful voice."

"You're just saying that, but thank you."

Daniel kissed Jonas in appreciation. "Would you sing it again for me?"

Jonas did.

* * * * *

They lay in bed, arms wrapped tightly around each other, their naked bodies pressed closely together. Their lips and tongues explored each other's mouths with a gentle urgency that each shared. Daniel clasped one hand behind Jonas' head, pulling his mouth harder onto his own, his tongue searching the inner spaces of Jonas' mouth - the mouth which had given him so much pleasure the night before. He ground his cock into Jonas' cock, his balls dancing with Jonas' balls. No-one had ever made him feel so fulfilled, and Daniel was determined that this would be the night when he would return the favour. He was eager to taste Jonas, to hold that secret part of him in his mouth, to give him pleasure and, if his jaw didn't give out on him first, to bring him to orgasm. If all went as planned, Jonas would no longer be a virgin after tonight.

Daniel moved his right arm from behind Jonas' head into his armpit where he locked his thumb into Jonas' shoulder and urged him gently onto his back. He broke this kiss, staring down into the handsome face of the young man beside him. City lights filtered through the windows, casting a soft glow over them. Daniel smiled as his eyes searched Jonas' eyes, now dark and colourless in the darkness of the room. His hand slid down Jonas' side, coming to rest finally on the hard cock standing straight and proud from his groin. His fingers wrapped around the flesh.

Sudden realization washed over Jonas' face, settling as a dim twinkle in his eyes. "Daniel?" he said anxiously.

Daniel released the cock he held and brought it to Jonas' mouth, pressing his index finger against Jonas' lips. "Shhhh," he said softly. "Unless you're going to tell me you love me, don't speak."

Jonas removed the hand and said, "I do love you, Daniel, but you don't have to do this."

"I know I don't have to," Daniel said with a smile. "I want to. Now, hush." To end the conversation, Daniel engaged Jonas in another kiss, his hand moving to come to rest on Jonas' chest, his fingers and thumb forming a cup on Jonas' left breast, his index finger tracing circles around the brown nipple there. The nipple hardened into a nub, encouraging Daniel to abandon the kiss in order to move his lips over Jonas' chin, onto his neck, and, from there, onto the chest where he captured the small button of flesh, nipping it gently and sucking at the nipple. Jonas' chest heaved upward and he sucked air into his lungs before allowing it to escape as a long, breathy sigh of pleasure.

Encouraged by the reaction, Daniel moved to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment as its counterpart. Jonas' breaths came in sharp gasps, his back arching when Daniel touched a particularly sensitive area with his tongue. Had he been watching, Daniel would have noticed Jonas' rock-hard cock jumping in anticipation, a large drop of clear liquid dangling from the tip, suspended by a liquid thread which stretched longer and longer until the droplet formed a small puddle on Jonas' belly, separated, and lodged itself in the fine hairs there.

Daniel centered his attention between the two pectorals, kissing that spot and teasing the tiny hairs with his tongue. His hand moved down again, wrapping itself once more around the solid tube of flesh, and his mouth began a tantalizingly-slow journey down the middle of Jonas' trembling body, his tongue trailing and teasing its way to the navel, stopping momentarily at the belly button before continuing the trip. He lifted Jonas' cock straight out from his body to make way for his approach. Daniel had planned to start at the base and work his way to the tip.

Suddenly, his tongue encountered the small pool of fluid lost in the soft hairs of Jonas' abdomen. He froze, and momentary panic rushed over him as he pulled his tongue into his mouth. He waited for the nausea which he was certain would come, but it didn't. He found himself concentrating on the texture, the taste, of the liquid which had taken him so much by surprise. Instead of being repulsed by it, he found the flavour, though slightly bitter, was not the least bit unpleasant.

He quickly returned to the spot, lapping up the remaining fluid and savouring it as he would a fine wine. It tasted even better the second time. Turning his head to rest his cheek on Jonas' stomach, he looked at the cock he held in his hand, faintly outlined in the dim light of the room. He drew his hand toward the tip and watched as another droplet of fluid formed there. Without hesitation and without even thinking about what he was doing, Daniel slid forward, tongue slightly extended, and licked up the drop before it escaped. It was like a nectar to his taste buds, made sweeter by the sweetness of the young man he held in his grasp.

Daniel rested his head on Jonas' stomach once more, feeling the youthful body moving with life. He could hear the sounds of his beating heart and he could smell the now-familiar ‘Jonas' smells. He breathed them in and closed his eyes as if to hold onto the delights the scents brought to him. He concentrated his mind on the cock he held in his hand, using his fingers to trace it and to create a visual outline of it in his memory. With tender care, he moved his fingertips to the testicles lying loosely below. He memorized the size and shape of each and he delighted in the quivers his manipulations caused.

For several minutes, he caressed Jonas, going through his mind all the things he had dreamt of doing to him and for him. He knew what he was about to do, and he knew what it would make him. For a moment, his brain locked on the consternation and prejudice he would probably face, and he wasn't at all certain he could deal with it. For another brief moment, he considered abandoning his love altogether and simply asking Jonas to leave. But then, he opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Jonas' face. Jonas had raised his head slightly, his own eyes wide open and looking intently at Daniel. Even in the darkness of the room, Daniel could see the desperate anticipation in the youthful face. He could also see the concern Jonas held for him - the concern that he may not be ready to do something that he didn't really want to do. Most of all, though, he could see the love Jonas felt for him. He suddenly realized that the same look must be on his face as well.

To hell with prejudice. To hell with the teasing and the jokes. To hell with everyone and everything. Nothing mattered now except the pleasure he was about to give to the man he loved.

Daniel smiled at Jonas and he could see Jonas' eyes widen even more, and his lips parted as if he were about to speak. Instead, Jonas sucked in a huge breath and held it. Daniel turned his head back and took the pulsating cock into his hand. His mouth opened slightly, his eyes closed, and his head advanced. His lips met the smooth, soft skin of the cockhead. Extending his lips over his teeth, he moved further until his lips slid over the corona. He had Jonas' cock in his mouth.

Jonas exhaled in a long, anxious breath. His cock swelled against Daniel's tongue. In the shadows of the room, he could see Daniel's head nestled unmoving in his crotch. He could feel the heat of Daniel's mouth surrounding him and he could feel the rough texture of his tongue as it rubbed against him.

After a long moment, Jonas could feel Daniel's head moving once more. His cock slid further into Daniel's mouth. He could feel it as it scraped against the soft pallet at the roof of Daniel's mouth, and then it met the entrance to his throat. He felt Daniel tense up, his throat closing impulsively, and Daniel pulled away immediately, letting the cock slip free. He waited, watching, listening. He could hear Daniel swallowing, sucking air into his nose. He was about to speak when Daniel turned to look at him.

"Oops," Daniel said with a smile and a wink. "You should have shared those bananas."

"You don't have to do this, Daniel," Jonas said sincerely. "I don't mind, really."

"Are you kidding?" Daniel asked. "I don't need bananas when I've got you to practice on. Now shut up and enjoy it."

A huge grin broke across Jonas' face. "Yes, Sir," he said.

Daniel returned his attention to the business of giving Jonas the first blowjob of his life. He knew his limits now and would make do with what he could do instead of wasting time trying to do something he couldn't do. He attacked the cock again, taking it into his mouth only as far as he felt comfortable, and then he began an in and out stroke with his lips. Another huge sigh of pleasure escaped Jonas' lips.

The sucking went on for several minutes as Daniel became more and more adept at his task. He began experimenting with his tongue and his fingers, using both to tickle whichever parts of Jonas they could reach. Jonas began to squirm beneath him, his sighs becoming moans which drowned out even the slurping, sucking sounds Daniel was making.

Daniel became aware that Jonas was moving, twisting his body and rotating on the bed. He could feel a hand on his hip, pushing it up and away. Daniel suddenly realized what Jonas was doing and rolled his hips. A hand grasped his cock and, moments later, his cock was sucked deeply into Jonas' eager mouth. They began to suck each other at the same time, and Daniel shivered with excitement. He could feel Jonas' cock pulsing, expanding and contracting with a steady rhythm which grew in intensity with each pulse. It traveled through his body and into his own cock, which also began to pulsate. A familiar tingle rose in his balls as they pulled themselves tighter in their sack. He couldn't believe he was about to cum so quickly.

Jonas, for his part, held out longer than he had ever thought he would, but the moment he took Daniel's cock into his mouth, the intense feelings of approaching orgasm swept over him. Moments later, he was cumming, and Daniel was accepting it without pulling away. And suddenly, he was filled with Daniel's own orgasm. Their groans of pleasure and the pungent scent of sex filled the room. Together, they thrashed about the bed, holding tightly to each other and taking as much pleasure as they were giving.

The orgasms seemed to go on for hours, but only minutes later they were lying in each other's arms, slowly recovering from their exertions. Their bodies still tingled in the aftermath and their sweat mixed together on their skin.

Daniel held Jonas in his arms, Jonas lying on his side, his head nestled into Daniel's left shoulder, his arm across Daniel's chest. When their breathing calmed and their bodies began to relax, Jonas raised his head and looked at Daniel, who turned to face him.

"Thank you, Daniel. Are you okay?"

Daniel smiled his ‘Daniel' smile. "I'm better than okay, Jonas," he said tenderly. "I've decided. I want this. I want you. Please, don't ever go away."

"I won't," Jonas replied. "I promise."

They kissed then, long and slow. Finally, Jonas lay his head back onto the familiar pillow of Daniel's powerful shoulder. Daniel rested his cheek against Jonas' head. Then they slept.

February 15th, 2006, 04:45 PM
Really a great bit of writing you've got going here.

I have not seen the show before, but I may have to check it out!

Thanks for sharing this,

February 15th, 2006, 06:27 PM
Damn Neil! :)

This keeps getting better and better.

Can't wait for what you've got in store next.

Phoenix x x

I'm just proofreading Chapter 12 and will post it nearer to the weekend. I'm on a roll with Chapter 14 at the moment, but I still have to finish Chapter 13. Unless I get truly inspired and come up with something new (which I doubt will happen), Chapter 15 will complete the story.

February 16th, 2006, 09:02 AM
Aw, you got me reading a lot of Jonas/Daniel slash =/

they're so awesome together.

February 17th, 2006, 09:08 AM
Chapter 12

"Good morning, campers!" That was Colonel Jack O'Neill, of course, dressed in his Air Force Blues and looking cheerier than any man should on a Monday morning. Teal'c walked beside him, his hands clasped behind his back as was his custom in his casual moments.

"Hi, Jack, Teal'c" Daniel said somberly.

"Daniel," Jack acknowledged. Teal'c nodded his greeting with a small smile.

Jack turned his attention to the young man standing beside Daniel. "Jonas!" he exclaimed with a huge smile.

"Colonel," said Jonas.

"So, what brings you to Earth?"

"The Stargate, actually," Jonas joked. "Hitchhiking is a bitch this time of the year. People hate pulling over on the Milky Way to give you a ride."

"Very funny," Jack said, taking Jonas' hand in a firm, welcoming handshake. "I've missed you, Kid," he said sincerely.

"Hi, Teal'c," Jonas said, turning his attention to his big Jaffa friend. "It's good to see you again."

Teal'c bowed a second time as he said, "It is good to see you also, Jonas Quinn."

"So," said Jack, clasping his hands in front of him. "General Hammond says you wanted to see me?"

"Yes," Daniel replied.

"Well, Teal'c and I are on our way to the canteen for a coffee and a doughnut. We can talk there."

"No, Jack," Daniel said quietly. "It's rather personal and important. Can we talk in my office?"

Colonel O'Neill raised his eyebrows in question, still holding his hands together. Something was bothering Daniel. That was clear. His head tilted slightly to one side as he said, "Yeah. Sure." Unclasping his hands, he clapped them together once and added, "Okay. Lead on, Danny Boy."

Teal'c's deep, voluminous voice filled the metal hallway. "I shall await your arrival in the canteen, O'Neill."

"Wait, Teal'c," Daniel said. "We need to talk to you, too. You're part of this."

Teal'c bowed. "As you wish," he said.

Daniel turned, leading the way to his office, his mind obviously preoccupied. Jack placed a friendly hand on Jonas' shoulder as they walked side-by-side, chatting about Jonas' life outside the SGC. Jonas kept up a good front and made happy conversation, but he knew that Daniel would be melodramatic about the whole thing, that he would, undoubtedly, lose himself in his thoughts and journey off onto tangents which would leave the Colonel and Teal'c lost and bewildered. He was prepared to be the strong one, ready to jump in at any time and take over. Until then, though, he had to let Daniel do this on his own if he could.

Soon, they were gathered in Daniel's office, door closed, Daniel and Jonas standing side-by-side, backs to the large desk, facing Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c. Both Daniel and Jack were dressed in their Air Force blues. Teal'c, as usual, wore his green pants and black T-shirt. Jonas dressed casually in a new, white short-sleeved shirt and a new pair of snug blue jeans and sneakers.

Jack broke the silence. "Is this going to take long?" he asked encouragingly. "You know how Teal'c gets when someone else beats him to the jelly doughnuts."

Teal'c gave Jack a sideways glance, eyebrow raised.

"No, Jack," Daniel said. "It won't take long."

"Good," Jack replied. "What's up?"

Daniel stood for a moment gathering his thoughts, eyes glancing down to the floor. He leaned backward slightly and sat on the edge of the desk. He began to speak.

"Sometimes, life takes you down a path that you think is the right one for you. You don't even look at other paths because you would never think to take them. Then, suddenly, you find yourself on one of those paths and you discover that it's a path you should have taken long ago."

Jack broke in. "You're losing me already, Danny Boy," he said. "You know I don't do well with philosophy." As an afterthought, he added, "I don't do well with spaghetti, either, but that's beside the point."

"Okay," Daniel continued. "Look at Teal'c."

Teal'c raised his eyebrow in interest at the mention of his name.

"Throughout his whole life, Teal'c knew only that he was a Jaffa in service to Apophis. There was nothing else for him except that. People were nothing but potential slaves to him. . . possible Jaffa and hosts to the Goa'uld. That's what he was taught. It became his goal to become First Prime to Apophis. He succeeded, but then he began to question himself. . . was Apophis really the God he had thought him to be? But Teal'c had no way out. There were no other paths for him to take. And then we came along and we opened a door for him. He saw a way to start fighting back against the Goa'uld. He risked everything. . . his life, his family, his people. . . to help us free the prisoners, and if we hadn't brought him back with us, he'd probably be dead now. He found a new path and he followed it. He could never have imagined it, but now it's the right path for him to take."

"Indeed," Teal'c said softly.

"And look at Jonas," Daniel continued urgently. "The only path he knew lead him to the point where we met him on Kelowna and he discovered that there was a universe of new paths available to him, paths that he may have dreamt about, but never thought could exist. The first path brought him to Earth."

"Is this going anywhere, Daniel?" Jack asked impatiently.

"Yes, Jack," Daniel assured him, "it is. Look at yourself."

Jack's eyebrows raised in curiosity. Daniel continued. "After Charlie. . . well. . . you know. . . after Charlie. . . died. . . and Sara left you, you retired from the Air Force and lived alone at your cabin fishing for fish that weren't there."

The pain of memory flashed through Colonel O'Neill's eyes. He remained silent.

"Then the Stargate brought you back again. You never thought you'd ever go through it again, but you did so you could find me. I'm sure you weren't very happy about finding me again, but you came looking for me because you needed my help. And now there's nothing else you would rather be doing."

"Okay," Jack admitted. "I understand about the ‘paths' thing, but what does that have to do with. . . this?" Jack spread his hands, indicating his presence in the room.

"Everything, Jack," Daniel added quickly, hoping to maintain his interest and understanding. "When you left me on Abydos after we killed Ra, I never expected to get married. I just wanted to live the rest of my life on Abydos and learn about my history first-hand. I never thought I would fall in love with anyone let alone get married. It wasn't something I wanted or even considered. . . until Sha're."

"What about Sarah?" Jack asked.

"Sarah was different," Daniel explained. "She wanted more out of the relationship and I wasn't ready or willing to give it. All I wanted to do was to learn. I didn't want to fall in love and get married with anyone. . . until Sha're came along."

"Sha're was a gift, Daniel," Jack reminded him.

"Okay, she was a gift," Daniel admitted. "But I had a long time to fall in love with her. The point is, I never wanted to take that path, but I did, and it was the right path for me at the time. After she died, I didn't want to fall in love with anyone else ever again. I went back to my old path where I was comfortable. I stopped looking for love. I didn't want it. I didn't need it."

Daniel looked down to the floor. "Granted, there was Shyla, but I fell in love with the sarcophagus and not her."

"I believe, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c interrupted quietly, "that you enjoyed the company of Ke'ra as well."

"Yes, I did, Teal'c," Daniel said, looking up to his friend's kind, caring face. "But that changed when I discovered she was really Linea, remember?"

"And don't forget Hathor," Jack added with a smirk.

Daniel shivered in recollection. "I won't be able to if you keep reminding me." With a visible shudder, he glanced at Jonas and said, "Don't ask."

"So," Jack said impatiently, "I repeat: What does all that have to do with this?"

"Everything, Jack," Daniel said suddenly, impatient anger entering his voice. "If you'd shut up, I'll tell you!"

"Come on, Daniel," Jack said, trying to keep the mood light, "chill out. It's just that Teal'c's jelly doughnut isn't getting any fresher."

Daniel's face flamed red in exasperation and anger. "Jack!" he shouted as he rose to his feet.

Jonas immediately placed a restraining hand on Daniel's shoulder. Daniel looked into the deep blue of Jonas' eyes and found solace there. "Calm down," the young man said softly. "Sit down and take it easy." Daniel drew comfort from Jonas' touch. He relaxed, gathered himself, and sat back on the desk. Closing his eyes, he lowered his head, taking a deep, calming breath. Jonas squeezed his shoulder, not so much to encourage him, but to remind him that he wasn't alone.

"Daniel," Jonas said calmly, "I'll handle this, okay?"

Daniel thought for a moment. He should have let Jonas handle it from the very beginning. Nothing ever phased him. He knew what had to be said and he knew how to say it. He looked once more into the deep, sapphire blue eyes. He nodded.

Jonas turned to face Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c. "Colonel, Teal'c," he began, "something happened to Daniel. . . and to me. Something that we never expected would ever happen." He looked at each of his friends briefly, making sure that he had their full attention. "We fell in love with each other. I'm living on Earth now, and I'm living with Daniel. We need - or, more importantly, Daniel needs to know how you feel about it."

Teal'c's eyebrow raised considerably, his head tilting to the side as he examined the meaning of the words Jonas displayed in his face.

Jack remained silent, eyebrows raised and lips puckered slightly. Suddenly, he clasped his hands together in a loud clap and said, "I'm hungry. Can we go get that doughnut now?"

Daniel exploded, rising to his feet. "Forget the damned doughnuts, Jack! Didn't you hear what Jonas just said!? We're in love with each other! He's living with me now! He sleeps with me in my bed! We're lovers, damn it!"

