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Runaway Chapter 1

Fiction: This is another short novel that has never been published before. Although the protagonist is young, he is not to be considered under age for m2m sex. Hope you enjoy it.

For about the tenth time in my young life, I was on the run from the bad situation at home again. My dad and mom, both drunk, fought like animals, mostly over the belief of my dad that I was not his son, and that my mom had been fucking around again. None of this made a lick of sense to me, because, standing next to my dad, anyone could have identified us as farther and son. No matter, he believed me to be the product of my mother’s infidelity seventeen years before.

I threw a few pieces of clothing into a knapsack threw it over my shoulder, and stuffed my meager savings into my high water jeans, and hit the road. My white t-shirt was already stained with sweat in my armpits and I had a good band of wet down my chest, I thumbed my way along the highway headed as far away as I could get.

The hot Arizona sun had bleached my hair with tips of silver white against the dark brown, but I tried to look tough standing beside the road hoping for a ride before my folks found me. Most of the traffic didn’t even slow for my entreaties, but the occasional driver would give me the once over before hitting the gas again and speeding away. I was thirsty, hot, and rapidly getting tired; not to mention my feet felt like they were roasting on the hot blacktop. I spotted a truck heading my way, and stuck out my thumb once again, even though I knew that most truckers wouldn’t pick-up a hitcher. To my surprise, the rig began to shift down as the eighteen wheeler slowed, blowing air out his breaks to come to a stop only a few yards beyond where I was standing.

Trotting up to the cab, I climbed up on the running board and grinned in at the driver who grinned back at me. He reached across the cab, and opened the door for me. I swung around it and slid into the leather covered bench seat next to him, slamming the door behind me. The rush of cold air sent a chill through me because of my wet t-shirt, and I shivered feeling a rash of goose bumps prickle my skin.

“Where ya headed kid?” The driver spoke as he shifted into first and started the rig rolling again. I considered my thoughts for a while before I answered him.

“California, I guess.” He chuckled and glanced at me briefly as a Pontiac convertible with two women hair flying in the wind flashed passed on the left.

“Got family out there?” I shrugged. He shifted gear again, and the rig picked up speed. “So why you headed there if you ain’t got nobody to look out for you?”

“Leaving home, I guess.” He looked at me, and shifted into the next gear. His silent observation of me caused me to look at him more closely. He smiled, and settled back in his seat, his arm resting on the steering wheel. With his free hand, he pulled a pack of Luckies out of his pearl button cowboy shirt, and tapped one out on the wheel. He took it between his lips, and offered me the pack. I shook my head. He replaced the cigarettes in his shirt pocket, and pushed in the lighter on the dash. He looked at me and I at him while he waited for the lighter to heat to red hot.

“I got tired of being the cause of my folks fights,” I volunteered . He nodded, and pulled the popped lighter out of the dash and lit his smoke. The cab’s smell changed from his man smell, to the flavor of cigarette smoke. He cracked his window an inch, and the smoke was pulled out instantly. I glanced at the speedometer, and saw we were cruising at 80. I looked out my window and saw the mesquite and cactus flying by.

He smoked and drove, occasionally glancing at me. I studied him more closely. He was tall and thin, his frame was muscular, and his three day growth of beard had a redish tint to it. His crumpled Stetson hid the rest of his hair, but it too must have been red. His checkered pearl button shirt was tight on his torso, and he looked strong to me. His tight jeans covered muscular legs that ended in a worn pair of Acme rough-out boots. I took in his crotch in my examination, out of curiosity, and noticed he seemed to be packing a nice bulge. I wondered why he had picked me up, since most truckers wouldn’t have done it.

“So why did you stop for me?” He looked over at me, and snuffed his half smoked butt out in the ashtray.

“I wouldn’t leave a dog out in this heat.” He scratched his crotch, and looked out his window watching a Buick whipping around us. “You thirsty?”

“Am I ever.” He grinned.

“I got some water and a few beers in a cooler in the sleeper. Help yourself to which ever. Get me a beer while you’re at it; if you would.” I looked to where he hooked his thumb and saw a drawstring curtain covering an opening. I slipped off my knapsack, and dropped it on the floorboard of the truck, and got up on my knees to look for the cooler.

The smell of the cramped sleeping area was pure man. I felt a sudden pang in my gut, and felt my balls tighten when my cock turned over and thickened a little. I felt myself blushing, the sudden surge of heat to my face. I took a deep breath of his smell, and lifted the lid of the cooler resting on the deck next to the bed. I took two cold beers out, and scooted back out onto the seat. I put one of the cans between my legs in my crotch, and popped the tab on the second one. I started to hand it to him, but he shook his head, and reached into my lap and I felt his fingers brush my cock slightly as he retrieved the can I’d tucked there.

“I want this one,” he said, grinning at me. I swallowed, and blushing again, tried to smile back at him. My cock had reacted to his probing touch, and had continued to expand.

He popped the tab on his beer, and took a swig. I did the same. We rode in silence for a few miles, drinking and grinning at each other when our eyes caught the other looking. I finished my beer and set the empty into a cup holder molded into the dashboard. He finally tilted his head back and drained his can, and placed it in the dash holder next to mine.

“I see you’re a healthy stud,” he said, glancing at my thick seven inches that had forced their way down the leg of my jeans. I was aching from the pressure, but had tried to ignore it. “You into men?”

“I guess I might be,” I answered. “I’ve never tried it, but I’ve thought about it some.” He laughed.

“How much is some?”

“I don’t know,” I blushed again, feeling the blood rise up my neck.

“What? Ever time you choke that chicken?” I stared at him, not immediately understanding what he meant. He made a motion with his curled fingers rotating his wrist, and the blush went all the way to my hairline.

“I guess,” I whispered.

“Well, ain’t nothin’ to be embarrassed by. I cum mostly by hand myself. Shit, if it weren’t for Mary and her four friends here, I wouldn’t get off more than once or twice a month. The road ain’t much of a place to find my kind of sex.” I looked at him. He looked at me. “You still a virgin?”

“I guess not. There was a girl at school that took me over to her place when her folks were out of town, and played with my dick until I came on her tits.”

“You fuck ‘er?”

“No. She didn’t want to do it.”

“She suck you any?”

“What? My dick?”

“Yeah. What else would she suck on you?” I felt the blood rising in my neck again.

“No. She just played with me until I shot my spunk all over her naked tits.”

“She got naked?”

“Not totally, just took off her blouse and bra and rubbed my dick with her hands and tits.”

“You got naked?”

“No. She just unzipped my jeans and pulled my dick out. I didn’t taking anything off.”

“Man,” he sighed. “I got a horn on talking about this. What to you think about when you’re jerking your meat?”

“Oh. . .uh, I don’t know. I guess I think about jerking off with a friend of mine at school.”

“You ever done it with him? Jerk off I mean?” I blushed again, getting flushed at myself for doing it so often.

“Well, I guess so. Once.”

“What happened? Tell me all about it.”

“We were in the stalls in the gym after class. I had to take a crap, and he came into the stall next to mine, and I heard him jacking off. I got hard, and started to jerk off with him. We couldn’t see each other, but we could both hear what we were doing. He came first, and splattered his load on the floor under the partition next to my foot. I shot my wad next to his foot. I was finishing up wiping my butt, and pulling up my pants, when I saw him lean down and lick up my spunk. I waited until he finally left his stall, and then did the same to his spunk.”

“Shit kid, that’s hot fucking shit.” I looked at him and saw he was squeezing a hefty snake in his tight pants. “You got me hot to blow a load right now. You want to do me?”

I reached across the space between us and let my hand replace his on his hardened tube of flesh. It felt as large as the beer cans on the dash, and maybe as long as the two stacked on top of one another. It was the first time I’d ever felt another man’s hard-on. The thrill I felt coursed through me like lightning. I squeezed him tight through the cloth of his pants, and he moaned. I liked the feel of his hard flesh in my fingers. I slid my palm up and down his length, and he pushed himself back against the seat, and told me to get his cock out.

His pants were tighter than I expected, but with some effort, I got his buckle open, and his button front jeans undone. He was wearing a pair of red briefs of soft material. I rubbed my palm over his briefs, and felt the root of his cock to where it was trapped by his tight pants. He raised his butt off the seat, and I instinctively pulled his jeans down his shaking legs. As I did, his big swollen cock emerged from the leg of his red briefs, and his large swollen purple cock head glistened with slick precum that was dribbling onto his hairy upper thigh.

“Pull them shorts down and hook them under my balls,” He was breathing heavily now. I did as I was told, and admired the massive swollen cock and set of big hairy balls this exposed to me. I admired him for a moment before taking his thickness into my hands and thrilling at the pulsing life of his great cock. I lifted it vertically, and precum bubbled out of the big half inch slit in the head.

“Lick that shit off,” he groaned. “ I don’t want to get all sticky with it while I drive.” I licked the clear fluid with my tongue, and tasted the lightly salty tang of his flesh and fluid. “Oh yeah. . .oh fuck yeah. Suck my dick kid. I need it bad.”

I hadn’t done anything like this before, so I was tentative in my approach. I let my tongue lick across the swollen head a few times, rimming up under the flair of flesh that separated it from his shaft. He moaned with the pleasure it gave him, and bubbled more clear fluid for me to lick away. I licked up and down the big shaft, and felt it throb under my tongue. His throbbing flesh made my own dick begin to respond in a like manner of throbbing. I squeezed my cock through my jeans, and started trying to release myself without letting go of his massive manhood.

“Suck me kid,” he ordered, and I felt his rough hand on the back of my head forcing my mouth down and over his massively swollen cock head. I opened wide, and felt him force himself beyond my teeth. Instinctively, I knew not to use my teeth, and once beyond them, he pushed me further onto his shaft. “Suck it” I resisted a gag, and felt him release the pressure on my head, but he didn’t remove his hand. I began to put suction on his upper shaft and cock head, feeling the flair catch behind my teeth as I bobbed on him. Each time I pulled back to my teeth, I felt him push my head down again. Each time I thought I was taking him a little further into my mouth. My throat was beginning to feel the blunt banging of his angry cock head. “Oh fuck yeah!” His breath was coming in gasps, and I was hardly breathing at all with the huge blockage in my mouth.

I pulled up and off him gasping for air, but immediately he forced me back onto him. I swallowed and felt his massive head push beyond the back of my mouth and he was suddenly in my throat. I felt dizzy for lack of air, but somewhere, like a buzz in my head, I heard him yelling that he was blowing his load. I felt his massive cock shaft push deeper into my throat, and then it pulsed. Slick creamy cum coated my throat, but I couldn’t swallow. There was no room to work my muscles. I tried to pull off him, but is cock pulsed again and I felt an even larger shot of cum in my mouth. I felt the slick cream gush across my tongue and coat my back teeth. My head was buzzing with a feeling I’d not had before, my own cock was throbbing, and pulsing, and I realized I was shooting my wad against his leg.

I seemed to swoon with the pleasure of it all, and when I regained my senses a moment later, I felt his hardness still in my mouth begin to give way to a laxness. He pulsed once more, and a bit of thick cum oozed onto my tongue. I savored it on my taste buds, appreciating the slightly acrid taste of tobacco in his cum juice. I slipped his now limp and slimy cock out of my mouth, and looked up into his blue smiling eyes. I reached between my legs and felt my own sticky limpness. I found the smear of my cum on his hairy leg, and cleaned it off with my tongue. He let me lick and nurse on him for a bit, and then pulled me up off the floorboard of the truck to where I’d slipped during my orgasm.

I finally got myself put back together, and held the wheel for him as he did the same for himself. The truck, on cruise control had never slowed for a second. We were just approaching the inspection station on the California side of the Colorado river. He rolled down his window and inched his way up to the officer. They talked and the officer looked over his log and paperwork. He was standing on the running board of the cab, and had a grin on his sun-ruddy face. As he handed the clipboard the driver had handed it back through the window, he grinned at me, and then at the driver.

“You boys ought to get a room before you have a wreck.” The officer dropped off the running board, and the driver rolled up his window to trap the air conditioned air again, and laughed.

“What did he mean by that?” I craned my neck to look at the laughing border officer out the window as the driver dropped it into first gear and began to roll forward.

“He got a snootfull of mansex. That’s all.” I felt myself blushing again. “Probably would like to join us for a three way.”

California shimmered in the desert heat, and the driver told me about himself as we drove into the lengthening day. His name was Al, short for a name he hated and wouldn’t tell me what it was. He was from West Texas, out near Amarillo. He had a little spread with a few head of cattle, but drove his rig to make his real living. He lived alone, and had, ever since he’d found his second wife fucking one of the Mexican hands he’d hired to care for the cattle while he was on the road.

“Bitch left me like it was my fault,” he said, tapping a lucky out of the pack. “Anyway, I had my fill of pussy by then, and decided to try the other way.”

“You mean queer?”

“I figgered fuckin’ a guy in the ass would be just as good as fucking a sloppy ol’ wet cunt. I’d had a few offers from riders I’d pick up now and then, and finally took the next one up on it. I decided I liked it better than pussy anyhow. The cocksucking was just a fine bonus for fucking around with guys. Women don’t much go in for taking a big dick down their throats, and I have gotten to love it better’n any cunt I ever fucked.”

“I’ve never been sucked as I told you, but I’d like to try it sometime.”

“Hell ya we’ll do it tonight. I’ll spring for a motel room, and we can get to know each other right. Maybe you’ll take my ol’ Johnson up the poop chute for me if you can.”

“You mean let you stick your cock up my ass?”

“You bet. The ol’ boys I fucked in the past can’t seem to get enough of me. They tell me I’m good at fudge packin’.”

“Fudge packing?”

“You know, butt fuckin’. One ol’ boy drives all the way from Denver to my spread in Texas once or twice a month jus’ so I can do him good. Can’t get enough of this ol’ dick.”

“If you’re on the road so much how does he know you’ll be home?” I felt a twinge of jealousy at this news.

“Hell, I call him from the road, and let him know. You’ll like him. Name’s Bill, and he’s got him a nice set of works to play with, but he’s a sucker for dick up the butt. But let me tell you he can suck like a Hoover, and that man loves to eat assholes. You ain’t lived until you had Bill ream out your asshole with his tongue.” I realized that Al, seemed to be including me in his future.

“Are you asking me to stick with you?” He looked at me and grinned.

“Well, I’d sure like to plough your field at least once before we split up, but if you can take it, I’d like it if you stuck around. I love the way you suck dick. You are a natural for a kid. You got my nuts in an uproar, and they ain’t gonna be satisfied until I stick my ol’ dick up where the sun don’t shine in you.” I felt twinge in my hole, and felt the blood rise on my neck.

“I’d like to try it at least once.” I leaned back in the seat, and felt the warmth of my imagination take over.

“Well, we’ll get a good meal, and a room about seven tonight, and see what comes up. I gotta drop this load at the depot in LA and we can do what comes naturally after we eat and get a room. How about another beer from the back?” I crawled into the sleeper, and dug out two more cold ones. When I was sitting in the seat again and had handed him his suds, he asked me about myself.

I filled him in on what I thought he needed to know, including my name and age. I added a couple of years to match my fake ID, and told him I had no immediate plans except to get as far away from my parents and Phoenix as I could, to begin building a life for myself. He nodded, and sipped beer. He tapped a lucky out of the pack and with it dangling from his lip, pushed in the lighter. In the distance, he pointed out the dirty brown fog that was hiding Los Angeles.


February 23rd, 2007, 04:57 AM
G. You really outdid yourself this time. Was that hot! Will there be more?

February 23rd, 2007, 09:13 AM
Gary, that was one of your best. As randyreese asked, will there be more? I sure hope so. I really enjoyed it. Vic

February 23rd, 2007, 11:41 AM
Gary, thanks.
Yes, more please .... this one definitely can carry on !!!

February 23rd, 2007, 02:21 PM
Hope there is more. Great writing.

February 24th, 2007, 05:38 AM
Runaway Chapter 2


Al treated to a Mexican feast at a little joint he knew about, and afterward took us to a motel that catered to truckers, down by the railroad tracks. His rig had been reduced to a bobtail, and wasn’t too difficult to find space for on the back lot of the motel. The manager of the place, looked to be East Indian or something from that part of the world, and paid little attention to the two of us, being more interested in the TV he had going in a small room behind the check-in counter.

“We could be hold up here for a day or two. I don’t want to deadhead back to Texas if I can help it.” He told me this while he was pulling his pearl button shirt off, revealing his hairy chest to me for the first time.

“What’s a deadhead?” I pictured a hippy type listening to music out of San Francisco.

“Empty trailer.” He was stripping off his tight jeans. His red briefs were stained with fresh spots of moisture. “I always like to stick around until I can pick up something headed back home. That way I make money in both directions. If I can’t get something going back, I always end up short at the end of the month. . .” he paused, and sat down on the edge of the bed, and pulled his Acme Rough-outs off his feet. His dirty white socks filled the room with his particular smell. I felt myself getting hard. I liked the smell of this man.

“Shit, three days on the road, and I smell like a horse ‘at’s been rode hard and put away wet.” He stripped off his socks and levis, and then dropped the red briefs on top of the pile of dirty clothes. I drew a deep breath looking at his hard muscular form, his hairy chest and arms, and the massive limp cock that hung from his groin. My cock responded immediately.

“I’m gonna wash the road off, and then you can have at it too.” I licked my lips, and nodded. I could feel the dried sweat on my body, and a quick sniff of my arm pit told me I needed a shower as well. I watched him through the open doorway into the tiny bathroom as he adjusted the water temperature to his liking. He stepped behind the translucent curtain, and began to hum to himself as he soaped up. I started peeling off my dirty clothes, getting ready for my turn under the water.

I sat listening to him hum, letting my hand lightly stroke my nuts and thickened shaft, while I waited. Finally, he turned off the water, and reached from behind the curtain for the towel he’d hung handy. He dried himself in the shower stall before stepping out to finish the job.

“All yours Bob.” He grinned at me, drying the skin around his big cock and balls.
I stepped around him and turned on the water. After adjusting it to my liking, I stepped behind the curtain. He was still humming quietly to himself as he finished drying off.

“Hey Al,” I said, “How long have you been doing it with guys?” His humming stopped, and he chuckled.

“Well, like I said. . .since my bitch of a wife took off with that Mexican. About two years or so.” I stuck my wet head out from behind the curtain and looked at him combing his wet red hair.

“So how long did it take you to figure out what to do with a man in your bed?”

“Shit. . .” he grinned at me. “Didn’t take no time at all. I mean by the time I got my first piece of man cunt, I was so fucking horny, my cattle were keeping their distance.” He laughed out loud. My first piece was some guy I met in the toilet at a highway rest stop.
It was about four in the morning, and I’d laid over there for the night, and woke up in my sleeper with a wicked piss hard. I crawled out of bed, and hit the john. There was this dude in one of the stalls when I went in, and I was waiting at the urinal for my hard to quit so I could piss, and I noticed he was watching me through the crack next to the wall of the stall.

‘I finally started to pee, and he let out a little moan. I don’t know what got into me, but I asked him if he wanted some of it, and he said ‘god yes.’ I went into his stall, and he wrapped his lips around my cock head, and I let ‘er fly again. He was swallering like a hungry calf, and took every drop I had to offer. When he was finished he offered to blow me, but I told him I liked to fuck if he was willing. He just nodded at me and followed me back to the rig. I got him into the sleeper and stripped him off. I didn’t have no lube then, but he sucked me good and wet, and then sat down on my dick. Once he had me in all the way. I rolled him over and fucked the shit out of him. I believe I cum twice before I let him up. I think he must have cum just as much, because he was covered with his own spunk from his belly button to his neck.

‘Man, I knew after that, that I’d found my new callin’. Butt fucking was right down my alley. Ain’t nothin’ like a tight ass pucker wrapped around my dick with me poundin’ away getting’ my nuts off. Bettern’ any pussy I’ll guarantee.” He dropped his towel on the floor, and sauntered into the bedroom, flexing his hard ass cheeks for my benefit.

“You ever taken it up the butt?” I started soaping my hair.

“Hell yeah. What’s the use of not getting’ the whole experience?”

“So what was that like the first time?” I rinsed my hair, and started on my nuts. Al pulled up a chair and set it in the bathroom doorway. He straddled it from behind, and let his big cock and balls fit through the opening under the chair back.

“I met this dude in St. Louis after dropping a load of frozen poultry. I stopped into an adult bookstore I’d read about on the wall of some john. I was my usual horny self, and figgered I’d get some action of one kind or another. The dude’s name was Killer, he told me, course I figgered it was not his Christian name. He was this big ol’ biker with an ear ring in his ear, and a leather vest painted up with his gang’s emblem on the back. He told me he didn’t suck cock, but needed to get his rocks off and that he wanted to fuck my holes.

‘I told him I had never taken a cock in the ass, but he said I’d like it. So I figgered ‘what the hell, why not.’ I knew how much I liked ploughing ass myself. I’d also wondered what the guys I had fucked got out of it. Anyway, to make the story short, we went back to my motel room, and fucked all night. Killer nearly rode me to death. He fucked my butt at least half a dozen times before it come sun-up. He made me suck off my butt juices between ploughing my ass, and I got to like doing it.” He grew pensive, and after a moment, spoke again: “I wish I’d have got his number or somethin’. There ain’t no listing in the St. Louis phone book for Killer.” He chuckled. “I sometimes wake up at night, thinkin’ I’m bein’ fucked again with his big dick in my guts. Man he knew how to handle his cock, and make a man go for it in a big way.”

I turned off the water, and took the towel he handed me. My cock was standing hard up against my belly from listening to his stories. I dried most of my body, and stepped out of the stall, and saw immediately that he’d grown hard as well. His swollen cock was pointing straight at me through the back of the chair. It looked like a monster the length of my fore arm, and just as thick. His big balls, nested in his thick red pubes were rolling in their sack, raring to go.

“Come ‘ere Bob.” Al reached for me as I dropped my used towel on the floor atop his. “How do you feel about kissing?”

“Uh. . .I don’t know Al. I never kissed anybody before.”

“I mean like, men kissing? Each other?” He pulled me closer to him until I was straddled his hard-on. I could feel it, hot, between my legs. He took my head in both his hands, and pulled me down to this face. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, and then he put his mouth over mine, and I felt his tongue slipping through my teeth. I opened my mouth wider, and let him probe and suck my soul. I was shivering before he was finished and broke the kiss. I’d never felt anything like it before. My entire body was covered with goose bumps. My cock was jerking and throbbing against my belly. He wrapped his arms around my body, and hugged me to his chest. The chair back between us seemed suddenly intrusive, and he stood up, his length of flesh pulling through the chair back from between my legs.

“Man alive, I could get used to you real fast.” He threw an arm over my shoulder, and I realized we were nearly the same height. I laid my spinning head on his masculine chest, and ran my fingers through the mat of red hair that patched the area between his nibs.
I dropped my hand to his thickness, and felt it jump at my touch. The feelings that flooded through my body and soul sent a shiver through me that he noticed.

“You cold Bob? We can turn the air down if you are. I don’t want us to have to put on any clothes right now.”

“No Al. I was just feeling good with you. You know? Wondering if I could possibly get this big thing of yours inside me.” He hugged me tighter, and then sat down on the edge of the bed. He sat there looking at me with a beam in his smile.

“I know it’s big, and you think your little pucker ain’t never goin’ to get this big log up your hole, but you know what?” I shook my head. “It might hurt a bit at first, but you’ll get used to it fast enough. I got some real slick lube in my bag that will make this flag pole slid in like magic.” I shivered again at the image of his big solid piece of rigid cock sliding into my tiny little butt. “I’ll let you set the pace. You can sit on it after I get you ready. If it gets to be too much, you can pull off if it hurts too much. Deal?” I nodded, and hugged him around the neck.

Al reached for his bag that he’d dropped on the floor next to the bed. He took out a tube of transparent gel, and told me to lay on the bed beside him. When I did, he slid off the bed onto his knees on the carpeted floor. He pushed my legs up and cupping his hands behind my knees, he pushed me up onto my shoulders. I closed my eyes, wanting to feel every sensation he was going to offer. I felt the warm wet of his tongue licking the backs of my thighs, first one and then the other.

“Your skin is so soft,” he murmured , letting his tongue slide a little lower until he was licking my two butt globes. He moaned a little, and I joined him. “Feels good doesn’t it?” I nodded, lost to words to describe what I was feeling. “Pull your cheeks apart for me with your hands. I felt myself rushing to separate my ass cheeks. He let his mouth slip onto my balls, and he sucked them gently for a minute before letting them plop out of his warm cavity and then slid down my crack to linger over my rosebud hole. “So sweet,” he groaned as his tongue licked across my bud. I tightened my muscles there, and he tried to force his tongue through the ring. I felt spittle dripping down my crack. My cock jerked and He took it in his warm hand. The goose bumps were crawling across my skin like a swarm of ants. “Easy. . .easy now. Relax. I want to tongue you a little bit. I love the taste of your hole.” I felt my body go lax, and his tongue pushed into me, soft and thrilling.
“That’s it baby. Let me tongue fuck your hole for you. You like it?” Again I could only nod assent to his question. He didn’t seem to mind that I wasn’t talking to him, lost, I suppose, in his own ecstasy of the moment.

His mouth sealed itself over my hole, and he fucked me as deep as his tongue would penetrate. I was shivering with lust for what h was doing to me. When he finally pulled off my hole, he sat back on his heels, and grinned at me. I raised my head and grinned at him, and saw a thick puddle of precum nested in my belly button. He leaned over me and tunged the liquid out of its place. He smacked his lips, and smiled again. He removed the top off the tube of gel, and squeezed a bit onto his fingers. He dribbled a little onto my still exposed hole, and then ran his lubed fingers across my loosened hole.

“first one finger.” He pushed his bird finger into me slowly. I arched my back at this new feeling. He wiggled the finger inside me after it penetrated to the maximum. I twisted my body like I was impaled on a corkscrew. He withdrew the finger, and then pushed in again. I’d experimented a few times with my own fingers, but that had felt nothing like his was making me feel. He fucked in and out for a minute, and then with a hissed breath, he whispered: “And now two.” The pressure of the second finger beside the first, made me gasp. He took my cock in his hand and pulled it up off my belly. He slipped it into his mouth, and swallowed me whole down to the pubes. His nose nestled in my dark pubic hair sent a thrill through my body, and I thought I’d cum instantly. He must have had me into his throat, because my eight inches were lost in his mouth.

I groaned, ad thrust into him with my hips. He slipped his fingers out of my hole, and squeezed more get onto them. Pushing them back inside seemed more difficult, I realized he’d added a third. I moaned as he pushed into me as far as he could. He wiggled the fingers, probing something hard and round inside my body.

“You feel what I’m touching in there?” He’d pulled his mouth off my nearly exploding cock to ask the question. I nodded, reaching for his head to pull him back onto my raging dick. He pulled back out of reach, and chuckled. “Feels good don’t it?”

“Yuh. . . yeah,” I managed.

“Just wait until I work my dick into you and then it will make you go crazy for it.”

“When are you going to put it in me?”

“In a minute.” He squeezed a healthy daub og gel on his fingers buried in my hole, and worked it into me. He then pulled the fingers out slick with gel, and slathered his cock head with what was left on them. “Now, just try to not tense up. Hang loose, and it ain’t gonna hurt much. I got you good and loose and lubed up. He raised up on his knees, and I felt the head of his slick cock touch my flank. “Pull those cheeks apart for me again. My fingers slipped in the slick gel, but I managed to get a good grip and spread my cheeks. I felt the blunt head of his dick slip down my crack on the gel, and pause at my hole.

“Here it comes Bobby.” He pressed into me, meeting resistance at first, but I wanted to feel him inside me so badly that I closed my eyes, and went as limp as I could. He moaned a quiet sob, and I felt his cock head enter my ring. The stab of pain was intense, but I bit my lower lip, and kept my pain to myself.

Al pushed slow and steady into me, and after a moment, the pain I felt seemed to vanish. A feeling of being filled to capacity with the need to dump overcame the pain. All moaned again, and laid down across my hairless chest. He fastened his mouth over one of my nibs, and began to nurse. I was breathing hard, feeling I knew not what coursing through my being. Al switched nibs, and I looked down at his red head giving me new pleasures with is mouth. I felt something akin to love for this man I’d known less than 24 hours.

Al raised his head finally, and asked how I was feeling. “Wonderful,” I said. “you can fuck me now. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” He smiled, and leaned into me and kissed me again, chasing my tongue in my mouth with his. He pulled his hips back, leaving a feeling of emptiness in my guts. His hips rocked forward, and he refilled the cavity. I moaned. He continued to long stroke me slowly for several minutes, and I grew more and more open to him. He finally leaned back, and lifted my stiffness up into his face, and slipped me into his mouth again. I groaned with the feeling of his warm mouth covering me, and felt him pick up his thrusting speed. He was right, The feel of his big nob sliding over the hard round thing in my guts was sending me higher than I’d ever been before. Al began to apply heavy suction to my cock, as he thrust harder and harder into my guts with his massive bone. I began to writhe on the bed under him, gasping and pleading for more air, more cock, more suck, more, more, more!!!

When the climax came, it arrived with an explosion; filling his mouth with torrents of more cum than I’d ever thought possible. He moaned around my shaft, and sucked me dry with every hump I pushed into his throat. I was shivering and covered with the biggest goose bumps ever. He was still fucking my hole with speed and passion. He thrust like a steam engine into me, and I loved every stroke. Without warning, he suddenly stiffened, and I felt his massive hard-on grow and pulse. He let out his held breath with a gush of air, and pushed his cock into me hard. It throbbed again, once, twice, a third time, and I knew he was giving me his spunk deep in my bowels. I squealed with delight, and pulled at his chest hair with my hands as he thrust and gave me another shot of his cum. Time seemed to grind to a halt for the two of us, and we were suddenly still savoring the moment of ecstasy we had reached so easily.