Jack rocked back on his heals, his face calm, his eyes locked on Daniel's. "Yes, Daniel," he said quietly, "I heard him. And I hear you. And I might have been surprised if you hadn't told me something I didn't already know."

Stunned, a look of confusion washed over Daniel's handsome face. "What do you mean you already know? Who told you?" he asked accusingly. "Who have you been talking to?"

"No-one, Daniel. I figured it out a long time ago."

"How?" Jonas asked. "When?"

"Look," Jack explained, "I may be dense sometimes. . . . Okay, most of the time. . . . but I'm not dense when it comes to seeing the way you look at each other."

"How do we look at each other?" asked Daniel curiously.

"The same way Sara used to look at me," Jack said softly, remembering. "The same way you used to look at Sha're. The way Teal'c and Drey'auc looked at each other." Jack paused a moment. "The way you look at Jonas now, and the way he looks at you. It's the same look, Daniel. No-one can hide it. I saw that look in both of you on Kelowna before you died, and I saw it again on Vissy Dabby Doo. . ."

"Vis Uban," Daniel corrected.

"Whatever," Jack said. "The point is, you had that same look when you saw Jonas there. The look of love. You may have lost all your memory, but somewhere in the deepest corner of your mind, something clicked when you looked at him. The look was still there, Danny. I saw it." Jack's smile was comforting and sincere, his voice soft and reassuring. "And I saw it in Jonas, too."

"You're not surprised, then?" Jonas asked.

"The only thing that surprises me," Jack added, "is that it took you two this long to figure it out for yourselves."

Daniel's eyebrows raised behind his glasses, then scrunched in confusion. "So, you're okay with this?"

"Sure, why not?" Jack said. "It's your life. If this is what you want. It's none of my business anyway."

"But what about my still being on SG-1?"

"What about it?" Jack asked. "As long as you watch my back and not my ass, I don't care one way or the other."

"No fear of that, Jack," Daniel said with an embarrassed smile. "I wouldn't think of watching anything but your back."

"Why, what's wrong with my ass?"

"Nothing's wrong with your ass, Jack," Daniel said quickly. "It just doesn't interest me, that's all."

"You like his ass, don't you?" the Colonel asked, indicating Jonas.


"Granted, his ass is a lot bigger than mine. . ."

"Ja-a-a-a-ck?" Daniel said warningly.

Colonel O'Neill turned toward Teal'c and asked, "What's wrong with my ass?" When all he got in response was a raised eyebrow, he turned to Jonas and asked, "You like my ass, don't you?"

Jonas grinned a wide grin, his dimples deeply indenting his cheeks. "You have a very nice ass, Colonel," he said.

"Thank you!" Jack said, extending his arms in appreciation. "As least one of you knows when someone is fishing for a compliment!"

Daniel heaved a sigh of exasperation and turned his attention to Teal'c, who, since he had entered the room, still stood there with his hands clasped behind his back.

"Teal'c," he said finally, "do you have a problem with me still being on the team?"

Teal'c thought for a moment, examining both faces of the friends before him. "I do not completely understand the term ‘lovers'," he said quietly. "Is this similar to being ‘mates'?"

"Yes, Teal'c," Jonas said. "It's very much the same thing."

Teal'c lowered his head. The room fell silent, waiting. The moments ticked by with agonizing slowness.

At last, Teal'c raised his head and began to speak. "I do not understand this desire for two men to be mated. The concept is foreign to me. Such desires are abhorred by the Jaffa and the System Lords. Those who engage in such activity are greatly ostracized and are banished or put to death. Many kill themselves before they are punished by removing their symbiote, dying a slow, excruciating death. It is not acceptable behaviour in the Jaffa culture."

Daniel gritted his teeth, his fingers digging into the desk. His heart pounded within his chest as he stared anxiously at Teal'c. He barely noticed when Jonas lay his hand over Daniel's, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

Teal'c continued. "Daniel Jackson. I value your friendship greatly, as I do yours, Jonas Quinn." He paused for an agonizingly long moment. "However, I must ask one more question if I may."

"Of course," Daniel said.

"Please," Jonas added.

Teal'c squared his shoulders and raised his head slightly. "Daniel Jackson. Does this mating with Jonas Quinn please you?"

"Yes, Teal'c, it does," Daniel replied honestly and quietly. "I love him very much."

Teal'c nodded. "And you, Jonas Quinn? Does it please you to be mated with Daniel Jackson?"

Jonas stole a quick glance at Daniel, giving Daniel's hand another reassuring squeeze. Daniel turned his head to meet his gaze for a brief moment. Looking back at Teal'c, Jonas responded, "Daniel makes me very happy, Teal'c."

Teal'c nodded slowly. "I see now the ‘look' of which Colonel O'Neill speaks. I do not understand it entirely, but I believe your feelings for each other to be true and sincere. It is not my place to impose myself into your chosen lives. I welcome your continued friendship and I would be greatly honoured if Daniel Jackson were to remain with SG-1."

Daniel's body sagged visibly in relief, his clenched muscles finally relaxing. "Thank you, Teal'c," he said.

Teal'c nodded.

"Yes," added Jonas. "Thank you, both."

Jack simply smiled at both young men and gave them a wink.

Daniel stood up from the desk and exclaimed, "Okay. Let's go get those doughnuts. My treat." As he passed the Colonel on his way out of the room, Daniel reached a hand back, grabbed hold of Jack's left ass cheek and gave it a healthy squeeze. "Nice ass, Jack," he said jokingly without looking at him.

Colonel O'Neill jumped out of Daniel's clutches with a resounding, "Whoa!" Daniel released him and continued out the door without even a glance back.

Jonas smiled and winked at Jack as he followed Daniel out of the room with Teal'c close behind him. Teal'c stopped when he reached O'Neill, who still stood there with a surprised and bewildered look on his face. "I am beginning to understand, O'Neill," he said, and nodded his head slightly, one corner of his broad mouth curling up into a mischievous grin.

Then he left the room.

* * * * *

"When will you be back?" They had left Jack and Teal'c in the canteen and had gone to see General Hammond in order to let him know that no-one objected to Daniel remaining on the team. Now, they sat together on the bed in Jonas' assigned room.

"Tonight," Jonas answered. "I promise."

Daniel, who sat with one arm wrapped around Jonas shoulder, took his friend's hand in his free hand, resting it comfortably in Jonas' lap.

"I have to go," Jonas said softly.

"I know."

"I'll make arrangements with the Council. I should be able to get away with being there only a couple of days each month. And I want to bring back a few things with me. If you'll go back with me for a few days later on, I want to clean out my apartment. I'll get rid of what I don't want or need anymore and bring back the rest. I won't be living there anymore."

"Sure," Daniel assured him. "We can go on my next stand-down if you like."

Jonas turned his head, his gaze capturing Daniel's gaze. He stared into the pale, blue eyes for a long time, losing himself in them, Daniel's eyes shifting back and forth. He never grew tired of the beautiful, loving man he found in them. They kissed briefly.

Their gazes locked onto each other once more. Concern showed itself on Jonas' face. Quietly, he asked, "Are you absolutely sure about us, Daniel? Are you absolutely sure you want me?"

"I don't ‘want' you, Jonas," Daniel replied just as quietly. "I need you. I'm missing you already and you haven't even left yet. I don't like missing you. It leaves a great big hole in my life. I need you to be here to fill it."

Tears flooded Jonas' eyes, but he managed a smile.

"You promised me last night," Daniel continued, "that you'd never go away. It's a promise I expect you to keep. It would kill me if you broke it."

Tears escaped Jonas' eyes and left a moist trail as they rolled down his cheeks. Daniel leaned forward and licked them away before taking Jonas firmly into his arms, locking him in a long, going-away kiss.

* * * * *

Daniel stood alone at the base of the metal ramp in the Gate Room leading upward to the shimmering, watery ring before him, waiting impatiently for Jonas' arrival. Above and behind him, beyond the thick glass windows of the Control Room, stood Colonel Jack O'Neill and General Hammond. The blond, bespeckled technician, Sgt. Walter Harriman, sat before the computer console. Other technicians wandered about on small errands important only to them.

Jack O'Neill watched with intent, hands stuffed into his pants pockets. He was happy for Daniel. As much as he hated to admit it, he cared for Daniel and it made him happy to see Daniel so happy. Since their chat earlier that day, Daniel had become a bouncing ball of energy, zipping around and talking up a storm, a huge grin plastered indelibly on his face. He stretched O'Neill's nerves to their limit, but that was the ‘Daniel' Jack remembered and the ‘Daniel' Jack was happy to see again. . . finally.

O'Neill watched as the rippling horizon broke suddenly and Jonas Quinn stepped through, pulling a small, 2-wheeled cart laden with boxes behind him. Daniel hurried up the ramp to meet him as the Stargate shut down, wrapping his arms around Jonas in a quick embrace before taking the cart from him and leading him back down the ramp toward the door. Their smiles lit the room as they shared the events of the day with each other. A smile broke across the Colonel's face, and he nodded slightly.

"General Hammond," he said, "I believe we finally have the old Daniel Jackson back with us."

"I believe you're right, Colonel."

"Should I talk to him about the hugging, Sir?"

"I don't think that's necessary, Colonel," the General said. "Dr. Jackson and Mr. Quinn are as entitled to hug each other as anyone else. Just as long as they don't carry it any further, I don't see a problem."

Jack O'Neill turned to face the General. "Daniel would never do that, Sir."

"I know he wouldn't, Jack," General Hammond admitted quietly. "Now, if you will excuse me. . . ."

The General turned away, returning to his office and leaving Colonel Jack O'Neill alone with his thoughts.

Jack lowered his head, the smile still spread upon his face. He shook his head slightly and the smile turned into a grin. "Space Monkey," he said to himself.

"Sir?" That was Sgt. Harriman.

"Nothing, Sergeant," Jack said as he turned and strolled casually out of the room.

* * * * *

Jonas lay against Daniel's recovering body, the bedroom dark except for the city lights filtering through the windows and the large candle burning on the bedside table. With the assurance of Daniel's place on the SG-1 team behind them now, Jonas had made it a special night for his lover, and Daniel had participated with equal enthusiasm.

Following their usual bath, Jonas had lead Daniel by the hand to the bed where they fell quickly and comfortably into a sixty-nine position, easily and eagerly pleasing each other throughout the long session of love-making. Now, it was over and they lay in each other's arms, the afterglow of powerful, mutual orgasms still warm in their bodies, perspiration glinting on their skin, the taste of each other still fresh on their tongues.

They lay there quietly for a long time, Jonas comfortably nestled into the pillow of Daniel's shoulder. The fingers of his left hand traced invisible patterns on Daniel's chest, caressingly, teasingly. His fingers tickled the skin between Daniel's pectoral muscles, moving slowly downward to trace around the indented belly button for a short time, then lower where they encountered Daniel's cock, stiffened once more under Jonas' manipulations.

The fingers wrapped themselves around the solid tube of flesh, massaging it with gentle strokes. A sigh escaped Daniel's lips and Jonas looked into his handsome face. Daniel opened his eyes and met Jonas' gaze. He rested his forehead against Jonas' forehead and gave him a quick ‘Daniel' smile.

"I have a surprise for you," Jonas whispered, his breath washing over Daniel's face, and Daniel welcomed it.

"So do I," Daniel responded with a smile. "I think you found it already."

"Not that," Jonas said, releasing the cock he held so tenderly. "Something else."

Confused, Daniel lay back and watched as Jonas raised himself onto his knees, leaned across Daniel's body, and searched for something under the pillow on the other side of the bed. A moment later, he lay beside Daniel once more in his favourite position. He set a small box, neatly wrapped and tied with ribbon, upon Daniel's chest.

"What's that?" Daniel asked.

"Open it and see."

Daniel retrieved his left arm as Jonas raised himself on his elbow, cradling his head in his hand. He picked up the box and pulled the ends of the ribbon, untying the bow and pulling the ribbon free and tossing it on the bed beside him. Unable to see without his glasses, he felt around with his thumb until he found a spot under which to slide his thumbnail and ripped the paper loose. Setting the paper aside, he opened the box, reaching carefully inside. He found two items and removed them before setting the box beside the paper and ribbon.

"A condom?" he asked, feeling the square packet he now held.

"Yes," Jonas whispered.

"What's this?" he asked, squinting to see. "I can't read it. What is it?"

Jonas twisted around and snatched Daniel's glasses off the table top. Opening the arms, he slipped them carefully into place on Daniel's face. Daniel held up the tube, turning it so he could see it in the candlelight.

"Lubrication?" he asked, surprised and somewhat confused. "What's this for?"

Jonas giggled. "It's for you, dummy," he said. "I want you to use it."

Daniel thought for a moment, brow furrowed in concentration. Sudden understanding crossed is face. "You mean. . . ?" He left the question unfinished.

"Yes," Jonas replied. "I mean. . . ."

Daniel rolled onto his side and onto his elbow, holding the items in front of him. "Oh, Jonas," he whispered. "I couldn't do that."

"I'm sorry," Jonas said, disappointment clear in his voice. "I thought you might want to, that's all."

"It's not that I don't want to, Jonas." Daniel glanced down at the small gifts, then back into Jonas' eyes, deeply shadowed by the candlelight behind him. "I could never do anything to hurt you."

"You won't hurt me, Daniel. You can't hurt me. You don't have it in you."

"But, it has to hurt."

"It might be painful, but it won't hurt."

Daniel fell silent, staring at the items he held in his fingers. Jonas left him to his thoughts for a short time before saying, "Daniel, I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside me."

Still, Daniel remained silent, his brow furrowed, his lips pressed tight in concentration. Finally, he looked at Jonas. "I don't think I can do the same for you."

Jonas smiled. "I'm not asking you to," he said. "I don't expect you to."

Daniel turned his attention back to the small packet and the plastic tube he held in his fingers. He stared at them for a long moment in silence. Without looking up, he said softly, "I would be lying if I said that the thought hadn't crossed my mind."

"I would be lying, too," Jonas replied.

Daniel returned his gaze to Jonas' eyes. "You're sure about this?"

"Yes, Daniel. I'm very sure."

Another pause, and Daniel said, "Okay."

Holding up the packet, he said, "I feel stupid, but I've never put one of these on before."

"Neither have I," Jonas said, taking the packet from Daniel. "We don't even have these on Kelowna. But the lady at the store yesterday told me how to do it and gave me a pamphlet. It showed me how. . ."

"You asked someone in the store?"

"Sure," Jonas answered.


"While you were getting the soap and shampoo and stuff. I went looking for razors, remember?"

Daniel nodded.

"I knew I wanted you to make love to me," Jonas continued, "but I didn't know what I needed or where to find it, so I asked. The lady was really nice and helpful. I told her that it was for me and my boyfriend and she took me right to it and explained everything for me."

"You weren't embarrassed?"

"No. Should I have been?"

"You've got bigger balls than me," Daniel said, still staring at the tube in his hands.

"Thanks for the compliment," Jonas replied, "but your balls are a lot bigger than mine."

Daniel looked up, smiling. "No," he said, "it's an expression. It means you have more courage than I do."

"It wasn't courage," Jonas stated as a matter of fact. "It was common sense."

"You never cease to amaze me." Daniel shook his head, smiling. "So, what do I do with this stuff?"

"Here," Jonas said, reaching out his hand. "Give it to me.."

Taking the tube of lubrication gel, Jonas set the lube on the bed and ripped open the condom packet. Picking up the condom, he maneuvered himself to his knees and leaned over Daniel's lower body. He took Daniel's cock in his hand, stroking it to stiffness.

"You make sure the little nipple thing is pointing up and you set it in place," Jonas explained. "Then, you just roll it down, like this." Jonas placed the condom over the head of Daniel's cock and, using his fingers, rolled it carefully and tightly down the shaft." Picking up the tube, he lay back down on his back and said, "I'll do this part, too." Squeezing an amount of gel on his finger, Jonas reached between his legs and prepared himself for what he considered his true loss of virginity.

When Jonas was finished, Daniel asked, "Shouldn't you be on your knees or something?"

Jonas replied, "I want to see your face. I'll lift my legs and you get between them."

Daniel reached for his glasses. Jonas stopped him and asked, "Can you see me without your glasses?"

"Sort of," Daniel replied. "I can tell it's you, but you're more or less a blur."

"Leave them on."

"I'll look stupid."

"You'll look beautiful," Jonas said emphatically. "Leave them on."

Daniel did and rose to his knees, taking his place between Jonas' legs. His cock stood hard and ready. Jonas raised his legs, placing them against Daniel's shoulders.

"Promise me you'll stop me if it hurts too much?"

"I promise," Jonas said, already knowing that it would be one promise he would break if necessary.

Daniel crawled forward slightly, reaching down to grasp his excited cock in his fingers. His heart pounded in his chest. "Ready?"

Jonas nodded.

Daniel pushed his hips forward until the tip of his cock met flesh. Jonas felt the contact as well and quickly realized that Daniel was having problems finding ‘the spot'. He reached between his legs and pushed Daniel's fingers away, replacing them with his own. A moment later, Daniel's cockhead pressed against his asshole and Jonas shivered with excitement. He looked into Daniel's face, his gaze locking on Daniel's eyes, glinting now in the candlelight. Jonas nodded slightly.

Daniel pushed forward slowly and gently. He could feel Jonas' asshole opening for him and he could feel the head of his cock entering his lover for the first time. He pushed harder until he could feel the ridge of his cockhead pressing against the opening, and he saw Jonas wince.

"Sorry!" he said quickly as he pulled back.

"No, it's alright," Jonas hastened to explain. "It didn't hurt. I promise. I feels different, that's all"

"Are you lying?"

"No, I'm not." And he wasn't. "I need you to do this for me, Daniel. Please?"

Daniel smiled and nodded. "I'll go slow and easy."

"I'll tell you when to stop. Just don't pull out again, okay?"

"Okay." Once more, Daniel pushed forward as Jonas reached between his legs to guide him in.

It was slightly easier for Jonas this time, and he was better prepared. He could feel the cockhead entering him again, stopping when the ridge once again pressed against the ring of his asshole. Daniel hesitated, but Jonas encouraged him by placing his hands on Daniel's hips and guiding him forward. His asshole stretched open around the invading organ. Jonas clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, still pulling Daniel forward. Daniel didn't seem to be making any progress. He couldn't seem to get past that barrier.

"Push, Daniel," he urged. He could feel Daniel pushing gently but unsuccessfully. "Harder. Push harder, Daniel!"

Jonas could feel Daniel's hips pressing forward. He took a deep breath, holding it, and relaxed his ass muscles. Suddenly, Daniel's cockhead slipped forward, passing through the anal ring, and lodging itself firmly in Jonas' clenching ass. A moan of pleasure escaped Jonas' open mouth as his hands indicated that Daniel should stop for a moment. His ass squeezed around Daniel's cock, quickly becoming used to the intrusion. The pain lasted for only a moment and was replaced by a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. He opened his eyes and closed his mouth as the corners of his lips pulled up into a large smile. He moved his hands from Daniel's hips, grabbing his own legs behind the knees and pulling them to his chest. Daniel followed them until their faces were close enough to feel each other's breath.