Gradually, Al began to breathe again, and I felt his hardness faltering inside my gut. I pinched his nibs with my two hands, and he shivered. He leaned over me again, and we kissed slow and long. He softened until he slipped out of me, bringing with his cock a gush of fluid he’d left inside my hole. I cupped my hand over my hole, and felt it fill with his cream, frothy with this friction mixed with my butt juices. He rolled off me and spread his arms across the bed. I sat up, still cupping my hand under my now stretched hole, and waddled that way into the toilet. I squatted over the damp towels, and emptied all I could of the mix of fluids onto the towel. I wiped myself clean, and went back to the bed, and sprawled across his hair covered chest. He raised a hand, and laid it on the back of my head, and toyed with my hair.

We must have drifted off, because when I next was aware, he had set up in the side of the bed and was lighting a lucky. I moaned and stretched naked next to him. He laid a hand on my taut stomach, and rubbed my skin affectionately. He took a deep drag, and blew smoke across the room, before looking down at me. “You like that?” He beamed down at me.

“What do you think?” He chuckled.

“I thought you might. I know I did when Killer laid into my butt the first time.”

“I didn’t know what to expect. I mean I’ve thought about what it would feel like, but I had no idea it would feel so good.”

“Yeah. Me too. Next time, you get to plug my hole with that beauty you got between your legs.”

“Yeah? When? Tonight?”

“Any time you think you’re ready.” He looked down at my hardening cock and laughed again. “Teenagers,” he said, reaching for an ashtray.

Al was patient with me, and after several minutes of coaxing and showing me what to do, I had him lubed and open enough for my swollen cock. He rolled up on his shoulders, and pulled his cheeks apart, and I entered him smooth and easy. The sensation was marvelous. I felt like I could fuck him forever. We both came at nearly the same time, with me preceding him by just a moment or two. I collapsed on him and we lay there with him stroking my back and head.

Later, I slept spooned into him, with his hand holding my spent cock and balls. Once during the night, I felt him probe my crack with a finger or two, and then let his massive hard slip into the cleft of my butt. He didn’t try to penetrate me, but I realized I wanted him again. I roused myself and pushed him onto his back. I straddled his hardness, and raised myself up until I could position the head where I wanted it, and slowly lowered myself onto his shaft. I laid down again across his chest, and with my face buried in his red, red hair, I fucked myself with him slowly and for what seemed like an hour. He finally gripped my body, hugging me tightly to his chest, and filled my hole with his cum. I’d covered his stomach several times with my own cum while I fucked myself with his cock.

I rolled off the spent form of this man I was falling for, and using my tongue, I cleaned my spunk off his torso, and then cleaned my essence off his flaccid cock and balls, paying particular attention to the two large orbs that had given me my first experience with man sex.


February 24th, 2007, 09:15 AM
Another great chapter, Gary. I hope chapter 3 will posted soon. Vic

February 24th, 2007, 09:45 AM
My, oh My!

February 24th, 2007, 09:46 AM
you got it going when it comes to writing stories man.

keep up the awesome work..|

February 24th, 2007, 10:07 AM
Better than I expected. Hot damn that was good.

February 24th, 2007, 10:17 AM
Wow!!! Thanks Gary!
Looking forward to the next ... action packed ..... chapter !!

February 24th, 2007, 12:26 PM
very hot! thanks

February 25th, 2007, 05:54 AM
Runaway Chapter 3


The next morning after a big breakfast at a place called The Original Pantry, we made our way to the depot. The big man Al spoke to offered him a truck load of California artichokes bound for Santa Fe, New Mexico. Al thought about it and decided to take it. After the paperwork was signed off, we backed the bobtail rig up to the assigned trailer, and checked out of the yard. Working our way to the 10 freeway, Al asked me to plot our route via the 15 threw Las Vegas, and on to 40 across Arizona into New Mexico. I pulled the maps out of the glove compartment, and set to work. By the time I had it figured out, we were approaching the interchange for the 15. I wasn’t much good with maps.

Al was mostly silent while he drove and I was pouring over the maps, but once I put them away, having fixed the route we would take in my mind, he started talking. “We ought to be in Santa Fe in a day and a half, maybe late in the afternoon day after tomorrow.” He shook out a lucky, and I pushed in the dash lighter while he put the pack back into his clean pearl button shirt pocket. When he lit up, and cracked the window to draw the smoke out, he sat back in the seat, and glanced at me.

“You know Bobby, I had a very satisfying time last night. How about you?”

“Best time I ever had. It sure beat jerking my self off in the shower.” He laughed a full throated laugh.

“Yeah, I bet it did. I got to thinkin’ that maybe we could stick together for a while. We seem to make a good pair; don’t we?”

“I guess we do. Since I don’t really have to be anywhere soon, or ever for that matter, I’d like to hang with you as long as you want.” He grinned and took a drag of his smoke.

“I’d like that very much. But I got to tell you I like to play the field a little. Keeps life more innerestin’. That don’t bother you; does it?”

“I guess not. . .I don’t know. I’ve never played the field.”

“Well, I’ll always try to include you when we play, but not ever time is it gonna happen; you understand?”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Why, did you have something in mind?”

“Sort of. I was thinkin’ maybe I’d give Mike a call in Denver and give him our schedule. Maybe he can meet us at the ranch when we get home. He’s gonna love you if I know anything about his taste in men.” I smiled. I liked being referred to as a man. It hadn’t happened much in my life before.

When we stopped for lunch, Al told me to take a trip to the toilet while he dropped a dime on Mike. I left him dialing the number on the pay phone outside the diner we’d pulled into and headed inside to the john. I felt a little sore in the assgole department, but still felt like I had to take a dump. I pushed into the men’s room and made my way through the long room lined on one side with urinals, and the other with stalls. I found an empty stall, and after locking the door and checking for paper, I dropped my pants and sat down on the stool.

The walls were covered with notes and drawings almost all advertising to meet other men. I’d certainly seen a few stalls like this before, but I’d never imagined men could actually meet this way. I decided to ask Al about it since he had more personal experience with that sort of thing. I noticed a hole through the wall into the next stall, which was empty at the time. As I sat there trying to pass my bowels without hurting too much, someone came into the next stall. I peeked through the hole, and saw what appeared to be a business man in a gray suit taking off his jacket and hanging it on the hook behind the door. He locked his door, and dropped his trousers. When he pulled his boxers down, he released a respectable cock and set of balls. Once seated, he pushed an hand down between his legs, and began to massage himself. It wasn’t long before he leaned back and spread his legs and pulled his hard-on up with his fist. I saw he had a wedding band on his finger. He slowly jerked his meat while I watched through the hole.

I looked up at his face, and he had his eyes closed. He was well built, a little chubby around the middle, but still hot looking with his big cock in his fist. I glanced back at his dick, and saw a pearl of precum glistening at the tip. I licked my lips, and looked back at his face. He was staring hard at the hole I was watching him through. I set back up on my stool, and leaned back, embarrassed at being caught watching. I needen’t have been, because he stood, and pushed his thick shaft through the hole and whispered for me to suck his cock. I hesitated for a minute, but finally couldn’t resist putting my hand on his swollen rod. He pulled it back a little, and I gripped it tighter, not wanting to lose contact so soon with my second man cock. He felt my grip tighten, and pushed it back through.

“Suck it kid!” I dropped to the floor on my knees, and licked the head taking the sweet taste of his pearl. He moaned quietly, and I took the head in my mouth. I sucked him the best I could, and finally felt him stiffen on the other side of the wall. The flood of his cum across my tongue and down my throat was heavy. I swallowed and then had to swallow again. He started to soften in my mouth, and pulled out and back through the hole.

“Thanks buddy,” he whispered. “I’ve been holding that load for three hundred miles.” He finished wiping himself off, and put his coat back on and left the stall. I heard him washing his hands, then running the blow dryer. I finished my job, and after washing up and drying went out into the diner to look for Al. I found him sitting in a booth in the front window behind the man in the gray suit. I kept my eyes down looking at the menu Al had gotten for me. When the waitress came to take our orders, the man in the gray suit turned and asked her for a refill on his coffee. He glanced at me still hunkered down in the seat, and smiled before turning back to his meal.

He finished before we did, and when he got up to leave, he stood for a moment looking over Al’s shoulder at me and felt himself up with his hand. He smiled at me again, and nodded before he left. I watched him go up to pay his bill, and Al asked me what was so interesting about the guy. I told him I’d explain in the truck. On the road again, I gave Al a blow by blow description of my first public blowjob. He laughed at me and said he’d done the same many a time, and had had his dick sucked by plenty of strangers through what he called ‘them glory holes.’

“Hell,” he laughed. “You should have made the cocksucker blow you while you were at it.”

“I didn’t think of it I guess.”

“Well do it the next time. Turn about is fair play.”

“You won’t be jealous?”

“Hell no. A blow job is a blow job. There’s fun in the giving and getting of them. Now if you was to let every Tom, Dick, and Harry, fuck your butt without me knowing about it I might get a tad pissed off. But as long as you stay open with me, you can fuck everything with a dick as long as you tell me. Telling me about it makes me hard just to hear it. Feel.” He took my hand and laid it across his lap where his big cock had made his jeans tight around it’s shape.

“You want me to blow you now?”

“Naw. Let’s save it for later. We’ll have to spend the night in the sleeper somewhere around Gallup, New Mex. I’ve got some plans to keep us from getting’ bored tonight.” He roughed up my hair, and pulled me to him and kissed my ear. I told him I was still sore in my hole and I didn’t think I wanted to get fucked again so soon. He chuckled, and told me he’d have me begging fr it before the night was over.

“What did Mike say,” I asked, and leaned back against the seat, tired from lack of sleep the night before.

“He’s hitting the road tonight headed for Texas. I leave a key out for him. He’ll probably beat us home and have a hot meal ready when we get there. He’s a chef and owns his own restaurant in Big D. I guess he has some back-up that lets him take off when he needs a good fuck.”

“What’s he like?”

“Oh, I guess he’s a little like me, thin and strong, but he’s got black hair which I think he dyes. He’s about my age maybe a little older. You’ll see. I like him. Like bein’ around him he’s a barrel of laughs, and fucks like a champ. You ain’t been rimmed until Mike does the job.”

“He’s open about being queer?”

“To me he is, and maybe to a few others, but he’s married to a woman and has a couple of kids. He says she knows, and since they don’t do the sex thing any more, he just tells her he’s off to get his jollies. He says she don’t mind, and even thinks she might be getting’ her jollies while he’s off doin’ his thing.” I thought about this for a while, and soon enough found myself drifting to sleep. Al shook me and told me to climb in the sleeper and get some shut eye. I did as I was told, and drifted to sleep with the smell of my man filling every breath I took with pleasure.

It was dark when Al pulled the rig off the road into a parking lot filled with a hundred trucks. I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes and climbed out of the sleeper compartment. Al was working on his log, and when he finished he pointed to the restaurant in the center of the ring of trucks. “Hungry sport?”

“I could eat a horse.”

“Might be doin’ just that in this joint. Not one of my favorites, but pickin’s slim out here in west New Mex. We’ll eat something and then push on to the next interchange. We’ll camp on the off-ramp tonight. Won’t have to listen to all these fridge trucks motor’s running.” He popped his door, and climbed down. I followed him into the hot night, nad walked with him while he inspected his rig, checking tires and air brake lines and connections. When he was satisfied that the rig was in good shape, we headed across the lot between trucks to the restaurant.

Inside, he picked a booth and when the waitress brought water and the menus, told her we wanted the Navajo taco special. She wrote it down, and left. “Only thing the serve here worth eating. The cook’s an old Navajo woman, and she knows how to make good frybread. The mutton is tough, but there’s not a lot you can do with mutton. Her green chili is good too.”

The food came shortly, and we tucked into it. The chewy meat I could do without, but the rest of the giant plate of frybread, cheese and salad drenched in green chili was great. The soda I washed it all down with caused me to burp. Al had a couple of beers with his, but I was afraid to push my out of state fake ID to have one myself.

We hit the john before we left, and worked our way out of the maze of rigs back to the highway. The moon was just rising in the sky and looked gorgeous and super large. We followed it into the night and a few miles down the road, Al pulled of at a lonely interchange with a north/south road. It was getting on to close to nine, and we were both tired of the road. Al pulled off his Acme’s and dropped them on the floorboard. I beat him stripping to my briefs, and crawled into the cramped sleeper. He crawled in on top of me, and we kissed long and hard. His whisker stubble scrapping my tender skin, but I liked the feel of it.

The kissing got me hot pretty fast, and I could feel he was feeling the heat as well. His big dick was tenting his briefs and pushing through the leg hole against my thigh. I wanted to get the briefs off him and play with his toys, but he had other ideas. I finally was able to maneuver my own briefs off, and pushed his down under his balls letting his heavy meat free to drip his nectar all over my thighs and cock. He kissed my neck, and tongued my ears sending shivers through me.

“You are one hot little fucker Bobby. I’m glad I picked you up the other day. I haven’t been this hot for sex in years. I want to fuck you again, and I know you are still sore from the last time, but we’ll take it easy. Besides, the more you have my dick up your ass, the sooner you’ll get over bein’ sore. I’m gonna turn over on my back, and I want you to get over me and sit on my face. I want to tongue you hole for you awhile. It will make you feel better for it.” He moved off me, and I turned sideways in the cramped space. He rolled onto his back beside me, and I wormed my way around until I was positioned above him bent double with my hole hovering over his mouth. He blew on my tender bud, and it quaked under the gentle breeze. His tongue snaked out and licked across my bud. I moaned, and lowered myself closer to the warm softness. He licked me for several minutes before he attempted to push inside. When he did, the pressure was so soft and gentle that I felt nothing but pleasure. He sucked my hole for several minutes until my eyes were rolling back in my head. When he had me mumbling about how much I like what he was doing, he stopped and asked me if I thought I could take his dick yet.

“Let’s try it,” I said. He pulled a tube of gel from somewhere, and squeezed a dollop onto my bud. He worked it in with a finger, and then put some on his cockhead. I turned around to face him, and felt the tall shaft pushing the head of his cock between my butt cheeks. I relaxed, and sat down on it. It slipped in with a minimum of pain, and I gritted my teeth and let the long thick shaft fill me up until I felt his pubes scratching my butt.

“I’m in baby. You want to do the rest?” I grunted my answer, and began to rock my hips slowly, working his cock against that wonderful hardness inside my rectum. I picked up speed, and before I knew it, my gyrations were wild and frantic. His massive boner fucking my hole felt like a wonderful new toy. I was hot to feel his sperm firing hot into my gut. He grabbed my hips, and began to thrust with my movements, until we reached a perfect synchronization of fucking.

“Oh shit Bobby, I’m gonna blow my wad you hot little fucker. I felt myself tipping over the edge as he spoke, and was suddenly spewing my cum all over his chest and face. He raised me up until my head was crammed against the top of the cab, my neck bent, and I felt his spurts begin in my ass.

“Oh man Al!” I pumped his cock with my hole. “I can feel your cum hitting up inside me. I was making a HUH, HUH, sound between words as he pumped me full of his jizzum. I collapsed across his sticky chest, and buried my face in his cum matted chest patch. I felt his nibs hard and erect under my fingers, and instinctively pinched them. He moaned and thrust into me again and again. When we finally began the slide off our high, we lay like that, still connected, asshole to cock, and savored our satisfaction with each other. It was long after midnight before he shrunk enough to slip out of my hole. He handed me a towel, and I wiped myself clean of the gush of cum and ass juice and then took charge of cleaning his soiled cock and balls. He had a box of baby wipes that worked fine. The smell of baby oil and talcum filled the sleeper, masking the musk of our sex. Once clean, I turned off the dim light, and lay across his chest, and listened as his breathing turned softer and then to gentle snores as he slept. I must have drifted soon after, because the next thing I knew someone was pounding on the door of the cab trying to wake us up.

“That’s probably a Smoky. Keep your head down and keep quiet. Let me talk to him.” I nodded, and he stuck his head out through the draw curtain, and said he’d be out in a minute. He quickly pulled on his pants, not bothering with his briefs, and shirtless, climbed out of the sleeper compartment and slipped behind the wheel. I heard him crank the window down,

“Mornin’ officer.”

“Mornin’ Red.”

“What’s up?”

“Just checkin’ out the trucks this mornin’. Got a runaway kid out of Phoenix. Been gone three or four days. You seen this kid?” I heard the rustle of paper, and then Al coughed, and I heard him tap out a lucky. The click of the dash lighter as it was pushed, and then a sort of grunt.

“A kid like that was tryin’ to hitch a ride over in California. I turned him down of course. I don’t pick up no hitchers.”

“Well, shit. I’ll get that out on the radio. He’s not a minor, but his folks are worried about him. Thanks for the info Red.”

“Al. . .name’s Al. Like it says on the door of the rig.”

“Sorry Al. I just figured with a head of natural red like you’ve got that would be your nickname.”

“Well, it was pinned on me hard until I got big enough to bust some noses.” The cop chuckled.

“I’ll remember that if we meet up again. Thanks for the lead on the kid.” I stayed quiet in the sleeper smelling the reek of our night’s sex, and Al’s cigarette smoke. He was giving me a commentary of what the cop was doing. Finally, I heard the patrol car pull out of the gravel back onto the road.

“Stay there a minute,” Al said. “Never know what a cop might be wonderin’ about.” I busied myself putting on some clothes, and wishing I had some salve for my tender butthole.

Al finally gave me the all clear, and I climbed out of the bunk, and slipped into the seat beside him. I was pulling on my socks and shoes, when he flipped his butt out the window and cranked the engine of the rig. He was silent, and when I looked at him, I could tell something was bothering him.

“What?” I asked. tying my shoe laces. He didn’t speak until he had shifted the rig into final cruising speed headed east down the highway toward Albuquerque.

“That paper the cop showed me had a good likeness of you from a few years ago. You looked about sixteen in the picture.”


“Yeah. Maybe you ought to give your folks a call next chance we get. Let ‘em know you’re all right. Might get them to pull the cops off your tail.”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

“Somethin’ else his paper said. . .” He paused and knocked another lucky out of the pack. I pushed the lighter and waited for him to continue. The lighter popped out, and he lit his smoke. “The story is on the cop’s paper is you’re short two years bein’ majority.”

“What does that mean? Majority?”

“Consenting.” He looked at me closely.

“Consenting?” I stared back at him while he smoked and drove the rig. He had a worried look on his face.

“Yeah. It means you aren’t considered old enough by the law to know what you are doin’ sex wise.” He took a drag, and then with the cigarette between his fingers, put both hands on the wheel and looked over at me. “If you had told me the truth, I wouldn’t a touched you. I don’t go around fucking kids.”

“I’m eighteen Al. Just like I said.” I felt tears welling in my eyes.

“Well. . .uh, I know I didn’t force you into anything, but goddamn, you got me over a barrel right now I don’t know who to believe; you or that paper the cop had. If that cop had a seen you, and smelled our spunk in the cab, he’d have my ass in cuffs ridin’ to the hoosegow in Albuquerque right now. I don’t like havin’ that hangin’ over my head.”

“I’m sorry Al, I didn’t mean to put you in a spot.” I just wanted to get out of my parent’s house. But I am eighteen; but how can I prove it to you?. I’d like to stay with you if I could. I like what we did together. I like the way you treat me like a man instead of a kid. I like the way you fuck me. I want to keep it up until my butt doesn’t get sore from you pounding it with your dick.” He chuckled, and looked at me again.

“Well, I certainly enjoy poundin’ your tight little hole too.” He took a drag, and mashed the butt out in the ashtray. “You hungry?”

“I guess so.”

“I think you ought to crawl back in the sleeper case we run across that Smoky again. He ought not see you ridin’ with me since I told him you was somewhere in California. There’s a truck stop about fifteen miles up the road here, and I’ll go in and have some breakfast like normal, and get some take out for you. OK?”

“OK.” I grinned at him, and crawled back into the sleeper. We talked through the curtain as he drove, and soon enough I felt him down shift, and slowing the rig, pull off the highway. The wheels crunched on gravel, and the air brakes farted as he came to a full stop.

“I gotta run through my routine like normal here. So just lay low and I’ll be back in a while with some grub. You want coffee or a coke?”

“Coke, I guess.” He pulled out his log book and up-dated it before climbing out of the cab. He locked the door, and I heard the thumping as he made his way around the rig whacking the big tires with an axe handle. After I counted eighteen of the thumps, I heard the axe handle being returned to its place behind the cab.

I could hear other trucks pulling in nearby their engines rumbling, and the occasional voices of men talking between the rigs. I ventured a peek through the curtain, and saw we had stopped in a big truck stop. At the far edge of the lot, I could see the diner, and parked in front of it was a patrol car. I pulled back into the sleeper, and laid there thinking about things. It wasn’t long, before my thoughts turned to the last truck stop we’d been in. I wondered if there were men in the toilets getting and giving blow jobs this very instant. My cock began to expand thinking about it. My hand found its way under my belt, and I started playing with my dick.

After a bit, I withdrew my had from my hardness, and unbuckled my belt. I felt so horny with my thoughts, I had to jack off. I started pulling slowly on my thickness, and squeezing my balls as I did. After a moment, I ran a finger down my crack, and caressed my soreness, imagining my hole filled with Al’s big dick. I rubbed the finger across my mouth, and smelled the funk on it, I opened my mouth and sucked it in licking and sucking imagining sucking the married guy in the toilet. I was so hot to cum, it only took a minute before I felt my cum rising. I cupped my palm over the head of my dick, and shot several strong loads into it. When I was through, I licked the warm cum out of my palm and swallowed down, reveling in the smooth sweetness of it. I mentally compared the taste of my jizz to Al’s, and found I could distinguish between my sweet tasting cum and his more acid. His tasted a bit of tobacco. Since I didn’t smoke, I figured my cum was cleaner than his. I wondered if Al knew what his cum tasted like.

I was just buckling my belt again, when Al returned to the truck. He had a bag of egg muffins and a large coke. He also had a large cup of coffee. “That didn’t take long,” I said.

“Damn Smoky was in there having breakfast. I decided to get mine to go too. I just hope he wasn’t payin’ attention to what I bought. He’d figger out pretty quick that I had a rider with me.” He handed me the coke through the curtain, and told me to stay where I was. He set his coffee in the dash cup holder, and took out two muffins for himself. He handed the bag with two more through to me, and I took it from his hand, and then pulled his hand to my face and kissed his fingers.

He ate before starting the engine, and we talked quietly, while he watched the café. After a while, he said the Smoky was coming out and getting into his patrol car. He sipped coffee in silence, watching the patrol car pull out of the lot and head back west, opposite from our direction.

“I guess he didn’t notice nothin’.” He cranked the rig’s engine, and taking a another swig of his coffee, he shifted into gear and began to crawl out of the lot. We were soon on the road at cruising speed again. I’d finished my muffins, and half my large coke. I poked my head out of the curtain and asked him if I could get out yet. He looked in both his side mirrors, and finally said I could if I kept a look out for cops.

“If we see one, you drop down in the seat so they don’t see you.”

“OK.” I handed him my trash, and the remaining coke, and climbed out. I slipped into the seat beside him and put my arm around his waist. He patted my hand where it rested on his hip. I looked up at his profile, and told him he needed a shave.

“I know it,” he said. “Too bad you don’t.”

“Not yet, but I will.” He chuckled, and for a while we drove in silence. Finally, my mind kicked out a question I’d wondered about earlier. “Al, have you ever tasted your own cum?”

He looked down at me and smiled.

“What have you been comparing cum tastes?” I nodded. “Well, I guess I have on occasion. Can’t tell much about it. I can tell you that yours tastes like you been eatin’ honey. Sweet like.”

“Yeah?” He grunted.

“What did that dude last night taste like?”

“You mean in the toilet?”

“Unless there was one you didn’t tell me about.” He glanced down at me again, and I sat up in the seat.

“No, just him.” I thought back to the flood of his cum across my taste buds, trying to recall the flavor. After a moment, I said: “Well, I don’t think he smoked cigarettes. . .He was kind of salty tasting, like he ate a lot of salt on his food. Not bitter.”

“And what do I taste like?”

“I taste tobacco in yours. Maybe because you smoke too much.”

“Could be I do. I got into the habit because it helped me pass the time on the road. I don’t much enjoy it any more. Never did really. I guess I could quit if you’re gonna be ridin’ with me.”

“You think you can?”

“Course I can. I can do anything I set my mind to. Watch this.” He removed the pack of Luckies from his shirt pocket, and rolled down the window and pitched them out. “In the sleeper, under the bed is the rest of the carton. Get it for me and I’ll toss them too.” I crawled back into the sleeper and felt around under the cot until I found the cigarettes. I handed them back out to him, and he tossed the whole thing out the window. I had felt something else under the bed, and pulled it out and brought it with me as I slipped onto the seat next to him.

I started flipping through the glossy pages of the magazine as he glanced away from the road to se what I had in my hands. “Oh, you found my magazine stash.” He chuckled. “All I can say is the road gets lonely sometimes, and this ol’ rig vibrates my nuts so much, I need to get off once in a while.” I looked at the pages of photographs of nude men, mostly muscular, and clean shaven to the point of lacking pubic hair on some. They were doing all sorts of things to each other. One image caught my attention, a guy with a cock bigger than Al’s was porking the hole of a little bitty guy, who was sucking the huge cock of another man standing in front of him. There were several other men standing around the threesome jerking their lesser cocks. On the next page, the photographer had caught three of the guys jacking off shooting their cum on the back of the guy being fucked.

“How do you think he takes such a big dick up the ass?” Al glanced at the photo before returning his attention to the road.

“Well, that ol’ sphincter can stretch to accommodate almost anything if you work up to it. Hell, there’s guys love to get an arm shoved up their holes. I seen it done once in a club I was in, in Oklahoma City. They took there time, but before it was over, this ol’ boy had his fist up the guy’s hole to his elbow.”


“That’s what I thought, but I guess if it’s what you like, it’s what you like. I ain’t never done anything like that myself, but it was interestin’ to watch.”

“Tell me about this club you went to.” He launched into the story as the miles faded under our wheels. After another hour’s driving, we topped a ridge, and down in the valley the smoky city of Albuquerque appeared. As we got close to the outskirts of the city, he told me to climb back into the sleeper, because he had to get fuel, and buy some more beer and ice.

On the road after refueling, we were approaching the eastern outskirts of the city when he muttered under his breath. “Keep quiet back there, we’re being pulled over. It’s probably just a check station. They will check my paper work, and ask a few questions. They don’t much ever check the sleeper.”

The rig slowed, and the air brakes discharged and the truck rolled to a slow stop. After a minute, with the engine idling, a man’s voice sounding very officious said: “Log book please.” Al had it ready and handed it through the window. “You got any rider with you?”

“No sir. Is this about that runaway kid out of Phoenix?” Al sounded cool and collected.

“Just checking.”

“I told another Smoky this mornin’ I seen the kid out in California yesterday tryin’ to hitch a ride.”

“Yeah, we saw the report on that. We figure he’s hitched up with some trucker by now. No tellin’ where he’s got off to. His folks are worried about him. What’s your load?”

“Artichokes. Droppin’ ‘em in Santa Fe.”

“What’s a artichoke?”

“Damned if I know, some kind of vegetable I’d guess.” Al laughed. The cop laughed with him. “If it ain’t a potato with gravy on it I ain’t eatin no vegetable with my steak.” The cop laughed louder.

“Artichokes huh? . . .sounds like faggot food.” The cop chuckled.

“Don’t it though.” The cop handed the log book back to Al, and stepped off the running board.

“You happen to see the kid anywhere, report it to an officer if you can.”

“Will do officer.” Al shifted into gear, and the rig began to roll again. I realized I hadn’t been breathing much during the exchange, and drew a shuddering breath. As we picked up speed, and reached eighty, again, Al engaged the cruise control, and told me I’d better stay in the back, at least until we hit Texas.

In Santa Fe, he dropped the Artichokes at the depot, and collected a check. The whole deal took a little over two hours. I was sweltering in the sleeper cab, since he had shut the engine down and the air conditioning was not running. When he climbed back into the cab, he asked me how I was doing.

“I’m melting back here,” I complained.

“I’ll fix that in a jiffy.” He cranked the engine, and I felt the first stream of air not yet cool, but cooling none the less wash across my sweat stained t-shirt. As the air cooled me down, I felt the goose bumps begin to rise up on my skin. I shivered in the bunk, and pulled the blanket over me. “We got a few miles to roll over, and you ought to stay hid, so why don’t you try to get some shuteye. Tonight’s likely to be a long on if I know Mike at all.”

“You mean we’ll be at your place tonight?”

“About seven is my guess. Just this side of Amarillo.” I slipped a hand through the curtain, and let it rest on his strong shoulder. The rumbling of the bid engine, and the road vibration, soon had me drifting off to sleep and dreams.


February 25th, 2007, 09:08 AM
Great story, Gary. Looking forward to the continuation. Vic

February 25th, 2007, 10:28 AM
Thanks Gary
This is great !!!

February 25th, 2007, 10:59 AM
intense, loved it upped the ante on this

February 25th, 2007, 01:28 PM
What a suspenser. I hope we find out why his parents lied on his age.

February 25th, 2007, 02:14 PM
really enjoying this :-)

February 26th, 2007, 05:09 AM
Runaway Chapter 4


The violent rocking of the bobtail rig pulling off the paved road woke me up. I lay for a moment feeling the rough washboard of a dirt road under the wheels. I peeked out of the draw curtain, and could see by the headlights that it had gotten dark, or nearly so. Across the western horizon, a thin band of yellow/orange color still painted the darkening sky.