Jonas, still smiling, said softly, "Fuck me, Daniel."

Daniel pushed his hips forward, his cock entering with ease now. He could hear Jonas sighing with pleasure, and when he couldn't push any further, the sigh became a moan. Daniel closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating on the magnificent feelings he was discovering in the heat of Jonas' body and the feelings which the tightness gave him. His own moan of pleasure joined Jonas in chorus.

Opening his eyes and looking down to find Jonas looking up at him, Daniel began to fuck him. He pulled out until only the head of his cock remained inside his lover, then pushed in again. The pumping began, slowly at first, then faster with each successive stroke. He could hear a slight slapping sound each time his balls collided with the cheeks of Jonas' ass and the sound urged him on. Faster and faster he pumped his hips, sucking air through his teeth. Jonas' mouth hung open in ecstasy, his eyelids half closed, his nostrils vibrating with urgent breaths of air. The smile was gone and his face was awash with pure pleasure. Jonas was looking directly into Daniel's eyes.

Jonas had expected his decision to let Daniel fuck him would have pleased his partner, but he could never have anticipated the extreme pleasure he, himself, would receive. Every stroke of Daniel's steel-hard cock sent blood pumping into his own cock and he could feel it jump each time Daniel's balls pressed into his ass cheeks.

He stared at Daniel's beautiful face. Daniel's eyes and his teeth were clenched in effort. Sweat beaded his brow and rolled down his face, falling as droplets from his nose and chin. The sweat landed on Jonas' face with little splashes, some of them dripping directly into his open mouth. He could taste the salt from Daniel's body and he eagerly welcomed it into his own. He could hear Daniel grunting each time he rammed his cock in Jonas' ass, and Jonas could feel himself shifting on the bed with each stroke, his back scraping against the soft sheets beneath him. His cock swelled in rhythm and he knew he would cum soon without ever touching himself.

Daniel pounded harder, faster. His balls retracted in their sack and he knew it wouldn't be long before he emptied them. His grunts became desperate warnings of impending orgasm and he slammed into Jonas with all the strength he could muster. His cock grew even larger as he let out one final moan of release. His cock pumped its semen into the tip of the condom. His voice filled the room with a long, extended groan of ecstasy.

Jonas had known that Daniel was about to cum. He could feel it in his ass. He watched as Daniel's face scrunched up with effort and orgasm, the sweat now flowing freely down his face, off his chin and nose, and dripping on Jonas' face and chest. His own orgasm began, the first shot splashing up his body and onto his face where it mixed with Daniel's perspiration. His own groans of ecstasy joined with Daniel's. He could feel his whole body quivering and he could see Daniel's body doing the same.

Their orgasms seemed to go on forever. Jonas shook with excitement, his cum splattering on his chest and stomach in amounts he could never have imagined. For Daniel, no other orgasm, even the one resulting from Jonas' first blowjob, compared to the one he was having now. It was like every orgasm he'd ever had were only rehearsals, and this was the Grand Performance.

Slowly, sadly, the spasms subsided and the orgasms finished. Daniel pulled his softening cock from Jonas' eager ass and collapsed onto his lover. Jonas felt the sudden emptiness within himself. He wrapped his arms around Daniel, hugging him warmly and feeling him panting for breath. The cum which had splashed on his face began to travel down his cheek. He wiped it away with his fingers, licking them clean.

For several minutes, they lay there as they were, waiting for their bodies to return to normal. Eventually, Daniel raised his head from Jonas' chest, leaned forward, and kissed him. If he noticed the pool of cum in which he lay, he didn't mention it.

When the kiss ended, he looked deeply into Jonas' eyes and said softly, "Thank you, Jonas."

"I love you, Daniel," Jonas replied.

"And I love you." Daniel lay back down and Jonas held him for a long, long time.

To Be Continued

February 18th, 2006, 03:04 PM
^AAAH!!! Soooo good!!! I can't ever seem to get enough of this story, it's just so well constructed. I mean, forget the sex, it's a true love story. the sex is just a natural part of it. The characters are written so true to themselves, it's remarkable.

February 18th, 2006, 03:49 PM
^AAAH!!! Soooo good!!! I can't ever seem to get enough of this story, it's just so well constructed. I mean, forget the sex, it's a true love story. the sex is just a natural part of it. The characters are written so true to themselves, it's remarkable.

Thanks. They're wonderful characters and they're pretty easy to write. The hardest part has been remembering an episode, event, or a name, and then trying to find the information I need to make sure it's true to the series. I've tried to keep everything, including spellings and names, correct. That was the hardest part. Trying to remember an episode in which the person or event appeared and then going through the series until I found it. I'm pretty sure all names are true to the original and official Stargate website.

I'm only a few paragraphs from finishing Chapter 15. It will, indeed, and unfortunately, be the last chapter. There's no-where else for me to take the. I think I'm going to miss it. It's been fun to write it.

Here's a little bonus for you all:

Preview of Chapter 13

Jack O'Neill's voice suddenly rang throughout the room. "Oh, for crying out loud!" he said, slamming his empty beer bottle onto the coffee table, causing everyone to jump. He rose to his feet and moved to stand at the other end of the coffee table near Jonas and Daniel.

Daniel watched him carefully, his face full of wariness. "Ja-a-a-a-ck? What are you doi-i-i-i-ng?"

Jack gave him a stern look and said, "Shut up, Daniel!" Then, to Jonas, he said, "Jonas, move over."

"Jack. . .?" Daniel repeated, concern filling his voice.

Jack pointed a warning finger at him, the look on his face clearly showing that he meant business. Daniel fell silent. To Jonas, he repeated, "Move!"

February 19th, 2006, 07:53 AM
P.S. Keep this fantastic story going! :D

I'm not making any promises, but this morning I began working on a sequel. It's in my brain at the moment, but I'll see where it takes me.

PS. Each chapter from now to the end will have a preview of the next chapter. Don't forget, Chapter 15 is the end. ;)

February 20th, 2006, 07:17 AM
Chapter 13

Days passed, turning into weeks, then months. Jonas quickly adjusted to life outside the SGC and his relationship with Daniel grew easily and painlessly. Each morning, they woke up loving each other more than they did the night before. Daniel insisted on retaining his housekeeper even though Jonas now did all the cooking and regular tidying up. He just could not bring himself to dismiss Mrs. McCreary, a sweet, older widow who treated Daniel like her own son. Moreover, she appreciated his artifact collection as much as he did, caring for it with the attention a museum curator would give a King Tut exhibit.

It made Daniel smile to recall his reintroduction to her when he returned to Earth following his death. He had remembered her as he was setting up his new apartment. Although many of his things had been disposed of, Colonel Jack O'Neill had had the foresight to pack and store many of Daniel's most prized possessions and personal items. O'Neill simply hadn't been able to throw Daniel's life into the trash. Daniel had found his address book and his housekeeper's name had brought back the memories of her. He had picked up the phone and called her.

"Hello, Mrs. McCreary?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"It's me. Daniel Jackson."

He was met with deathly silence.

"Hello? Are you there?"

"I'm here," she said. "But you're not. You're dead. They told me so and your apartment is gone."

"No, I'm not, Mrs. McCreary," Daniel assured her. "It's really me, Daniel. Can I come see you?"

A short time later, he was standing inside the door of Mrs. McCreary's small apartment. She was a tiny lady, but strong and energetic and very opinionated for her age - and one who was not easily pushed around. She stared up at Daniel for a time, measuring him carefully with her keen eyes. With a nod of her head and a quick ‘hmmph', she jabbed his stomach several times with her index finger, then reached up and poked his chest with the fingertips of both hands as Daniel smiled down at her in amusement. She spun him around and pulled Daniel's shirt out of his pants and pulled it up until she saw the tiny scar on his back. She ran an appraising finger along the scar, then pulled down his shirt and tucked it neatly back into his pants. She spun him around again, grabbed his biceps and squeezed, then calmly reached up with one hand and slapped his cheek hard enough to jar Daniel's glasses loose.

"Ow!" Daniel shouted, placing his palm against his cheek.

"You're no ghost," she said. "Ghosts don't say ‘ow'." And then she wrapped her tiny arms around his waist and hugged him. Daniel reached down to return the hug. She was lost against his body, the top of her head barely reaching his chest.

When she had released him, she looked up at him with her hands on her hips and said sternly, "Now, get your face down here so I can kiss it!"

Daniel bent down, his eyes sparkling and his smile bright and friendly. Mrs. McCreary wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly on the cheek. Her voice was sincere as she said in his ear, "I missed you, Daniel. It's good to see you back again."

She broke the hug and ordered, "Now, sit down. I'll make tea and get you some cookies and you can tell me why you're not dead."

Daniel explained to her that he had been working on an excavation in South America. There had been a massive cave-in at an ancient temple and he had managed to escape, but he had lost his memory when falling rocks had hit him on the head. Everyone else on the expedition had died and it was assumed that he had died as well. He had been found wandering the jungles by a nomadic tribe of natives and he had lived with them until he had been discovered by another team of archaeologists and brought home. His memory was just returning.

Mrs. McCreary seemed to accept his explanation and had spent the next few days helping Daniel unpack and set up his new apartment while he was at work. Things returned to normal very quickly. It was like he'd never been away.

Mrs. McCreary had fallen in love with Jonas the moment she met him, complimenting him often on his ‘Canadian' accent, which always made Daniel smile. She accepted their relationship without question, always referring to them as ‘you boys'. She spent many long hours in the kitchen with Jonas, sharing her favourite recipes and teaching him all she could about cooking and baking. Daniel enjoyed watching them standing at the counter or stove, preparing this or that or learning how to make the other. Whenever Jonas did something correctly, she would give him a polite pat on the bum. If Jonas made a mistake, he received a resounding smack that would set his cheeks quivering - all four of them! The first time he got smacked, Jonas had yelped in surprise. She just said, "With all that padding you've got back there, I'm surprised you could even feel it. Now, shut up and stir!" But, Jonas loved her, too. He quickly became her ‘second son'.

She had awakened them one morning as she was dusting the bedside table, accidentally dropping and smashing the large candle (which she later replaced at her own insistence). As usual, Jonas was sleeping with his head resting comfortably on Daniel's chest. Their arms were wrapped around each other, the blankets gathered loosely at their waists. At the sound of the loud ‘thump', Jonas twisted around to look at her as Daniel hastened to grab the blankets and cover themselves. Mrs. McCreary simply looked at them, one hand on her hip, and said, "You boys need to lighten up. You know that? Especially you, Daniel. Do you think you've got something I haven't seen before?" Daniel smiled in spite of his embarrassment. "Mind you, I haven't seen quite so much of it all in one room, but I'm a crazy, lonely old lady. What are you gonna do?" She shrugged her shoulders. "I'll go make myself a coffee while you boys do what you need to do," she added. "When you're done, I'll come in and finish cleaning here and in the bathroom. And Jonas?" she said with a warning wag of her finger, "don't you even dare think about changing those sheets! That's my job."

Then she casually leaned over, gave each a kiss and a pat on the forehead, and left the room.

Jonas began his job at Stargate Command while still devoting every other Monday and Tuesday to his responsibilities on Kelowna. Daniel had returned with him for a few days during his first stand-down to help close up the apartment and to help bring back Jonas' most prized possessions. His collection of books and historical items had been first to be packed, of course, along with a few treasured photo albums and a number of little trinkets from his childhood. He brought back no furniture and only the Kelownan clothing he would need for his duties there. The rest he donated to a local orphanage to do with as they would. The orphanage in which he had grown up had closed long ago.

Jonas quickly became swept up with life on Earth. During his time with SG-1, his experiences on the ‘outside' had been severely limited. Now, he could go where he pleased and do what he pleased. By December, he'd received his driver's license and Daniel rewarded him with a new, blue car which matched the colour of his eyes.

Holidays became an obsession for him. Hallowe'en came first, and Jonas bought enough candy to stock a small candy store. The apartment had been decorated in typical haunted house style with paper skeletons and ghosts hanging everywhere and artificial spider webs covering just about everything. Only seven Trick or Treaters from the apartment complex showed up at the door, but Jonas, dressed as a zombie, and Daniel, dressed in camouflage, cheerfully handed out handfuls of candy to each child. Daniel took the remaining candy to a local homeless shelter a few days later, but only after Jonas had sorted through the pile to take out the candy he liked best.

Thanksgiving was a turning point of sorts for them, and it all came about as a result of a visit by a delightful and surprisingly wise young lady.

Jonas had planned Thanksgiving dinner weeks in advance. He had issued invitations to Sam and Jack, of course, as well as to Teal'c, Janet Fraiser and her adopted daughter, Cassandra, and General Hammond. Only the General declined due to his annual Thanksgiving dinner with his granddaughters.

The group arrived promptly at 2 PM, chauffeured by a driver from SGC, allowing them to drink without having to worry about driving home. Daniel had bought a case of Jack's favourite beer and had a well-stocked bar for the others. For Teal'c, he had plenty of milk and juice in the refrigerator and, for Cassandra, there were plenty of soft drinks from which she could choose. Bowls and candy dishes were spread around the livingroom, filled with various potato chips, pretzels, nuts, and a number of other treats, including some candy bars left over from Jonas' Hallowe'en stash.

Sam was seated at one end of the sofa and Jonas sat at the other end while Daniel sat between them. Janet and Cassandra sat on the love seat across from them, separated by a large coffee table. Jack sat on a matching chair set at one end of the table and Teal'c sat beside him on a wooden chair. The mouth-watering smell of roasting turkey filled the apartment.

Jonas played bartender, refilling everyone's glasses when necessary and topping up the treats as needed. They sat there, talking for almost an hour, laughing and joking. Cassandra remained silent most of the time, simply enjoying the company and taking in everything that was going on around her, but her gaze returned often to Daniel and Jonas. She watched them carefully as she sat there listening to the various tidbits of conversation. No-one paid her much attention.

Suddenly, she asked in a very serious voice, "Daniel, do you love Jonas?"

"Cassie!" Janet said loudly.

Daniel held up his hand and said, "It's okay, Janet. I don't mind." Turning his attention to the young lady sitting across from him, he found her eyes staring directly into his own as if she were looking into his mind. "Yes, Cassandra, I do."

She held the stare for another long moment, deep in concentration. The room was deathly silent. Her gaze shifted to find Jonas' eyes. Without blinking, she asked, "Do you love Daniel?"

"Yes, I do," Jonas replied.

She held his gaze, searching for something which no-one else could see.

"Why don't you show it?" she asked quietly.

Janet Fraiser sat forward and turned toward her adopted daughter. "Cassie! Don't be rude!"

"I'm not being rude, Mom," Cassie objected. "It's not right and it's not fair. I want to know why they don't show it."

Janet began to speak, her face creased with anger, but Daniel held up his hand again and spoke her name, stopping her. Leaning forward, elbows on his knees, hands clasped together in front of him, Daniel asked carefully, "What isn't right or fair, Cassie."

"Look at you," she said, indicating them with a sweep of her hand. "You've been sitting there for almost an hour and you haven't even touched each other. I haven't seen you hug each other or even hold hands."

Daniel glanced at Janet, who merely shrugged. "We don't do that when other people are around, Cassie," Daniel explained.

"Why not? You love each other, right? This is your home, right? You hugged Mom and Sam and me when we came in. You even hugged Colonel O'Neill. Why are you afraid to hug Jonas?"

"It wouldn't be appropriate for me to do that."

"Why not?"

Daniel looked to Jonas for an answer. Jonas had nothing to offer.

"Well, it's just not appropriate," Daniel said desperately.

Teal'c's deep, commanding voice broke the sudden silence. All eyes turned to him as he said softly, "Cassandra Fraiser sees with the eyes of a child, but she speaks with the wisdom of the Ancients." He gave Cassandra a nod of congratulation. Then, to Daniel and Jonas, he said, "I, too, am now wondering why you fear to display even the most simple acts of affection. Is it, perhaps, that you are ashamed?"

Daniel shrugged and said, "We're not ashamed, Teal'c. It's just not acceptable behaviour."

Teal'c raised his eyebrow, the fingers of his hands touching each other. He continued. "But it is acceptable for you to display your friendship and affection to O'Neill?"

"Well," Daniel said, "yes."

"Teal'c knows what I'm talking about," Cassandra said firmly. "He understands what I mean."

Teal'c again bowed his head to Cassandra.

"They're right, Daniel," Sam said. "I haven't noticed it before, but now that they mention it. . ."

Cassandra repeated her earlier question. "So, why don't you show it?"

Daniel's mind raced, searching for answers he couldn't find. "It's hard to explain, Cassie. It's not something two men should do together in front of other people."

"But we're not ‘other people'," Cassie announced. "We're your friends."

Daniel looked desperately to Janet for help.

Jack O'Neill's voice suddenly rang throughout the room. "Oh, for crying out loud!" he said, slamming his empty beer bottle onto the coffee table, causing everyone to jump. He rose to his feet and moved to stand at the other end of the coffee table near Jonas and Daniel.

Daniel watched him carefully, his face full of wariness. "Ja-a-a-a-ck? What are you doi-i-i-i-ng?"

Jack gave him a stern look and said, "Shut up, Daniel!" Then, to Jonas, he said, "Jonas, move over."

"Jack. . .?" Daniel repeated, concern filling his voice.

Jack pointed a warning finger at him, the look on his face clearly showing that he meant business. Daniel fell silent. To Jonas, he repeated, "Move!"

A wary Jonas slid closer to Daniel.

"More," Jack ordered. Jonas slid over until his side was pressed against Daniel, who immediately began to pull away. Again, Jack's stern and commanding voice filled the room. "Daniel, stand down!" Daniel settled back against Jonas, his eyes locked on Jack's face. He watched, surprised, as the ‘Colonel' in Jack's face suddenly faded away to be replaced by a look of accomplishment and satisfaction. A small smile appeared.

"There," he said, clasping his hands together. "We're getting somewhere. Now, Daniel, put your arm around Jonas."

Daniel looked at Jonas.

"Come on, Danny," Jack said. "I'm not getting any younger."

Daniel glanced quickly at the others. When he looked at Cassandra, he was met with a tiny, happy smile. Her eyes twinkled. She nodded encouragement to him. With a sigh of defeat, Daniel lifted his left arm, placed it loosely behind Jonas' neck.

"Well," Jack said, "That's a start at least. Can't you do any better? Hold onto him like I'm about to take him away from you."

Daniel's arm pulled Jonas tighter to him, his forearm hanging over his shoulder, the palm of his hand now resting on Jonas' upper arm, fingers splayed over the bicept.

"Good," Jack said. "Now, Jonas? Hold Daniel's hand."

Jonas reached out and took Daniel's hand in his own, their fingers interlocking, their hands settling into Daniel's lap.

"Perfecto!" Jack announced with a flair. "Now," he continued, "look around you."

They did, their gaze moving slowly from one person to another until they returned to Jack.

"You will notice that none of us have tossed our cookies," he said as he leaned forward. "We are all still here and none of us are running out of the room in disgust." He leaned back again, his voice becoming calm and sincere. "Look. We may not understand the love you two have for each other, but we understand what love is You should never, ever be ashamed of it, especially when you're with friends who care about you."

Jack paused and took a deep, relaxing breath. "Now, I can't speak for the rest of the group, but I like this picture," he said with a sweep of his hand. "You two deserve each other. You look happy and you deserve to be happy. You look scared, too, but you look happy. And, I have to admit, you look damned cute together."

Jonas laughed, but Daniel's eyes were wet with tears. Jack could be stubborn and ornery sometimes, but he could still be a damned good friend. He subconsciously pulled his arm tighter, drawing Jonas closer to him.

"Look, guys," Jack continued quietly, "you're surrounded by your friends here. There are five people here who care very much for both of you. We're not dummies. . . . Well, not all of us, anyway. But we all know how you feel about each other. We'd have to be blind not to. There is no reason for you to think you have to hide yourselves from us."

Daniel released Jonas and stood up, moving to stand in front of Jack and taking him into his arms in a warm, grateful hug. Jack's arms wrapped around Daniel and held him as well.

"Thank you, Jack," Daniel said, his voice slightly muffled by Jack's shoulder.

"You're welcome, Daniel." Jack broke the hug. When Daniel leaned back, Jack had a huge grin on his face. He reached up and messed Daniel's hair in a friendly way. "Space Monkey," he added.

Daniel laughed. Then, walking over to Cassandra, he took her by the hand and brought her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her in a long, warm, grateful hug. "You are one very special young lady, Cassie," he said sincerely. "Thank you so much."

When he ended the hug, Jonas was right beside him, ready to take his place.

* * * * *

Christmas came, and, once again, Jonas took things into his own hands and decorated every part of the apartment which could be decorated. Garland and tinsel and silver snowflakes and twinkling lights were everywhere. A huge pine tree, decorated to the nines, reached to the ceiling.

Jonas and Daniel had already opened their own gifts after a rather intense Christmas-morning love session and bath. They sat side-by-side on the sofa, their naked bodies pressed together as they shared the moment.

Daniel had bought Jonas a new watch, a gold chain necklace with a heart medallion on which had been engraved "To Jonas with Love. Daniel" and a hand-held video game with a number of game cartridges. It had taken Daniel a long time to gather the courage to have the heart engraved, but he truly wanted it done for Jonas. He eventually swallowed his pride and dictated the words he wished engraved. Instead of the expected snickers and snide looks and remarks, the young man behind the counter simply checked the spellings of the names, smiled, and announced that it would be ready for pick-up on Thursday. Jonas left the watch and the game in their boxes, but he asked Daniel to put the chain on him immediately. When Daniel had done so, Jonas held the heart in his fingers, reading the inscription once again. He kissed it, and then he kissed Daniel.

Jonas thought Daniel was a bit embarrassed by the pile of gifts waiting to be opened, but he watched eagerly as Daniel began to open them. His smiles were blinding and his excitement could not be disguised. He loved the holiday, and he loved the looks on Daniel's handsome face as he opened each gift. Daniel laughed out loud when he opened one small box and found a large supply of condoms and lubrication gel. They would never have to go shopping again, he thought. Jonas beamed as he kissed Daniel on the cheek and made him promise that he would use every bit of it. Daniel knew it would be an easy promise to keep. He truly enjoyed making love to the beautiful young man beside him.

By noon, their guests began arriving. Jonas had cleared away the morning's festivities and arranged a new mountain of gifts under the tree. The turkey was roasting in the oven and the potatoes were all peeled and sliced, ready to be cooked and mashed. The refrigerator was filled with various salads, pickles, and cheese, waiting to be set out. There were several home-baked pies and two large trays of cookies and cakes on the coffee table. A special tray was piled high with jelly doughnuts.

Jonas greeted each guest with the excitement of a five-year-old boy. Daniel was more subdued. Sam was first to arrive and Jonas almost crushed her in his bear-like clutches. After greeting her, Daniel took her coat and her shopping bag of gifts. He set the bag beside the tree and took her coat to the bedroom where he lay it on the bed. Jack and Teal'c arrived next. Neither were immune to Jonas' enthusiastic greeting. Even Teal'c relented when Jonas eagerly wrapped his arms around the huge man in a friendly hug. Janet and Cassie arrived shortly afterward. The pile of gifts under the tree grew even higher.

General Hammond arrived late. He would not be joining them for dinner, but he could stay for an hour or so. With all his guests around him, Jonas quickly recruited Daniel to help him hand out all the gifts. Daniel sat beside Jonas, hand-in-hand, watching Jonas' face as his eyes moved swiftly from person to person, not wanting to miss any of the excitement. Daniel had thought Jonas had gone way overboard in the Christmas celebration and he had been a bit embarrassed by it, but then he began to hear all the ‘ooos' and ‘ahhhs' and all the ‘thank yous' and gasps around him. He had never seen Jonas happier or with bigger smiles. He glanced around at all his friends and he saw more joy and excitement and friendship in one room than he had ever seen before. He couldn't help but be swept up in the moment, in the excitement and happiness his lover had caused.

Daniel placed his fingers tenderly on Jonas' chin and turned his face toward his own. Their gazes locked and he stared into the deep, cobalt blue of Jonas' eyes as his palm moved to rest upon Jonas' cheek. He didn't hear Cassandra's urgent ‘shhh'. He didn't notice the silence falling about the room. He didn't notice as everyone turned their attention to both himself and Jonas.

Daniel's eyes, moist with tears, flitted back and forth between Jonas' eyes for a long moment. He spoke in a hushed voice. "Do you have any idea what you have done here today? Do you have any idea how happy you've made me for the happiness you've given to our friends?" Daniel paused, watching as Jonas' eyes grew moist, matching his own eyes which were quickly filling up with tears. "I love you so much, Jonas Quinn." And then he leaned into a loving and tender kiss followed by a powerful and prolonged hug.

When they finally separated and noticed the silence in the room, they looked up to see Cassandra standing in front of them. "You have just given me the best present you could ever give," she said. "I love you guys." Cassie bent over slightly, wrapping one arm around each of their necks and pulling them into a warm hug as she smothered their cheeks with kisses.

* * * * *

The festivities were over and everyone had gone home. General Hammond had left soon after the gifts were opened. Everyone else had helped to clean up the mess left by the discarded wrapping paper while Jonas, at his own insistence, had set about preparing Christmas dinner. Sam, Janet and Cassandra had insisted that they clean up after dinner, helped briefly by Teal'c. It soon became very apparent, though, that his bulk left very little room in the kitchen for anyone else. He was quickly retired to the livingroom with ‘the guys'.

As afternoon turned into evening, the friends gathered their belongings and, one by one, left for home. Daniel and Jonas were finally alone.

Daniel ordered Jonas to sit on the sofa, threatening him with his life if he moved from the spot until he was told to do otherwise. He grabbed the wine and glasses and disappeared into the bedroom and on into the en suite where he began to prepare their bath. As water flowed, he lit the candles, poured the wine, turned out the lights, then stripped himself of all his clothes.

Sex between Daniel and Jonas had not lost any of its excitement although the novelty had worn off quite some time ago. Several days could pass with no sexual activity whatsoever. That didn't bother Daniel and, apparently, didn't bother Jonas, either. They were content simply to be with each other. Merely holding each other in silence was equally pleasurable and satisfying. Their love for each other was much deeper than the sex.

Mind you, Daniel enjoyed the sex. He was always surprised and impressed that Jonas could find new ways to please him. Whereas Daniel still had emotional barriers when it came to what he would consider doing to and for Jonas, it appeared that Jonas had no such barriers. He had proven time and time again that he wasn't afraid of a single part of Daniel's body. Daniel couldn't think of a single part of his body which didn't know the touch of Jonas' lips or tongue, except, perhaps, for the soles of his feet. He had been momentarily repulsed by the idea when Jonas first slipped his tongue between the cheeks of his ass and tickled the asshole hidden between them, but the extreme pleasure he received from it quickly removed any thoughts he might have had about asking Jonas to stop. Still, Daniel had not been able to bring himself to do the same for Jonas. Things were changing in his mind, though. Barriers were slowly coming down, and he had one more special Christmas gift to give to Jonas that night.

When the tub was full, he turned off the faucets and called out to Jonas, who appeared moments later.

Daniel began with a long kiss and powerful embrace, enjoying the feeling of his nakedness being pressed against the still-clothed body of his lover. He could feel the mound of Jonas' crotch growing against his own as blood flowed into it. Soon, it was pressing with unbridled lust into his balls.

He stripped Jonas very slowly, taking his time and interrupting often with more kisses. When Jonas was finally and totally naked, Daniel stepped into the tub and reached out his hand. Jonas took it and Daniel helped him in. Following one more kiss, the two were soon settled in their usual places with Jonas comfortably settled against Daniel's solid body.

They sat is silence, simply enjoying the calm relaxation following the very busy day. The only words Daniel spoke were to ask Jonas to sing Out of the Wind for him again. Jonas happily obliged.

A half-hour later, the bathroom was a mess. Daniel had blown out the candles, but clothes and wet towels still littered the tile floor. The bathtub hadn't even been drained. Daniel had simply taken Jonas by the hand and lead him to bed.

Jonas lay on his back this time, Daniel lying on top of him, chest to chest, smothering his face with kisses. Their hard cocks lay beside each other, trapped securely between their stomachs. Daniel's heavy, loose balls rested comfortably against Jonas' balls.

Daniel's kisses were tender and full of love. He discovered one spot on Jonas' neck which sent Jonas' cock into a heated rampage, swelling and pumping against his skin. He could feel Jonas quivering beneath him, his breath coming in short, rapid gasps, his arms holding onto Daniel and his fingers digging into Daniel's back. Jonas' excitement caused his own cock to jump in response.

The agonizingly slow journey down Jonas' body began. Daniel repositioned himself slightly, the head of Jonas' cock now trapped against Daniel's navel. He spent some time teasing Jonas' shoulders and pecs with gentle kisses before surprising Jonas by pushing his face into Jonas' armpits. Jonas moaned in delight as Daniel kissed and nipped at the soft hairs he found there. He spent considerable time teasing Jonas' nipples, nipping and chewing gently at the tiny nubs, his fingers tweaking the other, before continuing down his body. He paused at the belly button, circling it with the tip of his tongue and digging into it, before suctioning the hard cock past his lips and eagerly into his mouth. Daniel no-longer gagged when the cockhead pressed against his throat, but he was still unable to take the cock any deeper than that. He never stopped trying, though. Much to his dismay, this would not be the night when he would succeed.

After a few minutes of sucking the tube of flesh he loved so dearly, Daniel moved further down to tongue and kiss Jonas' balls, slipping his arms under Jonas' knees as he rested on his elbows. With gentle and tender care, he sucked the loose eggs into the warm comfort of his mouth - first one, then the other. Jonas writhed beneath him, his moans and groans becoming more frequent.

Daniel returned to the cock for a minute or two, then, with determination, he began to kiss his way down the shaft, over the balls, and onto the secret spot beneath them. Jonas' balls rested against Daniel's nose as he tongued and teased the sensitive skin, hips rising and falling in excitement. In a sudden, determined move, Daniel pushed up with his arms. He could feel Jonas' legs lifting and he moved his hands into position at the back of Jonas' knees. With very little encouragement, Jonas' legs lifted and a long sigh of anticipation escaped his lips. His ass opened itself to Daniel as he grabbed his legs with anxious hands and pulled his knees to his chest. Daniel's face slid into the valley opened before him. His lips quickly found the forbidden circle, announced by a sudden loud groan and a heave of Jonas' hips.

Daniel's tongue emerged from his lips and warily tickled the wrinkled skin. This was followed quickly by more eager licks and kisses until, only moments later, his tongue began to attack the clenched hole. Jonas' moans increased significantly in volume and his hand moved on its own to wrap around his throbbing cock to begin urgent and furious stroking. There was no shame in his masturbation as his balls bounced against Daniel's forehead. Daniel, encouraged by the pleasure he knew he was giving to the love of his life, pushed harder with his tongue, pressing into Jonas with a desire which surprised even himself.

Jonas' groans became louder still, and Daniel could feel his stroking becoming faster and faster. Jonas' asshole began to clench and unclench in a regular and desperate rhythm. Daniel moved quickly to his knees, squatting between Jonas' legs and allowing them to drop to the bed. With a loving touch, he cradled Jonas' balls in the fingers of one hand while the fingers and thumb of the other moved to the bouncing pectorals to pinch the erected nubs of his nipples. Jonas' voice rose almost to a subdued scream as his hips began to pump. With his knees bent and his feet flattened on the bed, Jonas' hips rose, the bubble-butt cheeks of his rounded ass suspended in mid air. With a final stroke, his cock exploded. Semen shot out in a thick, long stream, firing onto his face and past his head to splatter against the wall behind him .

Daniel watched in amazement as Jonas pumped stream after stream of milky-white fluid from his balls, spattering against his stomach and chest, onto his face and into his hair. Daniel's right hand abandoned Jonas' heaving chest and moved quickly to his own cock, stroking quickly in his need to cum. Jonas looked up in time to see Daniel rising up on his knees. Daniel's fist was a blurred piston, his fingers flying over his cock. His other hand dropped between his legs to cradle his balls in his fingers. The strokes suddenly slowed as Daniel grimaced and squeezed. Cum torpedoed out of the slit at the tip of his cockhead and splashed onto Jonas' face, blending and mixing with the cum already there. Another shot blasted out leaving a trail of cum from Jonas' chin to his cock. Daniel's orgasm continued as more and more juice pumped out onto Jonas' body.

When it was finished, Daniel collapsed in exhaustion onto his lover. Together, they gasped air into their lungs, their hearts pounding inside their chests, beating against each other. Slowly, their bodies calmed themselves and Daniel pressed his lips to Jonas' lips. They kissed for a long time, the cum splattered on Jonas' face transferring itself to Daniel's. If Daniel even noticed, he didn't seem to mind.

Finally lifting his head, Daniel stared into Jonas' beautiful eyes for a long moment. "Merry Christmas, Jonas," he said raggedly. "I love you."

Jonas gave him a quick hug and whispered, "I love you, too, Daniel."

Daniel rolled to his side, his arm still tossed over Jonas' chest. Jonas rolled to face his lover. Daniel's arm slid to his side and came to rest on his back. Jonas did the same with his own arm. And they fell asleep that way.

* * * * *

Mrs. McCreary had expected the apartment to be a disaster area following previous day's festivities. She had hoped to surprise her boys by cleaning it all up for them and was, herself, surprised to find almost everything cleaned up and all the dishes washed and put away. She put on a pot of coffee and set about doing what tidying up remained. When there was nothing left to be done, she prepared a cup of coffee for herself and sat at the table, sipping it slowly.

She finished her coffee and washed the mug, then she moved to the bedroom door and opened it quietly. Her boys lay naked and sleeping atop the dark blankets of the bed in the dimly-lit room, Daniel now on his back and Jonas nestled on his chest. She saw a new chain around Jonas' neck and the attached heart lying on Daniel's chest. The large candle still burned on the table beside them. She would have to reprimand them for that, but she would do it later.

Mrs. McCreary was an odd sort. Whereas most people would have run from the room in embarrassment, Mrs. McCreary did not seem to even notice their nakedness. Instead, she saw only the vision of two young men - two men whom she loved dearly - deeply and enchantingly in love with each other. She had once enjoyed a love such as that - a love which had lasted for 43 years. And now, at 66 years of age, she could see the same love in her two boys, and it made her smile.

She noticed their morning erections, of course. It was difficult not to notice them. But, if she noticed the dried semen plastered over their bodies, she made no indication of it. She thought for a moment to get a another sheet to cover them, if only for Daniel's sake, but they looked so peaceful and content in their sleep and she was afraid she would wake them up. Instead, she tiptoed over to the candle and blew it out. She went, then, to the bathroom and smiled to herself. Her boys had, she thought to herself, enjoyed a night they would remember for a long, long time.

Mrs. McCreary gently closed the door behind her and set to work emptying and cleaning the tub. She picked up all the clothes and towels scattered about the floor and put them into the laundry hamper. She would come back tomorrow to wash them. She didn't mind. She loved her boys. It made her happy to see them so happy together. And they were perfect for each other. Their deep love for each other was obvious, and she envied them for it. She knew that Daniel would be upset and embarrassed when he realized that she had seen him the way she had, but, she thought with a small snicker, Daniel needed to take a few chill pills. His body was just as handsome as his face, and he should be proud of it instead of shamed by it and covering it up the way he always did. Jonas, of course, wouldn't be bothered at all. Jonas didn't seem to be bothered by anything. He always dressed to compliment himself rather than to hide it. Of course, she thought with a toothy grin, he would have to wear a tent in order to hide that backside of his. His only fault was that he seemed to be acutely unaware of how handsome he actually was. "Those crazy Canadians," she thought, shaking her head.

When the bathroom finally met her approval, she returned to the bedroom where she stood beside the bed for a moment. Kissing her fingers and pressing them gently to each forehead, she whispered softly, "Merry Christmas, boys," and then she left the room, carefully closing the door behind her.

She took one more look around her. The rest could wait until the next morning. She left the apartment, checking twice to be sure the door was securely locked, and walked quietly down the hall.

To Be Continued

Preview of Chapter 14

Sam paused, her eyes moist with tears. She diverted her gaze downward. Her voice was barely above a whisper as he continued. "I cried for days when you died. It was one of the saddest days of my life." She looked back into Daniel's eyes. "If I could have traded places with you, I would have."

"I know," Daniel said gently.

Turning to Jonas, she said, her voice taking on a serious and surprisingly angry tone. "I hated you for that, Jonas. I hated you because Daniel was dead and you weren't. I hated you for thinking you could take his place on SG-1. I tolerated you because I had to - not because I wanted to."

February 20th, 2006, 10:48 AM
[QUOTE=gsdx]Where's the sex?? (http://www.adsrve.com/linkredirect.php?h=14,49319092,justusboys.com,0) . . . . An explanation

As I mentioned above, there will be the obligatory sex (http://www.adsrve.com/linkredirect.php?h=14,49319092,justusboys.com,0).

However, I would like to explain why it's taking so long to get there. You can find countless gay stories involving characters from TV shows, including Stargate, but they usually take the characters, drop them into a situation, and suddenly they're gay.

I don't like those stories, especially when the characters are considered 'straight' by the majority of fans. In this case, with Daniel and Jonas, I decided to drop them into a plausible situation, making their relationship real and, thus, explaining why the relationship exists in the first place. I've had a lot of fun creating that situation and writing it.[QUOTE]

I totally and completely agree. As seemingly errotic as it may be to have characters like Daniel and Jonas thrown into a situation where they are suddenly attracted to each other, its all just glamour because we know in the back of our minds that they aren't, in fact, attracted to each other. Your process, while thorough, makes things AMAZINGLY more effective in the end for the "sexual" portion. Don't for a second assume that you need to turn that way to make a fulfilling story in the future. Well done though ..| .