“Where are we?” Al looked over his shoulder at me, both hands on the vibrating wheel.

“Be home in fifteen minutes or there abouts.” I slipped out of the sleeper, and into the seat next to him, pushing myself close to his body like girls did with their boyfriends. He patted me on the thigh with his right hand, and then took hold of the jumping wheel again.

“You live out in the sticks huh?”

“Far enough. Don’t get many visitors dropping in, just the way I like it most of the time.” He pointed through the windshield with his finger, never letting go of the wheel, and I looked. In the distance, I could see a light. “Looks like Mike is here already. Hope he’s got supper ready. I’m hungry. How about you?” I grunted. We hadn’t picked up anything to eat at lunch time, and all we’d eaten all day was the two breakfast muffins we’d had in the morning. My stomach was growling. “I ought to tell you that Mike likes to do his cookin’ in the nude. He’s likely to be buck naked when he opens the door. So don’t be shocked. We can get naked too, if you feel like it that is.”

I didn’t say anything, but instead began to wonder what the night held in store. I couldn’t wait to see what sort of man Mike was, and the size of his package, remembering what Al had said about it earlier. As we pulled into the yard, the light over the front door came on. The front door opened, and a man about medium height stood there back lighted wearing an apron, and holding a large kitchen knife. He looked at me in the passenger’s window, and I stared back at him.

Al killed the engine, and rolled his window down. “Roll you side down Bobby,” he said. “Smells like somebody’s been fuckin’ in here. Let it air out tonigh.” I rolled down my side window, and by that time, Mike was making his way bare and tenderfooted across the dead grass of the yard to the truck.

“Howdy boys,” he shouted.

“Howdy right back at ya,” Al shouted back. “This here’s my bud Bob, Mike. Bobby, this is Mike I told you about.”

“Delicious,” Mike said. He stepped up on the running board, and looked me over. I leaned back a little, but he took my hand, in his free hand, and shook it vigorously. “Al told me you’d be here tonight when he called. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. He says you are one hot number, so we ought to get along.” Changing subjects abruptly, he said: “I’ll bet you boys are hungry. I got the grill hot, and steaks just waiting for you to get here. Come on in and have a beer while I put the meat on.”

Al popped his door, and jumped to the ground. I did the same after Mike stepped off the running board. He was halfway back to the front door when Al came around to join me. “I’m goin’ to strip off so Mike don’t feel uncomfortable. Are you gonna do it with me?”

“What, we’ll eat supper in the nude?”

“Yeah. Gives Mike a chance to get his fill.”

“Fill of what?” I looked at Al closely.

“Cum.” Was all he said.

Mike was already out the back of the house, cooking steaks on the grill. Smoke billowed up from the burning meat, and I could see Mike’s thin muscular buns decorated with a bow the apron strings made. Al sat down on the couch and started to pull off his Acmes, and motioned for me to do the same. I pulled up a wooden chair, and kicked my sneaks off. Soon enough we were both nude. In the kitchen, we sat down at the table opposite each other where the two places had been set. Al poured beer into the tall glass next to his plate, and put his foot in my lap. I poured beer in my glass, and put my foot in his lap. We were grinning at each other as we drank the beer and waited for our steaks.

Mike stopped at the stove, and removed two very hot baked potatoes and sliced through them and pinched them open. He dribbled melted butter into the steaming flesh, and added a big spoonful of sour cream which he sprinkled with chopped chives and freshly ground pepper. He brought the steaks in from the grill, and laid them lovingly still bleeding on the plate next to the potatoes. He sliced a large red tomato into wedges, and placed them along side the meat. Once he was finished with his preparation, he brought them to the table with a flourish and set them before us.

“Enjoy boys,” he said, reaching behind his back to untie his apron strings. He pulled the canvas cloth over his head, and revealed to me for the first time his considerable erection. It stood against his belly, almost reaching his button. He draped the abandoned apron over the back of an empty chair, and dropped to his knees. In a moment, he’d crawled under the table. “Oh my,” I heard him say just before he engulfed my stiff cock in his slick hot mouth. I raised up slightly off my chair, and let out a sigh. Mike slipped a hand under my butt, and I felt him probe my sore hole with a finger.

“Easy,” I said. “My butthole’s sore as hell.” Al chuckled.

“Sorry,” Mike muttered around my cockshaft. He pulled off me after a second, and apparently moved over to Al’s joint. “Have you been fucking this sweet boy with this big thing Al?” I heard him slurp Al’s cock down his throat. I watched Al sit there slicing a piece of steak, and bring it to his mouth. He smiled at me, and chewed.

“What can I say Mike,” Al said. He can’t get enough of my dick. Bobby’s a natural. And, would you believe he was a virgin until I met up with him day before yesterday.”

“Fuck,” Mike said. “I don’t believe it.”

“It’s true,” I said, cutting my own steak, wishing Mike would get back to me.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a virgin anything,” Mike said. “My ol’ lady was knocked up twice before I met her. And the boys I’ve had all seemed to know too much about it to pass.”

“Well,” Al commented as Mike let his big dick plop out of his mouth. “Bobby here’s a fast learner. Gave his first blow job in the toilet at the truck stop over in Gallop.”

“How was it,” Mike asked, sucking my cock back into his hot mouth. I scooped up a forkful of baked potato and grunted as he turned on the suction.

“I liked it fine,” I finally said, with my mouth full of potato.

“How about the guy?” I swallowed, and sliced a piece of meat.

“He seemed to appreciate it. Married guy with a ring.” I tucked the steak into my mouth and chewed.

“Yeah, “ Mike mumbled, sliding up and down my shaft. “Those married guys really appreciate a good blow job. I know I’ve certainly given enough of them reason to keep coming back.” He pulled off me again just as I was getting into what he was doing. Al grunted, and I knew Mike had swallowed him again.

“Umm,” Al moaned, a little a smile stealing across his face. “What have you been practicing on Mike?” Mike mumbled something incoherent, and began to slurp heavily on Al’s dick. I kept stuffing my face with food, while Al just sat back in his chair and smiled.

My wet cock was feeling a little cold when Mike was suddenly back on the job. I felt like I was getting close, because he was a master at what he was doing to me and I supposed to Al as well. I began to raise up in my chair again, and Mike repeated his hand under me act, and I spread my legs for him. He hesitated a second before taking the cue to slip a finger into my sore hole. I moaned, and winced a little from the pain, but everything was feeling so good, I let him finger fuck my hole while he sucked hard on my cock.

“Shit,” I gurgled, “I’m cummng.” My cock flexed, and I blew a shot into the back of Mike’s throat. He swallowed without missing a stroke, sucking like a machine, as I fed him all I had to give. Gradually, he eased up, licking and sucking lightly on my dick head cleaning it off for me.

Finally he went back to work on Al, and I cleaned my plate while Al dropped his
hands under the table, and apparently had Mike’s head gripped tight, while he fucked his throat to his own climax. Mike was suffering that monster cock deep and wide, but swallowing Al’s load of spunk. Al was sitting stiffly in his chair, his head thrown back with his eyes tightly closed. He didn’t seem to be breathing at all, and confirmed this when he finally let out his retained breath with a gasp for more fresher air.

I heard Mike moaning softly, and put down my fork to look under the table cloth. He was sitting on his shins, leaning over Al’s spread legs sucking on his hairy balls. He was also stroking his own hard-on slowly as he made love to Al’s testicles. As I watched, Mike shivered and with a grunt, Began to cum with long ropes of jizzum across Al’s now limp dick and balls. Mike just kept sucking and licking up his own cum until Al was left clean if slightly damp.

After we had finished eating, and Mike had washed up the dishes, we all retired to the living room to talk, and watch a DVD that Mike thought we might find interesting. Al had a large screen TV nearly the size of the dining table in the kitchen. None of us had gotten back into our clothes, and once seated on the long sofa opposite the TV, the three of us felt god and comfortable with each other’s nakedness. Mike sat himself between Al and I, and as the DVD began to play, took both our cocks in his hands, and began to gently squeeze and rub until it was having his desired effect.

The DVD was about three men taking advantage of a hunting trip to an isolated lodge. Two of the men were married studs, and the third hunting partner was a determined gay man. He had a plan, to divide and conquer his hunting partner’s first one at a time, then ultimately, the two together. He picked his first opportunity with care. He’d listened to the big blond hunk’s complaints about the lack of sex in months because his wife was expecting. He invited the hunk to walk with him through the woods to see a special place he knew about while the other man took a nap.

As they walked, the gay man kept putting his hand on the hunk’s shoulder and around his neck as he commiserated with him over his sexual dry spell. By the time they reached the secluded spot they were headed for, the married hunk, was talking about how horny he was. After finding a grassy patch to lay down on to enjoy the day from, the gay guy began to talk about how men often relieved themselves with masturbation. The married hunk perked up with this talk, and we could see it was having its effect. Finally the married hunk said he once jacked off with three or four army buddies, and how much he’d enjoyed it while it was happening.

The gay guy asked him if he and his buddies had helped each other out. He denied it, but the idea was planted. After a few more comments about the jerk off session with his buddies, the gay guy told his story about how he’d helped out a friend in just the same situation. His friend’s wife was pregnant, and he was going crazy with blue balls. He’d invited the friend to come to his house to help him with a bit of repair work.

The scene in the DVD flashed back to his friend arriving with a portable circular saw in his hand. He was wearing a pair of shorts, and flip flops, but no shirt. When the gay guy answered his door bell, he grinned at his friend’s lack covering. His hairy chest and pink nipples really turned the gay guy on. He invited his bud in and offered him something to drink. While h was getting it, the friend sat down on the sofa and was looking through a stack of porn magazines. When the gay guy returned from the kitchen, the friend was looking at a spread with a guy fucking a woman in the ass, and was rubbing himself with his free hand.

The gay guy cleared his throat, and offered his friend a beer. They sat next to each other and talked about the hot photos in the magazines. Gradually the gay guy steered the conversation around to the obvious hard-on in his friend’s shorts. The friend acted embarrassed, but couldn’t do anything to hide the problem. The gay guy told him it was OK. He further said that he would like to help him out if he was game.

The friend wanted to know what he meant. The gay guy explained, that he wanted to get him off so he wouldn’t be so horny. He explained that it wasn’t good to let his balls get so blue. He also said that if his friend didn’t want to, he’d jerk off with him like buddies if he wanted. The straight guy considered this, and after a long hard stare at his gay friend, he stood up and dropped his shorts. He had a long thin cock that was covered in veins, and the head was glistening with precum. The gay guy gasped when he saw it and instinctively reached for it. The straight guy backed away, and began to stroke himself. He told the gay guy to join him if he wanted, so the gay guy did. His cock was even thicker and longer than the straight guy’s, and before long, the straight guy was eyeing his gay friend’s big dick with a look of lust.

Eventually, the gay guy reached and took over the hand strokes on his straight friend. The straight guy moaned, and reached for the gay guy’s dick. As they played with each other’s cocks, the gay guy dropped to his knees, and without a word, took the straight guy’s hardness into his mouth. About then, the story flashed back to the two guys layig on the grass. The gay guy was already sucking his straight friend’s big hard cock, and playing with his nuts.

The dude being sucked told his buddy to suck his balls. He moaned that his wife wouldn’t even touch them. The gay guy lifted his friend’s legs up over his shoulders, and went to work on the guy’s big hairy orbs. The camera caught a river of spit oozing down the guy’s ass crack, and the gay guy used it as a kind of lube to wet his finger, and begin to play with his friend’s asshole. The straight guy at first pushed his hand away from his hole, but when the gay guy took his throbbing cock back into his mouth, he dropped his protest, and let the gay guy do what he wanted with his butt.

After the gay guy had worked three fingers into his buddy, the straight guy was begging him for more. With a sudden change of position, and camera angle, the gay guy had his friend on all fours, and was pushing the big head of his cock at the quivering back door to paradise. They fucked for a good ten minutes, changing positions several times, until they ended up in what straights call the missionary position, and the straight guy began kissing his gay fucker with tongue. The straight guy came first, shooting his jizz across his belly and into his chest hair. The gay guy began to suck it up without missing a stroke with his big dick in his friend’s asshole. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and forced his straight friend to take him into his mouth. I remember he shouted “Swallow it mutherfucker. The straight guy did.

Mike had both Al and me hard again, and asked me if I minded if he sat in my lap. I said I guessed that I didn’t mind, and he was quickly sitting in my lap, with my cock buried to the short hairs in his ass. Al stood up, and spread his legs in front of Mike, and Mike reached for his hardness, and opened wide. Al pushed himself, big as he was, all the way down Mike’s throat. Mike was suddenly covered in sweat, and began slipping and sliding on me. Al began to fuck in and out of his throat, and Mike began bouncing on me like a maniac. Since I had just cum down Mikes throat a few minutes before, I didn’t think I could cum again so soon, but that seemed to suit Mike just fine. He wanted a long hard fuck that he was in control of.

Al grabbed hold of Mike’s ears, and began to long dick his throat like it was the best fuck he’d ever had. I didn’t think he’d cum soon either, and figured between the two of us we’d wear Mike out top and bottom. Mike was jerking his own cock, and I decided to take over for him. I pulled his hand away, and got a good grip and started to jack for all I was worth. His big cock was hot and slick in my hand, and I loved the feel of it sliding through my fingers. Mike found my free hand, and pulled it around and placed it on his balls. By squeezing my fingers, he made me understand that he wanted me to squeeze his nuts. I obliged him, and the sensation of rolling his big balls in my fist while I jerked him off, and fucked his butthole, was dizzy making. I felt myself swoon in a kind of sexual ecstasy I’d never imagined possible.

Mike began to gurgle around the cock plug of Al’s dick, and Al let his ears go. He pulled out of his mouth, and Mike gasped for breath. I stopped what I was doing, and Mike leaned back and kissed me on the mouth. “Man, you are one hot kid,” he whispered. Switch place with Al. I want to daisy chain with you both.

“What’s that mean,” I asked, stumped.

“I want Al’s big dick in my ass, and you fucking Al while he fucks me. Al can jerk me off and if you can reach, you can squeeze both our balls while we are doing it.” I nodded, and He stood up leaving my swollen cock free in the air. He kissed it as he turned arounf on the sofa and presented his butt to Al. Al wasted no time shoving himself into Mike roughly. Mike squealed, and I stepped behind Al, and did the same to him. Al grunted, and pushed back into me to help me penetrate his hole. After we were positioned, Al started the show by slow humping Mike. He told me to match his pace, and to try to keep the rhythm going once the speed picked up. He also said he wasn’t going to cum for a while, so if I got tired, I could drop out and maybe content myself with a bit of nut sucking. He also said he loved to feel his cock being licked and sucked on while he was fucking ass.

I did my best to keep up, but it had been a long day, filled with multiple cums, and I got tired faster than I expected, but really, Al’s suggestion of licking and sucking his cock while he was fucking Mike sent me into a sweat to try it. When I pulled out of Al’s hole, I immediately dropped to the floor and shoved my head between his legs. I sucked Mike’s balls for a few minutes, and set him to moaning. When I had them nice and spit shined, I switched to Al’s nuts. He groaned and gasped that I had a magic tongue. I worked on them for a while, with his big thick shaft pushing and pulling Mikes ass lips an inch from my nose. I switched to Al’s shaft where it was entering Mike’s body. The hot slick ass juices on the cock shaft sent me into a delirium of lust. I was tonguing Al’s shaft and Mikes stretched hole as the hot fuck continued.

I could see that Al was beating Mike’s dick with his left fist like it was a snake trying to bite him. I wanted to taste Mike’s cock, so I finally crawled out from under their connection, and stumbled around to the sofa side of Mike. I worked my way under Mike, and when I touched Al’s hand, he relinquished Mikes stiff cock, and I swallowed as much of it as I could. I heard Mike mumble something, and he started fucking my face with each thrust Al threw into his butt.

Before I realized what was happening, Mike bent sideways, and took my still stiff cock into his mouth, and we did what I later learned was called a 69 while Al continued to fuck his hole. I lost all track of time while this was going on, and when I felt Mike’s cock begin to surge and pulse his cum into my mouth, I had no idea how long it had taken to achieve. No matter, when the first squirt of his cum hit the back of my throat, I felt myself join him in a gush of my own. He moaned and sucked and swallowed as I did.

“You two fuckers are cumming,” Al shouted. “Me too!!!” he pounded Mike’s ass hard and rough stiffening between strokes as he shot his load up Mike’s guts. When he finished, we all collapsed in a pile intertwined and exhausted from what I deemed to have been a serious cock session.

I rolled over, and sat with my back against the front of the couch with my but on the carpet. My eyes were closed and I was covered in sweat. Al and Mike had landed across each other on the couch, and were also dead to the world. I opened my eyes, and looked at my two new fuck buddies, and laid my head across their sweaty legs. I glanced at the DVD still playing, and saw the story had progressed to include the third man, who was being fucked by the married dude, and sucked off by the gay guy at the same time. While he was being done at both ends, his hands were busy working a cum shot out of the Gay guy sitting on the floor in front of him. It made me wonder if the whole world had gay tendencies. All I knew for sure, was that for all my rush into man sex, it struck me as something fantastic. I’d felt emotions and feelings I never imagined existed in the past three days, and I knew I’d never go back to being my shy little self. I felt like all the cock in the world was mine for the asking.

After we had all partially recovered from our romp on the couch, Al suggested we hit the shower and then the bed. The shower stall would only accommodate one of us at a time, so we drew straws for our turns. I went first, and Mike second. Laying on the big king sized bed in Al’s bedroom, I asked Mike about his life. While Al sang in the shower, Mike told me about himself.

“I’ve been married for fourteen years. I love my wife, and we have two kids, a boy 14 and my daughter’s 12 now. I think my wife loves me as much as I love her, but we’ve agreed that we no longer do anything for each other sexually. In that regard, we have gone our separate ways. She knows I go with men when I get the chance, but then she does too. We made an agreement just to keep our sex partners to ourselves. The theory being what you don’t know won’t make you jealous.

‘Actually, I was a pretty straight fellow until about three years ago. The wife and I had stopped our sex life four or five years before that. I suspected she was seeing another man, because she was paying for a babysitter more than I thought necessary. I decided to talk to her about it, not because I wanted a divorce mind you, but because I just wanted her to know that I really loved her and wanted to keep the family together if we could.

‘At first she denied seeing someone else, but I pointed out that while I was at work, I own a restaurant in Denver, she was calling in babysitters and spending several days away from home. I told her I knew about it because one of the sitters was a regular in the restaurant, and told me how many days she was babysitting for Edith, my wife.

‘At first she got mad, and said she’d never use Cathy, that sitter again for not keeping her mouth shut, but I told her it was all right with me if she had some one else. I explained that loved her and just wanted to keep the family together because I had come from a broken home, and knew the damage divorces did to families. She calmed down, and finally after a lot of soul searching old me that she agreed with me about keeping the family together, but that I wasn’t sexually interesting to her anymore. I agreed, that it was true for me as well, and asked what we should do about it.

‘We talked late into the night, until I had to go to sleep because I had to be in the restaurant at four a.m. to start prep for the lunch rush. That day, after the first rush was over, she called me and asked me to come home before the dinner rush started, because she wanted to talk to me about what we had discussed.

‘When I got home, she took me into the kitchen and gave me a cup of coffee, and sat opposite me at the kitchen table and told me that she had decided to tell me everything that had been happening with her. At first I was flabbergasted, but by the bottom of the first cup of coffee, I’d learned that she didn’t have a special someone else, but rather was having sex with several men that she met on the internet. Some she said were good lovers, an if they proved to be so, she would occasionally see them again. Even several times. She said she always met them in a motel instead of bringing them home, or going to their homes. She didn’t want the risk of having one of her lovers becoming obsessed with her and becoming a nuisance.

‘I asked her if she was falling in love with any of them, which she denied. She told me it was just the thrill of variety. She laughed, and told me that my cock was nice at first, but that it had become old hat. She’d discovered through her assignations that she liked a variety of penises fucking her. It was always a thrill for her to feel a new and different cock sliding into her cunt for the first time. I had to acknowledge that I’d had similar thoughts, and shocked her when I told her that I too had fantasies about many different cocks sliding into my cunt.

‘At first she didn’t get it, and I finally had to tell her point blank that I thought I was gay. Although I’d not had any gay experiences at that time, I spent many nights in my lonely bed jerking off fantasizing about this or that guy I’d seen in the restaurant. I’d even gone so far as to order some gay porn to watch after I went to bed in my room. She asked me to show her some of it, and after looking at several DVDs, she made the comment, that it seemed like we were both interested in the same part on a man. We had a good laugh, and she told me that I could have my cake and eat it too as long as I never told her about any of it. I also asked her to never inform me either of what she was up to. We’ve been happy together for the last three years, and have a good home life, and close heterosexual friends who don’t suspect a thing.”

“How did you meet Al?” I listened to Al going into the second verse of Bobby McGee, and wondered if he was thinking of me since he called me Bobby. I hadn’t told him my last name yet, and only knew his because it was painted on the doors of his rig.

“Let’s see. . .” I met Al a couple of years ago when I was on a buying trip into New Mexico picking up some good chilies for the restaurant. I’d been to the chili festival and was headed home again. I’d always heard that truckers always knew the best places to eat on the road, so I pulled into a truck stop with about a hundred trucks in the lot. My first stop, was the toilet, and into a stall to take dump, but I also thought I might get to see some strange dick. At that time, I had only been active with a couple of guys I’d met through the internet. I took my wife’s advice and went there first. They hadn’t been super hook-ups as far as the sex thing was concerned. They were both married men, and scared shitless they would get caught in a compromising position. Neither one wanted to fuck me which I really wanted to happen as fast as I could get it to happen.

‘In the toilet at the truck stop, I was just finishing up my dump when Al came in and took the stall next to mine. There was a hole in the wall, and I looked through it to watch him drop his pants. I had to gasp when I saw the slab of meat he was packing, and it wasn’t even hard. I’ll say this, it made my hole twitch from hunger. I stuck my finger through the hole and wiggled it at him. He sat down on the stool, and leaned forward to the hole, and whispered that when he got hard. The hole in the stall wall was too small to put his dick through. We sat there for a while thinking, and I finally asked him if he had a place we could meet, because I really wanted to get my hands on his cock.

‘He thought we might try something in his truck cab, but I had a better idea, and told him I’d like to get a motel room for the night. He took me up on it, and we left the diner, and he followed me down the road aways until I saw a likely motel. I checked in, and he checked in as well. The clerk gave us adjoining rooms since we were both in the lobby at the same time. There was a door between the rooms that had safety locks on either side. We had them open faster than we could say it. Al told me he was so horny he couldn’t see straight anymore, and I told him I was his for the night to do with what he wished. Anything would go as far as I was concerned.

‘We stripped off, and started the party with a fantastic 69. Since I’m a total bottom, and Al seems to be mostly a top, it wasn’t long before he wanted to plant his pole in my hole. I wasn’t opposed to try it although it was a first for me at the time. He had some gel with him, and after some serious finger and butt play, he had me lubed and begging for it. That fucking cock of his hurt like hell the first few minutes he was pushing it into me, but I was determined to let him bottom out in my butt.

‘Once he did, he fucked me fast and hard until he pulled out his big dick and blew his first load all over my chest. We did it several more times that night, and it was getting daylight, before we called it quits. He invited me to follow him home to Texas, where he was headed between runs in his rig, and I just said to myself that it was too good a dick to pass up the offer. I’ve been coming down here once or twice a month ever since then. That’s the story. So how did you two hook up?”

I briefly filled him in on how Al and I had met, and had started to tell a little of or sexual history to date, when Al came out of the bathroom. His red hair glistened, still damp from his shower, and his penis hung ling and limp almost to his mid thigh. The nest of red pubes around the base of it and his balls looked inviting. To both of us. But before we could react to his offering, he said: “You boys have worn my ol’ pecker out for the night. I’m goin’ to sleep. You two can do what you want, just take it into the livin’ room if you will, I’m plumb tuckered out.”

We agreed to behave ourselves, and all settled in the big bed snuggled under a light sheet, since the room was not cold. With the lights out, it wasn’t long before I heard Al’s gentle snores were heard. Mike had me sandwiched between himself and Al, and didn’t seem to be asleep. I laid there listening to Al’s sonorous breathing, and began to drift off myself. Al had been right. We’d put in a long day, it was approaching midnight by the bedside clock, when I finally closed my eyes.

When I next looked at the clock, I found it was a little after five in the morning, and I realized Mike was no longer in the bed. I snuggled into Al’s back, and laid my left arm over his chest. I felt myself getting hard, and lightly touched Al’s big cock, and found him hard as a rock. I lay there, suddenly unable to sleep anymore, and lightly stroked his hardness with my fingers. I wondered where Mike had gotten to, until I heard the oven door open in the kitchen. After a while the house began to fill with the wonderful smell of something baking. Al turned over more on his stomach, and resumed snoring lightly. I disentangled myself from him, and climbed out of the bed.

In the toilet, I emptied my bladder after my hard finally let me, and went into the kitchen. Mike was busy at the sink with something and I saw he had resumed wearing the apron, but nothing else.

“Hi Mike,” I said, stepping into the room. He jumped slightly, and turned to look at me with a smile.

“Scared me you little fuck toy.” He pointed at one of the chairs, and said: “I’ll pour you a cup of coffee. Sweet rolls out of the oven in a few minutes. I’m just whipping the icing right now.” He stopped what he was doing as I sat down naked at the table. He selected a Mug and filled it with steaming coffee. “How do you like it? With cream I hope,” he said with a smile, and groping himself through the apron.

“Ug,” I said. “I’ll take the cream on the side if you don’t mind.” He laughed, and pulled the apron aside to show me he was ready to be milked if I wanted it. He stepped to where I was sitting, and placed the steaming mug on the table in front of me. I reached under the apron, and felt his stiff cock and soft balls. “You couldn’t sleep because of this?”

“Sort of. I’m so used to getting up early to get to the restaurant, its become habit. The hard-on is just a bonus I came up with thinking about you and Al. You want a suck?”

“I guess so.” He untied the apron strings and took it off. I leaned over and licked his balls. They were hanging low and loose., and I found I could take them both into my mouth. He moaned, and I let them pop out one at a time, and ran my tongue up the length of his hard veiny shaft to lick under the rim of his cock head. He shivered a little, and put his hands on my head.

“For a newbe, you certainly learn quick.” His breathing was in short gasps, and his grip on my head was tightening. “Suck my cock Bobby! Take it down as far as you can.” I did as I was told, and even though he was a good three or four inches smaller than Al, swallowing him to the root took a little time. I discovered besides having a sore asshole, my throat was feeling the effects as well.

I sucked him for several minutes, and finally he couldn’t stand it any longer, and tightening his grip on my head even more, he began to fuck my face and throat with insistent thrusts. I was struggling for air, when I felt his shaft pulse, and he painted my sore throat with a few shots of cum. The effect was a stinging sensation deep in my throat, but I kept at the blow job until I felt the last of his pulsing shots of cum, and then began to soften. I was easing off his now limp dick, when Al stepped into the kitchen, and began to applaud the sex act.

“Don’t he beat all Mike?” Al pulled a chair out from the table and reversed it and straddled it with his big limp cock and balls sticking through the back opening of the chair.

“I think you found yourself a wonderboy. He sucks like an old time faggot that’s been doing it for half a century.”

“He’s a natural ain’t he?” Mike set a mug of coffee on the table in front of Al, and smiled.

“I’d put cream in it for you, but the boy drank it all down.” Al laughed, and Mike slipped the apron back over his head, and tied the strings behind his back. He opened the oven a crack, and then closed it again. He poured himself a mug, and then slipped a big oven mitt on his hand. He opened the oven again, and removed a baking tray crowded with big golden buns. He set it down on the counter next to the sink, and picked up a bowl he’d been mixing something in when I first came into the room. With a spoon, he dribbled something that looked vaguely like cum across the hot buns. The smell of warm cinnamon and sweet bread filled the kitchen, and my mouth began to water. I was hungry.

“I told you we’d eat good while Mike was here.” Al took a sip from his mug, and patted his chest above his left nipple. “Shit. I forgot I quit smokin’ so I cum sweeter.”

“Thank god,” Mike said. “Your cum tasted like an ashtray. I’ll have to sample it after breakfast to see if it’s improved any yet. When did you quit?”

“Yesterday afternoon. Throwed all my Luckies out the window. But I sure could use one now.”

“Stick with the program Al,” Mike said. Suck dick instead of sucking smoke. It’s healthier in the long run. I’ll bet Bobby here will keep you on the straight and narrow with his fine mouth and other openings.” The two men laughed. I reached under the table, and fondled Al’s equipment, and smiled at him.

“Anything you want Al.”

“I guess I want you to call your folks today sometime and put their mind at ease. It would make me feel better and safer if they called off this APB the cops have out on you. You think they might if you ask them to?”

“I guess so. . .Uh, but I don’t know. I know they use me for an excuse to fight all the time. My dad thinks I’m not his kid, and probably because he thinks I’m a sissy boy, which is what he calls me all the time. He’s a mechanic, and I think he wanted me to go to school to learn to be one too. I told him I didn’t want to spend my life covered with monkey grease.” I sipped my coffee, and took the hot cinnamon roll Mike offered. I took a bite, and chewed for a minute before continuing. “He gets a little drunk and beats on my mother for what he calls ‘fucking around’, which is what he thinks she was doing when she got pregnant with me. I just couldn’t take it any more, and day before yesterday, I split from home.” Mike’s eyes got big.