February 20th, 2006, 06:15 PM
A note about Mrs. McCreary

Before anyone begins to think, "Hey! I don't remember Daniel having a housekeeper."

Well, he doesn't (at least he has never mentioned having one), but I also think that must have one. No-one who can have such a messy office as Daniel's could possibly have such a neat and tidy home. I figured she was a behind-the-scenes character who was never seen.

I decided to create someone I could have fun with, and someone who could have fun with Daniel and Jonas. Personally, I kind of like her and wish I had written her into more of the scenes.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to take such liberties. I didn't think you would mind too much.

PS - Thanks to Blake for your comments. Writing about sex is pretty easy. Writing about 2 guys trying to figure out what to do isn't. I had to go back a whole lot of decades in my memory to recall what it was like. ;)

February 22nd, 2006, 06:51 AM
First of all, I will post Chapter 14 on Friday for you, and then the final chapter early next week.

But for now, I have a question about the previews. Do you like them or do they annoy you? Would you like them to continue? Do you wish I hadn't started adding them?

Finally, if you want the previews, would you like to see a preview of the first chapter of the sequel?

If you could respond either by posting here or by PMing me, I would appreciate your input. I will abide by the wishes of the majority.

Thanks for your input.

February 22nd, 2006, 12:27 PM
i'm kinda noncommital about the previews. the one was fine because it ended up being nothing like what i expected. i don't really know though. i guess to be safe, i'd have to say stop them, just so people don't get confused when they read and it's nothing like what they thought it would be.

February 22nd, 2006, 12:46 PM
i'd have to say stop them, just so people don't get confused when they read and it's nothing like what they thought it would be.

That's really the idea behind previews, especially on television. Nothing ever ends up being what you thought it would be. But, I see your point about being confused.

Thanks for the input.

February 24th, 2006, 04:23 AM
Chapter 14

April 26 was swiftly approaching. That day would mark the 6-month anniversary of the day Jonas had moved into Daniel's home, the day when they had, officially, become a couple. Jonas had begun preparations early in March, imploring General Hammond, Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Dr. Fraiser, and Teal'c to leave April 25th open. He would say no more and reminded them often of the date as it drew nearer. Daniel, who had been sworn to secrecy, would simply answer "Talk to Jonas" when he was asked what was going on. General Hammond was the only questionable guest. The others had promised not to make other plans, and Hammond had promised that the others would be available, but he could not commit to anything until the day arrived. If all was as it should be at SGC, he would be available as well.

For weeks, each time Jonas returned to Kelowna for his meetings with the Council, he came back carrying boxes and packages which he carefully guarded from the curious eyes of his friends. On the first day of April, he personally handed out the invitations to General Hammond, Jack, Sam, Janet, and Teal'c.

The invitations, on embossed card, decorated and trimmed in silver and written in gold, read:

You are cordially invited to attend
The Ceremony of Joining
of Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn
April 25- 7 PM
(No Gifts, Please)

No-one could drag any more information out of either Jonas or Daniel except to be told to dress ‘informally formal', meaning they were to wear their best every-day clothes. They were to dress comfortably.

April 25th arrived. General Hammond stood before the door of Daniel's and Jonas' apartment, looking at the envelope taped to the door. Written beneath his name were the words: "Please wait here until Jack, Sam, Janet and Teal'c are with you. Then read the enclosed note to them. Thanks." It was signed ‘Jonas'.

"Well," he said, glancing at the group around him, "we're all here." Janet wore a black skirt and white blouse with a jacket which matched the skirt. Sam wore a dark blue pant suit with matching jacket and a crisp, white blouse. The men were dressed in casual slacks and shirts. Teal'c wore a baseball cap to hide his tatoo.

Hammond tore the envelope from the door and opened it. He pulled out the sheet of paper contained inside and began to read: "Hi, Gang. Welcome to our Ceremony of Joining. Thank you for coming. We're waiting for you inside. When you enter, you will see chairs set out in front of us. Please take your seats according to your names on the gifts we have set on the chairs. Hold the gifts in your laps, but do not open them. Please do not speak to us or to each other. The beginning of the ceremony must be done in silence, but I will break tradition to explain the ceremony when you are seated. You may enter when ready. There is no need to knock. The door is open. Jonas."

General Hammond folded the note and returned it to the envelope before tucking it into his back pocket. "Well," he said with a smile. "Are we ready?"

"Indeed," said Teal'c, nodding.

"We're ready, Sir," said O'Neill, "and, as you can see, Teal'c can barely contain his enthusiasm."

Teal'c raised his eyebrow and gave Jack a sideways glance.

"Colonel!" warned Hammond.

"Sorry, Sir. I'll be good."

"I hope so, Colonel. This is very important to both Dr. Jackson and Mr. Quinn."

"I know, Sir," Jack admitted with a smile. "I haven't seen Daniel so excited since he found that ‘meaning-of-life' stuff on Ernest's planet."

"Very well. Let's go in."

Hammond opened the door and they stepped inside. Teal'c immediately removed his ball cap and dropped it near the door. Colonel O'Neill, last to enter, closed the door quietly behind him and looked around, remembering the warning to remain silent. There were no lights in the apartment, but dozens of burning candles lit the room with a soft glow. Most of the furniture had been removed, the larger pieces pushed up against the walls. In the middle of the room, facing them, Daniel Jackson stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the slightly shorter Jonas Quinn, who stood on Daniel's right side. Their legs were spread slightly and their hands were clasped politely before them. Both were dressed similarly in sparkling white shoes, slacks, shirt, square- cut jacket, and a scarf. Each outfit was trimmed and cuffed with a shiny, metallic material that glinted in the candlelight. A thin band of the shiny material ran down the outside of each pant leg. Daniel was trimmed in gold - Jonas in silver. Their outfits seemed to shimmer as if they were being seen in a mirage. The effect was strangely hypnotizing.

Jack had to admit: the effect was absolutely stunning. He had always considered both Daniel and Jonas to be very handsome men, but seeing them standing there, side-by-side, he couldn't help thinking that he was looking at a beautiful piece of art hanging in some museum with a long, fancy name he couldn't pronounce. Both Daniel and Jonas, he admitted to himself, looked beautiful. A strange, warm feeling swept through him, and Jack had the sudden impression that he was about to witness something that no-one else on Earth would ever see.

He could see a narrow table behind the pair, running lengthwise back to the wall, but he could not see what was on it except a shiny, white cloth matching the suits the two young men wore. He could see, however, the 5 chairs set in a semi-circle a short distance away from his two friends and teammates, and he followed the small group as they quietly made their way to the seats. They quickly sorted out the seating arrangements and sat down with Teal'c sitting in the left-hand chair, then Janet Fraiser, General Hammond in the middle, Major Carter, and, finally, Colonel O'Neill to the right. Each held their gifts in their laps, except for Colonel O'Neill, who held the box to his ear and gingerly shook it.

The only sound in the room was sweet, gentle music coming from speakers which Jack O'Neill could not see. The music had a haunting quality, played on instruments which he had never heard before. He assumed correctly that Jonas had brought the music from Kelowna.

Jonas smiled a large, tooth-filled smile, the deep dimples on his cheeks clearly displayed in the flickering candlelight. He spoke very softly. "On Kelowna, it is tradition that a couple become married exactly six months following their commitment to each other, or what you would call their ‘engagement' here on Earth. On the evening before their marriage, couples hold what we call a ‘Ceremony of Joining'. It is a special ceremony which reaffirms their commitments to each other before the marriage and is shared only with the couple's most dear friends. Tonight is the eve of the anniversary of Daniel and I committing ourselves to each other - the day Daniel allowed me into his home and the day we began to share our lives together. Although the ceremony was never intended for an occasion such as this, or for a couple such as Daniel and me, its significance is still appropriate to both of us and it's very important to me."

"And to me," Daniel interjected.

"We invite you now to share our Ceremony of Joining with us." With another smile and a slight nod, Jonas fell silent.

After a short pause, Daniel and Jonas turned to face each other, nodded once for a short moment, and stepped to either side of the table.

Colonel O'Neill could now see the previously-hidden contents on the table. At the end nearest to him, where Daniel and Jonas now stood, was a large, ornate, gold, wine goblet trimmed and decorated in embossed silver. On either side sat an open bottle of wine. Jack recognized the bottle in front of Daniel as Daniel's favourite wine. He didn't recognize the other at all and guessed it was Jonas' favourite wine from Kelowna. Two wine glasses sat on the table directly in front of the bottles.

Behind the goblet and wine, Jack could see a large candle sitting on a gold pedestal. Both the candle and pedestal were decorated like the wine goblet. A gold, mounded cap, from which the wick protruded, topped the candle. Four decorative ‘arms', each the length of a pencil, stood out from the compass points of the large candle stand - two facing Daniel's side of the table, the other two facing Jonas' side. Set in a semicircle in front of the large candle were five smaller candle stands; two smaller candles sat behind the large candle, one on either side of the table. They were miniaturized versions of the large candle. Behind the candles, a small sheet of the same white material as the table cloth covered something, but it was too much in shadow for Jack to see what it might be.

The ceremony began within moments.

In unison, Daniel and Jonas picked up their bottles of wine and carefully poured a splash into the glasses in front of them. Setting their bottles on the table, they picked up their respective glasses, held them up in a silent salute to each other, and drank the contents.

After setting the glasses back on the table, Jonas once again picked up his bottle of wine and, reaching across the table, poured a splash into Daniel's glass. After setting his bottle down, Daniel picked up his own bottle and poured some of the wine into Jonas' glass. The act of sharing was not lost on Colonel O'Neill. Once again, Jonas and Daniel picked up their glasses, saluted each other, and drank the wine.

Jonas picked up his bottle once more and poured another splash into his own glass. After setting the bottle on the table, he picked up the glass and offered it to Daniel who took it in both hands, saluted Jonas, and drank the wine. Handing back the glass, Daniel repeated Jonas' actions, using his own glass and offering it to Jonas.

They nodded once more to each other before picking up the bottles and pouring a splash into the large, golden goblet. Jonas then picked up the goblet and sipped the combined wines. He handed the goblet to Daniel who accepted it and sipped his share before returning the goblet to its original place on the table.

Clasping their hands in front of themselves, they bowed their heads in respect to each other for several long moments. O'Neill took the opportunity to glance at his companions seated to his right. As usual, Sam looked as if she were about to burst into tears. She was rather sentimental that way. General Hammond was his usual composed self. Janet was watching with interest, but Teal'c was totally entranced. His society was based on ritual and ceremony, and he knew better than anyone else the value and sincerity of the ceremony being performed here.

Jack turned his gaze back to the two young men in time to see them lifting their heads to look at each other once more. Daniel smiled, but Jonas remained serious. They took a small step further along the table, now facing the large candle. With a barely noticeable nod from Jonas, Daniel raised his hands to remove the scarf from around his neck. He paused a moment, pressed the scarf to his lips, and gently placed it around the candle, draping it over the two opposite arms of the pedestal and carefully smoothing out the ends now facing him into a big ‘U', the tips dangling over the edge of the table. Jonas copied Daniel's actions, laying his scarf over Daniel's, draping it over the opposite arms, and carefully arranging the tips over his side of the table.

Jonas turned, smiling, to face his five friends. "You may now open your gifts."

Boxes were opened and beautiful, ornately-embossed pillar candles were removed. Empty boxes were dropped gently to the floor. The candles were identical to each other, miniatures of the large candle standing on the table. Three oval, wax disks, set in a column, adorned one side of each candle. The top and largest disk was embossed in wax with the names ‘Daniel and Jonas'. Beneath that, a smaller disk contained, on two lines, ‘Ceremony of Joining' and ‘April 25'. The bottom disk displayed the name of the guest.

Sam, running her fingers over the surface of the candle, said quietly, "It's beautiful," followed closely by an admonishing ‘shhh' from Janet. The Major quickly looked at Jonas, smiling her apologies. Jonas simply nodded and smiled back at her. Jack seemed intrigued by the golden top of his candle and began to tinker with it when he heard Jonas clear his throat. He turned his attention back to the ceremony, the candle forgotten for the time being.

Jonas turned back to face Daniel. Each man then picked up a long, thin, wooden match topped with a small, metal cap. They grasped the cap and pulled. The matches sparked into flame. They lit their respective candles before inverting and extinguishing the matches in a hidden container behind the large candle.

Jonas gently picked up his candle, holding it out before him. He said softly, "This flame represents my life. If it is your wish to share it with me, it is my wish to share it with you."

Daniel picked up what looked to be a long, metallic stick from the table and placed the tip in the flame of the candle which Jonas held out to him. When he moved the metal rod away, a small flame burned at the tip. As Daniel stuck the rod into the same sand-filled container into which they had snuffed the matches, Jonas replaced his candle on the table.

Daniel carefully picked up his own candle and spoke just as softly, "This flame represents my life. If it is your wish to share it with me, it is my wish to share it with you."

Jonas lit his own metal rod with Daniel's burning candle and stuck the rod in the container beside the other. Daniel set his candle on the table and watched Jonas until he saw the slight nod, then spoke his line: "Separately, our lives can light a room."

Removing their respective rods from the sand, they placed them together, the two flames joining into one. Jonas said, "Together, they can light the world."

Holding the metal sticks together, they ignited the large candle. The large flame from the candle was surprisingly bright and significantly raised the illumination level in the room. The white material of both Daniel's and Jonas' clothes began to sparkle in prismatic colours which shimmered and waved with each subtle movement. Dr. Frasier couldn't help but gasp in amazement at the rainbow display. Major Carter sniffled politely and wiped away the tears now traveling down each cheek. Colonel O'Neill felt a lump growing in his throat.

Daniel and Jonas snuffed the flames of the burning rods. In a carefully orchestrated maneuver, Jonas reached out with his left hand, placing it on Daniel's side of the large candle. Daniel reached over Jonas' arm, placing his right hand on Jonas' side of the candle while placing his left hand firmly over Jonas' left hand. Jonas, in turn, placed his right hand over Daniel's. Together, they lifted the candle out of its cradle and moved to the end of the table, holding the candle in front of them.

Jonas turned toward his friends. "Please stand," he said. When they had done so, he continued. "It is time now to honour our friends," said Jonas, "who have honoured us with their presence during our time of celebration. Dr. Frasier, would you approach, please?"

Janet stepped forward, holding her candle firmly in her hands, until she stood directly in front of Daniel and Jonas. Daniel smiled at her and then spoke in a soft voice: "Janet. You give to us your skill and your dedication as a physician. You give us our health and our well-being. When we are broken, you fix us. And when you can't fix us, you suffer more than anyone else because you feel that you have failed us. But your only failure is in not being able to do what you have committed your life to doing." Daniel smiled again before continuing. "I know it tore you up inside when you couldn't help me. It's hard to explain, but I wasn't in my body when I died. I was standing there in the room with you. Jack knows. I talked to him." Janet turned her head quickly. Jack simply smiled and nodded. She looked back at Daniel. "I should have told you then not to blame yourself. I'm sorry I didn't. I had other things on my mind." Dr. Frasier choked back the tears that threatened to erupt. Daniel took a deep breath and continued. "You give us comfort in your determination to find answers to questions which should never be asked, and you give us your unspoken promise that you will never stop looking until there is nowhere else for you to look. You give us our very lives."

Daniel fell silent. Janet timidly wiped away the tears which had escaped her eyes.

Jonas Quinn gave her a moment before speaking. "Janet?" he said, gaining her attention. "We give to you our thanks for everything you have done for us in the past, and we give you our continued trust and appreciation in everything you continue to do for us. Daniel said that you give us our very lives. Well, we give them back to you now. We place our lives in your hands because there are no safer hands we could put them in." He paused. "We now offer you the opportunity to share our lives." In a quiet whisper, he added, "Please light your candle."

With shaking hands and through bleary eyes, Janet managed to light her candle. She swallowed, choking back her emotions, but managed to say, with a great deal of effort, "Thank you." In a ragged whisper, she asked, "Can I say something now?"

Jonas responded, "Very soon. Could you return to your place now, please."

Janet smiled and whispered "Okay" before returning to her chair.

"Teal'c," Jonas said, "would you approach, please?"

Teal'c nodded and stepped forward.

"Teal'c," said Daniel. "You give to us your enormous strength, not only of body, but of mind and character and conviction as well. You give us your unquestioned loyalty and friendship, your knowledge, your courage, and your wisdom. . . . You give us security just knowing that you are with us, watching out for us and protecting us, and we feel safe knowing that you will continue to do so without question. You give everything that is good about you, everything that is good about the world and the universe, and you give it to everyone who you feel deserves it. You look out for the little people, those who are lost, alone, or helpless against the evil that threatens them. It doesn't matter who they are or how insignificant their lives may be, you feel they are worthy of your help, and you refuse to let them down, even if it means sacrificing yourself for them. . . .Your sense of justice is a valuable lesson to all of us, and we would be wise to learn it. Where there is injustice, there is no better warrior for righteousness than you, my friend."

Daniel bowed his head in salute. Teal'c did the same in return.

"Teal'c?" Jonas said. "We give to you our absolute trust and our faith in you. We give you our promise that we will stand with you whenever you need us, to do whatever you ask of us. We give to you our continued appreciation and friendship. You mean more to us than you will ever know. For myself, I would like to give to you my most sincere thanks for watching out for Daniel and bringing him back home to me. I rest a lot easier knowing you are always there to take care of him." Jonas bowed his head in thanks and respect. Teal'c returned the bow. "We now offer you the opportunity to share our lives."

Teal'c bowed in salute, lit his candle, and silently returned to his spot.

"Sam," Jonas said, "would you approach, please?"

Sam glanced at Jack, raising her eyebrows and drawing back her mouth in a wide ‘this is it' smile. She stepped forward.

"Sam," Daniel said with deepest respect. His smile was bright as he shook his head slightly and repeated softly, "Dear Sam. . . . You give us so much, it is difficult to know where to begin. . . . You give us everything that is within you, and just when we think there is nothing else you could possibly give, you dig deeper inside yourself and find even more to give. You give us your knowledge of the scientific world. You also give us a lot of big words that we don't understand and can't even pronounce, but, at the same time, you give us comfort in knowing that you understand them and will use that understanding to help keep us safe. You give to us your ability to, as you once put it the very first time we met, ‘MacGyver' a few wires and crystals and pieces of metal together in order to do what must be done. You find answers to impossible questions." Daniel paused and swallowed, blinking his eyes in an effort to stem the tears which were gathering in them. "We don't deserve you, Sam. We don't deserve everything you give to us when you ask for very little in return. It just doesn't seem fair somehow. The day you walked into my life was the second-best day of my life. . . . I love you very much, Sam and I cherish you even more."