“You ran away?” He sat down at the table.

“Yeah, I did. And I don’t plan on going back.”

“No shit. You going to stay with Al?”

“If he’ll have me.” I looked at Al. He placed a hand on my thigh under the table, and squeezed.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way Bobby. I haven’t known you very long, but I gotta say, I can’t imagine getting along without you already. I just wish you were a couple of years older than you are.”

“How old are you,” Mike asked.

“Eighteen, but I’ll be nineteen in three months.”

“Oooh! Man!! You are playing with fire Al.” Mike stared at Al across the table, and Al patted his left breast above his nipple again.

“Shit,” Al said. He sipped his coffee, and set the mug down. He pulled a strip of bun off, and stuffed it into his mouth. While he chewed, he spoke: “What can I do Mike. He don’t want to go back home, and I don’t think I want him to.” He swallowed, and looked over at me. “I know it’s been a short time knowing each other, but I gotta say I think I love him already.”

“I understand that,” Mike said, squeezing my other thigh. “I think if I’d found him first, I might have kicked the wife and kids out of the house and set up a love nest.”

“Well,” Al said picking up his mug and holding halfway to his mouth. “That’s what I’ve got here; a love nest. I’d like to be able to take him on the road with me, but since he’s run off from home, his folks are goin’ to worry. You got any ideas how we can fix this up?” Mike looked from Al to me and back again.

“Maybe.” He sipped coffee. He set the mug down and looked at me. “Bob, when you call your folks, have you thought about what you might tell them?” I shrugged, not having given it much thought at all.

“I guess that I’ve run away from home, and for them not to expect me back.”

“Well, that ought to get them off you back. No seriously, we ought to think about this and see if we can’t come up with a story that will placate them and get them to leave you to your own life.” The three of us sipped coffee in silence and I had another sweet bun. Finally, I had a thought.

“Maybe if I told them I’d found a job riding side kick with a cross country trucker and would call them from time to time where ever I could.”

“Too close to home,” Al muttered.

“No,” Mike spoke up. “Let’s think about it for a minute.” He sipped coffee, and pulled another bun onto his plate from the tray.

“All they would have to do was tell the cops he’s ridin’ with a trucker, and they would be all over every rig from coast to coast until they caught us.” Al looked depressed, and I saw him lift his hand toward his left nipple before catching himself and gripping his mug tighter. His jaw was clenched tight showing his stress.

“Well maybe Bob can convince his folks that this is what he wants to do. They might be willing to let him go if they met you Al. After all, you don’t look or act like a child molester.” He laughed. Al smirked back at him.

“Very funny Mike.” I thought about it for a bit, then said that it might be worth a try.

“No way,” Al said.

“Why not. I’ll call them and tell them the truth up to a point. I’ll say I was running away, and that they would have never laid eyes on me again, because I couldn’t stand being the cause of their fights anymore. I’ll tell them I found a job riding shotgun cross country with you, and the next time we get to Phoenix, we’ll stop so they can meet you. I think they will buy it. My dad has been after me to get an honest job, and my mother will miss me, but see that I’m happy, and doing good. I think it will work.” I picked up my cooling bun and took a bite.

“I think so too,” Mike said.

“These are delicious Mike.” I took another bite, and chewed while Al patted his chest again glaring at the two of us.


February 26th, 2007, 10:30 AM
Going very good Gary. Looking forward to reading what happens when Bob calls his folks. Meeting Mike was fantastic. Thanks and keep cumming. Vic

February 26th, 2007, 12:45 PM
Thanks Gary
Ways and Means? eh!! They certainly don't want the cops around!!
The next one should be interesting!!

February 27th, 2007, 05:12 AM
Runaway Chapter 5


Later, I called and got my mother. I laid out the story as we had discussed, and even though she cried, I told her that I was happy, and didn’t want to be the cause of her being knocked around when dad got a little drunk. She said she was sorry I’d had to leave home, but understood my reasons. I asked her if she wanted me to call dad at work, and fill him in, but she said she would do it. I promised to call her from where ever Al and I were around the country, and that next time we passed through Phoenix we’d stop in to see them and they could meet Al. I told them he was a great guy, and was paying me good money just to keep him company on the long hauls. She wasn’t totally happy about it, but said she’d call off the search for me, so I could get on with my life without worrying about getting picked up by the cops.

I asked her to do it right after we hung up, because Al and I were due to hit the road in 24 hours, and I didn’t want him to have any problems because of me. She agreed, and when I finally said good-bye, and dropped the receiver in its cradle, Al put his hand on my neck, and leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips. Mike congratulated me for a job well done, and said he thought it would work out just fine in the long run.

“You told her we were hitting the road in 24 hours, but I don’t think we are,” Al said.

“Doesn’t matter. I wanted to make sure she got right on that APB; what ever that is.”

“All Points Bullitin.” Mike was gathering up our clothes from the floor of the living room where we’d shucked them the night before. “I’m going to do a wash. What are you two planning?”

“I got to check on the cattle, and see if my Mexican has been doin’ his job while I been gone this trip.”

“Can I go with you?” I looked at Al hopefully, wanting more than ever to be close to him all the time.

“Sure thing. Get some clothes on, and we’ll head out in a bit.”

Al kept a four wheel ATV in his barn, which we started up and rode out into the pastures behind his house. Straddling the vibrating machine riding behind him my arms hugging him close, gave me another case of the goose bumps. The weather wasn’t cold at all, but still I felt my scalp crawling with pleasure holding tight to my man. In a grove of cottonwood trees, we pulled into a little camp with a tent and campfire. A Mexican woman and three kids hid in the tent. When Al got off the ATV, she peeked out from the flap and told Al in rapid fire Spanish that Miguel was rounding up strays that had broke through a fence the day before. She said she’d have him come to the house when he came back.

Al nodded, and told her he didn’t want Miguel bothering to come to the house, since it was a ways to come on foot, but that he should stick around the camp in the morning and he’d come back then to talk to him. He asked the woman if they needed anything from town, and she asked for some flour and masa for tortillas. She also said they were getting low on beans and chilis.

“I’ll bring that with me in the morning.” Al told her in fluent Spanish. He started the ATV, and we back tracked to the east following a small creek that ran through his property. Every few yards, we’d scare up a few head of cattle, and once a small herd of deer. By the time we pulled into the yard and put the ATV away in the barn, we had counted eighty-three head of cattle.

“That’s about half of them if Miguel hasn’t let the other half run off.” Mike had another pot of coffee ready when we walked into the back door of the kitchen, and was busy working on something grand for lunch.”

“What smells so good,” I asked.

“That’s for me to know and for you to wait and see.” Mike smiled at me.

“Man I’m glad you ain’t here all the time,” Al said. “I’d be fatter than a two year old hog at the county fair.” Mike laughed.

“You love my cooking you SOB.”

“I surely do Mike, but I ain’t liein’ when I say it would make me fat in no time.”

“What do you eat when I’m not here to cook for you?”

“Mostly coffee and cigarettes.” He patted his empty shirt pocket.

“Well, you’ve given them up haven’t you?”

“I guess I have. I give my word to Bobby.”

“I’ll finish lunch, but then I got to hightail it back to Denver. I called the restaurant a while ago, and one of my cooks quit. They need me ASAP.”

“That’s too bad, but I understand.” Al sipped at his mug. “I. . .I mean we will hang around here for a few days and I’ll see if I can’t line up a job at the depot. Maybe somethin’ up your way this time.”

“That would be great.”


Lunch was exceptional, a pasta salad on a bed of spinach, with a sweet and spicy vinaigrette. A loaf of home baked French bread, and a bottle of French wine he’d brought with him. After we said our good-bys, he took off in a cloud of dust in his old Volvo, waving out the open window as he made his way to the one lane blacktop headed back to civilization, and his problem of finding a replacement chef for the restaurant.

Al and I showered, dressed for town, and then, in the barn, took the cover off his Ford F-150 pickup. He asked me if I had a driver’s license, and I showed him the plastic card with my holographic photo I’d gotten after passing my student driver class in school the previous Spring. He took it and checked my age from the date on it and shook his head.

“I ought to have asked to see this the first thing after I picked you up.”

“Would it have made a difference?”

“You bet!” He started the Ford, and looked over his shoulder as he backed out of the barn. “Jail bate usually isn’t my thing. This coulda turned out a whole lot worse than it did. I ought to send your mother some flowers or somethin’ to show her I appreciate her callin’ off the APB.”

“Oh god, don’t do that! My dad will kill her if he saw them. He’d think she’s been fucking some guy and the flowers would be the evidence.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it, but I do appreciate what she’s done for us.” He pulled out onto the paved road off the washboard dirt that was the road to the ranch.

“She probably realizes that I’m the cause for most of her misery. My dad just can’t seem to leave it alone. I’ve tried to get her to leave him but she has always said I needed a father figure. Maybe now that I’m gone, she’ll get up the nerve to divorce him.” Al looked over at me, pulling slightly off the pavement to let another pickup to squeeze by going in the opposite direction. He tipped his hat, and raised a finger which was duplicated by the man in the other vehicle.

“’At’s our neighbor, has a spread about fifteen miles on. Name’s Jack Anderson, and I’ll bet a dollar to a donut, he’s already tryin’ to figger out who the hell you are.” We drove a little bit in silence while I looked at the land flat and grass covered as far as the eye could see in all directions. I was mulling over my thoughts, and a question occurred to me.

“Why does you Mexican helper live in the tent out there by the creek?”

“Why? ‘Cause he and his old lady are both illegals. They come up here from some little pueblo in Mexico a while back, maybe three or four years ago. They was camped out down where we found them this mornin’, no tent or nothin’. The kids was with them, but I didn’t see them right away, cause the had ‘em hid in the willows down by the stream.” Miguel told me they were hiding from a Coyote, they’d paid their last dime to get them across the border, and once across, had demanded they pay him again. He’d threatened to take the kids an sell them to who ever if they didn’t pay up. Miguel had waited until dark, and took his family and escaped. They were bone tired, hungry, and scared to death that I was goin’ to turn them in to the Border Patrol.” He pulled up to the stop sign that announced the highway. Several big rigs were trucking passed as we waited for an opening. Al honked at each one and got a return horn after giving the drivers each a high sign out the window.

“Most of those guys are people I’ve met one time or another. Good people.”

“So,” I got him back to his story.

“Well, I didn’t have the heart to turn them in, and Miguel said he had experience with cattle, and would work cheap. I agreed to let them stay, and picked up a tent, and some cooking utensils at the Goodwill. I staked them to grub, and such, in exchange for Miguel looking after the ranch when I’m on the road. He’s a hard worker, and does his best to make sure the cattle are cared for. I’m goin’ to buy him a horse and saddle while we’re here this time so he don’t have to walk ever where he goes. He’s never driven a car, and doesn’t know how. Jack Anderson has a pony I told him I’d like to buy. We’ll go see him after we get home.” Turning onto the highway, we picked up speed, and headed for Amarillo in the distance, a dirty smudge of smog on the horizon.

What we needed in town didn’t take long to accomplish, so Al decided to stop in at the truck depot and put us in for a trip. The man at the desk told him he had several pending in a day or to, but he’d already promised the Denver run to another driver. The best he could do was a load of hay to Rock Springs Wyoming. Al signed up for it and the man, Delbert, said he’ call when it was ready to go.

“That’ll take us through Denver, and you can see Mikes set-up. But moren’ likely, we have to dead head back from Rock Springs, ‘cause there ain’t much comin’ out of there this time of year. Maybe if we lay over in Denver, we can pick up a load there. We’ll check when we get there.” We stopped finally at a 7/11 store, and he bought some candy and sodas for Miguel’s kids, and put the sodas in an ice chest he filled with crushed ice. I suggested he also throw in a gallon of milk.

“Naw,” he chuckled. I did that once, and them kids had the shits for a week. No more milk.”

Back at the ranch, we loaded the collection onto the ATV, and Al took it out to the camp while I waited, in the house, watching another DVD Mike had brought for us to watch.


February 27th, 2007, 09:22 AM
Thanks Gary, glad his Mum called off the cops!
Great chapter

February 27th, 2007, 09:29 AM
Loved this episode even without sex. Thanks Gary. Vic

February 27th, 2007, 03:26 PM
sweet, this story is picking up the pace and coming from all directions...nice storytelling.

February 28th, 2007, 05:40 AM
Runaway Chapter 6


I had my cock hard and jerking slowly, edging my climax when I heard the ATV return. After a few minutes, Al came in the back door, and shouted for me. I shouted back that I needed him in the living room. He came in with a grin on his face, when he saw me naked on the couch with my cock hard. He dropped next to me and reached for my hardness. His mouth closed over my dick, and I couldn’t control my climax any longer, and filled his mouth with several squirts of cum. He moaned and swallowed all I could give him, and then proceeded to lick my nuts and hole softly while my hardness subsided. It felt good just to lie there feeling his warm moist tongue licking me.

“Well,” he finally sat up. “That was delicious. But we had better go over to see about that horse for Miguel. I got a feelin’ about that load of hay to Rock Springs.” I pulled on my pants, and slipped into my sneaks and tied the laces. He went to the kitchen, and came back with a beer and a soda for me. “Won’t do to see Jack with beer on your breath. He’s a little conservative if you get my drift.”

“You mean he doesn’t like queers?”

“Queers among other things. What he doesn’t know is his ranch hand is queer as three dollar bill. Me and him have had some good times on his day’s off when I’ve been off the road. He’s got a tight little hole, and likes to suck anything he can get his mouth on. Name’s Bill, and I do call him Three Dollar when we get together. You’ll meet him eventually.”

Al had hitched a horse trailer to the Ford, and we pulled out of the yard, and headed for Jack’s ranch down the road. When we pulled into the yard there, after a ten minute drive, Jack came out of the house, and stood on the wrap around porch and waited with his hands stuck in the front pockets of his levis. We both got out of the truck, and walked toward the inviting shade under the covered porch.

“Howdy neighbor.” Al shook Jack’s offered hand, and introduced me as his nephew. “His folks thought some time with me would do him some good now that he’s out of high school.”

“Nice to meet you son. You lookin’ forward to longhaulin’ with Al?”

“I am sir. I might even like to take up driving myself in a few years.”

“You ain’t gonna waste yer time with college are you?” Jack put his hand on my shoulder.

“Not in my immediate plans sir.”

“Well, that would probably get you off on the wrong foot in life anyway. Them colleges and universities are all run by a bunch of leftwing radicals ‘at ought to be horsewhipped, or worse.”

“Now Jack,” Al started.

“Don’t start in on me Al. I know you don’t agree with my politics, but shit fire, you know I’m right about them schools.”

“I ‘spose so Jack, but a feller ought to have a education don’t you think?”

“I’d pick the school very carefully if I though any kin of mine needed to go.”

“Well when the time comes, I’ll check into it good.” Jack finally smiled, and nodded toward the barn.

“Bill ought to be out in the barn workin’. He ought to have Whitey ready to travel. You got the check?”

“Right here Jack.” Al unsnapped the pearl button on the pocket where he used to keep his Luckies. He removed a folded check and handed it to Jack. Jack unfolded it and looked at it carefully.

“Horse and used saddle. Bueno.” Jack stepped off the porch and we followed him to the barn. The big structure was once painted red, but the sun had weathered it into a rusty brown. Inside out of the bright sun, the gloom was thick.

In a far stable, a man was working with a pitchfork, pitching muck out of the stall onto a pile of smoking dung.

“Hey Bill.” Al said as we walked up behind him. The man turned as his name was spoken, and a big smile spread cross his face.

“Well I’ll be damned. Al! When did you get back?” Bill was as tall as Al, and a little heavier of build. He had a tight muscular working body, and had dressed it in dirty levis and a matching long sleeved Levi perl button shirt, buttoned to the neck, and buttoned at both wrists. He had dark curly hair, which was accented with touches of gray at the temples. The two men shook hands, and Bill clapped Al on the back.

“This here’s my nephew Bobby. He’s going to be with me for a while.” I glanced at Al’s face and saw him raise his eye brow and nod toward me. Bill offered his hand, and I shook it while he nodded and grinned at me.

“I guess you’re here for Whitey right?”

“Yeah.” Jack said, turning away and walking to a stable across from the one Bill had been mucking out. A piebald horse stood watching us. He had one white eye, and one dark eye. “He’s an ugly sombitch, but he won’t throw a rider. I broke him of that myself.” A worn saddle was flung over the rail of the stall. Al examined it in the dim light. “That one do you?”

“Ought to be fine.” Al said. Bill was fitting a halter over Whitey’s head, and once finished opened the gate to the stall and led the horse out. He handed me the reigns, and told me to watch him since he liked to bite a bit.

Al threw the saddle over his shoulder, and all five of us started back toward the pickup. Once there, I led Whitey to the rear, and Bill opened the gate for me and smacked Whitey on the rump and drove him up into the trailer. I followed the horse in and tied the reigns to the bar at the front. Al put the worn saddle in a rack at the back of the trailer, and then closed the gate on Whitey.

Bill followed Al around the truck to the driver’s side, and I climbed into the cab. Jack had gone back to the shade of his porch. I listened to the two men talking in low voices beside the cab.

“I’d like to come see you tonight after work if it’s alright. He rolled his eyes at me where I was sitting.” Bill was a little embarrassed looking.

“You horny or somethin’,” Al whispered. Bill nodded. “All right we’ll see you after work. But you clean up, you hear. You smell like horse shit.” Bill smiled, and looked at me again. He indicated me with a slight raising of his chin, a question in his eyes. “I think you and Bobby will get along just fine.” Al slapped Bill on the shoulder, and climbed into the cab. He started the engine, and waved at Jack on the porch as he pulled out of the yard in a “U” turn and headed home.


Later, after we had taken Whitey out to the camp, we cooked a meal of steak and a salad of left over spinach that Mike had left us. The grilled stake was tender and delicious, and the salad was tasty. We took turns in the shower, and put on clean shorts, but neither of us put on shirts. It was still light in the west, when we saw head lights on the road coming up from Jack’s place. They turned in at our road, and bumped along the washboard and pulled into the yard. Al got up and went to the front door. I heard a car door slam shut, and Bill saying something indistinct.

“Well,” Al said. “It’s been long enough. Ain’t you found anybody else around here yet?” Bill cam up the front steps, and Al stepped aside and let him enter the house. Bill had a bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag, which he handed to Al as he entered the house.

“Like I said at Jacks, I’m so horny I been thinking about getting’ one of the clafs to suck me off.”

“Shit,” Al laughed. “All you’d have to worry about would be the calf’s mother thinking you was tryin’ to steal her baby.” Both men laughed. “Go on into the livin’ room, and keep Bobby company, and I’ll make us some drinks. Jack know where you are?”

“He thinks I’m in town drinkin’ with the boys.”

“Well, I don’t know about town, but you are gonna be drinkin’ with the boys. Don’t be afraid of Bobby. He’s young, but he knows the ropes. He likes to play.”

“Yeah?” I could hear the sound of Bill’s voice cheer up a little. I decided to turn on the DVD player, and was in the process of doing it when Bill came into the room. “Hi there Bob. What you up to?”

“Just getting ready to watch a DVD.”

“Is it a good one?”

“You tell me.” The big TV screen blinked a couple of times, and the image appeared. It was the DVD I’d been watching earlier I was jerking off to. When the image became clear, Bill whistled, and sat down on the couch next to me. The picture was in close-up of a big black cock sliding deep into a tight white butthole. The guy being fucked was jerking his on not inconsiderable took, and the camera was close in on his bouncing balls.

“Al let you watch this shit?” Bill sat back, and put his left arm across the back of the couch, and laid his right forearm on his Levi covered thigh.

“Hasn’t said anything to me about it yet. Why; what’s wrong with watching two men fucking?”

“Well. . .uh. . .maybe a kid you age oughtn’t to be seein’ this sort of stuff.”

“Bill,” I looked at him, and could see a bulge developing in his crotch. “Didn’t I understand Al to say that you were queer as a three dollar bill?” He blushed. “In fact, didn’t you come over here tonight, because you’re so horny you could choke?” He stared at me with his mouth open, and began to sputter.

“Hu. . .hu. . .How old are you bu. . . bu . . .Bob?” He finally was able to blurt out.

“Old enough to do you good.” I smiled at him, and just then Al came into the room with a tray of glasses and ice. The bottle of Wild Turkey Bill had brought rested in the center. Al set it on the coffee table and poured a couple of fingers in two of the glasses. In the third, he pulled a can of cola out of his back pocket, and popped the tab.

“You stick to soda bub.” He gave me an intense look.

“Can I at least have a taste? I’ve never tried it before.” He poured the cola into my glass, and then tipped a table spoon of the Turkey into the glass.

“There, don’t ever say I don’t give you anything you want. But don’t ask for any more. Hell,” he said beginning to pop the buttons on his shorts. “You two still dressed?” He pulled off the shirt, and I sat up and popped my own buttons. Bill looked at both of us for a minute, before taking a big gulp of Turkey, and popping the buttons on his shirt. It only took a few seconds before the three of us were buck naked sitting side by side on the couch, watching the DVD fuck scene. All three of us soon had hard-ons we were helping each other stroke.

“What do you like to do little Bob,” Bill asked.

“I don’t know everything I like. I just got started at this a couple three days ago when Al picked me up hitching in Phoenix.”

“Fuck Al. You get all the luck.”

“Yeah, virgin and everything.” Al took a swallow of his drink, and set the glass down on the coffee tale. He leaned over Bills standing cock, and swallowed it down his throat.

“Geeze!” Bill gugled, and handed me his glass of Turkey. I took a quick sip, and set it on the table next to Al’s, and watched the expert blow job Al was administering to his friend. Bill ha his eyes closed, and his legs spread as wide as possible. I decided to help out, and set my glass of soda aside and dropped to my knees between Bill’s legs. Al’s eyes glanced at me and he nodded on Bill’s shaft. Bill moaned. I leaned in and ran my tongue over Bill’s hairy nuts. They rolled in the sack, and I sucked one of his big orbs into my mouth. Bill raised up off the couch, his legs straining, and I managed the second nut a well.

“Holy muther of. . .! Suck me boys!” Bill scooted to the edge of the couch, and he lifted his legs into the air. I let his balls slip out of my mouth and licked lower until I found his bud. It quivered a bit when I started probing it with my tongue. As he gradually relaxed, I stiffened my tongue and pushed into him. Suddenly his hands were on the back of my head, pushing me deeper into his hole. Bill’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he began breathing hard. I decided I wanted to fuck him, and stopped what I was doing and waited until he realized I had stopped, and opened his eyes again, I was on my knees pulling on my stiffness and pointing my cock head at his hole, rubbing it around in the wet left by my licking. He sighed, and nodded his head, and then closed his eyes again. I leaned into him and felt my cock slip through his ring, and into his hot guts. He shivered, and transferred his hands to Al’s head.

“That’s it boys. I ain’t had anything like this in a month of Sundays! I need it bad.” I bottomed out with my eight inches, and stopped there to let him get used to me buried to the hilt. “Don’t worry about hurtin’ me little Bob. I’ve took bigger than Al on occasion when I could find it. Just go ahead and fuck the shit out of my ass.”

I took him at his word, and fucked him to my own pleasure. He was good for his word, and took everything I could think to do to his butthole with my hard dick. I was having a good time, when Al started to moan and gag at the same time. I looked down, and saw Bill’s balls pulled up tight to the base of his cock, and could see the cum tube running up the underside pulsing his cum into Al’s throat. I watched it happen, and slowly pulled out of his well fucked asshole without cumming. I got up and sat back on the couch next to him, and reached for my soda. Bill leaned back, as Al finished cleaning all the traces of his cum off his softening cock with his tongue. Bill’s big cock looked worn out but still covered with blood filled veins and showing a swollen purple head, with a glissening drop of cum in the slit. Al took that drop finally, and let the limp thing drop back onto Bill’s thigh.

“That’s one!” Bill finally said, reaching for his drink.

“He’ll be ready to go again in a few minutes,” Al said to me, drinking a sip from his glass. “How are you doin’?”

“I’m good. Had a little fun, but I didn’t cum.”

“Well, I could sure use a little butt about now. You want to sit on me?”

“You bet.” Al took a tube of his favorite gel from a drawer under the coffee table, and squeezed a dollop on his fingers.

“Come here, and let me open you up a little.” I moved over in front of him, and turning my back to him, bent at the waist and spread my butt cheeks for him. He spread the goo around my hole, and worked a finger into me while Bill watched in fascination. Al worked fast, and soon had three fingers covered in gel working my opening. “Tell me when you’re ready Bob.”

“I’m ready Al.” He told me to wait a second while he spread another dollop of gel on his cock head. Then, he picked me up with his strong hands on my hips, and positioned me over his cock. Bill reached for his stiffness and held it true for Al, and Al lowered me until his big cock head was working through the gel around my hole.

“Ready Bob?”

“Yeah.” Al relaxed his grip on my hips, and I started to sink down over his nob. I felt the big head spreading my cheeks, and then prying open my hole. I shivered a little as the old pain I’d had returned for a moment. I drew in my breath as a sharp stab sliced across my sphincter.

“Pull off if it hurts,” Al said. Bill whimpered a little, an jacked Al’s cock a time or two.

“Not on your life,” I said, letting myself go limp and dropped even lower on his shaft.

“Man alive, look at him take your dick Al.” I could feel Bill’s hand pumping Al’s cock under me.

“Stop if you want to Bob,” Al was beginning to breathe harder.

“Never.” I grunted with some effort. Bill was now jerking himself as well as Al’s cock.

“This is one hot fucking pitcher.” Bill slipped off the couch, letting go of Al’s dick, and reaching for my now limp worm. He positioned himself in front of me, and swallowed my soft dick. He turned on the suction, and I felt myself begin to harden, just as I reached bottom on Al’s red pubic hairs.

I sat there for a minute letting Bill do his thing on my no stiff cock, and slowly lifted myself up Al’s shaft. After doing this a few times, Al whispered in my ear to walk with him. He actually didn’t let me walk, but rather lifted me mostly with his cock, and walked us both around to the back of the couch. He bent me over it hard at the waist, and started to fuck my hole with long even strokes. Bill stood up on the couch cushions, and presented my face to his hardening cock. I reached for it and gave it a couple of strokes before swallowing it down. He grabbed my ears, and began trying to match Al’s strokes into my butthole. It didn’t take them long to match up their speed, and I was fucked royally from both ends. Bill didn’t cum until a while after Al filled my hole with his seed, but he finally did, and I sucked every drop I could get out of his nuts.

Afterward, we all sat there our chests heaving with the effort to breathe normally again. Bill reached for his discarded shirt, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He offered one to Al, who started to take one, but then waved them off. He offered the pack to me, but I also declined.

“What?” Bill asked surprised. “You quit smokin’,” He eyed Al.

“Yup. On account of Bobby telling me my spunk tasted bad.”

“Yeah?” Bill looked at me. “My shit taste bad too?”

“Sort of bitter,” I looked back at him lighting up. “I can taste the tobacco in it.”

“No shit? I ain’t never tasted tobacco in cum before.” Bill took a drag.

“Maybe it’s cause you only been suckin’ cowboys ‘at smoke. Since you smoke yourself, maybe you just can’t taste it none.”

“Could be. . .” He took another drag. “Maybe I ought to quit too. I ain’t heard a better reason to do it before. I mean who wants to go around shooting butt tasting cum in guy’s mouths. I know I smell like an ashtray. No since to shoot off tasting like one too.” He stubbed his smoke out in the hard plastic ashtray Al had brought home from some bar off the road.

We all sat and sipped our drinks. Al’s big snake while soft by then, hadn’t seemed to lose any of its girth. Bill began to run his fingers over it lightly, and it slowly started to come back to life. “You up for another fuck bud?”

“You know me Bill. You get me goin’ and I’ll fuck anything that’ll let me.” Bill laughed.

“How about you little Bob?” Bill placed a cool hand that had been holding his drink over my limp cock.

“You two go ahead. I’ll set this round out and just watch. If something comes up, I’ll join in.”

“You lucky sombitch,” Bill bent and started sucking Al to full hardness again. When he pulled off the stiff cock, he stood, reversed himself to Al’s lap, and sat down on it. The big shaft vanished in the blink of an eye. “Ooooh yeah fucker. Tear my hole up with that thing.” Al pushed him forward, and he landed on all fours on the floor with Al following him down. Al got into a doggy fuck position behind him, and started long dicking Bill’s butthole like he was a machine. He soon had Bill moaning and grunting as his big cock pounded into his gut.

I was enjoying the show, and found I was getting hard again myself. Once my cock reached full stiffness, I got down on my knees in front of Bill, and let him do me again. He was in a delirium of sexual passion, and was going at me like his wished for calf cocksucker. It didn’t take long for him to bring me to the edge, and I shuddered and groaned out a little squirt of cum, he didn’t seem to taste.

Al saw that I’d shot off again, and redoubled his stroking into Bill until his hips were a blur. Bill went crazy with lust, and I saw he was trying to jerk himself off but really needed both hands on the floor for support under Al’s fucking.

I slipped under him between his outspread arms and took his swollen cock in my mouth, and let Al’s thrust drive Bill’s cock into my throat as he fucked him with long serious thrusts into his hole. It wasn’t long before Bill began to make whining sounds, and tossing his head around like a wounded steer. He shuddered and trembled, grunting like a hog in heat. He suddenly froze into a statue, and held his gasping breath until his cock began to pulse in my mouth, and he flooded my tongue with the first of several squirts of cum. He took a deep shuddering breath, and squirted again.