Sam grimaced in an attempt to fight back the tears that welled in her eyes, but it was no use. They overflowed, moistening her cheeks in tiny rivulets. Somehow, she smiled and managed a polite nod of thanks.

"Sam?" Jonas spoke quietly. "There is very little we can give to you in return for everything you give to us except all the love and friendship you can handle, and those we give to you freely, abundantly, and without question. We now offer you the opportunity to share our lives."

Sam nervously lit her candle and offered an embarrassed smile. She nodded once, turned, and stepped back to her place between the Colonel and the General.

"Jack," Jonas said, "would you approach, please?"

Jack sauntered forward in his inimitable, nonchalant way.

"Jack," Daniel said. "You give to us your leadership, your selflessness, your courage, and your dedication. You put everyone in your charge before yourself, which you have done more times than we could possibly count. You give us security in knowing that you will never let anything stand in your way to protect us and to keep us safe from harm. When we stumble, you give us your support. When we fall, you pick us up. When we are lost, you find a way to get us back. You give us your strength to keep going when we can't continue. . . . You have so much faith in us, misguided as it might be at times, and you refuse to give up on us, even when we give you every reason to do so. You give us a strong arm to carry us, and you give us a soft shoulder to cry on when we need it. . . . You are one of the best people I know, and it has been an honour for me to be able to call you my friend."

Jack's smile was broad and sincere. He winked and turned toward Jonas, eyebrows raised, waiting.

"Jack? What can we give you except our promise not to piss you off more than one hundred times a day. We give you our promise to try to follow your orders and we promise to agree with you when you tell us that fishing is the greatest recreational sport in the universe. Seriously, though, we give you our trust and confidence in your command and leadership, that you will do everything you can to keep us all safe. And, personally, I want you to know that I sleep a lot better at night knowing that you are there with Daniel, to watch over him for me when he's off- world. For that alone, I am eternally grateful. We now offer you the opportunity to share our lives."

The stalwart Jack O'Neill looked at Jonas, a smile still on his face. With a simple wink and nod, he told Jonas that he had nothing to worry about. He would take good care of Daniel. He lit his candle and stepped back.

Jonas said, "General Hammond, would you approach, please?"

The General stepped forward, taking his position in front of the two men before him, standing square-shouldered, serious, and erect.

"General," Daniel said, his voice full of respect, "You give to us the benefits of your command and your determination and compassion and integrity with which you perform your duties. You place yourself as a buffer between ourselves and the people to whom you must answer for our mistakes. You do whatever you can to protect us from them and you stand by us, even when we go against your orders and do what we think is right, but only because you believe it is the right thing to do as well. You give us your patience even when we give you no reason to expect it from you. You care so much for everyone under your command. You make everyone feel important. Outside the SGC, you become our friend, and you make time for us as you are doing tonight. People in your position rarely do that. Many can't. It's difficult to be both a commanding officer and a friend at the same time, but you have the ability to set one aside for the other, and you make it very easy for us to know which one you're being at any given moment. That is something I have admired about you since the day we met. I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking a chance on me by allowing me to join SG-1 so long ago. Most of all, though, I would like to thank you for giving Jonas to me. Without your help, I'm not sure it would ever have happened at all."

The General's smile warmed Daniel, and Daniel smiled back before bowing his head in respect to the great man standing before him.

"General?" This was from Jonas. "We give to you our continued loyalty and allegiance to both you and to the SGC. We give to you our deepest respect and humility. We are proud to stand in the shadow of someone as great and wonderful as you. We are also very proud to be able to consider you our friend." For the last time, Jonas repeated, "We now offer you the opportunity to share our lives."

General Hammond lit his candle before returning to his place in the middle of the group of friends.

When all five guests were facing them, Daniel and Jonas stepped back, the table between them, and replaced the large candle to its position on the pedestal. They moved once more to the front of the table, standing shoulder to shoulder, their hands clasped before them. They bowed their heads in respect to the group still standing before them, their five candles burning brightly.

After raising their heads, Jonas turned and picked up the second smaller candle holder from the right side. Turning back to the group, he held the holder before him and said gently, "Janet?"

Dr. Fraiser approached, placing her candle on the holder. As Jonas turned to replace the candle to its place in front of the large pedestal, Janet began to turn as well and was about to walk back when Daniel reached out hurriedly and touched her arm. "Wait," he whispered. Janet stopped and turned back as Daniel returned to his stance.

Jonas greeted her with a smile. "You can speak now," he said. "The floor is yours."

"Thank you," she said. Taking a deep breath to compose herself, Janet began speaking. "I adore both of you. I have always looked at you as the ‘babies' of SG-1. Maybe that was wrong, but you were like my children. . . my little boys. I always felt that you needed a little extra looking-after. A little extra TLC. Now, I look at you and you're all grown up. You both have turned into fine young men. You don't need me to take care of you anymore. You each have the other to do that now." Turning to Daniel, she said, "I was so happy when you came back to us, Daniel, but I was also very frightened that you would hate me for not having done enough to keep you alive in the first place." Daniel smiled his reassurance, and Janet smiled her thanks. "I love both of you so much. I'm so proud of you, and I'm so happy for you. I'm sure that, if your mothers were alive today, they would be just as proud of you and as happy for you as I am."

Janet paused, leaning toward Jonas and whispering, "Am I allowed to hug you?"

Jonas' smile beamed back at her. "Like I said," he replied, "the floor is yours."

Janet took Jonas in her arms as Jonas wrapped her in a warm embrace. "You watch out for Daniel, you hear?" she said as she looked up at Jonas. "He tends to get distracted sometimes."

Jonas smiled down at her. "I've heard rumours," he said with a wink. "I'll watch out for him. You can count on that."

She released Jonas and turned to Daniel. She was lost in the embrace of the larger man, her cheek buried against his chest as he hugged her closely. She held him for a long time before releasing him. "If anything happens to Jonas," she said, a hint of warning in her voice, "I'll hold you personally responsible."

Daniel smiled. "I'll take good care of him."

Janet lay her palm tenderly against Daniel's cheek, staring deeply into his eyes. "I know you will, Daniel," she said softly, then spun around to return quickly to her chair.

Jonas then reached for Teal'c's candle stand and held it out. "Teal'c?"

Teal'c approached and set his candle on the stand and waited until Jonas had set it back in place. Placing his closed fist against his chest, he said in his deep, resonating voice, "Tal mal'tiak mal we'ia, Daniel Jackson." Turning to Jonas, he repeated, "Tal mal'tiak mal we'ia, Jonas Quinn."

Daniel recognized the phrase. "We, too, are honoured, Teal'c," he said. "Thank you."

"Yes," Jonas added. "Thank you."

Teal'c bowed once more before returning to stand beside Dr. Fraiser.

Sam was next, of course. She approached and set her candle on its holder. When Jonas turned back to face her, she looked from face to face before speaking to Daniel first. She stared into his kind face for a long time, gazing deeply into his eyes. Daniel met her gaze and held it. His gentle smile warmed her, giving her courage.

"Do you have any idea what you mean to me, Daniel?"

"I have a pretty good idea."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you," she said with a wink. "Can you remember the first time we met?"

Daniel chuckled. "Sure. You probably thought I was some sort of geek."

"Oh, I knew you were a geek," she said. "I thought you were some sort of goofball."

Daniel's eyebrows raised high, wrinkling his forehead in surprise. "Goofball?"

Sam whispered a quick "Yeah" and shrugged her shoulders.

After a moment, Daniel's eyebrows dropped in deep thought. "Oh," he said.

"When you said you wanted to join SG-1, I couldn't believe it. I thought. . ."

Daniel cut her off. "You thought you'd be stuck changing my diapers. . . so to speak."

"Yeah," Sam repeated. "I couldn't believe I had joined the military just to become a babysitter to some impulsive, bumbling, know-it-all historian. But then I saw how you handled those priests on Chulak. You found a way to talk to them and you got us in the door. Most importantly, though, I watched you when we were in the prison and Apophis walked in with Sha're. You looked like you'd never been in a fight in your life, but you were ready to take on those Jaffa with your bare hands. That took guts - more guts than I have - and I knew I wanted you on my team. I started looking out for you, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. You were more like my big ‘little brother' than you were my friend, and I came to love and respect you that way."

Sam paused, her eyes moist with tears. She diverted her gaze downward. Her voice was barely above a whisper as he continued. "I cried for days when you died. It was one of the saddest days of my life." She looked back into Daniel's eyes. "If I could have traded places with you, I would have."

"I know," Daniel said gently.

Turning to Jonas, her voice taking on a serious and surprisingly angry tone, she said, "I hated you for that, Jonas. I hated you because Daniel was dead and you weren't. I hated you for thinking you could take his place on SG-1. I tolerated you because I had to - not because I wanted to."

She paused and her body relaxed. When she spoke again, her voice was calm. "But then, when Anubis was attacking our Stargate with his energy beam, I looked out from the Control Room and saw you standing in front of the gate. You weren't doing anything. Just standing there and drinking your coffee, staring at the gate. I didn't want to admit it, but I knew you were very smart and even more clever. I had to find out what you were thinking. You didn't even look at me when I was standing beside you. You just stared at the gate and mentioned how big it was, and how it was too big to fit through the door. I told you we lowered it through the missile shaft. You had given me the solution and no-one knew it except me. And all you did was sip your coffee, look at me and smile. And then you said something like, ‘I knew you'd think of it sooner or later.' You didn't want any of the credit. You just wanted to help us. That's when I stopped hating you."

Sam's smile was huge as she reached out and pinched Jonas' cheek. "Besides, your dimples are just too damned cute to hate for very long!"

She stepped back a bit and looked from one to the other, her face becoming serious once more. "I love both of you more than you can know, and no-one could be happier for you than I am. I feel like I have two little brothers now." She wrapped an arm around each strong neck and pulled them both into a hug. Two arms came around her back, holding her close, as two pairs of lips pressed kisses into both tear-stained cheeks.

With a final pat on each back, Sam stepped away, turned, and went back to her place between Hammond and O'Neill.

Daniel removed his glasses, wiping the tears from his eyes as Jonas looked on. Jonas reached out one hand and tenderly wiped away a tear which Daniel had missed. Daniel replaced his glasses and drew in a deep breath as Jonas asked, "Okay?"

Daniel nodded, tugging on his jacket hem and returning to his stance with his hands clasped before him. He inhaled deeply again and let it out slowly.

Jonas picked up the left-hand candlestick and looked toward Jack O'Neill, nodding slightly. Jack sauntered over, placed his candle on the stand and waited as Jonas set it in place.

Jack was silent for a time, looking down, around, up, and everywhere else except where he should be looking. Finally, clapping his hands and holding them together, he leaned back slightly on one leg and said, "Well. What can I say? Everyone else has already said all the good stuff, and there's no way I could possibly compete with Teal'c's amazing speech."

He fell silent again, looking around as he had moments before. His eyebrows raised. "I'm hungry," he said suddenly. "Got anything to eat?"

Daniel grinned. "You'll be fed, Jack."

Hands still clasped together, Jack leaned his upper body forward. "Good!" he said anxiously. Indicating the group behind him with a sweep of his hand, he said, "I'll. . . um. . . I'll just wait over there."

He began his stroll back to his chair, stopped suddenly, and spun on his heels. "Oh, what the Hell!" he said loudly and marched quickly back to Daniel. Before Daniel knew what was happening, Jack had grabbed Daniel's face firmly in the grips of his hands and pressed his lips forcefully against Daniel's lips, giving him an extremely hard and very noisy kiss.

Jack ended the kiss with a loud smack and turned his attention to Jonas, who had his hands raised in defense. Instead of grabbing Jonas by the cheeks, Jack wrapped his left arm around Jonas' neck and back, his right arm wrapping securely around Jonas' waist. With a slight twist of his body, Jonas was set off balance and soon found himself bent backwards over Jack's left knee. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was Jack's face approaching at light speed.

The kiss was very long - much longer than the kiss Daniel had received - and Jack made a great performance of it. When it became obvious that the kiss wasn't going to end, Daniel said, "Jack?" Still, the kiss continued. Thumping Jack on the back with his fingertips, Daniel said much more loudly and urgently, "Jack!"

Jack snapped his head around to look at Daniel. "Wha-a-a--at!?" he shouted in mock anger.

Daniel said simply, "That's my job."

"I know that!" Jack said just as loudly. "I'm submitting my résumé in case Jonas decides to fire you!"

The room burst into laughter. Even Teal'c joined in, his deep, rarely-heard laugh a refreshing addition. Jack looked at Jonas, a big grin on his face. Jonas was laughing as well. "Daniel?" Jack's voice broke through the laughter.

Still chuckling, Daniel asked, "What?"

"Help me up. Your boyfriend's heavy!"

Daniel wrapped one arm around Jonas' back, the other around Jack's waist, and helped them to their feet. When they were all standing again, Jack grabbed them each into a powerful, friendly hug, one arm wrapped around each neck. "Space Monkeys," he said.

Releasing them, Jack stepped back, the huge grin on his face. "You two take care of each other, you hear me? That's an order!"

"Yes, Sir, Colonel," they said in tandem.

He turned and started back to his chair when Daniel's voice stopped him. "Jack?" Daniel said quietly.

Jack stopped and spun his head around. "You do have a pretty nice ass."

With a wink at Daniel, Jack turned to Teal'c and said, "You see, T? I knew he'd come around sooner or later." With mock pride and a swish of his hips, Jack returned to his chair. Janet looked at Sam, who simply shrugged her confusion.

"Private joke," Jack said.

The couple composed themselves, straightening their jackets, before Jonas picked up the final and central candlestick. General Hammond approached and repeated the actions of those who preceded him.

When Jonas was once again ready, the General spoke in his great, commanding voice. "Your relationship goes against everything I have been taught throughout my entire life. But I look at you now and I see the devotion you have for each other. You refused to let society stand in the way of your happiness, and you continue to do so. Love comes in many forms, and the love you share with each other is just one more. No-one should ever have the right to deny it from you or from anyone else." Hammond paused a moment. "If there is anything I can do for you boys, you be sure to let me know."

"We will, Sir," Daniel promised.

The General nodded and began to turn.

"General?" Jonas said.

Daniel and Jonas dropped their arms to their sides, hands fisted, and came to attention. With a practiced sweep of their hands, they saluted the man standing in front of them. General Hammond came to attention and immediately returned the salute.

When General Hammond had returned to his chair, Jonas said, "You may now be seated."

When all were settled comfortably, Daniel and Jonas turned to face each other once more. Daniel took a deep, relaxing breath. Jonas stepped to the large candle and retrieved his scarf, draping it over his extended hands. Returning to face Daniel, he paused a moment, raised the scarf to his lips, and then arranged it carefully and neatly around Daniel's neck.

Taking Daniel's hands in his own, he began to speak. "Daniel. Before I met you, I thought I had everything I could want. I had a good job, a nice home, good friends. . . . You opened the entire universe to me, and you gave me something that I had rarely experienced. . . . Love. . . . I'm not exactly sure when I fell in love with you, but when you died saving my life, I was so sad for you and angry at you for taking away that love as fast as you had given it. . . and I felt very empty and alone. It helped a bit when I had to escape from Kelowna and came to live on Earth. I found all your journals and notes and diaries and it was like having you with me again. As I read them, I could hear you speaking to me, and that helped me get through being alone. I can't even begin to tell you how I felt when I found you alive. I didn't know it at the time, but I started loving you all over again. I wasn't alone anymore. And when you asked me to move in with you. . . well. . . that was the happiest day of my life. I loved you so much then, and I love you more now. And I will love you more tomorrow. You are the most beautiful, the most kind, the most gentle person I know. I can't imagine my life now without you being part of it."

Jonas paused for a moment. "All that I have and all that I am, I give to you."

"Thank you," Daniel said.

Releasing his hands, Daniel retrieved his own scarf, pressed it to his lips, and placed it over Jonas' neck and shoulders. Taking Jonas' hands, he spoke softly. "Jo. . ." Daniel's voice broke with emotion. He cleared his throat and started again. "Jonas. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. As much as you think you love me, it doesn't even come close to how much I love you. You make me. . . so happy. You have such a big heart inside you, and you hold so much love in it. There is nothing but kindness and goodness and caring inside you, and you just keep giving more of it to me every day. You make it impossible for me not to love you. . . . These past few months have been the happiest months of my life. I promise you that I will always protect you and take care of you. I will love you and hold you and keep you safe. I don't want to live without you. I died for you once. . . . but I would gladly do it again. Without hesitation. Dying would be easier for me because living without you would be worse than death. . . . You mean everything to me, Jonas. You are my life."

Daniel paused, his face breaking momentarily into a quick ‘Daniel' smile. Then he closed his eyes for a moment, opened them, and whispered, "I forget the line."

Jonas whispered back, "All that I have. . ."

Daniel nodded and said, "Right." He squeezed Jonas' hands in thanks.

"All that I have and all that I am, I give to you."

They released their hands, pulled each other close, and kissed. Still holding each other when the kiss was finished, Jonas reached up and tenderly wiped away a tear which had escaped Daniel's eye. He quickly kissed Daniel once more before stepping back. Together, they walked to the far end of the table, each on their own side, where Jonas lifted the material there, unveiling a tray of glasses and an uncorked bottle set in ice. Daniel picked up the bottle of champagne and poured. He returned the bottle to the ice bucket as Jonas picked up the tray. Together, they walked toward their friends. They stopped at the end of the table.

"Please stand for the toast," Jonas said.

When they had risen to their feet, Jonas went first to Teal'c, angling the tray slightly. "That one is apple juice, Teal'c."

"Thank you, Jonas Quinn," Teal'c said as he accepted the glass. Jonas went down the line, each guest taking a glass. With two glasses remaining, Jonas set the tray on the table, picked up the glasses, and handed one to Daniel.

"General Hammond," Jonas said. "At this point in the ceremony, a toast is offered by the fathers of the couple. Since you are the nearest thing to a father that either Daniel or I have, would you honour us with your words?"

The General smiled and said, "It would be my pleasure, Son." He stepped off to one side, standing next to Colonel O'Neill, and turned to face the entire group. "Over the past few years as Commander of SGC, I have watched both of you grow from strangers and outsiders to important and integral members of SG-1. I have watched you grow into the fine young men you are today. Your value to the team cannot be measured. Tonight, I am here not as your Commander, but as your friend, and as your friend, I wish both of you all the happiness and best wishes and long life that you deserve." Looking at the others, General Hammond raised his glass. "Ladies and gentlemen," he continued, "I invite you to join me in a toast to Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn. May their Joining be long and prosperous."

"Here! Here!" Jack shouted. Daniel and Jonas watched as their friends drank their toast.

Daniel waited a moment after they finished before speaking, looking at each person as he spoke their names, his voice full of emotion. "General. Jack. Sam. Janet. Teal'c. Jonas and I would like to thank all of you for being our dearest friends, for helping us to get to this point in our lives. . . . You could have turned your backs on us, but you didn't." Daniel paused to clear his throat. "You stuck by us all the way and. . . made us feel. . . ."