Al, grabbed his hips with a grip that left bruises later, and began blowing his wad into Bill’s guts. Bill was whining like a whipped puppy, and still grunting his cum into my mouth. It took a while for this wild heat to subside, but gradually it did, and he collapsed on the floor, his head resting on his arms. I stepped back, covered in sweat, and leaned over him and kissed Al, sharing Bill’s last shot with him.

“Shit tastes like tobacco,” Al commented. We both looked at Bill, who was in some other place at the moment, breathing hard, with a big grin spread across his face. Al put a bare foot on his well fucked ass, and shook him with it. “Hey Three Dollar, you ought to quit the cigarettes. Your cum tastes like an ashtray. Besides, if you want me or Bobby to blow you again, you better.” Bill moaned on the floor, and opened his eyes.

“Uh. . .It tastes that bad huh?”

“Filthy. Now that I’ve stopped, I can tell the difference, and it ain’t good.”

“If it hadn’t been for Bobby here letting me know how bad it tasted like, I’d a never known.”

Bill stirred and rolled over on his back looking from me to Al. His grin had faded a little, and I could see between his spread butt cheeks, a river of Al’s cum washing out of his hole. He cupped a hand over the mess, and pushed down filling his palm with the residue of his recent fuck. “I need a paper towel or somethin’.” I got up from the couch, and ran to the kitchen and returned with a roll of towels. I tore a couple off the roll and handed them to him. The liquid in his hand was murky from his ass juices and Al’s cum. Bill smelled of it before he wiped it up with the towels. “Man after that double fuck, I need a smoke.”

“Well, take it outside,” Al said. “This house has just become a smoke free zone.” He smiled down at Bill holding the wadded and wet paper towels in his fist.

“You’re serious!” Bill stared at Al.

“You bet.” Al adjusted his smeared cock, as it rolled on his thigh.

Bill sat up, and then got back on all fours, and then stood, still gripping the wet towels in his left fist. He headed for the kitchen, and I heard him deposit the wad of paper into the trash can. He was back in a moment, and picked up his shirt. He slipped it on, and headed out the front door, unsnapping the pocket that held his smokes. His skinny ass cheeks were covered by the shirt tail, but his still semi hard dick hung down between his legs far enough to see from behind. A string of clear liquid dripped from his half swollen cock head, and landed on his leg. He sat down on the steps into the house, and lit one up. He took a deep drag, and looked back at the two of us sitting on the couch watching the rest of the DVD Mike had brought.

“I gotta say, that was the best sex I’ve had since my last trip into the Ramrod in Amarillo.” Al looked over at him.

“Who got to do you then?” Al was looking interested.

“A couple of good ol’ boys from the King ranch. They used me good. I was sore for a week.” He took another drag.

“You know their names?” Al was definitely interested.

“Just one. Elmo. The other one was too shy to tell me. I did give Elmo my telephone number in case he wanted to hook up more private, cause he’s hung about like you Al.”

“He call you yet?”

“No. Probably afraid he’ll get found out.”

“You get his number?”

“No. But, he works as the foreman at the King. Oughten to be too hard to get a holt of him.”

“I don’t reckon it would be.” Just at that moment, the phone rang. Al reached for it and said hello. He listened for a minute, and said “Fine. We’ll be in tomorrow morning and pick it up.” He dropped the receiver into its cradle. “Well shit, that party is gonna have to wait. That was my dispatcher. The run to Rock Springs has been set up for tomorrow morning. Sorry Bill, but we ought to get some sleep. But I’ll tell you what. We’ll give you a call from Denver and let you know what’s happening. I was hoping to pick up a load in Denver. Gotta make a livin’. If we have to dead head back here, mayb you can set up a party with Elmo and his friend for when we get back.”

“Sounds like a good deal. I’ll be horny as a rooster in the hen house by then. And, don’t take this the wrong way Al, but I do hope you deadhead all the way home. I miss your big dick up my chute.” Bill finished his smoke, and flipped the butt out into the weeds in a arc of fire. He came back in and started pulling on his pants. He sat on the arm of the couch, and pulled on his socks and worn work boots. He stood and leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, and then leaned over Al and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ll think about quitin’,” he said. “But I been suckin’ smoke of one kind or another since I was a kid about seven.”

“Your daddy teach you?”

“Fuck no. It was my mother. Come to think of it, now that I think back, her titty milk tasted like tobacco!” We all laughed.

“Well, we’ll check with you from Denver. You ought to get in touch with Elmo before then to let him think about it. He might be a bit shy about meetin’ new guys like this. I mean the Ramrod can be more anonymous than a private party. If you talk to him, just tell him that he and his bud will be safe with us. We all know the score, and it’ll be safer here at my place than the Ramrod is anyway. The police has raided that joint more than once to my recollect.”

Bill agreed and grabbing his nearly full bottle of Turkey, he headed out the still open door. “I aim to get a buzz on and sleep like a well fucked baby tonight. I ain’t had a good night’s sleep for three weeks.”

“Sleep tight,” Al shouted after him, and laughed.

“Glad to have made your acquaintance little Bob!”

“And me your’s guy!” Al ruffled my hair, and then walked over and shut the door as Bill fired up his pickup. I yawned, and laid back on the couch.

“Come on Bobby. Let’s clean up and hit the sack. Four in the morning comes early.”


February 28th, 2007, 09:21 AM
Thanks Gary
Another great chapter!!

February 28th, 2007, 10:21 AM
Good Chapter Gary. Looking forward to the next one. Regards, Vic.

March 1st, 2007, 04:52 AM
Runaway Chapter 7


The trip to Rock Springs Wyoming was uneventful, and was accomplished in just under 48 hours. We checked into a Motel there, and slept for six hours before heading south again. Denver, and Mike awaited. Unfortunately, even though Mike fed us in the grand style he liked to cook in, he pleaded exhaustion from all he had to do. Since his second in command in the kitchen, had quit and was opening his own restaurant a couple of blocks away from Mike’s place, he had been working nearly around the clock since he’d gotten home from Texas trying to revamp his menu, and train a new chef to fit the bill.

On top of that, his wife had asked him for a divorce right after he’d gotten home, because she had decided that she wanted to live with her new lover. He told us he had pointed out that they had an agreement, and that the kids would suffer, but she had remained adamant about her needs. Her new Beau was a wealthy business man from Kansas City, she’d met on the net, and he’d flown out to be with her several times in his private jet. He was promising her the sky if she’d leave Mike and marry him. She couldn’t resist the money. Besides that, she’d told Mike he was very good in bed. Mike had given up and agreed to the divorce.

We failed to get an immediate load in Denver that would take us back to Texas, but we were offered a load of beef going to California. Al mulled it over for a few minutes, and discussed it with me before accepting it. “I gotta pay my bills,” he said. “Besides, we can have fun between ourselves.”

He was right of course, we could have fun with each other. My hole was finaly getting over being stretched by his massive cock, and I no longer had a sore throat where the flair of his big cock head scraped my esophagus. We were beginning to be comfortable with each other in our sexual play. Al had told me he thought he loved me, and I had told him the same, but he pointed out that variety was the spice of his sexual life, and he thought I’d feel the same after I’d been at mine for a while. Of course, he was right about that too. He recommended to me that I sample other men as often as I got the opportunity, because he was planning to do the same.

We took Interstate 70 over the Rockies, and headed for San Francisco with our load of beef. On the way, Al told me that while we were in California, we needed to play safe with men there, because it wasn’t like at home with Bill, or himself. There were some dangers fucking with guys we didn’t know whether or not they were truthful about their HIV status. It wasn’t something I knew much about, but promised that if I let any guy in Frisco fuck my butt, I’d make him wear a condom. He promised he’d do the same.

“We’ll pick up a load headed east easily once we’re there, but I’d like to lay over a day or two and sample the lifestyle. It’ll blow your mind what the queers in California have thought of. Gay baths there are somethin’ to behold. One time I was in a bath in Los Angeles, and I musta had fifteen guys in three or four hours. I don’t know how many I fucked or just sucked. They was lined up to come into my room after they got a load of my Johnson, and word spread I knew how to use him.”

We hit a bit of snow in the high mountains going over the divide, but on the western slope dropping down into Utah, it warmed up again. As we cruised out across the great basin of Utah, we spotted a hitcher with blonde hair, and a pair of shorts and no shirt. “What do you think?” Al asked me.

“He looks hot to trot to me. Hit the brakes.” Al did as he was told, and laid down on his air horn to let the guy know he was stopping.

I could see the guy start to run as the big rig started to slow and we tore past him slowing down from 80. He caught up to the cab just as Al brought the truck to a standstill on the verge of the highway. The guy jumped up on the running board and I rolled my window down. He was several years older than me, and his lean taught body looked well tanned and sculpted by weights. He had a black tattoo of what looked like thorns around uh right upper bicep. His blond hair was a little long, and he had a nice pair of sideburns that connected to a moustache that was well trimmed above his lip.

“Where you headed,” Al asked.

“Frisco,” the guy said. “You got room?”

“Plenty of room, but you ought to know, somethin’ about us. And we ought to know somethin’ about you.”

“Like what? My name?”

“For starters. I’m Al, and this here is Bobby. What’s your’s?”

My folks call me James, but I like to be called Jessie, which is what my friends call me.”

“What would you think,” Al said if I told you we both like cock now and then?”

“Wow! What kind of luck is that?! I’m headed for cock hound city, because I love a hard dick anyway I can get it. That’s why I am dressed like I am, hoping to attract another faggot to pick me up. My last ride was a married guy that just wanted a blowjob, which is what he got, before he stopped way out here and kicked me out. The SOB never even thanked me. I was afraid I wouldn’t get another ride in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well, hop in Jessie. Where you hale from?” Al was already dropping into gear again as Jessie crawled into the cab next to me, and tossed his back pack into the sleeper.

“My folks are back in Illinois, but I’ve been living in Denver for three years going to school. I just got fed up with studying and getting nowhere, and I sort of got tired of Denver dick.”

“Who is he?” I asked. Jessie laughed.

“Are you for real kid?”

“I’m not a kid. I’m old enough, but I just asked a question. No need to get smart.”

“Sorry Bobby. I meant the few fuckers dicking me in Denver. They got to be old hat, ya know. Same ol’ same ol’. It was too regular for my tastes. I had six guys that would regularly call me for a fuck or suck, all of whom were married. The one faggot that I knew was a one time johnnie. Once he had your ass, he didn’t want anymore of it. Of course, he was the one who knew how to fuck a guy right. I tried to get him to do me more regular, but he wasn’t interested. My married fucks, were good for the occasion, but not ne of them understood what I needed when they had their dicks shoved up my ass.”

“You sure talk a lot,” Al commented.

“I guess I do,” Jessie answered. I’ve lived alone for two years now, and miss having people to talk to especially ones I can really say what I want without offending. My married guys didn’t want to spend time talking. They’d call and say they were coming over, and tell me on the phone if they wanted a suck or a fuck. They expected me to be ready and waiting when they got to my place. I got to hate it when one of them would call me like that.”

Why didn’t you tell them to shove it?” I laid a hand on his tanned thigh. He placed his hand on top of mine before answering with a smile at me.

“Well Bobby, a dick is a dick, if you know what I mean. When they are few and far between you take what’s offered when you can get it.” I let my hand slip between his legs, and he spread them for me. He had a nice bulge in the tight cut offs, and he put his hand on mine again, and used mine to rub his cock and balls through the cloth. “You guys use this sleeper cab to fuck around in?”

“We do at that,” Al said. “What you got in mind?”

“Maybe Bobby and me can warm it up a little.” Jessie’s dick was trying to straighten out from the tight cloth of his shorts. My cock was already expanding as well.

“Suit your selves. I got to get this beef to Frisco. I’ll get my turn later.” Al smiled at both of us, then added: “Jessie, strip off your shorts up here, so I can at least see what I’m lookin’ forward to.” Jessie popped the button on his cut offs, and unzipped. I could see from his pubic hair that he wasn’t a natural blond. His dick sprang up a good eight or nine inches when he slipped the shorts down his legs. He wasn’t wearing any briefs, and he had no tan line showing.

“Man that’s nice,” Al said, and reached for Jessie’s cock. He ran his fingers over the stiff piece of flesh, and then squeezed his nuts a little. I started to climb into he sleeper cab, and Jessie took the space I’d vacated and laid down on his back with his butt toward Al, and lifted his legs, spreading his cheeks and winking his hole at Al. “Fuck,” Al said. “I am gonna love pokin’ that hole tonight.”

“How is you can get tanned all over like that?” I asked, when he’d crawled in next to me where I’d already started to strip off.

“The faggot I was telling you about, has a pool in his yard with a high fence around it. He let me sunbathe there. I was trying to get him interested in playing with me again, but he just wouldn’t. The last time I saw him we had a big fight over it, and he told me to get out of his house and never come back. I figured that was the last straw, and made my mind up to find a better place where men were not so uptight about giving me a little pleasure with their dicks.” I finished stripping, and fluffed the pillows up on the small bed. I laid back on them, and Jessie wasted no time at all swallowing my stiff cock.

“Turn around for me Jessie. I want a taste of you at the same time.” He repositioned himself with his cock hanging in my face. I licked the ruddy head o his dick, and he turned on the suction with his mouth. “Easy guy,” I said. “There’s no need to hurry.” He slowed his mouth work on me, and I took him into my hungry mouth. We worked on each other for several minutes, and I could feel by the way he was trembling he was getting close, as I was. He was good with his mouth, but I didn’t want to cum just yet. I pulled off his dick, and told him to stop sucking me as well. I switched to his nuts, and got them good and wet. He followed my lead, and I was soon rimming his hole and had him moaning with pleasure. He was trying to stuff his stiff tongue up my hole, and I was trying to let him, by spreading my legs wide for him.

He finally stopped, and sat up, removing his hole from the reach of my tongue. “You want to fuck me first, or me fuck you first?”

“What ever you’d like.”

“Man, let me have you dick up my ass. It’s been several days since I had cock up there. I wouldn’t want to have to break it in again from scratch.” He lifted his ass in the air, and positioned my hard dick at his hole, and sat down suddenly driving me all the way into his gut to my short hairs. I grunted, and he moaned. Once seated, he leaned forward,, and I got up behind him. We stayed in that position for a few seconds before he said he needed to have me tear up his ass. I took him at his word, and set to giving him long hard strokes, pulling out until just my dick head remained in his ass before shoving back into him hard.

“Yeah man fuck my hole!” He was already grunting each time I shoved into him. I gave him all I had, and the sound of our bodies slapping together, made Al start to shout.

“Fuck his butt Bobbie. Fuck him hard and fast. Give him what he wants.”

I poured on the steam, and the two of us had broken out in a slick sweat all over our bodies. My hand were slipping on his hips, and he was using the sweat from his chest as a kind of lube to jack himself off. I warned him not to cum on the sheets, since Al and I had to sleep on them. He dropped his cock, and left it alone while I long dicked him good. We fucked like that for several miles, and Al kept up a steady string of advice on what to do while I got closer to cumming with every stroke. When I tipped over the edge, I let him have it hard and deep. He felt me hug his butt, and lay my orso across his back, and start pumping him full of cum, and he groaned, and cupped his hand over the head of his dick, and shot several loads of cream into his own palm.

“Sorry man,” he said, as I softened and slipped out of his asshole. He showed me his palm smeared with his cum. I lifted his hand to my mouth, and sucked his scum off it. He was still head down on the bed, and I saw his hole open slightly, and spit a bit of my own cum out. I spread his cheeks with my hands, and reamed him out good, sucking what I could out of him. He remained head down moaning while I cleaned him out.

I finally laid back on the pillows again, and Jessie got up next to me. He kissed m on the cheek and told me it had been an awesome fuck, and that he rarely if ever came from just getting dicked. He usually had to help himself by jerking off.

I kissed him on the mouth and offered him my cum sticky tongue which he sucked in like he was hungry. We laid there for a while getting our breath back, listening to Al humming in the front as the truck sped on toward night. We’d driven several more miles, before Jessie asked me if I was ready yet. I told him I thought I was, and he got between my legs, and after jacking himself erect, spit on the head of his cock, and put it down at my opening. He pushed an I felt him break the seal of my sphincter. He was gentle as he pushed in deeper with no complaints from me.

“Man oh man,” he hissed. “you’ve got one tight hole. Fits me like a glove. You haven’t done this much yet have you?”

“No, not much. I’ve had Al up there a few times, but we’ve only been together a week now, and I think it’s only been eight or nine times he’s fucked me.”

“Man I’d fuck you every night if I could. You are one hot little piece of ass.” Once inside me totally, he laid down across my chest, and began to rock his hips fucking me slow and easy. I had my legs thrown over his butt, and used them to pull his in strokes into me deeper. I liked the feel of his cock riding my hole like it belonged. When he finally came, a long time after entering my hole, I loved every squirt of his hot juice as it heated up my gut. He was so quiet when he did it, I don’t think Al even knew I’d been fucked.

We laid there in each other’s arms, and kissed and cuddled. Al and I cuddled some, but this was different. I asked Jessie how old he was, and he said he was twenty.

“Really?” I pulled away a little bit and looked into his face.

“Well, I will be my next birthday. Anyway, how old are you?” I told him the truth, and he hugged me close.

“I’m glad you and Al stopped for me. I was getting worried I’d have to spend the night out there with the snakes and coyotes.”

“That’s all right,” I said. Al will stop as soon as he can find a place the three of us can stay tonight. He doesn’t like driving after dark. We’ll get something to eat, and then you and he can have some fun in the motel room. But I’ve got to warn you about Al.” I held my fore arm up, and used a finger to show him what to expect. He whistled under his breath.

“Big son-of-a-gun eh?”

“Biggest I’ve ever seen,” I said. “Not that I’ve seen a lot yet.”

“Yeah, me nether. I just came out to myself a few months ago.”

“Yeah? Tell me about it.”

“Well, I was so horny after I started technical school in Denver, and I didn’t know anybody there at all. I was living in a little place my parents were paying for, and I got an additional hundred a month to live on. Not much left for entertainment after eating. One night I was so lonely, I decided to forego a meal or two and go to a movie. My folks don’t believe in movies, and I had to get up my nerve to spend the money, but, I finally walked a few blocks from my apartment, and paid for a ticket in a sleazy little theater called the Bluebird.

‘I walked into the darkened theater, and picked a seat in the last row. I’d never been in a movie theater in my life before that night. I guess it was fate I chose the one I did, but I chose it because the ticket was only two bucks instead of eight, which is what the big theaters down town charge. Anyway, I was sitting there waiting for the show to start, when a man comes in and after looking around a bit, sits down in the row I’m sitting in. He isn’t right next to me, but a couple of seats over. A few other people entered the theater, but mostly sat down further toward the screen. The projectionist started the coming attractions reel, and the darkness wasn’t so complete any more and what came up on the screen, was a real tits and ass trailer for a triple X film. There was a man and two women going at it hot and heavy. Of course, I focused immediately on his hard cock, and got hard myself just watching the two bitches lick his candy cane. When he came, he blew shit all over their faces. Cum was dripping off their faces onto their big tits, and they forced him to lick up his own spunk. That was so hot, I almost shot off right there.

‘I was squeezing myself through my pants, when the guy sitting a couple of seats down leaned over, and whispered he’d help me out if I’d let him. I didn’t know what to say, but he didn’t wait. Before I knew it, he was sitting in the seat next to me and squeezing my cock like he owned it. He unzipped my pants and got my dick out, and proceeded to give me my very first blow job. After I came, which was pretty quick, he asked me if I had a place we could go, because he wanted to fuck me. My head started spinning, and I heard some one say that I had an apartment a couple of blocks away.” Jessie laughed at himself.

“Before I knew what was happening, we were on the street, and he was holding my arm like he owned me. He kept calling me son, and asking if I wanted anything to drink. I finally told him yeah I did, and he went into a local store, and came out with a bottle of whiskey. When we got to the apartment, he change a little and ordered me to fix some drinks for us. I did, and while I was doing that, he was stripping off. My place was just one room, so I was watching him while I made he drinks, and seeing his hard dick made me get hard again. I knew right then, I was gay.

‘We sat together on the bed, and drank our whiskey. I’d made mine weak, because I don’t drink much. He got up after playing with my cock and balls for a while, and made himself another one. When he came back to the bed, he set his drink on the night stand next to mine, and pushed me back across the bed. His dick was hard, and about seven inches. It wasn’t very thick, but big enough. He dropped down on his knees, and lifted my legs. I’d never been fucked before, so I just let him do what he wanted, not knowing what to expect. He spit on my hole, and then stood up and just put his dick into me in one stroke. I thought I was gonna die, and must have screamed or something, because, he clamped a hand over my mouth, and laid down across me and fucked the shit out of me for an hour.

‘When he came, I was glad. Because I hadn’t gotten much out of his fuck. I thought it was not what I expected. I don’t know what I expected, lights going off, fireworks, sirens. . .I just know it was not what I expected. When he pulled out, and his limp little weiner, was covered with cum and shit, he made me clean him up with a wash rag. He got dressed, and after finishing his drink, told me he’d see me again since he knew where I lived. I asked him for his number, thinking it was the right thing to do, but he told me he was married, and didn’t want faggots calling his house for his wife to wonder about.

‘True to his word, he knocked on my door one night about six days later, with a friend in tow. They both fucked me, flipping a coin for who got what they called sloppy seconds. The friend went first, and he was hung with about eleven inches, and knew how to use it a little better than the first guy. Turns out he was married too, but liked fucking boys in the ass. He complained his wife wouldn’t let him have her ass cherry, so he’d started fucking guys, because it was the only ass he could get. But, he insisted he was straight.

‘After the other guy fucked me, they dressed and left. I decided that I wouldn’t let the first guy from the Bluebird in if he came back again. His friend could do me anytime he wanted, because he was more to my liking. Well, they came over three nights later again, because they said they’d told their wives they were going to play poker at a friend’s house. Since they had more time that night, they took their time and made me suck both of them off before they took turns fucking me twice each. I was still trying to get over the soreness from the first encounter with the two of them, but it didn’t matter that I was sore. The intended to fuck me and the did until they were satisfied.

‘The first guy, from the Bluebird was not getting any better at it, but told me he had a buddy he was talking to about me. His buddy, he said was hung like a horse. I perked up at that info, because I already knew I preferred his longer friend. I told him to invite him over, or just give him my address. He said he would, and they left me for the night. Well the dick head must have called his friend, because a half hour later, there was a knock on my door, and when I answered it, there was a black guy standing there asking if my name was Jessie.

‘I admitted it was, and he asked me if it would be all right if he came in for a little fun. I asked him how he knew my name, and he told me our mutual friend had told him about me. He also is married, but his wife worked most nights as a nurse at the Children’s Hospital. He’d gotten into man sex when he was going to school, and couldn’t get his mind off assholes since his friend had told him I was willing.

‘Well, he is indeed hung like a horse, and wanted me to suck him up hard, and then he would fuck me like he knew I need to be fucked. An indeed he did. He had nearly thirteen inches of thick black dick, and I fell in love with it right then and there. Samuel is his name, and he’d stop by two or three times a week, and I’d blow him hard, and then he’d fuck me for an hour before cumming. Man he knew how to fuck butt. He liked to fuck me on the edge of the bed, on my back with his feet on the floor. That way he could play with my dick while he fucked my hole. He loved to make me edge the entire time he had his cock sliding in and out of my ass. He wouldn’t let me cum until he was filling my guts with his hot juice. I loved the way he did me. But, the other two guys were also stopping by ever chance they got, so I was being fucked pretty regularly.

‘I finally asked all three of them to start making it worth my while a little to let them drop in unannounced to fuck my butt. They agreed to pay me twenty bucks each fuck. That way, I started making a little extra money to spend over what my parents allowed me. I was going to school, but losing interest in it fast. I wondered if I could peddle my ass to make a living. I started to hit the porn theaters around town, and eventually found one on Lakewood boulevard that catered to gays.

‘My first trip there, I just got sucked off, and sucked a few guys off myself, but the second time I went, I met Matt. He’s the gay guy I was telling you about. Best fuck I’ve had up until now. He knew what to do to get another guy high on dick and lovin’ every stroke. Pisses me off he only wants an ass once. I thought I gave as good as I got from him. But, Noooo! The asshole wouldn’t let me have it again. Oh he liked me well enough, but he insisted he was a one time only kind of guy. He let me use his pool to swim and sunbathe all I wanted, but that was the end of it.

‘We did have one threesome with a kid he brought home once while I was there, but he let me fuck the kid while he watched, then he fucked the kid as well, but that was it.

‘I had enough of that scene anyway. I met a few other men who were straight and all married at various theaters around Denver, but most of them were one night stands, and mostly wham bam thank you type guys. One or two would stop by occasionally, and I always made them cough up twenty bucks. The first time I let anybody fuck me was always free, but I was up front with them that if they came back for more it would cost them money. Those that came back were prepared to go my rate. I was pulling down a couple of hundred extra a week. I felt rich all of a sudden, and started buying some sexy clothes.

‘I met men in the clothing stores sometimes, and took several home. Word was getting around that I was available, and cheap I guess, because I was fucking married guys nearly every day. I dropped out of school, because men were coming to see me during the day as well as at night. Several times, I had one guy in the bed and another knocking on the door. I’d tell the guy at the door to wait in his car until the other guy finished, and mostly they did.

‘I decided to raise my price to forty bucks a pop, thinking it might slow things down a little, but it didn’t. I guess I was a cheaper fuck than the whores on seventh avenue. I decided to go over to compare prices, but found I was already higher than them at forty bucks. Most they were getting was twenty-five bucks a fuck. I decided it was because I was a guy offering forbidden fruit so to speak. I raised my price to fifty, and it did slack off a little bit, but some SOB that didn’t have the scratch to pay, reported me to the cops after I refused his forty. They must have staked my place out because a few nights later, I answered a knock on the door, starkers like I usually was waiting for my customers, and there was a big dick in blue with a badge. I spent the night in the tank, and had to suck every guy they threw in with me and that was several. Once they all saw me suck off the first guy, they couldn’t wait for their turn. The cops knew what was goin’ on, because sometimes they stood at the bars rubbing their dicks and watching. About four in the morning, the young cop that ran the tank came to put a drunk in. He motioned to me to come with him. By that time, most of the guys inside had fallen asleep. The cop led me to a toilet, and had me blow him hard. He put a rubber on and fucked me against the stall wall, all the time jerking me off. I came on the wall, and after he came in the rubber, he made me lick the cum I’d shot off the wall. Instead of putting me back in the tank, he let me go and told me to cool the prostitution in my apartment, because if I continued they would find out, and it would go bad for me.

Well, I tried to cut back for a few weeks, but the men who needed me, didn’t. I tried to explain to them about my situation, but it didn’t make much difference. My solution was to just not answer the door unless it was somebody I knew was a good fuck. Pissed a lot of guys off for a while. My favorite thing happened one morning early, about six a.m. There was a soft knock on my door, and when I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and answered it I still had a piss hard in my briefs. The morning sun was just coming up and I squinted into the bright light, and saw the cop that had turned me out of the tank that night.

‘He asked if he could come in for a bit before he went home to bed. He was just getting off his shift at the tank, and had thought about me ever since he’d let me go. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again, and he blushed and nodded. I helped him strip, and he got into the bed, while I took a whiz to get my dick to go down. I figured I was expected to do all the sucking and getting fucked, but he surprised me, by taking my cock in his mouth as soon as I came out of the toilet.

‘He sucked me for several minutes, moaning the whole time like he was really getting off on my dick. When he had me good and hard, he laid back, and raised his legs and asked me to eat his hole. I did it, and he had his hands on my head, forcing me to suck his hole good. From my experiences with other men this usually meant they wanted me to fuck them. After fifteen minutes of rimming his hole, he finally asked me if I had any rubbers. I did, and handed him one. He tore the packaging off it, and then slipped it onto my dick. He laid back and spread his legs and using his heels, pulled me into his crack. ‘Put it into me he begged,’ and I did.

‘I fucked him good for about twenty minutes, playing with his dick until I had him edging like Sam did to me. He was groaning and throwing his head from side to side, begging me to fuck him hard. After we both came at the same time, I licked his cum off his hairy chest, and then rimmed him clean. He took a quick shower, put his uniform back on, and went home to his wife. He became one of my regulars too, and after the third or fourth time, he told me his wife was expecting and had turned off to sex altogether. He said he saw so much gay sex in the tank at night, it kept him in a constant state of horniness, but he wouldn’t think of cheating on his wife with another woman, but he thought doing it with a man was not really cheating.

‘I asked him why he’d asked me to fuck him the first morning he’d stopped by, not that I hadn’t fucked him several more times since then, and he told me he’d watched two men fucking in the tank that night, and had wondered how it would feel. He also said he had liked it so much, he’d begun to worry that he might be a fag. I told him liking dick was a sexual thing, and maybe a better term for what he was, was bisexual. He said he didn’t think he was, but that he liked he feel of my cock in his butt. As long as he kept coming around, I didn’t care what he thought he was. He was a good fuck, which is all I cared about. I’ll miss him. He was nice to me, and although he never paid, I did have a soft spot in my heart for his letting me go that night in jail.

The truck gears began to shift down, and I pulled back the draw curtain to see Al pulling off he road into a truck stop. I could see there was a motel next to it, and about eighty or so trucks parked in the big lot. “Get your clothes on with shoes and shirt too, we’ll be going into to eat.” I pulled my pearl button shirt on and began to snap buttons. Al had bought it for me in Amarillo along with some Levis and a pair of nice acme work boots. Jessie was right behind me as I slid out of the sleeper.

“Whew, “ Al said. “Smells like you boys have had a good time back there.” I just smiled at him. “Well, I’ll get my turn tonight, but right now I could eat the whole hog. I hope you two are hungry.”