Daniel could not find the word he was searching for in his mind. He left the sentence unfinished as his eyes began to overflow. In a ragged, rough voice, he said, "I cherish each and every. . . ."

His voice broke. He couldn't speak anymore. He gasped a deep breath and exhaled noisily, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. A quick look at Jonas and a shake of his head told Jonas everything he needed to know. He immediately took over.

"Daniel cherishes each and every one of you," he finished. "And so do I. Friends like you come along once in a lifetime. Daniel and I are so lucky to have each other, but we truly have been blessed to have been given friends as kind and caring and wonderful as you."

Raising his glass, and noticing out of the corner of his eye that Daniel, too, had raised his, Jonas said, "We salute you."

They drank their toast and the ceremony was finished.

To Be Continued

(NOTE - The final chapter will be posted on Monday. I have removed the previews and won't post any more of them.)

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Thanks for the Jonas link. I haven't seen that one yet.

I have Pepe's Place bookmarked already. I found it quite some time ago. Here's another I have bookmarked:


And, just for fun (in case you missed it in the Celebrity forum - 'Campaign for More Naked Daniel Jackson:


You can find pictures there, too, and other Stargate stories, but they all seem to involve Jack and Daniel. Somehow, I just never pictured those two together. Daniel and Jonas made much more sense to me.

Actually, the Ceremony of Joining chapter was the first chapter I began writing. The inspiration hit me one night and I developed the ceremony and what would happen even before I figured out how I was going to get them there.

The new story is going well, but it's much more difficult to write than the first one. You'll see why, soon. I'm into Chapter 6 now. After a few more re-writes, I'll begin posting the first chapters, probably within a week or two.

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Chapter 15

Daniel hated his apartment. He hated everything about it. He hated coming home to it and he hated being there. It was dark. It was cold. It was silent. And it was very empty. He stepped inside the door and flipped the nearby switch, flooding the room with light. He stood there for a long time, looking around at nothing in particular, seeing only the emptiness. He closed his eyes to the loneliness, to the silence, to the empty feeling within him.

He had spent the first few days at Stargate Command, preferring to eat and sleep there instead of having to face coming home, but almost a week of the depressing metal walls preyed on his mind and nerves, and he decided that, perhaps, it would be better for him to go home after all. The few days he had spent off-world were almost therapeutic. He could leave his life behind him and forget about it for a little while, but he always returned and was met each time with the isolation which greeted him.

As it was greeting him now.

He didn't know how long those feelings would last, but he was having a great deal of trouble dealing with them. He wished he didn't have to feel them, but that option had been taken from him weeks earlier.

Turning off the light and plunging the room into darkness, he carefully walked to the bedroom. Without turning on a light there, he stripped himself of his clothes and climbed under the blankets. The bed felt so big - so empty and lonely - without Jonas in it with him. As he had done for so many nights, Daniel reached for the other pillow, wrapping his arms around it, hugging it closely against his chest, and nuzzling his face into it. It wasn't Jonas, but it was something he could hold onto.

Hours passed. It was just after midnight that Daniel forced himself out of bed and walked into the bathroom. He opened the faucets to fill the bath and lit the candles sitting on the vanity. As he waited for the tub to fill, he pissed and flushed. Minutes later, he sat, alone, in the hot, soothing water. He closed his eyes, remembering the sound of Jonas' voice as he sang his favourite song. He knew it by heart now, and remembering it helped to bring Jonas closer to him. He wished that he had asked Jonas to pick him up a copy on Kelowna.

He felt better when he got out and emptied the tub. Grabbing a large, fluffy towel, he patted himself dry as he blew out the candles and padded barefoot and naked to the bedroom. He sat on the side of the bed for several minutes, towel over his shoulders, his eyes looking down at the floor. He stared into the darkness, alone with his thoughts and his memories.

He suddenly reached a hand to turn on the bedside lamp. Rising to his feet, the towel dropping neglected to the floor, he strode to the chest of drawers, pulled open the bottom drawer, and gently pulled out a large, clear, plastic storage bag he kept there. He returned to the bed and sat, running his hand tenderly over the package he held before opening it. He reached in and pulled out the contents. Setting the T-shirt on the bed beside him, Daniel returned the pair of jeans and black bikini underwear to the bag and sealed it once more before returning it to its place in the dresser.

Back on the bed, Daniel picked up the T-shirt and spread it out on his lap, running his fingers lovingly over the soft material. It was the last T-shirt he had seen Jonas wearing. He had retrieved them, unwashed, from the laundry hamper. He picked it up again and, closing his eyes, pressed his face into it. He could still smell Jonas there, though the scent was fading quickly. Soon it would be gone entirely. He leaned over as he sat, resting his elbows on his knees, holding the shirt to his face for a long time.

Daniel carefully arranged the T-shirt over his pillow and opened the small drawer in the bedside table, reaching in and pulling out a photograph. Jonas smiled up at him, his beautiful face bringing a welcomed smile to his own. Daniel's fingers traced the outline of the face, caressing the lips and the cheeks with great tenderness. He looked into his eyes, so beautiful and so blue. He was drawn into them, deeper and deeper, but there was no-one to greet him when he got there. A single tear fell from one eye, splashing onto Jonas' cheek.

Clutching the photo close to his chest, Daniel closed his eyes tightly and said in a loud, long, drawn-out whisper, "I miss you so much!"

He sat there for a long time, rocking himself slowly, gently, eyes clenched shut, trying desperately to remember the feel and the taste and the smell and the sound of Jonas Quinn. Finally, after many long, lonely minutes, he opened his eyes, brought the picture to his lips, and lovingly kissed Jonas ‘goodnight'. He turned off the lamp, lay down as he pulled the blankets over himself, and settled his head onto the T-shirt and pillow. He clutched the photo once more to his chest, protectively and lovingly, and finally he fell asleep.

* * * * *


He sat behind his desk in SGC, a pile of scrolls and books spread out in front of him. He looked up at the sound of his name. "Oh, hi, Janet," he said. "Hi, Jack."

Dr. Janet Fraiser and Colonel Jack O'Neill approached the desk. "We just came to see how you're holding up," Janet said.

"I'm fine, really," Daniel said.

"Like Hell, Daniel," Jack replied.

Janet gave Jack a poke in the ribs with her elbow.

Turning back to Daniel, she asked, "You've been having trouble sleeping, haven't you?"

"I've been sleeping okay," Daniel lied. He was silent a moment before dropping his head. "Well, not really so ‘okay'."

"We know what it's like, Daniel," Jack said.

"No. . . you don't, Jack."

"We all miss him. I, for one, would kill for one of his chocolate chip cookies."

"Please don't try to be funny, Jack," Daniel frowned. "I'm not in the mood."

"Look," Janet broke in as she reached into the pocket of her white smock. Setting a small prescription bottle on the desk, she said, "I want you to go home and take one of these and get some sleep."

"I will," Daniel promised. "As soon as I finish this."

"Now, Daniel! That was not a request. It was an order!"

Daniel looked around at the scrolls for a moment and, then rose slowly to his feet. "Maybe you're right. I'm feeling pretty tired. I guess I could use some sleep."

"Would you like me to come with?" Jack asked, concerned for his friend. "I don't mind sleeping on the sofa. You know, in case you want to talk or something."

"Thanks anyway, Jack," Daniel replied, "but no. I'll be okay. Really."

"You know I'm only as far away as a phone call," Jack said with an encouraging and friendly smile.

"I know, Jack. Thanks. If I need you. . . ."

"We'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Janet said.

"Sure," Daniel said..

* * * * *

"What do we have, Sergeant?" General Hammond asked Sgt. Harriman, who sat at the computer console overlooking the Stargate beyond the large, thick windows.

"SG-1's IDC, Sir."

"Open the iris."

Harriman pressed his palm against a pad near the keyboard. A light scanned his palm and, a moment later, the large, metal iris shielding the Stargate opened, revealing the shimmering, watery event horizon behind it.

"You know what to do?" Hammond asked as he headed toward the stairs leading down to the Gate Room.

"Yes, Sir," the technician said.

General Hammond was walking through the huge sliding door as SG-1 stepped out of the wormhole and onto the ramp. He met them at the bottom.

"General!" Jack O'Neill said with a grin as the Stargate closed down behind him. "How nice of you to greet us. What, no flowers?"

"Colonel!" Hammond's commanding voice and serious look put a quick end to the jokes. Reaching into his shirt pocket, he pulled out a piece of paper. "Dr. Jackson," he said, holding the paper out to Daniel, "you have a message."

Daniel grabbed the paper and quickly read the message. "Permission to. . !"

Hammond did not allow him to finish the request."Granted," he said, and turned to look at the technician behind and above him. The Stargate began to spin immediately.

Daniel quickly pulled off his flat, brimmed hat. "Sam," he said urgently, "do you mind?"

"Of course not," Sam replied, taking hold of the hat as the Sergeant's voice came over the speakers.

"Chevron 1, engaged."

Daniel unhooked his shoulder harness and belt as the big wheel spun behind him. Sam took them from his hands.

"Chevron 2, engaged."

Sam took the jacket after Daniel removed it, draping it over her arm.

"Chevron 3, engaged."

Daniel turned toward the gate, watching, waiting, his right hand impatiently patting his thigh.

"Do you wish me to accompany you, Daniel Jackson?"

"Chevron 4, engaged."

"No thanks, Teal'c," Daniel said. "I'll be okay."

Teal'c nodded his understanding as the voice spoke.

"Chevron 5, engaged."

"I'll be back as soon as I can, General," Daniel said over the roar of the spinning, metallic wheel. He did not take his eyes off the Gate.

"No hurry, Son."

"Chevron 6, engaged."

"Good luck."

"Thank you, Sir," Daniel said.

"Chevron 7. . . . Locked!"

A huge splash blew horizontally out of the metal ring, quickly retracting to become a vertical pond of light. Daniel ran up the ramp and into the pool without a glance back.

* * * * *

He stepped out of the watery ring into a large warehouse. He headed immediately for the door across the floor ahead of him. Stepping out onto the street, he turned right and began running. The hard, leather soles of his boots slammed into the concrete, echoing off the brick walls with each step. Fortunately, he had only three blocks to run. There was no-one wandering the street. Few civilians ever got to see this part of the city.

He soon found the building he sought, yanked open the big door, and entered. Turning right, he passed through another door and headed up the zigzag staircase, exiting through the second-floor door into a long, white, sterile hallway running to his right. He began running again. A few people walked the halls on their way to somewhere and Daniel easily avoided them. He ran through the first cross intersection and turned left at the second. Down the hall a short way, he turned right at yet another intersection and stopped at the second door he came to. He turned the knob. It was locked.

Closing his eyes and leaning against the door, panting for breath, Daniel used his index finger to draw a map in the air before him, tracing out the route in his mind. Finally satisfied, he set out running once more, returning to the staircase he knew best. He climbed two more floors, taking the steps two at a time, and exited into a wider corridor. He sprinted down the hall, colliding shoulders with a man who had stepped out of a doorway, spinning him around and making him drop the papers he held in his hand. "Sorry!" Daniel gasped as he continued running. He came to another intersection and skidded to a halt, looking down both hallways. Selecting the right, he slowed his pace to a quick walk, anxiously checking the words printed on each door he passed. He reached the end without finding the door he was looking for, turned, and ran back through the intersection. Four doors later, he found what he was looking for. Grabbing the handle, he pulled. The door opened.

The young man standing at the laboratory counter across the room looked up as Daniel entered the room. The book he was holding slid out of his grasp and fell to the counter.

"Daniel!" he shouted.


They met in the middle of the laboratory and fell immediately into each other's arms. Daniel gasped for breath as he held Jonas tightly. Jonas' arms clung to Daniel's back, his fingers clutching the back of his T-shirt, his face buried into Daniel's heaving chest. Daniel placed one hand onto Jonas' head, pulling him close. He leaned down and kissed Jonas' hair.

Eventually, Daniel pulled back enough to look into Jonas' face. It was full of worry and concern and fear. He asked, "What's wrong? What happened?"

"Don't talk," Jonas begged. "Please, just hold me. I need you to hold me."

Daniel wrapped his arms around Jonas again and held him close. Jonas buried his face into Daniel's chest again and stayed there for a long time. Daniel breathed in his smell as his heart rate and his breathing slowed to more normal levels, and all the past weeks of emptiness and loneliness drifted away. It had been over almost two months since Jonas had returned to Kelowna when he became aware of a serious problem and had forbade Daniel from visiting him until he finished his research. It had been the most difficult seven weeks of Daniel's life. He could never have anticipated how miserable his life would be when Jonas wasn't there share it with him.

Reluctantly, Jonas finally broke the embrace, tilting his head back in order to kiss Daniel.

"Can you tell me what's wrong now?" Daniel asked when the kiss ended, still holding Jonas close to his body. He did not want to let go of him.

Concern filled Jonas' face. "I'm not sure, Daniel," he replied, "but I think Langara is in very big trouble."

"Not just Kelowna?"

"No. The entire planet."

"Whoa," Daniel muttered. "Are you sure about this?"

Jonas lowered his head a moment before looking back into the pale blue eyes he had missed looking into for more weeks than he wished to remember. "I won't know for sure until I finish all the calculations, but it doesn't look good."

"I'm so sorry, Jonas. What can I do?"

"Nothing," Jonas replied. "Just hold me."

Daniel pulled Jonas into a loving embrace once again. It felt so good to hold Jonas in his arms. The heat of their bodies traveled through the material of their clothes and they could even feel each other's heartbeats. Daniel's hold on Jonas was so strong, it would have been an effort even for Teal'c to have pried his arms loose.

It was many minutes later when Daniel loosened his clutch and took Jonas by the hand, leading him to a metal bench set against the wall. They sat side-by-side, Daniel's arm around Jonas' back with Jonas settled comfortably into his shoulder.

"How long can you stay?" Jonas asked after several minutes of silence.

"As long as you need me."

"I only need you for awhile, Daniel," Jonas said sadly. "As much as I would like you to stay with me, I can't have you here. I can't have you distracting me. This is too important."

"I know," Daniel said, just as sadly. "But I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you, too." Jonas turned toward Daniel and they kissed. "I love you, but I need you not to be here. I can't do this with you here. I just needed you to hold me for awhile. I needed to know you still loved me."

Daniel smiled tenderly and kissed Jonas once more. "I will never stop loving you, Jonas. Never. I understand why I have to go back," he said softly. "I hate not being with you, but I understand. I'll go when you tell me to."

Jonas settled back into his lover's strong, warm body. "But not just yet," he said.

Another long silence followed, broken suddenly by Jonas' whisper. "I'm scared, Daniel. What if I'm right about what's happening What if I can't stop it?"

"We'll deal with it. You'll have lots of help. Between you and Sam, I'm sure you'll find a way."

"What if we can't?"

Daniel hugged Jonas tighter and kissed his hair tenderly. Then he relaxed and lay his cheek against Jonas' head. He held Jonas for a very long time.

* * * * *

It was two more weeks before Jonas returned to Earth to see Daniel and to talk to Sam. His original assessment had been correct. Not only did it appear that Kelowna was doomed to destruction, but so was the entire planet of Langara.

His research had proven that Naquadria was not an element native to the planet. It was, in fact, the result of a chain reaction begun by the Goa'uld Thanos over 3,000 years earlier. Thanos had transformed Naquadah into Naquadria, and it was continuing to that day. The expanding vein was heading toward a huge deposit of Naquadah. If a way wasn't found to stop it, the massive conversion of the Naquadah to the less-stable Naquadria would explode with enough power to obliterate most of Kelowna. The rest of the planet, if it even survived the catastrophe, would be plunged into a deadly nuclear winter. Langara would become a dead planet and the lives of all its people would be extinguished.

Daniel Jackson remained behind to meet with the three continental delegates from Langara while Samantha Carter returned to Kelowna with Jonas Quinn. If she were to be of any help, she needed to know what she was up against.

To her surprise, Sam discovered that, by testing a Naquadria bomb a year or so earlier, Kelowna had unintentionally caused the very disaster which was threatening them now. By setting off the explosion, they had set off an unstoppable chain of events, converting massive amounts of Naquadah into Naquadria, and now the rate of transformation was incrementally greater. Kelowna had, unwittingly, turned the entire planet into a gigantic Naquadria bomb.

But, she had also discovered a solution - if they could somehow manage to pull it off.

* * * * *

"Do you really have to go?" Daniel asked softly. He sat beside Jonas in his assigned room far beneath Cheyenne Mountain. He held Jonas tightly in his arms, afraid to release him.

"Yes, Daniel," Jonas said quietly. "I have to do this. There's no-one else. And I can't trust those idiots on Kelowna to do it right."

"It's dangerous. Let me go with you."

Jonas pulled himself away from Daniel's grip and turned to face him. "I need you here, Daniel," he said. "I'm depending on you to organize the evacuation. I need you to keep those stupid delegates on a straight track. They have to stop their bickering and laying blame on each other and they need to start thinking about saving people. I need you to do that for me."

Jonas was silent for a few moments, examining Daniel's face for clues. "Please," he said finally, "Do this for my people if not for me."

Daniel remained silent, clenching his eyes to push back the pain and the fear. "If anything happens to you. . . ."

Jonas placed his palm tenderly on Daniel's cheek. Daniel opened his eyes and met Jonas' hypnotic gaze. He grabbed Jonas' wrist, holding the hand in place, burning the touch deeply into his memory.

"Promise me, Daniel," Jonas whispered. "Promise me you'll do as I ask."

Daniel's eyes were moist with tears that threatened to burst free.

"Promise me."

Daniel returned the stare for a long moment. He said softly, "I promise."

"I love you," Jonas said.

"Me, too," Daniel added. He tried to smile and discovered that he could not.

* * * * *

Daniel stood just down the hall from the Gate Room, waiting patiently as he looked down the hallway. Teal'c appeared and Daniel quickly stepped forward to meet him.

"Teal'c," he said.

Teal'c nodded his greeting.

"Look, I. . . um. . . Come here."

Grabbing Teal'c by the elbow, Daniel pulled him into a quiet corner. With a glance around him to ensure their privacy, he said, "I want you to promise you'll bring Jonas back safe."

Teal'c face remained emotionless. "I am very sorry, Daniel Jackson. I cannot make such a promise. Our survival in this endeavour is not assured."

Daniel nodded. "Then promise to take care of him for me?" he pleaded.

"Of that you may be certain, Daniel Jackson. I will return with Jonas Quinn or I will not return at all." Then he bowed.

Together they entered the Gate Room.

Jonas was standing there with Samantha Carter. Their plan was simple, but dangerous. Using a new, manned, drilling machine intended to be used to dig through the rock in order to mine the Naquadria, Jonas, Sam, Teal'c, and Jonas' assistant, would drill their way to a gigantic fault line near the expanding Naquadria twenty kilometres beneath the ground. There they would plant a nuclear charge supplied by the SGC and escape back up through the tunnel. The resulting explosion would, effectively, shift the plates and separate the Naquadah deposit from the highly- dangerous Naquadria. The disaster would be averted with very little residual damage from the resulting earthquakes.