“I don’t know about Jess, but after the fuck he gave me and the fuck I gave him, I could eat the other hog.”

“Atta boy. How about you Jessie?”

“Fuck yeah. If we’re gonna play later, I need my strength.” We all laughed, and got out of the cab. Al did his usual checks, and up-dated his log while Jess and I headed into the café to get a booth. Al was headed over to the motel t rent a room by the time we were seated looking at the menus.


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Thanks Gary, two young guys !!! Better & Better!!

March 1st, 2007, 01:26 PM
this story is very hot! thanks for another great chapter

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I sure am enjoying this story. Thanks

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Runaway Chapter 8


The food in the café proved to be typical greasy spoon fare, but since we were all hungry we ate our fill, topping the meal off with big slices of apple pie, and coffee. After Al paid for the food, we stopped into the store next door that catered to truckers, and bought a bottle of Wild Turkey. He led the way over to the motel room he’d rented for the night.

The room was pretty standard, except it had two queen sized beds, and a 28 inch TV situated against the wall at the foot of the beds. On top of it was a card that showed the available pay per view channels, as well as a local Guide. Once in the room, Al said he was gong to clean up and shave. I decided to go out to get some ice and colas, hoping that Al would let Jessie and me have a little taste of his Turkey. Jessie decided to stay in the room, and wait his turn in the shower, since he was grungy from the road.

At the ice machine, there were two men, obviously truckers, talking about road conditions and where the speed traps were thought to be. They both stopped talking and eyed me as I opened the ice machine and scooped a bucketful out. I asked them if they knew where the soda machine was located, and the taller of the two grinned at me and pointed to the opposite end of the hall.

“That’s good planning,” I said. “My ice will melt before I can get down there and buy sodas, and get back to the room.” Both men chuckled and nodded. “Will you guys watch my ice bucket while I go get some sodas. I wouldn’t want to lose it to somebody else.”

“Sure kid,” the taller man spoke again. I dropped my full bucket of ice back into the ice machine, and headed off toward the other end of the hall. I glanced over my shoulder once about half way down, and saw the two men laughing and rocking their hips like they were fucking the air.

I bought four sodas, two for Jessie and two for me. I knew Al wouldn’t want any. As I headed back toward the ice machine, the two men had resumed their conversation. As I set the four cans of soda on the floor to retrieve my bucket of ice from the machine, I bent at the waist, and the taller of the two stepped up behind me, and humped his stiffing cock against my ass crack. I straightened up and turned around. Both men were smiling at me looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.

“What did you have in mind?” I glanced from the tall one to the other.

“We’re just kidding around with you.” The shorter one spoke this time. I thought quickly about Jessie’s story of charging for the use of his body.

“Well, I’ll kid around with you for fifty bucks every time you cum.” They both sniggered, and I could see them contemplating the offer. Finally the tall one nodded, and the short one agreed. I smiled at them, and said: “I got to go tell my friends I’ll be gone for a while, so what room are you in?” The tall one said we could meet in his room and told me the number, just three doors down from ours. “Good, I’ll see you both there in five minutes.” I removed the bucket of ice, and the tall one picked up my sodas and laid them in my arms. I headed back to our room, with the two following close behind.

In the room, Al was standing by one of the beds,, toweling off, his massive cock already about half hard. His red hair glistened with damp. I could hear Jess singing in the shower. “Al, I’ve got a chance to make some quick cash. I’ll be gone for a while, so don’t worry about me, I promise I won’t leave the motel, and I’ll be back as soon as I’m through.”

“Yeah? Doin’ what?” He dropped the wet towel on the floor beside the bed.

“I met two guys that want to pay for my services. I’ll be three doors down toward the ice machine.” I pointed out the direction, and told him the room number.

“You think these guys are safe?”

“They look like truckers.”

“Maybe I ought to go over there to check them out. Maybe I know them.”

“Sure if it will make you feel better.” He picked up his towel and wrapped it around his waist.

“Let’s go.”

“Like that?”

“Why not. This place only caters to truckers, and we all know what each other’s got. The clerks always put the single men on this floor and the one above. Any trucker traveling with a woman, is put on the ground floor, so the gals don’t run into somethin’ they ought not to.” He stepped to the bathroom door, and told Jess he’d be back in a few minutes.

Down the hall, I tapped on the door of the room, and the tall guy answered it, in his boxer shorts. “Howdy Fred,” Al said when he saw who it was. “This here’s my boy Bobbie. He tells me you and your friend want to do some business with him.”

“That’s right Al, if you don’t have any objections. Dell and me thought it might be fun havin’ a threesome with Bobbie. He seems willing enough.”

“Well, I don’t mind if that’s what he wants to do. I ain’t got no chains on him. Just be careful with him. He’s still pretty new man to man.”

“Oh hell, we’ll treat him like a prince. Wouldn’t dream of making him do something he don’t want to. He tell you he’s going to get paid?” Al nodded, and kissed me on the forehead and headed back to our room.

“See you when you’re finished Bobbie.”

“Yeah.” Fred put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me into the room. Dell was sitting on the edge of one of the beds in the room, naked except for his white socks. He had a boner standing between his legs that looked like he was ready to go.

“I suppose you heard all that.” Fred said to Dell. Apparently Dell didn’t talk much, because he just grinned. “Why don’t you get comfortable Bob. Can I fix you a drink? We’re both having Vodka and juice.”

“Sure,” I said. “I’ll have one the same.” I didn’t want to sound like I had never had a Vodka drink before.

“We were talking it over before you got here, and decided we both wanted to cum twice. Once by sucking and once by fucking. There’s two hundred bucks on dresser there for a start. If we get carried away and do it more times, then we’ll pay your going rate.”

“Thanks guys.” I picked up the two crisp hundred dollar bills, and stuffed them into my pants pocket. I popped the buttons on my jeans, and pulled my t-shirt over my head. Fred dropped his boxers, and started pulling on his flaccid dick. He had an enormous set of balls, but his dick only went to about six or seven inches once he got it hard.

Dell asked me to suck him off first, since he was so horny to cum, and he wanted to be able to really enjoy fucking my ass while I sucked Fred’s dick. I dropped to my knees between Dell’s legs, and licked up the underside of his thick nine inch shaft. His big purple head was the size of a lemon, and already leaking precum. I let my tongue work around the head, and he shivered. As I took his dick head into my mouth, I felt Fred get down behind me and use his hands to spread my ass cheeks. His tongue found its way up my crack until it was centered over my hole.

“Fred’s gonna get you ready to take my cock if you don’t mind.” Dell was rubbing his hands over my head and back as I blew him. After a few minutes of Fred rimming me, he inserted a stiff finger through my assring, and I moaned around Dell’s spit slick cock. “Atta boy, Bob. Loosen up for ol’ Freddy’s dick. Since he’s smaller, he’s going to have your hole first if you don’t mind. That way you ought to be loosened up and well oiled when it’s my turn. I wouldn’t want this big ol’ dick of mine hurting you any.”

I pulled off his cock, and looked up into his very blue eyes. “Don’t worry about me none. I’ve taken Al’s dick several times, and he’s got a few inches on you in both directions.”

“He does?” Dell looked shocked at the news. “Shit, if that’s the truth, maybe we ought to set up a party with Al sometime.”

“Well, it’s the truth. You two ought to stop down to the ranch sometime when we’re home, and we’ll have a good time.” I felt Fred position the head of his cock at my opening, and lean across my back and push through my sphincter. I loved the way it felt entering my ring, and pushed back to meet him. In no time at all, he was buried to his big nuts in my hole. I reached between my legs, and took his ball sack in my hand, while I continued to suck Dell’s bone. Fred moaned when he felt my hand on his nuts.

“Oh yeah,” He hissed, “Play with my nuts.” I rolled them around in my hand, and he started to fuck me with smooth even strokes. He was moaning the whole time he was shafting me. “Man alive this boy’s got a tight hole,” He was griping my hips hard enough to leave bruises, and picking up speed with his thrusts. It seemed only a short time, before he stiffened behind me and I felt his dick begin pulsing while his balls tightened up to the base of his cock, and he spewed his cum in my hole. He dropped over my back, and fucked the last few squirts into me before pulling out and headed to the bathroom.

“That’s one,” Dell said. “I almost shot off when Fred came in your ass. I’m close little buddy, just a few more good moves with your tongue.” I set to work on him with renewed vigor, and in just under a minute, he grabbed my head in both hands, and started trying to fuck his cock into my throat. Tears appeared in my eyes, but I did my best to accommodate him. I choked back my gag reflex, and let him in. “Oh fuck, that is sooo sweet.” He stood up, and dragged me up on my knees, and still gripping my head, he humped his big dick into my throat, blasting gobs of hot jizz deep into me. When he finally stopped cumming, he was shivering as he held my head to his belly. His big shaft was going soft like a punctured balloon, and I let it slip out of my mouth. He’d cum so deep in my throat I hadn’t even tasted his juice. I licked the drop left in his piss slit, but it was too little to taste.

I smiled up at him, and sat back on my heels. “That’s two,” I said.

“Boy, where did you learn to suck dick like that?”

“Al I guess. He taught me to take his big cock the first few minutes after he picked me up hitching out of Phoenix.”

“Phoenix. Phoen. . .That’s where I know you from. You run away from home, and the cops had an APB out on you last week.”

“That’s right, but I called my mom and got her to cancel it. She’s OK with me working with Al.”

“She know you suck dick and take it up the ass?”

“No, but what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her. She just thinks I’m working for Al keeping him company on his long hauls.”

“Well, the good thing is you ain’t a girl, and you can fuck all you want, and won’t bring home a kid one day.” He laughed out loud, and Fred came back into the room from scrubbing my ass juices off his now limp cock.

“What’s so funny?” He dropped his towel on the floor and sat down next to Dell, who’d resumed his position on the bed.

“Bob’s the runaway the Smokey’s were hot over last week. You remember the picture they showed us? Fred stared hard at me for a moment.

“Well I’ll be damned. Didn’t that Smoky tell us he was under age?” Fred looked around the room a little nervous.

“I believe he did,” Dell said. “But this boy sucks like a pro, so I ain’t gonna worry about that none. I’m planning to just enjoy my second cum up his ass.”

“You want to rest a while?” I stood, and sat on the bed opposite the two men.

“Yeah, let’s have a drink, and watch a little porn on the tube.” Dell rose and went to retrieve the channel listings for the in house broadcasts. We all looked at the listings, and picked a gay video about men at work in a fire house. Dell slid his credit card into the slot, and selected the pre paid film. We put all the pillows onto one bed, and got comfortable with our Vodka and orange juice drinks to watch the film. Once the credits were out of the way, the screen showed a big fire truck coming back off a fire run. The men were grimy with soot and tired from fighting the fire. After they backed the truck into the garage of the fire house, they started pulling off their gear and giving it to a couple of younger auxiliary firemen to clean up.

They joked with the young firemen as they handed over their gear, making suggestions as to what they would like to do with them if they weren’t so worn out from the fire run. After they had turned over their gear, the men headed to the showers in the dorm on the second floor of the house. While the water started to flow, and the steam filled the screen, obscuring the naked men soaping up and scrubbing the soot away, the scene switched back to the two young auxiliary firemen beginning to clean up the gear to get it ready for the next run. They talked to each other as they worked.

“You think the guys really mean what they say about what they’d like to do with us in bed?” The young blond with blue eyes asked his partner.

“No way. It’s just buddy talk.” The other young man had dark curly hair. The two worked in silence for a while, and the scene returned to the steamy showers where we got a gander of the occasional butt or leg emerging from the thick steam. Back to the auxiliaries working away.

“You ever thought about doing something with a guy,” Blonde said.

“What are you nuts?”

“I just wondered if you had.” Blonde began polishing a helmet with a rag. They worked in silence for a moment before curly answered.

“Once when I was sixteen, my brother’s best friend came over to see my brother, but he wasn’t home. He asked me if he could wait for my brother, because they had a date. He needed to use the bathroom, so I let him, and he didn’t close the door all the way and I watched him take a piss.”

“Yeah? Is that all?”

“Pretty much.”

“You mean nothing else happened?”

“Well. . .” Curly fell silent, polishing some brass fittings, with a look of remembering on his face. The scene wavered a little, and change to a young boy looking through the crack of a door, watching something in another room. The camera took the boy’s point of view, and we saw an older teenager, finishing a piss while standing with his back to the door. His eyes however, were looking into a mirror in which he could see the young boy watching him. The teen, undid his pants, and pulled his underwear down. He stood there watching in the mirror and started jacking his cock. The boy watching pulled back from the crack in the door, with a look of shock on his face. The teen was soon hard as a rock, and cupping his nuts in one hand while jacking furiously with the other. The young boy began squeezing his package through his short pants, and soon put his eye back to the crack in the door.

The teen was wanking away totally aware of his admirer. When it became apparent he was getting close, he turned to face the crack in the door, and thrust his cock through the crack, and shouted for the kid to put it in his mouth. The boy did as he was told, and the teen promptly blew his load of cum into the kid’s mouth.

The kid swallowed, and then ran to his room and hid in the closet. The teen cleaned himself up with toilet tissue, and flushed away the evidence. The scene switched to the outside of the house where another teen was just coming up to the front door. The first teen stepped out of the toilet, and saw the kid’s brother just coming into the house. They greeted each other, and then both left by way of the front door.

“I guess I have once.” Curly was acting shy.

“No shit!” Blondie stopped polishing and looked at the other auxiliary. “Tell me all about it. I mean I’ve wondered what it would be like, but I never. . .you know. . .done anything like that.” After a bit of coaxing, Curly told Blondie what happened with his brother’s friend.

“Any other times you can tell me about?” Curly blushed at Blondie’s question. “Come on Philip, out with it. This is getting good.” Blondie picked up another helmet and started polishing.

“Well,” Curly said after a moment. “I had an experience once in the Scouts.”

“Really? Tell! Tell!” Curly blushed again, but started to speak in a halting voice.

“My troop went on a camping trip to the Yellowstone, and we were sleeping two to a tent. The guy I was assigned to be sleep with was new to the troop, and none of us knew much about him except he seemed a little more mature that the rest of us for his age.

‘We hiked all day and just before sundown, found a meadow to set up our tents, and cook a meal. He and I chose at his suggestion to set our tent up a little way off from the rest of the troop, because it would be quieter. Dale, that was his name, said he was a light sleeper, and noises woke him up and he couldn’t get back to sleep easily. I didn’t have any objection to being so far away from the rest of the guys, because I knew some of them snored from previous camping trips we’d been on.

‘After we ate our meal, we sat around the central camp fire we’d built and told ghost stories until about nine when the scout leader told us to turn in because he planned on getting us up at first light to do some trout fishing. Dale and I made our way to the tent, and since there was so little space inside, we both stripped down to our undies before climbing into the sleeping bags. We laid there talking quietly for a while, until Dale pulled off his underwear, and laid them on the grass between our sleeping bags. He told me he liked to sleep in the nude in case something came up.

‘I asked him what he meant, and he told me not to be a spazz. He was playing with himself in his sleeping bag, and stood his boner up so I could see it tent his bag. He asked me if I’d ever jacked off before, and for some reason I told him about my brother’s friend squirting his stuff in my mouth.

‘He got hot over this, and asked me if I would let him squirt his stuff in my mouth. I thought about it for a bit, and realized I was getting hard thinking about it. I told him I’d take his stuff if he’d take mine. He said it was a deal, and we both got out of our bags with our hard-ons, and started jerking in the dark. After a few minutes, he asked me if I’d like to try something he’d heard about and wanted to try. I asked what it was, and he said it was called a sixty-nine, and explained it meant facing each other’s dicks and sucking each other off.

‘I don’t know what got into me, but I agree to give it a try. Well, when h put my hard dick in his mouth, I was so hot, I started to cum right then. He was true to his word, and swallowed my stuff. When I finished, he said he was ready for me to reciprocate, but I didn’t feel like it any more. He got mad at me, and said he needed to get off, and if I wouldn’t suck him, he was going to fuck me. Since he was bigger than I was, and I was too embarrassed to let the rest of the troop what we had been doing, I told him he could fuck me.

‘He must have been planning it all along, because he had a tube of Vaseline with him, and used his finger to get my hole ready. He put my legs on his shoulders, and pushed into me. I thought I was going to die from the pain, but he clamped a hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming, and proceeded to fuck me until he came.”

“You ever do it again?”

“One other time. He called me to come to his house for a sleep over. I went, because I guess I didn’t know what else to do. His folks lived in another part of the city, and they had put an apartment in for him above the garage. He wanted his privacy, and his folks were accommodating. His mom had made a great dinner, and afterward, we went to his apartment, and played games on his computer until the lights went off in the house. Nce his folks went to sleep, he told me to strip, and he did the same. He put a gay porn tape in his VCR, and we watched and played with each other for the duration of the film. After, he asked me if I wanted to suck him off, or let him fuck me again. I opted for the fuck, and he got out his Vaseline, and we got to it. By morning, he’d fucked me several times, and I’d enjoyed it every time. After that, he didn’t want me to come over anymore, and his folks finally moved out of town. I haven’t done anything since. That was three years ago, but I still think about what it was like.”

“I’ve never had the pleasure of doing anything with a guy, but I did fuck my girl friend in the ass once, so she wouldn’t get pregnant. She didn’t like it much.”

“It takes a little getting used to. Vaseline helps, but it does hurt at first.”

“But you like it?”

“I guess I did. I still jerk off thinking about it.”

“Maybe we could try it sometime?”

“You and me?”

“Why not?”

“Yeah. Why not? Why not now?”


“Why not? The guys are all going to sack out upstairs after that fire this morning. Unless there’s another one, you know the house is going to be deserted until supper time. We can go into the equipment room in the back and lock the door.” Blondie looked round as if they were being watched.

“Let me go up and check on the guys first.”

“Fine.” Curly started polishing brass again. Blondie, headed up the stairs to the dorm room on the second floor. He peeked through the half closed door into the darkened quarters. The ten cots all had bodies in them, and the air was filled with the sound of snoring. He closed the door all th way, and came back to where curly was just finishing his polishing job.

“All clear? Blondie nodded, nervous. “Come on then let’s do it while we’ve got the chance.” He headed for the equipment room at the back of the garage. Blondie followed slowly. Once inside, Curly locked the door with a deadbolt from the inside.

“What if we get caught by one of the guys?”

“If we get caught, who ever catches us is going to get an eyeful, because I want you to fuck the shit out of me.” Curly rubbed a hand over Blondie’s package, and licked his lips. He dropped to his knees and soon had Blondie’s hard cock buried in his face. Blondie had his head in a tight grip, and was thrusting into Curlie’s throat. After Curly had his friend sloppy wet with his spit, he stood letting the hard cock drop out of his mouth, and dropped his pants. His own hard cock sprang to attention against his taught belly, and he bent at the waist and spit into his hand. He rubbed the slim into his crack, and then reached back with a hand on Blondie’s hip. Blondie took the hint, and pressed his stiffness into his friend. He was surprised how easily the head of his dick slipped in. He pushed, and sunk into his friend to his nearly hairless balls.

“Oooh, that’s it buddy. Got to town on my ass. I’ve wanted this for a long time.” Blondie began stroking in and out fast and furiously. He was soon gasping with pleasure at the friction on his cock as his friend tightened his sphincter around his stiffness. “Yeah, fuck me baby! Shove it into me! Let me have all you got!” Blondie fucked like a champ, stroking into his friend with abandon. It was clear he’d never felt anything like this fuck before. His blonde head was thrown back, and his eyes were tightly shut with the fierce pleasure his friend was giving him for the first time.

“Oh shit,” Blondie gasped. “I feel like I want this to last all night!”

“We can go to my place after the shift if you want. I’d love it to last all night.”

“Deal buddy! My nuts nad cock have never felt anything like this before.”

“Yeah fucker, I know what you mean. I’ve missed this since my Scout friend moved away. I would have tried it with some other guy, except I didn’t know how to ask without being afraid I’d get clobbered.”

“Whoa buddy, I’m gonna blow my wad up your butt.”

“Do it” Yeah, fuck that cum into me. I love the feel of a hard cock pumping it’s spuge into my hole.”

“Here it cums fucker!” Blondie shoved his cock in to the short hairs, and then pulled out suddenly, taking his thick shaft in his left hand. He stroked himself a few times, and then sprayed his hot gobs of cum across Curly’s back and butt cheeks. After he finished, Curly turned around, and leaned back against the box he’d used for support and pulled Blondie down onto his stiff cock. Blondie started sucking like a champ, and it became apparent that the actor playing the part was an expert. In just a few strokes, Blondie pulled off his friend, and hand stroked a geyser of cum out of Curly’s dick. The cum landed all over Blondie’s face, and he began to try to lick it off as more followed the first shot. He finally just took the exploding cock into his mouth and finished sucking his friend dry.

Just as he finished, Fred leaned over and took my stiff cock into his mouth and started to suck. I returned the favor, and he and I pulled a sixty-nine whie Dell began to work on my hole with his mouth. I rolled over until I had Fred on his back with me above him and the two of us sucking like machines. I felt Dell crawl up behind me, and stuff his dick into my hole. We worked out a comfortable position for all three of us, and Dell began to plough my hole with his big cock, while Fred and I sucked each other’s dicks.

Poor Fred was quick to cum, and I swallowed his offering. He kept up the blow job he was giving me, but the fire went out of his sucking. After a bit, he let my cock slip out of his mouth and sat up on the bed. Dell pulled my butt toward him and stepped onto the floor, planting his legs wide for strength. He gripped my hips with his hands like iron, and laid into my hole with a fury. While Fred lay panting and watching Dell fuck me, he played with his now limp cock and big balls, but his dick wasn’t responding.

Dell fucked me hard for a good fifteen minutes, and then with a grunt, buried his cock all the way into me, and I felt it pulsing his load of cum up my chute. When he’d finally finished, he pulled his softening dick out with a pop, and told me to sit on Fred’s face so he could suck out his cum.

“It’s really Fred’s favorite thing of all.” Fred lay back across the bed, and I crawled up over his face, and he began suctioning my hole for every trace of his partner’s wad. While Fred was busy doing that, I played with his limp dick, and balls. I was surprise to feel him getting hard again. I started to stroke him off, and true to form, within a minute, he shuddered, and shot a weak squirt of cum into my hand. I licked it off, and he stopped sucking my hole, and lay there with his eyes closed.

“You want me to stick around for more?” I rolled off Fred, and addressed my question to Dell.

“Nah. We both had our two cum shots. And I believe Fred had three. He owes you another fifty.”

“Forget it, that one’s on me.” Dell laughed. I got off the bed, and began pulling on my clothes.

“Thanks Bob. That was one of the best fucks I’ve had in awhile. Fred can’t take me any more, so I have to find pussy where I can; if you know what I mean.” I nodded, and tipped my finger to my brow, and opened the door.

“See you boys around. It’s been fun.” I pulled the door closed behind me and started down the hall. At the end of the hall, a man stepped out of a room naked, and stroking a big hard-on. He saw me, and motioned for me to come over to him.

I walked the length of the hall to where he was standing still stroking himself. And took his cock in my fist. He moaned. “You like that?” He whispered.

“Nice,” I said, “But I get fifty a pop.”

“Deal,” he gasped, stumbling back into his room with me still holding onto his dick.

“Suck or fuck?” I asked when he’d shut the door.

“Man, what I’d give for a piece of your ass.” I dropped my pants, and turned around giving him my butt. He leaned me against the dresser, and entered my still slick hole with one thrust. He fucked me quick and hard for ten minutes before I felt him cum. He fell back once he was finished, and pulled his still hard cock out of my ass. “Clean me up with you mouth kid. I dropped to my knees, and tasted myself on his hard shaft. He moaned while I worked, and after a while began to grunt that he was going to blow another wad. I swallowed his shaft, and began to milk him like a calf on a teat, until he grabbed my head, and shot off again. He collapsed onto the floor while I followed him down not letting his shaft free of my mouth. I finished milking him dry, and then sat up. He smiled weakly at me, and finally said: “Man that was good. Sitting on top of that fucking vibrating truck diesel all day makes me nuts to get my rocks off. My name is Ernie. You work this motel?”

“I’m Bob. And no I just happen to be staying here tonight. I ride with Al,” and I told him Al’s last name.

“Shit I know Al. How long you been with him?”

“Not long.”

“He’s here tonight?”

“Yeah, just down the hall.”

“What room number. Maybe I’ll drop by and say hello.”

“Well, he might not appreciate it, he’s got company. Another hitcher we picked up on the western slope out of Denver.”

“No shit.”

“Yeah. Like Al says, variety is the spice he likes. I just gave him the room while I was doing Fred and Dell. I don’t know their last names, but they seem to be a couple.”

“You mean tall Fred and short Dell?”

“That’s them. You know them?”

“Everybody knows them. Those two queens have been driving the highways together for twenty years now. How was it?”

“Well, Fred is a bit quick on the draw, but Dell has a lot of endurance, and a big dick.”

“Don’t he though. That man fucked me once over in Texas, and I liked to never get over it. My hole hurt for a week. How’d you take all that cock, a young boy like you?”

“Well, I guess I got good training from Al. He’s hung like a horse, and has a few inches on Dell. Listen, I’m sorry to fuck and run, but I promised Al, I’d be back in the room as soon as I finished.”

“Good deal. Let me get your money. What was it a suck and a fuck right?”

“Two times.” Ernie peeled a hundred bucks off his roll, and handed it to me. “See you around Ernie. I buttoned m pants, and slipped out of the room, leaving him standing there, stroking himself to another hard-on. I felt good, with three hundred bucks ahead for doing nothing but having a little fun with some men. Wow this was going to work out just fine an I’d do alright in the process.

When I got back to the room, I tapped on the door lightly, and listened. All I could hear, was a soft thumping sound. I opened the door a crack, and peeked in. Al had his dick buried in Jessie’s ass, and Jess was on all fours on the bed while Al had his feet planted on the floor. The thumping sound was the headboard of the bed hitting the wall with every thrust Al threw into Jessie’s asshole. Jessie was grinning and grunting quietly as Al fucked him for what was probably the second or third time since I left.

I entered the room, and neither one of them noticed me. I laid down on the spare bed, and watched, tired of my own play time with the three men I’d met in the hall. I wanted to talk to Jess about the money, but didn’t want to break in on what they both were clearly enjoying. I laid there, and squeezed myself through my pants realizing I hadn’t cum after all the sucking and fucking I’d been doing with the others. I wondered if I could get one of my room mates to do me when they finished. I doubted it, realizing that they were both probably just going to be wrung out like rags when they finished. I slipped off the bed unnoticed by either man, and slipped out the door, closing it quietly behind me. I wanted to find somebody fresh to do me like Al was doing Jess.


March 2nd, 2007, 10:04 AM
I agree, Gary, your stories make you feel like you are there taking part. I enjoyo them all.
Vic:=D: :=D: (*8*)

March 2nd, 2007, 10:13 AM
Great stuff Gary, Thanks
What now?? Is young Bob going to get into trouble??

March 2nd, 2007, 10:19 AM
another great chapter!

March 2nd, 2007, 11:59 AM
A great series so far. You are really keeping the interest up.
I look forward to the next chapter.

March 3rd, 2007, 04:59 AM
Runaway Chapter 9


I wandered around the motel floors for a while, and when the coast was clear, I listened at doors to try to hear what was going on inside the various rooms. Occasionally I lucked into somebody getting fucked, which I could tell from the grunts and groans and the squeaking of bed springs or thumping head boards. On the first floor where the male/female couples were housed, there was about an equal amount of sexual activity going on behind closed doors. After awhile, this pastime grew boring, and I went to the front desk to ask the clerk if there was anything to do but watch porn on TV in the place.

“Sure,” he said, pointing to a door at the side of the lobby. “There’s a game room through there and down the hall on the left.” I went through the door indicated, and could hear the sound of video games down the hall. I made my way there, and found a very well stocked video game parlor. Several guys were intent on games, and I walked around watching the play for a while. One younger guy that looked to be about twenty- two or three, was very good at the game he was playing, and was racking up a high score. When his quarter ran out, he posted his name and score on the machine, and his name appeared at the top of the list as high scorer.

“That’s fucking great Marty!” I said to him, impressed with his score. He turned to look at me before dropping another quarter.

“Thanks man. You play?” He dropped the coin into the slot.

“A little, but I’m nowhere close to your skill level.” He chuckled.

“Not many are.” He proceeded to play while I watched his moves.

“Maybe you could teach me some moves?” He glanced at me and smiled.

“Why not? I taught my little brother, and now he’s sometimes better than me.”

“Great, what do I need to do?” He took one hand off the buttons, and motioned for me to step between him and the machine. I took the position, and he told me to take over the buttons so he could observe my action for a little while. I did and soon was racking up scores. The highest I reached, amounted to only about half of his final score, but he said I was doing better all through the play, and there was reason to hope for better scores yet.

I dropped a quarter, and he began to advise me on moves as I played. Soon enough, I was rocking and rolling with the movement of the game. I felt Marty moving with me, and gradually, I thought I could feel a bit of hardness developing against my butt. After the second game ended, I’d gained a few points over my previous score, and before dropping another coin, I reached back and ran my hand over his package, and ascertained a certain swelling there. I looked into his eyes, and he had a delighted look on his face. I smiled back at him, and pushed my butt into his hard-on, and let myself go headlong into the game.

Marty began rocking his hips and pushing his hard-on between my cheeks. I lost control of the game pretty quickly after his movements against my butt caused me to lose my concentration. He leaned down to my ear, and asked if I was interested in a different kind of fun. I nodded, and he said he had a room on the third floor if I wanted to join him. When the game ended, he stepped back, and I followed him with my own hard-on back out to the lobby where we took the elevator to the third floor. His room was a single, with only one bed, but otherwise it was just like the others I’d been in already.

He asked if I wanted a drink, and offered me some rum and coke. I took it and asked if we could tune in the firehouse show on the closed channel TV. He swiped his credit card, and I picked the channel I’d been watching in Dell and Fred’s room. The action had moved along some since Curly and Blondie had gotten it on in the locked equipment room.

Blondie was on his back with a partially clothed fireman, that looked like he spent several hours a day working out, stuffing a huge dick up his ass. Blondie was begging him to fuck him hard and fast.

“Wow,” Marty whistled. I usually don’t watch this shit; but that guy fucking the blond is one hot stud isn’t he?” I quickly filled him in on what I’d seen earlier, as we both stripped off our clothes. Marty was no giant in the dick department, but he was certainly respectable. We laid down across the bed, and watched the film for a few minutes until the fireman pulled his big bone out of Blondie, and spewed cock juice all across his belly, balls and dick. Blondie started gathering up the gobs of cum to use as lube on his own rigid cock to finish himself off. The camera cut to another fireman also partially clothed, watching the fuck scene from behind a door. When his buddy pulled out of Blondie, he stepped through the door, and pushed his friend out of the way, and shoved his thick cock into Blondie’s gaping hole. He slapped Blondie’s hand away from his own cock, and told him he’d make him cum from just fucking him. Blondie grunted that he understood, and the second fireman began to long dick Blondie hard and deep.

Marty reached over and ran his fingers lightly over my quivering cock. I took the hint, and picked his stiff uncut tool up in my hand, and began to stroke him softly. I think we both wanted our fun to be extended as long as possible. I liked his hard tight body, and he obviously was beginning to enjoy himself with mine. He leaned down and sucked my left nipple into his mouth, and sent a shiver through my frame. He switched nipples, and I arched my back with pleasure. He took a good grip on my cock, and raised it up a little, and then licked and kissed his way south until he was face to head with my dick. He opened his mouth, and let me slide into his warm mouth. He dropped his head n my stomach, and gently began to suck. I groaned a little, and twisted myself until I had another grip on his balls. He moaned, and sucked me a little harder.

“Don’t make me cum yet,” I hissed at him through clenched teeth. “I want this to last a while.”

“Ok.” He pulled off my swollen shaft, and left it covered with saliva. A long string of precum stretched from the tip of my cock to his lower lip. “I’m hot to cum myself,” he said. “But It’s been a while since I did, and my trigger is set to shoot, so we have to be gentle or I’ll go off like a cannon.”

“What do you like to do with men?” I leaned over and licked his arm pit. He tasted slightly of sweat, but I could smell he’d recently showered.

“Gee, I don’t know. I’ve read a lot about man to man sex, but I haven’t had much beyond a blow job through a glory hole in a toilet. I’m supposed to be getting married in June, but I realize there’s this side to me I think I need to explore. I don’t know if I’m totally gay or what. I mean I love my girl, and I’d like to have kids with her, but when I’m on the road, I know there are a lot of guys who do each other because they don’t think of it as cheating on their wives and girlfriends back home.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before, but there’s a lot of truckers that just like to get it on with men. You know?”

“I suppose so.”

“So why haven’t you tried it with some of them before now?”

“I don’t know. . .probably just scared I guess.” I ran my tongue over his chest, and covered his right nipple. He jerked under my mouth.

“You like that?” I raised up and tweaked his damp nipple between my thumb and forefinger. He closed his eyes, and nodded.

“Turn over on your stomach, and get up on your hands and knees.” I moved behind him as he did as I told him. “Now what I’m going to do is called rimming. It feels fantastic, and I’ll guarantee your girlfriend won’t ever do it to you. You’re going to love this.” I spread his cheeks, and licked up his crack from the base of his balls to his rosebud.

“Fuuuuck!” He pulled forward a little, but not far enough to disengage with my tongue before he pushed back against my face. “Shit man what re you doing to me. That feels so good, I think I’m going to cum just with that.”

“If you feel like you are, turn over and I’ll take it in my mouth.”

“OK, but don’t stop what you are doing. It feels great.” I continued eating his hole with a passion. He started to tremble and shake as I worked on him. He started groaning and rocking his hips helping me stimulate him. After a few minutes, he began to grunt and gasp for breath. He suddenly seemed to collapse and roll onto his back breaking contact with my tongue. He’d grabbed his swollen cock, and was squeezing it hard. I gobbled his cock head, and he let go with his fist, and the first stinging shot of his hot cum scored the back of my throat. He whined, and I started to suck. He seemed to go on cumming forever, and must have shot ten or eleven gobs of his stuff into my mouth. I swallowed it as best I could, and yet still some escaped from the corners of my mouth and dribbled onto his balls. He lay beneath me shivering and giggling until he stopped blowing his wad. I sucked up off his shaft, and then began to clean the lost cum off his balls. He shivered even more from this, and put his hands on my head while I sucked his nuts clean of his sperm.

After he calmed down, he sighed and resumed more regular breathing. “Man, that felt fucking fantastic.”

“I thought you might like that. I know I do.” I laid down beside him, and looked at the TV. The two firemen were locked in a muscular sixty-nine, clawing and pinching each other’s ass cheeks. Blondie was no longer in the scene. But momentarily, the scene changed, and Blondie was in the shower, being porked by another of the fire crew. His fucker was dark, almost negro, and the contrast of his big black dick going into Blondie’s white, white bunghole, was fascinating to watch. Water was cascading over both their bodies, and the black man was jerking hard on Blondie’s shaft. His swollen cock was beginning to look veiny and worn out. I wondered if they had shot this film all at one go. I mean, how often do you get to make a porn film in a real firehouse with real fire trucks and equipment.

Marty, sighed next to me and laid an arm across my chest. I put my hand on his arm, and turned to look at him. He was a handsome guy, as I said about twenty-two or three, and had a light sifting of hair on his chest. The color of his hair was rusty brown, and not all together unpleasing. His eyes were closed, but I knew from the game room that they were blue, and ringed with thick long lashes. I picked up his hand and kissed it before he lifted it away from me and replaced it on my now soft cock and balls. “Will you teach me to do that?” His voice was still subdued from his climax.

“What? Rimming?” He nodded. “Sure thing. All it takes is the will power to make yourself stick your tongue in a guy’s asshole the first time. You get over it pretty quick, because it fells so good to do. Get up, and I’ll guide you through it.” He lifted himself up on one elbow, and looked down at me. “I’ll stay on my back so I can see what you are doing, and talk you through it. I lifted my legs up to my chest, and reached to spread my cheeks with my hands. He got down on his knees at the foot of the bed, and leaned into me.

“Are you clean?” He looked into my eyes hoping I’d say yes.

“Well, I’ve been fucked several times tonight, but it’s only cum you’ll be eating if you get into sucking it out of me.”

“No shit! Who fucked you?” I told him about my encounters, and he said it was making him hot again knowing he was about to suck four different cum loads out of my hole. I told him how to begin, and he was a fast learner. It wasn’t long before he had me writhing on the bed under his tongue. He must have felt my hole relax and spread open, because he immediately began to suck on the opening while I began to push trying to get the cum out of me. I farted, but he just kept up his assault on my hole. I felt the ooze begin to slide through the opening, and heard him start to slurp it up. This man had potential.

After several minutes of his sucking, I needed more, and told his to fuck me with his dick. He slipped into my wet hole like he’d been doing it all his life. I felt him bottom out, and then begin to rabbit his cock in and out of my ass furiously. “Slow down Marty,” I managed to grunt out. “You can fuck me all night if you want. There’s no hurry. Your cock feels good in my ass.” He was breathing heavily, but did as asked. His strokes became more stately, and longer. He was beginning to enjoy what he was doing and started to experiment with his thrusts. I wrapped my legs around his back, and began to flex my sphincter around his swollen shaft as he worked me toward a satisfying climax.

After some minutes of his giving me what I needed, he began to gasp for air, and I knew he was getting close again. I decided to try to match his climax with my own, and began to talk him through it. When I felt myself climbing to the edge, I told him I was about to do it, and he grunted hissing air into his lungs, and then stiffened his back and shoved his cock balls deep, and started to fill my hole for the sixth time in as many hours.

My cock jerked on my stomach, and I began to spew my cum across my stomach and chest. A big gob landed on my chin, and some shot past my ear and splattered on the headboard of the bed. He pulled back, and thrust into me again, and more of his cum coursed into my hole. I shivered with pleasure and he seemed to relax slightly, and then began to fuck me again.

“This is too fucking good to stop,” he said. His hips were working like a machine driving his still stiff cock in and out of me. Now that he’d cum twice in a few minutes, I thought it would take him a while to work up to another climax, but I liked the feel of his cock working in my guts, and hugged him closed to my sticky chest, and told him to fuck me all night.

The third time he came in me, took about twenty minutes of strong steady fucking, but I managed to get off once more, shooting another sticky load between our now sweaty bodies. He felt my cock flexing as I shot my wad, and automatically he leaned over my face and kissed me on the mouth, probing beyond my teeth, with his hungry tongue. I kissed him back, and we were deeply sucking tongue when he stiffened again, and began pulsing another load of jizz into me. By then, I was feeling satisfied and beginning to be a bit tired. Sleep was at the forefront of my mind, but I wanted to go back to our room to make sure Al didn’t worry about me.

When Marty finally rolled off me, and sighed his own satisfaction, we lay there letting our breathing return to normal, and talked about various things. “Are you a driver,” I asked him.

“Yeah. I inherited the rig from my ol’ man when he retired. I’ve been on the road more or less for a year and a half now. I’m trying to get enough ahead to put a down payment on a house before me and my girl get hitched in June.”

“Where to headed after you leave here?” I sat up, and reached for my pants.

“Frisco. I’ve got a load of airplane parts to be shipped somewhere by boat. How about you? You look a bit young to be pushing a rig.”

“Well, I don’t drive, but I ride along to keep my friend Al company. It’s his rig. We’re headed for Frisco too. Are you going to lay over there for a while to pick up another load?”

“I thought I would. Deadheading don’t make money.”

“That’s what Al says. We’ll be there for a few days as well, because Al wants to take a few days to show me the city, an maybe hook up with a few guys.”

“Is Al your lover?”

“I never thought about it that way, but we certainly make it together, but he likes variety in his sex life. I think I do too. We don’t get in a jealous fit if one of us hooks up with another guy. In fact, last I saw him tonight, he had his dick buried in a hitcher’s ass we picked up on the western slope this afternoon. A young guy named Jessie from Denver. He’s riding to Frisco with us, and I guess paying his was with ass. I fucked him right after we picked him up in the sleeper cab. But then he fucked me too. He’s got a nice dick like yours.” I leaned over and kissed his slightly swollen cock head. I pulled on my t-shirt, and sat on the edge of the bed to pull on my boots. “I got to head out Marty. I need to get some sleep.”

“Yeah, me too. I left a six a.m. wake-up call in the morning. Since I don’t have a rider to keep me company, I need my rest.”

“Maybe we’ll see you in the café for breakfast. We have the same wake-up time.”

“Maybe so.” I leaned across the bed where he was leaning up on his arm, and kissed him again. “You know,” he said, looking into my eyes. “That was the best most satisfying sex I’ve ever had. My girl isn’t even close to being able to make me feel what you made me feel tonight.”

“Yeah. I’ve never had sex with a girl exactly, but one tried to jerk me off once. She acted like it was dirty, and really I had to finish myself. She acted disgusted when I shot my cum all over her hand.”

“Well, that was the best part. I loved feeling your hot cum shooting between us while I was fucking you.”

“Me too. I gotta split, but maybe we’ll see each other in the morning.”

“I’ll make sure of it. I won’t head out until we see each other.”

“Good deal,” I opened the door of his room, and winked at him lying nude on the bed with another boner growing between his legs. He was already watching the firemen on the TV again. The flickering light from the screen played over his taught body, and I decided then and there, before shutting the door, that I wanted to get with him again when I had the chance.

Back in the room, Al and Jess were spooned together under a sheet, quietly snoring when I came in. The Television was going, and giving the only light in the room. The smell of man sex was strong. I stripped quickly and crawled into the second bed, The TV was showing Curly and Blondie being used hard by several big strong firemen. The climactic scene was just starting, The camera was cutting from cock to cock, recording the cum shots as the white stuff began to fly all over the naked bodies wet with sweat and saliva. I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I knew, the phone on the night stand between the beds was ringing with our wake-up call. The TV was broadcasting snow, so after I answered the phone, I used the remote to shut it off, and crawled into bed with Al and Jess.

“Time to get up boys. There’s some one I want you to meet at breakfast.” Al raised his arm and squinted at his watch before he grunted. Jess groaned and rolled over onto his back. His dick was hard with the need to piss.

“let me up Bob. I got to empty my bladder.” I was feeling the same thing, and followed him into the toilet and we stood side by side and pissed into the bowl. Al stumbled in before we were finished, and began to drown out the sound of our streams splashing in the bowl with his gush of urine as thick as my thumb.

I turned on the shower, and stepped under the warm water while Al was still pissing. Jess followed me into the stall, and we both began to soap up. I asked him to scrub my back, and I returned the favor. As sleep began to leave us, and the water made us both more lively, Jess asked me where I’d been all night.

“Mostly asleep on the next bed, but I played until about midnight first with two older men down the hall, then with a horny trucker on the other end of the hall. I came back here briefly and saw Al porking your hole, and since neither of you heard or saw me, I split to see what trouble I could find. I hooked up with a young trucker in the game room, and went back to hi room for some hot sex. He fucked me good, and after he came three times and I came twice with his dick up my butt, I came back here to bed. He’s the one I want you two to meet this morning. He’s headed for Frisco like we are, and I think I want to ride with him while you keep Al company.”

“Sounds like a good deal.” We shut the water off after slucing the soap off, and stepped out to dry off. Al was sitting on the foot of their bed, waiting his turn in the shower, and watching the weather channel.

“Could be were gonna have some rain today,” he said. He stood up, and kissed both of us before heading into the bathroom.

Jess and I dressed in clean clothes, and were channel surfing on the open channels when Al came out drying his hair, and started to get dressed.

“So who is this you want us to meet this morning?” I told him the story, and told him I thought that sense we were all headed to the same terminal in Frisco, I’d like to ride with Marty if he didn’t mind. “Don’t mind at all Bobbie, but I do want you to come home with me. OK?”

“Of course. Marty is getting married in June, but we hit it off pretty good last night, and I’d like to get to know him better. That’s all.”

“Fine. You ride with him, and Jess will keep me company. We’ll see each other tonight in Frisco. He tell you where he’s staying there?”

“No, but where are we planning to stay? I’ll tell him.”

“I’ve already made reservations at a little hotel I’ve stayed in before. Lots of activity there. But if he’s going to get hitched, maybe he won’t like seein’ guys swinging their dicks nude in the halls.”

“Somehow, I don’t think it will get his tit in a wringer.” Al laughed.

“You’re startin’ to sound like a Texan.” He buttoned his jeans, and tucked his shirt in. He sat n the bed and pulled on his boots, and then gathered up his travel bag, and Jess and I grabbed ours, and the three of us headed down to the elevator. On the TV as I was pulling the door shut, a news station weatherman was warning of heavy rains in California causing landslides.


March 3rd, 2007, 09:25 AM
Thansk Gary, and so another guy joins the party. That chapter was great. Loved it. Keep cumming.


March 3rd, 2007, 11:47 AM
Thanks Gary, this is getting better & better

March 3rd, 2007, 12:12 PM
very, very nice...another notch on this well done series. ;)

March 3rd, 2007, 02:28 PM
the guy knows how to get down for sure. lots of hot stuff going on in the story amazin those married guys keep knocking down the doors to get to this guy. ;)

March 4th, 2007, 05:59 AM
Runaway Chapter 10


We all walked into the diner that was across the parking lot next to the motel. I stood in the entrance looking over the crowd of people eating breakfast. I finally spotted Marty sitting alone in a booth for four near the back by the toilets. “There he is.” I led the way through tables to where he was sitting. Several truckers spoke to Al as we passed, and he stopped several times to speak to friends while Jess and I continued back to join Marty.

Al joined us shortly after Jess and I had slipped into the naugahide bench seat, me next to Marty and Jess opposite. Al slipped in next to Jess, and I introduced them to my new friend. They all shook hands, and then started looking at the menu.

“We ought to eat a big meal here, if we get caught in that storm that’s pounding California, we might have to spend time in the sleeper for a while.” Al looked at Marty as he finished speaking.

“You might be right about that Marty. I’ve been there before, and I’ll bet you have too.” Al laid the menu down and looked around for the waitress.

“Yeah, last year, I got stuck in Wolf Creek Pass after a blizzard shut down the road. I nearly froze my nuts off in the sleeper that night before the ploughs cleared the road for us. There was about forty trucks stuck along side the road.”

“I remember that. Some of the boys were saying it got down below zero that night.” Al caught the waitress’s eye, and she nodded that she’d along soon. Truckers were always itching to hit the road.

“Yeah,” Marty said, laying his menu down, and taking a sip of the coffee he’d been served before we arrived. “I think it was the freeze that kept more snow from really packing us in. It doesn’t snow like that where I come from.”

“Where’s that?” Jess asked.

“Oklahoma panhandle. Chickasaw, to be exact.”

“How far is that from Amarillo?” I asked, slipping a hand onto Marty’s leg under the table. He glanced at me and grinned.

“A hop skip and a jump Bob.”

“’Bout an hour’s drive if you put the peddle down.” Al was tapping his shirt pocket, and I knew he was itching for a smoke.

“You’re talking eighteen wheeler aren’t you Al?” Marty glanced at me still grinning, because my hand had found his semi-hard dick in his pant leg.

“Yeah. That’s ‘bout all I drive anymore.” Al leaned back, and looked for the waitress again and saw she was making her way toward us with a tray of cups and a coffee thermos.

“Well, I make it down to Amarillo in forty to forty-five minutes in my Mustang.” Marty took another sip of coffee just as the waitress arrived and started distributing cups the three of us late arrivals. She filled the cups, and topped off Mary’s again before setting the half full thermos pitcher on the table and getting out her order pad.

“I’ll have the sirloin steak and four eggs over easy some raw onion on the side, and a big glass of orange juice.” Al looked over at me.

“You want any toast with that sir?” The waitress had stopped writing in her short hand on the pad and looked at him expectantly.

“Oh. . .uh. . .you folks got any rye bread?” Al looked at her.

“Sure, how many pieces?”

“Four or five ought to do it for me.” Al handed her his menu.

The three of us left told her to bring us all the same order, because it sounded good. She wrote a number on the pad, and said she’d be right back with the juices. She garhered up the remaining menus and headed for the kitchen. Al asked Marty what he was driving, and we listened to the pros and cons between Al’s Peterbilt and Marty’s Mack. They finally agreed that both trucks had good qualities and some drawbacks.

“Like everything else,” Jess said.

True to her word, the waitress was back already with four tall glasses of OJ. We all took long swallows of the bright orange liquid. I squeezed Marty’s cock, and he put a hand on mine, and moved my hand over to his thigh.

“I gotta walk out of here when I’m through eating Bob. I don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry in here seeing I’ve got the hots for you.”

“Do you?” He blushed, and ducked his head.

“I hardly slept a wink after you left last night.”

“Boy, not me. I think I was sound asleep five minutes after I climbed into bed.”

“I’m going to have a hard time staying with it on the road today. I wish I had some company.”

“Well you just might be in luck Marty. I’d like to ride with you to Frisco and maybe we could all stay in the same hotel there. Al has a reservation already.”

“Yeah, I’ll call ahead, and get the room with two queen sized beds. All four of us will be set then. No problem.”

“Well, I sure could use the company, and I was planning on spending my down time in Frisco sleeping in my cab.”

“No need for that. We can park the trucks in the secure lot at the depot and take the BART into town. The hotel I like to stay in is only a couple of blocks from the BART station. ?Course, I gotta warn you the place is a bit gay, if that bothers you at all.”

“After what Bob and me did together last night, I couldn’t sleep for wondering about myself.” Just then Fred and Dell stopped by the booth.

“Howdy boys. Just thought we’d stop by and ask if you had heard the weather report for California?” Fred smiled at me, but spoke to Al.

“Yeah. We just ordered a big breakfast just in case we get into it bad.” Al sipped his coffee. Fred leaned over and whispered in my ear. I smiled, and nodded. He straightened up and Dell patted my shoulder, and they went on down the row of booths to an empty one.

“What did he say?” Jess leaned across the table toward me and whispered.

“He asked if they could pay me another couple of hundred bucks next time we meet.”

“Why did he say that?”

“Cause that’s what I charged them for the pleasure of my company.”

“Why you slut!” Jess laughed.

“They paid you last night?” Al was holding his orange juice between the table and his mouth.

“You bet.”

“Wow,” Jess said. “Maybe I can make a few bucks on this trip.” Marty leaned toward me and whispered in my other ear.

“What’s he saying,” Jess asked out loud.

“He asked me why I didn’t charge him anything.” Marty blushed.

“Well,” Jess looked at me with questioning eyes. Al was looking too.

“Well, I didn’t charge Marty anything, because I liked him, and it was lust, not business.”

“Since when have you started charging for it?” Al set his glass down without having taken a drink.

“Since I heard how Jess was making money with it.”

“You gonna start charging me?” Al was looking at me intently.

“Of course not Al. I charged Fred and Dell, because they treated me like business. I should tell you I also did a trucker after them for another hundred name of Ernie. But I didn’t get off with any of them. I got back to the room after that, and you and Jess were so into each other you didn’t even know I was there. I went looking for somebody I could get off with, and found Marty.”

“Well, I ain’t never had to pay, and don’t plan to start now either.”

“Al,” I said. “With a dick like yours men ought to pay you for the privilege.” Al blushed a little.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Jess giggled, and wiggled his butt on the seat. “I feel like I was road by a fire hose trying to put out my fire. Thank god he didn’t succeed. I could go again this morning.”

“We ain’t got time if we don’t beat this storm. If we beat it, we can play again tonight in the hotel, but we gotta beat it first.” The waitress arrived with our orders, and since they were all the same, made no mistakes delivering them. We tucked in to the food, and ate while we joked and talked about the coming day. Once we were finished, Al and Marty went up to the cashier to pay, and Jess and I ducked into the toilet to piss. I needed to take a dump, and entered the stall at the end of the line. I wasn’t surprised to see a fair sized glory hole in the wall between the stalls. I glanced through, and saw a man sitting there with his pants around his ankles, stroking his cock. I hooked a finger through the hole, and he stood up immediately, and pushed his dick through into my mouth. I sucked him fast, and he must have been close, because in less than a minute, he shot his cum into my mouth.

“You going to take all day in there,” Jess said. I pulled off the already deflating dick, and swallowed.

“Be out in a minute,” I said. The man was already pulling up his pants and stuffing his semi hard cock back in his fly. He stuck a finger back through the hole and waved it at me in thanks. I tried to concentrate on my dump, but another man entered the stall, and wasted no time sticking his cock through the hole. I didn’t even get a chance to see him, but swallowed his dick down and started to suck him off. He pushed up hard against the wall, and I took him into my throat. He must have wanted to cum bad, because he started fucking my throat through the wall, and was soon spewing my tonsils with hot cum. He pulled out and in the same motion pulled up his pants, and I looked through the hole and realized I’d just blown Jess again.

“You fucker,” I whispered, and he laughed.

“Gotta keep practicing if we want to be a professional. Don’t we. I’ll pay you back at the hotel tonight if we make it.”

“Shit.” I finished my dump ignoring the next man who slipped into the stall, and hung his finger through the hole. I’m sure he didn’t have to wait long for a client, because a guy was waiting near my stall when I exited and went to
wash my hands.
“He any good?” the man whispered as I passed him, assuming I’d just gotten a blowjob from the guy in the stall.

“I wouldn’t know.” I hit the soap dispenser, and squirted the creamy cum looking stuff into my palm, and stuck them under the water.

Jess was waiting for me outside the restroom when I stepped through the swinging door. “Man you friend is cute, cute, cute! I’d love to have a go at him. Would you mind if I did?”

“I guess that would be up to him Jess.” We walked out to the entrance of the restaurant, where Marty and Al were discussing something as we approached. I heard Al say that he was fed up with women, and saw Marty nod.

“We better hit the highway boys. The last hump over the mountains is going to be slow, and let’s hope we don’t get rain or snow up on top.” Al started off toward where the Peterbilt was parked. I waved to him and said we’d see each other in Frisco. Jess gave me a light punch on the arm, and took off after Al.

“You take care of him Jess,” I said.

“And you take care of Marty, Bob.” He giggled and ran off after Al as he turned between to big rigs on the lot.

Marty was standing there looking tired. I took his arm, and we started down the steps of the entrance. “Where are you parked?” He looked around, and pointed toward a big Mack with a shiny English Bulldog mounted on the stubby hood. His truck was beautiful, black and dark green, with a rust red racing stripe. When we reached the truck, I found my new friend’s full name was Marty Strange, as it was painted on the door of the cab. “Let me guess,” I said. Your nickname when you were in school was Mighty.” He groaned and then laughed.

“I was hoping I’d lost that after I started driving for a living. I used to hate it when the kids called me that.”

“Well, I won’t repeat it, but I kind of like it.” We climbed up into the cab of the rig, and Marty started the big diesel engine and let it rumble under us while he up-dated his log book.

“Man I feel like warmed over shit this morning. I kept running what happened last night through my head, and didn’t sleep a wink. I think I stayed hard the rest of the night. I gotta tell you Bob, that I’ve never felt anything like what we did in bed last night. My girl Debbie, won’t let me fuck her until we’re married, but she does occasionally give me a hand job. I guess technically, I was a virgin until last night. I had a great time. How about you?”

“Well, I loved it too. I’m not much beyond being a virgin myself, and Al was my first experience other than a hand job by a girl a couple of years ago.”

“So you’ve only had gay experiences?”

“I guess that’s right. I’ve never really been attracted to girls.” Marty had dropped into gear, and the big machine growled and began to creep forward. “There’s Al and Jess,” I pointed at the red Peterbilt just preparing to enter the on ramp to the highway. Marty shifted, and pulled in behind another truck that was just behind the Peterbilt.

“After last night, I had to do a lot of soul searching, and I realized, that I’ve not had much interest in girls either. What I really liked, was to look at the guys in gym class, and especially in the showers. I guess that pretty much makes me gay doesn’t it?”

“Well, I can’t answer that definitively, but I’d take a wild guess that you’ve hit the nail on the head. I was the same way; except, I couldn’t get into the showers with the guys without getting a bone.” He laughed, and nodded his head in agreement.

“Fuck, I was so horny in high school that I had to jack off half a dozen times a day, but then most of the guys did. There was one toilet out by the football field, that smelled like cum all the time. The teachers never went out there, and it must have had a gallon of jizz dumped on the floor every day.” He laughed again, and followed the other trucks out onto the highway. We were silent for a few minutes while he worked through the gears getting up to speed. Ahead of us loomed the hazy wall of the Sierras. We had a long haul ahead of us, and I knew Marty was already tired starting out.

“I was too.” I said, leaning back against the seat.

“Was too what?” He said glancing over at me.

“Horny as hell in high school.”

“You never got with another guy?”

“Too shy I guess. There was one dude I would have given anything to hook up with, but he always had a girl hanging on him. Man he walked around half hard all the time. I was sure he was getting his fill of pussy when ever he wanted it. He was the star halfback on the team, and that slick uniform over his tight little ass made me nearly cream my pants at every game.” Marty laughed again.

“Sounds like Chet Foreman at Chickasaw High. Fuck, he was so hot, I walked around half hard just thinking about all the pussy he was obviously getting. I realized last night I was half hard over him, and not his slut girlfriends. Well, we live and learn.” We drove in silence for a few miles.

“So,” I finally had my thoughts in order for what I wanted to know. “You think you really are gay then?” He looked over at me.

“Shit, I don’t know. . .I still care for Debbie I guess, and maybe last night was just horny talking. I was tired of jerking off every night, and just before we met up in the game room, I had been laying on my bed in the room listening to the two guys next door having a good time. The springs in their bed were bouncing like there was no tomorrow.”

“How did you know it was two guys?”

“’Cause, women aren’t allowed on the top two floors of the motel, besides, I saw them going into the room earlier as I was coming back to my room from getting some ice.” I nodded. “They didn’t waste any time getting down to it either. I could hear one of them yelling for the other one to fuck him good and hard. I finally had to leave the room. It hadn’t been more than fifteen minutes when you found me in the game room. Having you between me and that video game machine was more than I could bare. You could feel the results between your butt cheeks couldn’t you.”

“Yeah. I sure could.”

“So what were you doing there?” I told him I was feeling the need for something with a little more feeling than my previous encounters that night.

“I liked the way you looked, and I was impressed with your gaming skill. I also was hoping something would happen. Tell you the truth, you looked hot, and I was praying you were gay, or at least open to experiment a little.”

“Well, how was I?”

“I’m riding with you this morning aren’t I. Doesn’t that answer your question?”

“You struck me as hot too. I like the way your hair is tipped with blond highlights. I was hoping I’d at least get a blowjob from you. I was so horny, I was leaking in my pants.” I laughed.

“So how is it this morning?”

“Feel,” he said. I reached between his legs, and found him hard as stone, trapped in the leg of his jeans.

“You want me to do something about this?” I squeezed his stiffness, and he moaned a little.

“Just hold it and squeeze it for me now ant then. I need to concentrate on the driving, and that will help me stay awake.”

“I can do more than that if you let me get it out and suck on it for you.”