The plan was simple. Carrying it out would be extremely dangerous.

Daniel walked directly up to Jonas and placed his hands on Jonas' shoulders. If he was aware of those around him, including the Langaran delegates standing with General Hammond in the Control Room, he paid no attention.

"You come back to me, you hear?" Daniel said, his voice almost a whisper. "I need you."

"I will," Jonas replied, his lips curling into a reassuring smile.

Daniel pulled him into a hug. He whispered softly into Jonas' ear. "Love you."

"Me, too," Jonas whispered back.

Breaking the hug, Jonas glanced up, looking through the window. The Langaran delegates did not look pleased by his actions. He didn't care. When this was all finished and he had saved his home planet from the destruction they had brought upon themselves, he had every intention of leaving Kelowna behind him forever. His home was here with Daniel now, and he intended to make it permanent.

"Leave a light on for me," Jonas smiled. With a wink, he turned away and walked up the ramp beside Sam and Teal'c into the Stargate.

Daniel crossed his arms and watched them go. He kept watching long after the Stargate shut down.

* * * * *

It was mid-September. The weather was unusually warm and the skies were unusually clear outside Cheyenne Mountain. Dr. Daniel Jackson was unaware. The outside world never reached him in his office in Stargate Command. He sat in his chair, flipping pages in one of the many books piled upon his over-crowded desk. The translation was going particularly slowly. He carefully scanned the pages, eventually finding the symbols he was searching for and bent his head down, writing frantically on a pad of paper. He didn't hear the footsteps as they entered his office.

"Hi, Daniel," Jonas said.

Daniel looked up and smiled. He rose from his chair and went to greet the handsome young man with the dimples. He gave Jonas a quick hug and kiss, then leaned back and asked, "What are you doing here? I told you I'd be home at six. . ." He glanced at his wristwatch. It was 9:37 PM. "Oops," he said.

Jonas smiled. He knew Daniel well enough not to be angry. "Look," he said instead, "I brought supper with me. It's really nice outside. I thought we could go out for a picnic under the stars and then we could come back here to sleep instead of driving all the way home. I made the chicken you like so much and I made a salad out of the potatoes. And there's chocolate cake and apple pie for dessert."

"Mmmmm. Sounds yummy," Daniel said, smacking his lips. "But I wanted to finish this translation tonight."

"Is General Hammond expecting it tonight?"

"Well, no," Daniel admitted, "but. . ."

"But nothing. You're done for the night," Jonas smiled. "Besides, I'm lonely and I'm hungry and I want to have supper with my sweetheart."

"Oh, is he joining us, too?"

Jonas laughed and punched Daniel's arm.

"Ow!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Don't be such a wimp," Jonas joked. "Now, come on. I left supper in the car."

* * * * *

Daniel and Jonas walked out of the arched entrance of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and into the night. Powerful lights lit their way as they walked down the paved road toward the main gate, beyond which lay the parking lot, Jonas' car, and their picnic supper. Guards wandered slowly back and forth, making certain that those who were not supposed to be inside the fence remained on the other side of it.

They passed near a young guard, standing there with his rifle held ready in his hands. As they passed, they heard a voice saying softly, "Fags."

Daniel stopped, staring ahead of him. Jonas stopped, too. "Daniel?," he said quietly. "Just ignore him."

Daniel ignored Jonas instead and turned on his heels, hands stuffed in his pants pockets, walking slowly toward the young man. Jonas followed close behind. He stopped when he stood directly in front of the Private, whose head barely reached Daniel's chin.

"Did you say something, Private?" Daniel asked, head tilted back, looking down at the soldier through the bottom of his glasses.

"No, Sir," replied the young man.

"Oh, I think you did, Private." His voice was quiet, but menacing. He looked at the soldier closely. He could sense Jonas standing right behind him. "What's your name, Private?"

"Quincy, Sir,"

"Well, Private Quincy," Daniel continued, his voice still menacing. "I don't appreciate being called a fag."

"No, Sir! It wasn't me, Sir!"

Daniel grew angry. "And I don't appreciate it when some pissant Private lies to me!"

"Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir!"

"Being sorry does not change your attitude, Private!" Daniel's voice turned to a threatening growl. "Don't let the glasses fool you," he said as he pulled them off, handing them back to Jonas, who quickly took them. "I only need them to see, and I can see you just fine!" Daniel's eyes never released the soldier's gaze. He quickly pulled off his jacket, tossing that to Jonas as well.

The young soldier's face was full of surprise as Daniel suddenly changed from a geek to a furious powerhouse who looked like he could easily rip the Private's head off. "I'm very sorry, Sir! It will never happen again, Sir!"

"Is there a problem here?" another voice interrupted.

Daniel glanced to his right and saw a Major standing there. He turned his gaze back to the very nervous Private. "No, Major," he said as he retrieved his glasses from Jonas and put them back on. "Everything's just fine." His gaze burrowed deep into the young Private. "Isn't it, Private Quincy?"

"Yes, Sir!" the Private shouted. He was visibly relieved. "Thank you, Sir!"

With a final nod, Daniel turned back toward the gate. "Come on, Jonas," he said. "Let's go eat supper."

As they waked away, playful smiles on both faces, Daniel with his hands once again stuffed in his pockets and Jonas still carrying his jacket, Daniel mumbled, "Wimp indeed."

Without so much as a glance at each other, their voices barely above a hush, Jonas asked a question and Daniel responded:

"You were ready to run, weren't you?"


* * * * *

Daniel lay on his side on the blanket Jonas had brought with him, munching his second piece of cake. Jonas sat cross-legged beside him, eating a piece of apple pie. His blue jacket lay beside the food cooler where Jonas had dropped it. The quarter moon was just bright enough for he and Jonas to see each other. It was like dining by candlelight in the small clearing in the trees outside Cheyenne. Above them, the clear skies opened before them. Stars twinkled everywhere. The Milky Way was a ribbon of white.

"It's nice here," Jonas commented as he glanced into the sky above.

"Omoc brought me here when he signaled the Nox," Daniel explained.

Jonas searched his memory briefly. "I remember reading about him. He was the leader of the Tollans. You rescued them when Tollan was being destroyed by the volcanoes."

"That's him," Daniel said quietly, remembering. "You would have liked him. He was very strange and aloof, but once you got to know him and he started trusting you. . . ." Daniel sat up. "I mentioned to him that it would take years for his signal to reach the Nox on their planet, even at the speed of light. He picked up a branch, held it out, and explained that it was a long distance from one end of the branch to the other. Then he bent the stick into a circle and touched the ends together and said, ‘Until you do this.' I thought he was talking about bending space, but he just smiled and said, ‘No.' I still don't know what he meant by that. Sam doesn't, either." Daniel smiled to himself, his eyebrows raised. "They're wa-a-a-a-y smarter than we are."

Later, with supper finished and packed away in the thermos cooler, Daniel lay on his back, his legs crossed at the ankles, his right arm tucked behind his head as a pillow, his left arm holding Jonas tight. Jonas lay on his side, pressed against Daniel as usual, resting his head on Daniel's shoulder. The fingers of his left hand traced the outline of Daniel's chest beneath the black T- shirt he wore.

Suddenly, Jonas rolled on top of Daniel and stared into his eyes. They stayed like that for what seemed like minutes simply enjoying the heat and strength of their bodies against each other. Jonas' mouth pulled into a huge smile and he said quietly, "Do you have any idea how much I love you, Daniel?"

Daniel smiled back and said, "Well, unless you broke into the armoury and smuggled a pistol out in your pants, I think I have a pretty good idea."

Jonas giggled. "Look who's talking," he said. "It feels like you've got a Zat stuck in your pants!"

"At least my Zat doesn't kill you on the second shot."

"Maybe not, but it's just as electrifying."



"Shut up and kiss me."

He did.

After several enjoyable minutes of passionate kisses, Jonas sat up, resting his butt against Daniel's thighs, and pulled his T-shirt over his head. He pulled Daniel's T-shirt out of his blue pants and pushed them up his chest. Coaxing Daniel into a sitting position, he tugged the shirt off and tossed it to the side to fall on his own discarded shirt.

"Should we be doing this here?" Daniel asked warily.

"Yes," Jonas replied excitedly, reaching for the waistband of Daniel's pants. He unbuttoned the pants and pulled down the zipper, then grabbed the waistband in his grasp. Sliding down Daniel's legs, Jonas pulled the pants off his hips, past his thighs, and to a bundle at his feet. He worked quickly, untying the boots and pulling them off. The socks followed, and then the pants.

Daniel lay panting in his briefs as Jonas stood to pull off the rest of his own clothes. When he was naked, he dropped to his knees beside Daniel and carefully pulled off his underwear. He crawled onto Daniel, pressing his naked body against his lover's nakedness and they kissed passionately once more. Their excited breathing turned to gasps. Jonas rolled to his side, turned himself around to face Daniel's feet, and suctioned Daniel's pulsating hardness into his mouth. Daniel quickly followed suit.

Perhaps it was the excitement of making love in the outdoors. Perhaps it was the excitement of Jonas' spontaneity and urgency. Perhaps it was simply his love for Jonas. Whatever the reason, as Daniel took Jonas' cock into his mouth, sucking it deeper into himself until it touched the entrance to his throat, suddenly it was inside him. The cock slid into his throat before he realized it. A moment later, he felt the curly, blond pubic hairs tickling his lips and his chin. His nose nudged itself against Jonas' balls. Without even trying, he had accomplished what he had tried to do for many, many months.

Daniel would have shouted out his victory, but Jonas beat him to it. Vocal vibrations flowed from Jonas' throat into his cock and down it into his groin before spreading out to touch every part of his body. They began a mutual rhythm, pulling away until just the cockhead was lodged in their mouths, then down again until the head was lodged deeply within them. Daniel found it surprisingly easy now and eagerly gave Jonas the pleasure which Jonas was giving him.

It didn't take long for the excitement to build to orgasm. All too soon, their cocks began to swell in readiness. Daniel could feel it growing in his throat. Jonas began to pump his hips, driving his cock as far into Daniel as he could and Daniel welcomed it. He felt Jonas' hips begin to quiver, and then the rest of his body. Moments later, he felt the first blast of cum shoot down his throat. He pulled back to the head as his own cock began to unload itself inside Jonas' eager mouth. Together, they came, sharing themselves with each other. Daniel savoured the fluid momentarily before swallowing it, ready to accept the next offering.

Slowly, the orgasms finished and began to subside. They lay as they were, cocks still held gently and lovingly in their mouths. When they had softened completely, Jonas pulled away and turned around again to fall into Daniel's waiting arms. They lay in silence for a long time, the warm night breezes blowing gently over them and cooling their heated bodies. If Daniel was disappointed that their orgasms had come far too quickly, he took solace in the fact that there would be many, many blowjobs to follow. He could live with that.

He lay there in silence. He could smell Jonas beside him and he could feel Jonas against him where Jonas lay with his head resting on Daniel's chest, his arm dropped casually on his stomach, his elbow resting against Daniel's now-soft cock. Daniel remembered the excitement, the accomplishment, he had felt when Jonas slipped into his throat. It had been so easy, and he could still feel it there. He could taste Jonas on his tongue. He could smell Jonas' sex. It brought an unseen smile to his face.

Above him, beyond the trees, a shooting star crossed the sky. Daniel did not make a wish. He had no need for wishes. He had everything he wanted with him right now. He had Jonas. He didn't want anything else. He didn't need anything else.

He tried to remember his life before Jonas and he couldn't. Even Sha're was little more than a vague memory. . . someone he had once known but had never truly loved. He loved the man he held in his arms. He loved everything about him. His cobalt eyes could make him melt. His name could cause his balls to tingle with excitement. The very smell of him could send blood pumping into his cock, as it was doing now. His life had started the day he met Jonas.

He looked down at his lover as Jonas lay on him. The mere sight of seeing Jonas resting against his chest sent a new flood of blood into his cock and it jumped into hardness as it pushed against Jonas' arm. He suddenly realized that Jonas had not moved for a long time.

"Jonas?" he whispered softly. "Are you asleep?"

"No," Jonas replied. "I'm just very content and relaxed."

Jonas lifted his head to kiss Daniel and Daniel held him there for a long time. When Daniel finally released him, Jonas pulled his head back to stare into his eyes, barely visible in the darkness of the night.

Daniel stared up at him and smiled his ‘Daniel' smile. "I love you so damned much, Jonas Quinn.

Jonas returned the smile. "And I love you so damned much, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel reached up to run his fingertips gently through Jonas' hair. "Did you bring our toys with you?"

Jonas grinned, his dimpled digging deeply into his cheeks. "I never leave home without them," he said and sat up so he could retrieve the condom and lubrication from a small plastic bag packed into the corner of the cooler. His cock began to rise quickly in anticipation.

He handed the condom to Daniel, but Daniel said, "You put it on."

Jonas certainly didn't object. He enjoyed preparing Daniel for the lovemaking. He ripped open the package and took out the latex. Holding it gingerly in his fingers, he reached toward Daniel's stiff cock, but Daniel's hand stopped him. Jonas looked at him, questioning.

"Put it on you," Daniel said quietly. "Not me."

Jonas' eyes grew wider. "You mean. . .?" he said.

Daniel simply smiled broadly and said, "I mean. . ."

Jonas fell onto Daniel, smothering him with kisses.

Daniel accepted Jonas into himself without hesitation, without objection. He refused to allow his eyes to close. He desperately wanted to see Jonas' face as he entered. He was not disappointed. Jonas' beautiful face lit up the night like a firework. His eyes sparkled, even in the darkness. He clenched his teeth against the pain and let it happen. He refused to let Jonas see it. He would not stop it from happening. It was what he wanted Jonas to do to him, and it was what he wanted to do for Jonas. There were no more barriers. The last one had fallen.

Jonas was as passionate in his lovemaking as he was in everything else. He devoted himself to making it a pleasurable experience not only for himself, but for Daniel as well. He was gentle and careful and loving, yet he was strong and powerful and exciting.

Daniel loved watching Jonas make love to him. He loved seeing Jonas' face as he approached his orgasm. He loved it even more seeing his face in the throes of ecstacy. His orgasm had been powerful indeed. Daniel could feel it deep inside himself. He was so happy that he could now make Jonas feel as good as Jonas had unselfishly made him feel so many times.

When Jonas had finished and pulled out of Daniel's ass, he leaned down to give Daniel a huge ‘thank you' kiss before moving to suction Daniel's still-hard cock into his mouth and lovingly sucking him to his own orgasm.

Later, they lay together as always, with Jonas lying in Daniel's protective arms. Daniel knew then that they would share each other equally from that point on. He knew he would take care of Jonas forever - and beyond forever if necessary. Nothing or no-one would ever stand in his way.

For Jonas, there was nowhere he would rather be than in Daniel's arms. Where Daniel went, he would follow. Daniel was his life. Without Daniel, he had nothing. He would do everything in his power to keep it that way.

Jonas shifted to lean on his elbow. He stared down into Daniel's handsome face. His left hand reached out and gently smoothed Daniel's tousled hair, then moved lower to run a finger ever so tenderly over his lips. He leaned down to kiss him before settling back into Daniel's arms.

They both lay there for a long time in silence.

"Daniel?" Jonas said softly, ending the tranquility.


"I love you, Daniel."

"And I love you, Jonas."

Above them, the stars in the night sky twinkled brightly. The moonlight cast a warm glow onto Jonas' cherished neck chain and heart pendent which bound Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn together. The chain rested securely around Jonas' neck while the engraved medallion rested over Daniel's heart. ‘To Jonas with Love. Daniel.' The universe unfolded before them. . . and so did their futures.

The End

February 27th, 2006, 11:58 AM
that was such an amazing story! i truly cannot wait for the next one from you. wow and thank you.

February 27th, 2006, 06:31 PM
^^ Thanks.

The sequel is coming along, but it's a whole lot tougher to write than I expected it would be. It's going where I want it to go, but it's turning out a lot harder to get there than I thought it would.

Unfortunately, I suppose, as the storyline advances and I get new ideas, I sometimes have to go back to earlier chapters and do a small rewrite in order to build a proper lead-in. I want to make sure the earlier chapters are complete before I post them, so it may be a week or so before the sequel begins.

February 28th, 2006, 11:48 AM
Already I'm offering apologies. I came up with a new ending today which is far more satisfying (to me, at least) than the one I had originally planned. To reach that ending, I must go back practically to the beginning and start over again so I can get to that ending.

Sorry, but it may be a bit 'later' than 'sooner' before I can begin posting the sequel.

If it's any consolation, it should expand the story a few more chapters than originally planned.

March 3rd, 2006, 04:26 AM
^^ Thanks, martyman. I tried to keep the characters' language and actions as true as possible. Fortunately, they're not difficult characters to write for. I've seen the first 5 seasons many times in reruns. Season 6 (with Jonas) Season 7 (with Daniel's return) and Season 8, I've seen twice. I'm watching Season 9 now for the first time.

I won't say anything about the sequel I'm writing except to say that it ends in Season 9 after Carter returns to rejoin SG-1. The new characters will be brought into the story and you will meet Mitchell, Landry, Dr. Lam, and - yes! - Vala. . . and the Space Monkeys will meet them, too :twisted:

As far as other stories on the net, this is the only one I've posted. I may post others now, but they will not be as involved or as long as this one. When I finish the sequel, there will be no others. They will have to be created in the minds of the readers.

March 6th, 2006, 07:01 PM

Sorry. More rewrites are necessary. I discovered 2 major reference mistakes in the sequel and I will have to rewrite at least several portions of several chapters and one entire chapter to fix the mistakes.

They're minor details, I suppose, but die-hard Stargate fans will undoubtedly pick up on them. I would rather it be true to the television show.

On the positive side, though, I will probably be posting Chapter 1 of 'Aftermath' near the end of this week, possibly on Friday, Feb. 10.

My apologies for the long wait, but this new story is extremely involved and far more complex than I imagined it would be when I started it. It's something of a roller coaster ride. I just hope it's as rewarding to read as it is to write.

March 17th, 2006, 06:54 AM
Sorry, I should have posted the link to the sequel earlier.

Here it is:

Stargate SG-1 The Sequel - Aftermath (http://www.justusboys.com/forum/showthread.php?t=86319)

October 13th, 2006, 05:20 PM
Dredging up stories from my favorite JUB author for everyone to see again

April 18th, 2010, 07:33 PM
AS both an SG-1 fan - I'm currently watching the whole series off DVD, and of Neil's wonderful writing, I read this awhile ago, and sent him PM's as I progressed.

I'm posting this note to bump the story back to the top, so a new generation of fans can enjoy the wonderful way Neil recrafted the original SG-1 premise.

Enjoy, guys.

May 2nd, 2010, 05:28 PM
This is truly a "MUST" read.

January 5th, 2015, 04:50 PM
Bringing this back up for some fresh air - and fresh reading!