“No. As tired as I am, I think I’d fall asleep at the wheel if I dumped a load right now. But later for sure.” We rode along, looking at the scenery as we began to slow down on a long grade. Marty shifted down into lower gears, but still our speed continued to drop off. Three truck ahead, with a sprinkling of private cars n between, I could see Al’s Peterbilt. I wondered what they were doing and talking about.

“What do you think Al and Jess are talking about?” I looked over at Marty yawning,.

“You can call them on the radio if Al has one.”

“He does, but he only likes to use it for business purposes.”

“Well, that’s a good idea, but truckers talk to each other all the time. You’ve ridden with him, doesn’t he gossip on air?”

“Not that I ever heard. He’ll get on to ask if the roads are clear ahead, or if there are any speed traps he ought to be aware of, but not much else.”

“What’s his handle?”

“I’ve heard other truckers call him Big Al.”

“That’s it. I’ve heard his handle before on the air.” He unhooked the mike, and spoke into it.

“This is Strange Times, looking for Big Al, come back.” The radio crackled.

“Big Al commin’ atcha Strange Times. What can I do for you?”

“Strange Times giving you a holler Big Al. I got somebody wondering how things are coming along.”

“Who’s that Strange Times?”

“Your friend and mine Little Bob. Come back.”

“Put him on, and I’ll let him squawk at Jessie James. I’m burnin’ rubber to beat the storm. Come back.”

“Yeah Big Al. I read you five by five. Burning rubber sounds like the best idea. I’m handing off to Little Bob. Come back.”

“Good deal Strange Times. Here’s mister James.” The next voice I heard was Jessie’s.

“What do I do? Press this button and talk? Hello, hello, Bob is that you?”

“Say come back, when you are through talking and let up on the button. He can’t talk to you until you make a closed mike.” Al’s voice sounded hollow.

“Come back.” Jess let his mike go dead.

“Little Bob here Jessie James. . .Just checking on how things are going up there. We’re about six trucks back. Come back.”

“Oh it’s a handful alright, and I think we got a leak of some kind of clear liquid. Come back.”

“Maybe you ought to taste the clear liquid to see if it’s sweet. Come back.”

“I’ve already done that. It is sweet to my taste. Come back.”

“How do you plan on fixing the problem? Come back.”

“The same way I usually do. A little spit and some friction. Come back.”

“Works every time doesn’t it? Come back.”

“Hasn’t ever failed yet. Come back.”

“Keep us informed how it comes out. Come back.”

“I will. But how are you doing? Come back.”

“I’ve got a handful too, but the hose might be too worn out to do much good. Come back.”

“Well, you keep us informed if you need any help. Come back.”

“I haven’t needed any help so far. I’ve got things under wraps right now, but I keep squeezing out what I can. Come back.” At this point another voice broke into our conversation.

“This is Handy Andy. Sounds like you all need a spare hose, and some friction tape. Come back.”

“Hi Handy Andy. A spare hose is always nice to have, but I’ve got plenty of friction, Come back.”

“Hey who am I talkin’ to? This is Handy Andy. Come back.”

“Sorry Handy Andy. You’ve got Jessie James and Little Bob. Come Back.”

“Handy Andy here. Where are you guys headin’. Come back.”

“Jessie James here, we’ll be in Frisco if the rain don’t wash out the road. Come back.”

“Good deal, Jessie James, I’m due there tonight myself. Maybe I can lend you a new hose. Come back.”

“Like I said Handy Andy, I’ve got plenty of friction, but a new hose is always welcome.” A new voice joined in here.

“Wee Willy commin’ atcha. Is there gonna be a party? Come back.”

“There’s always a party in Frisco. Handy Andy here. Come back.” The conversation was taken over by Andy and Willie, with several other voices joining in. I hung the mike back on its peg, and just listened. Jess was still participating now and then when the subject caught his imagination.

“Jessie James to Wee Willie. How big is your rig Wee? Come back.” Somebody pressed their mike button and laughed at that.

“Wee Willie here. Let’s just say my handle don’t do it justice. It’s an all nighter after a long haul ‘cross country from New York City. Come back.”

“Sounds like it might come in handy later on. Come back.”

“Are you talking to Handy Andy? Come back.”

“Of course Handy. We’ll see you later.” The air went silent, and the first large drops of rain began to splatter the windshield. All the drivers began to concentrate on the road conditions, because the first slick of rain on a greasy road made it more dangerous.

“Do they always talk like that Marty?”

“Yeah, mostly, unless they are discussing business, or sending out a warning.”

“They all sound like horny gay men.”

“Might be horny, but I’ll bet more of them are straight, that like to get off with guys because they don’t feel it’s like cheating on their wife or girlfriends. I’ve heard a lot of talk like that in the truck stops. My daddy told me all about the phenomenon when he gave me the Mack. He thought he was telling me what I needed to know to avoid those sorts of parties. And I have until last night. Fuck, I’ve been missing out on all the fun and games for a year and a half. I now think my ol’ man was partying right along with the rest of ‘em. He knew too much about what goes on when these guys get together.” I squeezed his hard cock again, and he smiled at me.

“You think he does it with men?”

“Has to be. He had a couple of close buddies that were drivers, and when ever they come through Chickasaw, they always stop over night at the motel, and he alwaysgoes out to see ‘em and have what he calls a few drinks with them and talk over old times. He always walks funny for a day or two after. I’ll bet he takes it up the ass.”

“What about your mom?” I squeezed him again as the rain began pouring down in buckets.

“My folks divorced about five years ago, and my mother remarried a dentist fellow. Me and her new husband don’t get along very well, so I stayed with my dad. He never bothered with finding another wife.” A bolt of lightning struck a stand of pines on a hill a few hundred feet from the road, and the clap of thunder felt like it was right in the cab with us. My ears were ringing.

“Holy cow!” I squeezed his cock hard, half in fright.

“Ooooh man you keep that up and I’m gonna cum in my pants.” He was gripping the wheel tightly with both hands.

“Maybe I ought to take it out and relieve the pressure.” I grinned at him.

“Could be a good idea, but if this keeps up, I’m going to pull off at the next rest stop and let it rain. No since in taking a chance in this shit. If it doesn’t let up, there’s a rest area about fifteen miles ahead. We can get in the sleeper, and see what happens. Why don’t you get on the horn and tell Al and Jessie what I’m thinking.”

“Right.” I grabbed the mike, and depressed the button.

“Little Bob, looking for Big Al or Jessie James. Come back.” There was a moment of dead air, then the speaker crackled with static.

“Jessie James here Little Bob, what can I do for you? Come back.”

“Strange Times doesn’t like the road conditions. He’s tired, and we are going to pull off at the next rest area until the rain clears. Come back.”

“Jessie James here. We were just talking about doing the same thing if the conditions haven’t improved by the time we get there. Come back.”

“Little Bob here. Keep in touch.” I hooked the mike up, and squeezed Marty’s cock again. He had developed a nice wet spot the size of a silver dollar on his pant leg.

We drove through the worsening storm, both of us squinting through the wipers that were working in overdrive and not doing much good. We’d traveled about ten miles, when the radio crackled with static again, and Jess’s voice sputtered into the cab.

“Jessie James here. We’re pulling off the road. This craps getting too hard to see through. Come back.” I grabbed the mike.

“I read you loud and clear Jessie. Save us a spot if you can.” I hung the mike back on its peg, and resumed watching through the wall of water we were navigating for the rest area sign. “There it is,” I pointed to the blur of metal and words on the side of the road. “One mile on.”

“Gottcha. Marty started down shifting, and brought the straining engine out of its high pitched grind up the grade. We approached the pull off, and took it easily. The rain was coming down in such torrents, that it took a while before we began to see the dim blurred shapes of trucks and cars lining both sides of the central rest stop. We found a slot for the Mack about three places beyond the Peterbilt. It was coming down so hard and heavy, that no one moved out of their vehicles. Marty killed the engine, and we sat there for a time just watching it rain.

“You want to climb in the back?” I squeezed his cock again, which had gone spongy under the cloth.

“Why not. I could use some relief, and maybe we can catch some shut eye until it stops coming down like a river.” I climbed into the sleeper cab first, while Marty started kicking off his boots. I sat on the edge of the small bed, and shucked my boots and clothes. There was a chill in the air, ad I felt my old goose bumps tickling my arms and legs. I stripped off my briefs, and wrapped myself in the blanket I found folded up at the foot of the bed. Marty crawled in and started unsnapping his shirt buttons. I reached for his belt buckle, and helped him. By the time he was nude, his hard-on had returned, and mine ad never left.

We laid down under the sheet, and I arranged the blanket over us. Marty closed his eyes, and I leaned down over him and kissed him. He put both hands on either side of my head, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. We made out like that for a few minutes, before he broke the clinch, and asked me to suck his cock.

“I’m too tired to be good for much more. Swing around here, and I’ll suck yours too.” His voice was wavering a bit, and I knew he was dog tired, and this was likely the best I could expect. We were both close from the drive, and he choked a little on my wad, but stayed with it until he’d swallowed my whole load. He took a little longer to bring off, but when he finally did cum, he moaned, and humped into my throat while he shot.

We laid quietly together with my head on his shoulder, while he drifted off to sleep. He was stroking my hair one moment, and the next, he was snoring gently in my ear. I stayed with him for a while until I realized I needed to piss. The rain had slacked off a little, and I dressed, and found a battered old umbrella behind the driver’s side of the front seat. I cracked the door on the driver’s side, and stuck the umbrella out above the rim. I opened it and found it had a good sized hole in one side.

I hopped down, and ran for the toilets. Once under the awning of the building, I saw there were several people waiting there out of the rain. I made my way to the men’s side, and found it contained four stalls, and six urinals. There were two men standing at the urinals, and I thought I could see a couple of stalls were occupied. I decided to use a stall, and took one next to the last in the line. That placed me between the two occupied stalls. The place was well lighted, bright even after the gloom of the storm outside. I hung the umbrella on the coat hook of the door, and dropped my jeans. I sat down on the stool, and noticed immediately there were glory holes into the stalls on both sides. I looke through the hole on my right first, and saw the bare legs of an older man. From the shadow on the floor, I could tell he was pulling on a nice hard dick.

I looked through the hole on the left, and found an eye looking back at me. It was quickly replaced with a mouth and tongue wagging at me through the partition. I wiped my left forefinger up my ass crack, and stuck it into the mouth. The tongue went to work on it and the lips closed over my finger and the mouth began to suck it like it was my cock. I looked over at the right hole, and saw the guy there had put his hard dick through the wall, and was flexing it so that it bounced up and down. I took it in my hand, and thought about what I could do with these two opportunities. Finally, I decided to let the guy on the left, use his tongue to get my hole good and wet, while I sucked the hard cock through the wall.

I stood, and bent positioning my hole over the hole in the left wall. The tongue went to work on me like I tasted of candy. I slurped on the cock through the wall getting it good and sloppy wet. After a few minutes of this, I stood up breaking contact with the mouth on my right, and reversed myself. I pushed the head of the sloppy wet cock between my cheeks, and felt the guy strain to push more of his dick through the hole. I pushed back as well, and felt him slip into my cunt. I hung a finger through the hole on the right, and the mouth lost no time shoving a pretty hard dick through his glory hole. I swallowed him down, and pushed my ass against the wall behind me, giving the other guy room to manuver his thick cock fucking me hard as he could. I was grunting andslurping on the cock in my mouth, and heard a cough outside my door. I pulled off the cock in my mouth for am moment, and looked up to see an eye watching me through the crack of the door. I reached up and unlatched the lock, and a young guy quickly stepped into the stall and relocked the door. He dropped to the floor, and worked his way under me and swallowed my raging hard-on. I’d never had all parts of my body being pleasured like this before, and I felt like I was going to swoon for a moment.

What brought me back to my senses, was my mouth being flooded with cum. I started to swallow, but he pulled back and I lost him completely. His cock head was still squirting gobs of slick hot cum, and he painted my face with it. The cock fucking me began to pulse, and I moaned as I took the hint, and blew my load into the man sucking my cock while my fucker filled my guts with his jizz. He finished and pulled out of my ass, and dragged his red swollen cock back through the hole. The guy on the floor under me, sat up and I could see he had a nice hard-on in his pants. I pulled him up by the armpits, and went for his belt. Once he was naked from the waist down, I pushed him down on the stool, and slipped my hole over his flaring cock, and sat down on him. He pushed me vertical against the locked door, and came up with me. He held me by my shoulders, and began to pile drive his cock into my hole. He finally stiffened and shoved deep into my guts, and I felt his hot seed filing me. Not bad, I thought, two loads in five minutes.

When the guy finally pulled his wilting cock out of my ass, he sat back down on the stool, and pulled my butt toward him. He rammed his face between my cheeks, and began to suck cum out of my hole. This guy was wild. When he’d sucked me clean, me let go of my hips, and kissed my butt cheeks and licked around my worn hole.

I finally stood up, and pulled my jeans up over my half hard dick, and zipped up. He stood up next to me and did the same. I unlocked the door, and took the umbrella off the hook and tipped my finger to my brow and went out of the toilet where the rain had resumed its torrential downpour. While I stood there watching it, the young guy came out and stood beside me. He handed me a business card, which I glanced at, and slipped into my shirt pocket.

“If you’re ever in San Francisco, look me up.” He clutched his jacket to his throat with a fist, and ran into the rain. He jumped into a late model Mercedes, and sat there, after he’d started the engine, looking at me through the slashing wipers. Finally, he waved at me, and turned on his head lights and backed out to leave.

Two men were huddled against the wall talking in low tones, and I glanced at them. One gave me the high sign with a raise of his head. I looked around, and saw it was just the three of us, so I walked over to where they were huddled.

“That was one hot scene in there,” The guy who had high signed me tossed his head toward the toilets.

“Yeah, it was. Which one were you?”

“Here,” he said feel this and see if you can figure it out.” He took my hand and pressed it over a hard cock in his pants. I felt of it, and then turned around and pushed my butt up against it. He pushed back.

“Nice dick,” I said. “You want to go again?”


“Why not. My ride’s taking a nap in the truck. I’ve got time.”

“My buddy here has a mobile home parked in the lot. Maybe we can go out to it. Might be safer.”

“Sounds like a plan.” The other man grinned, and led off into the rain. I opened my shoddy umbrella, and ran after them. Once inside the RV, I told them we had to get to it since I had no idea how long the rain was going to keep the trucks off the road. The owner whose name turned out to be Dick, and his friend who was named Murphy, just Murphy, took me into the bedroom which was outfitted with a queen sized bed. We were soon stripped off, and had the RV rocking as I fucked Dick, and Murphy fucked me again. It took a few long minutes for us all to cum again, and I turned Dick over, and sucked his load out of his balls while he humped my face. Murphy spent this time rimming my hole, and sucking his own load out of me.

After we finished, they gave me a cola, and I pulled on my clothes, and Dick gave me a new umbrella without a hole, and both men kissed my cheeks as I went out the door. Marty was still sawing logs when I peeked in on him. I closed the door, and headed over to the Peterbilt. I rapped on the driver’s door, and Al stuck his head out from behind the pull curtain. He smiled at me and reached out to pop the lock on the door. When I opened it, the reek of sex poured out of the cab, and I realized the windows were steamed over. I climbed up into the seat behind the wheel.

“How you makin’ out?” Al sounded a little winded.

“I’m having a good time. Marty’s sleeping since he didn’t get any last night.”

“So how the fuck you having a good time then?” Jess stuck his head through the curtain behind Al. His face was flushed and he was sweating like a horse that had been run hard.

“I went to take a piss, and met a few guys in the toilets. So yes, I’ve been having fun.”

“Lucky son of a bitch,” Jess muttered. I grinned at him, and kissed Al on the cheek.

“How long do you think we are gong to be hold up here?”

“Another hour at least. I’ve seen these storms before.” Al reached down and ruffled my hair.

“Oh man,” Groaned Jess. “You want to trade places with me Bob. Al’s fucked me twice already since we stopped, and he looks like he’s ready to go again. I could use a rest. Maybe Marty will let me sleep with him.”

“Not a chance. You just want to go wake Marty up so you can play with him. He needs his rest if we are going to get back on the road in an hour. Maybe you could find Wee Willie. I’ll bet he’s pulled in here to weather the storm too. Do you know what he drives Al?”

“Yeah, that’s Willie’s rig over yonder.” He pointed through the dripping windshield.

“I’ll go over and see what he’s up to.”

“Why you?” Jess whined.

“Because I’ve got the umbrella.”

“Right, but if you don’t come back in five minutes, I’m going to join you no matter what’s going on over there.”

“What about me?” Al looked at Jess.

“Aren’t you all fucked out Al?”

“Hell no!”

“Maybe Handy Andy’s around.” I suggested.

“Now why in hell do you think he’s called Handy Andy?” Al harrumphed.

“No idea,” I said.

“He just likes to jerk off cocks. He won’t suck, and he certainly won’t let me fuck him.”

“Well then, there’s an RV parked a few slots down, and there’s two men that are up for anything. Come with me, and I’ll run you down there under the umbrealla.”

“Let me get some clothes on.” Al disappeared behind the curtain. Jess smiled at me and mouthed the word thanks.

Al and I dropped down to the wet ground, just as a clap of thunder rolled across the sky. I led him down the line of trucks until we reached the space the RV was parked in. I rapped on the door, and Dick answered.

“Come in before you drown!” Al and I crowded into the living area of the RV. Murphy was sitting at the table in his boxers, sipping a whiskey from the looks of it. There was a drink sitting on the table where Dick had been sitting before I knocked.

“This is my friend Al,” I watched as both men shook Al’s hand. He’s stuck here until the rain slacks off, and he’s horny as a rabbit in the spring.” Both men smiled, and I saw Murphy reach under the table and give himself a squeeze.

“Well, well,” he said. “It sounds like our prayers have been answered Dick. We were just sitting here wondering if we could drum up some more fun before we head back down the mountain and our wives.”

“Well,” I said, Al here can take care of you so you’ll stay satisfied for a few minutes at least.” I laughed, and Al chuckled too.

“Come over here Al, and let me get a look at the merchandise.” Al stepped forward. As Murphy reached for his buckle.

“Listen guys, I’ve got to go check out something else. Have fun.” I turned and started out of the door. I heard Murphy whistle, and Dick whimpered something about hitting the jackpot.

The rain was still pouring down when I reached Wee Willie’s truck. I pounded on the door, and A thickset face appeared in the window. He’d been laying across his seat.
He cracked the window and asked what I wanted.

“I’m Little Bob. You’re Wee Willie Right?” He grinned.

“I shore am Little Bob. You want to get in?”

“Just for a little bit. It’s Jessie James who wants to spend some time with you until this rain slacks off.” I climbed up into the cab, and shut the door. Willie has scooted across the seat, and was sitting sideways with one big leg tucked under his butt. I could see a substantial bulge in his crotch.

“So, what are you guys up to in this weather.”

“You know, just looking to have some fun. What about you?”

“I figured I’d have to wait until I get to Frisco before the fun time starts. I was just laying here wondering how long this fucking rain is going to keep me tied down.”

“Well, Big Al says it will be slow enough to drive in another hour or so.”

“You kin to Big Al?”

“Not kin, but we stick together.”

“You his boy?”

“I guess I am, but Al says he likes variety. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” He chuckled, and his big belly shook like Santa’s.

“Well, now, are you the goose or are you the gander?”

“What’s the difference?”

“A goose takes dick up the ass, and a gander puts it up the ass.”

“I see. Well I guess that makes me a hybrid animal. I like it both ways. How about you?”

“Well now, I like it mostly playing the gander, but I also like to play like a cow now and then.”

“So what’s a cow like?” I was a bit puzzled with his barnyard references.

“You know, a cow likes to have her calf suck tit.”

“I get it. You mean you like to get blown.”

“Smart boy Al’s found himself.”

“Why don’t you get it out, and I’ll see what I can do.” He grinned broadly, and began to pop buttons and buckles on his coveralls.

He heaved himself up off his leg, and straightened it out which allowed him to pull his coveralls down to his knees. He wasn’t wearing briefs of any kind, and his big thick slab of cock flopped across his fat thighs. A big pair of hefty balls lay between his legs, rolling in their skin sack. I reached for him, and he sighed.

“I ought to warn you boy, I ain’t cum in a week. I hope you can manage when I do ‘cause I usually can fill a cup with my stuff.”

“I promise I’ll do my best.” I lifted his still slightly floppy cock, and began licking it to get it wet and ready. When he leaned back against the wall of the cab, I looked up and saw he’d closed his eyes and was enjoying my tongue bah on his privates. I took his plumb sized cock head into my mouth, and sucked around the rim while he moaned little sounds into the rapidly steaming air of the cab. I felt a slight jolt and looked up to see Jessie watching through the steamed over windows. I pulled off Willie’s willy, and told him that Jess was wanting to come in. I popped the door, and Jess wasted no time joining us.

“Willie says he’s a gander Jess,” I said.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Pull you pants down and I’ll show you Jessie James.” He tugged on the shorts Jessie was wearing, and they slipped off his tanned butt. “Man look at that creamy butt. You think your twat can take my dick?”

“I’ve has Big Al plowing my hole for a few times. I reckon if I can manage him I can manage you.” I held Willie’s cock upright, and watched it go completely stiff in my fist. I could hardly touch the tips of my fingers together around its girth. It wasn’t as long as Al’s, but it was just as thick. Jess tried sucking on it for a minute, but I realized he was just trying to lube it up with his spit.

“I got some butt lube in the glove compartment over there.” He pointed a stubby finger at the dash. I popped the door open and found a good sized tub of something called Axel’s Grease. It had a drawing of a big cock being pushed into a tiny hole between two ass cheeks. I wondered where he’d come across the stuff. It almost looked home made and put up in a used margarine tub. The label looked like it had been run off on a home computer printer. Everything about it was crude.

Jessie didn’t even pause to study the tub, but tore the lid off, and was quickly smearing the sticky stuff all over Willie’s big phallus. Once done, he handed me the tub, and before I could get the lid back on it, Jess was sliding down the pole like it was heaven. He ad his eyes shut tightly, and only opened them when he reached bottom.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“I’m about to buddy. Willie pushed Jeff over onto the seat, and for a big man his quick movements surprised me and Jessie too. I was forced back against the passenger door, and Willie put one massive leg on the floor of the cab under the steering wheel, and folded the other under him on the seat. He had Jessie’s hips in a tight grip, and once in position, started throwing a massive fuck into Jessie’s asshole. The whole rig began to rock and roll as Willie’s massive body fat began to heave us all about. Jessie was huffing like a winded bull, and had grabbed my arm in a death grip. He had his eyes closed tightly, and his teeth were gritted. I couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it or in real pain.

Willie heaved his big cock into Jessie until my arm started going numb in Jessie’s grip. I started to try to disengage my arm, but Jessie pulled it under his body, and I realized he was trying to get me to take his cock in my hand. I took the hint, and just as I took it, he filled my palm with a load of jizum. The cab began to sweat like a demon with trickles of liquid coursing down ever surface. I held Jess’s dick tightly, and after a minute, he poured another gush of cum into my palm.

“Man, Jess,” I whispered. “He’s made you cum twice in a minute.” Just then, Jessie groaned again, and I felt another squirt across my palm.

Willie began to huff and puff, and I knew he was going to explode inside Jessie’s hole. Jessie’s eyes were trying to open, but all I could see were the whites. Willie shoved his big dick all the way in and than stiffened up onto his knees, lifting Jessie’s whole rear into the air impaled on his thick cock. Willie groaned again, and started shivering like he was cold all of a sudden.

“Shit,” Jessie moaned. “I can feel his load being pumped into me. It’s hot, and feels like a gallon.” Willie pumped into him a few more times, shivering the whole time until he finally let out a long sigh, and dropped back onto his leg. This pulled his still thick piece of meat out of Jessie’s asshole, and a gush of cum followed.

“Suck it out of him,” Willie demanded of me. I cupped my cum smeared hand over Jessie’s gaping hole, and he gradually turned his butt toward me. I leaned into the gap, and started lapping Willie’s hot cum out of Jessie’s wide open hole. Jessie moaned when my tongue entered him, and I looked up to see he had Willie’s dick in hs hands, and was licking it clean of his own ass juices.

Sucking Willie’s Jizz out of Jess was making me horny as hell. I knew Jess wouldn’t be up for another go anytime soon, and from the way Willie was heaving against the door drenched with greasy sweat, I didn’t think I could count on him either.

I finally felt Jessie’s stretched hole begin to try to pull itself closed, and gave his bud one last lick and sat up. I wiped a clear spot in the steamed window and saw the rain was slacking off again. I popped the door open, and a rush of fresh air poured into the cab.

“I’m splitting guys. I think it might be close to getting back on the road. I’ve got to go check on Marty.”

“Bye,” Jess smiled at me. He’d laid himself back in Willie’s naked lap, and was holding on to the fat man’s massive slab of cock like it was his new teddy bear.

“You going to get back with Al?” I asked as I dropped to the ground adjusting my stiff cock in my pants.

“I’m thinking about it,” he said, grinning and licking the side of Willie’s dick.

Back in the truck with Marty, I shook him awake, He’d been asleep for at least two hours. “Rain’s letting up. Al thinks this will be it, and we can get back on the road.” Just then, Al stepped up on the running board, and tapped on the glass. I rolled it down and Al smiled at me.

“Those two guys were somethin’ else. They couldn’t get enough of my dick. I’m happy now. Where’s Jessie?”

“Last I saw, he was hugging Willie’s dick like it was a teddy bear.” Al laughed.

“I’ll bet,” he said. Willie can throw a mean fuck when he’s horny. Cums like a water pump.”

“Boy does he ever.” I had to clean Jessie out after and I’m still burping his cum.

“Well I’d better go see if he needs rescuing or if I’m riding alone the rest of the way.” Marty stuck his head out of the sleeper and rubbed his eyes.

“What’s been going on while I was asleep?”

“Nothing much,” Al said, just the usual sort of stuff when friends get together with time on their hands.” Marty slid out of the sleeper onto the seat next to me and started pulling on his boots.

“Man I gotta piss like a horse.” He popped the driver’s door, and dropped to the ground and headed for the toilets.

“You ought to go with him,” Al said. We got a long haul into Frisco. We won’t get in until after ten tonight with this rain delay. You don’t want to be stopping at every rest stop to piss.” He dropped off the running board, and waved as he headed for Willie’s rig down the lot. I dropped out of the cab, and headed for the toilets again. Once inside, the scene had changed dramatically. A man was standing at the urinals with two little boys in tow. He was pissing while the boys were looking around. Marty was standing at the last urinal and I took the one beside him. I pulled my dick out and started to pee. I glanced down at the guy with the kids, and he was pulling on a stiff cock, and leaning back to show me.

“Fuck,” I whispered. The whole fucking world is gay.” Marty shook off, and glanced down the line of urinals at the man, who was smiling at the two of us. “Watch this,” I said, and put my dry dick away, and headed for my favorite stall. I locked the door, and sat down on the stool. I heard Marty got to the sinks and start to wash up. The door in the next stall swung open, and I heard him lock it.

One of the kids asked him if they could play out side looking for frogs and bugs. “Sure Billy. I won’t be too long.” With that, he pushed his stiff cock through the hole, and I swallowed him to the wall.


Runaway Chapter 11


Al’s foray into weather predictions proved to be true, and although we drove through rain squalls off and on during the late afternoon and into the night, none of them were bad enough to slow us down much. I spent the time telling Marty about my miserable home life, and he filled me in about his. By the time the lights of San Francisco were illuminating the horizon, with a great black void beyond it that Marty said was the Pacific, we had a pretty good understanding of each other.

“Why if you knew this about yourself, that men turned you on, did you decide to hook up with a girl, and ask her to marry you?”

“Fuck,” he muttered. “I guess coming from Phoenix, you don’t know what it’s like growing up in a little town like Chickasaw. Every body knows every body, and they also know everything that’s going on in town. I remember when I was a sophomore, there was a rumor went around that this guy that had moved to town, a few months before had asked another bachelor in town to go fishing with him. After they got out on the lake, the new guy started trying to grope the one who grew up in Chickasaw. He got himself a good punch in the snoot, and once the story got around, he was made aware that we didn’t like his kind in our town. I learned that lesson real good. I felt sorry for the guy, but I was also part of the bunch that threw eggs at his house and car every night until he packed up and moved out.

I wasn’t proud about doing it you understand, but I knew that when my friends told me to come long and help run the faggot out of town, that if I didn’t go along with them, suspicion would fall on my back. I did what I had to. Besides, Chickasaw wasn’t the best place in the world to try going against the grain of society. When Debbie and I started going with each other my senior year, I think tings got easier for me in town. It was like the whole place was watching to see which way I was gonna come down. I hadn’t dated girls at all until Debbie, and since I usually hung with my male friends, and they were all busy trying to get into every cunt they could, I was beginning to look a little strange.” He laughed. “That’s how I got the nickname Mighty.”

“Well, I can understand why, but, I mean. . .Didn’t you think about how you were going to feel once you’re married to her that what really turns you on is dick, and not cunt?”

“I suppose it crossed my mind. I don’t really know what I was thinking, it was all so confusing. Maybe I figured I’d be on the road so much of the time, that she wouldn’t want me to fuck her that much. She did say though that once we were married, she wanted a dozen kids.”

“Sounds like she had a lot of fucking in mind.” I grinned at him, and rubbed his shoulders.

“God, how am I going to tell her?”

“What? That you’re gay?” He nodded, his face strained in the dim light from the dash. “Well, if Chickasaw is like you say, I recommend you keep your mouth shut, and just call it off with her. After a while, she’ll get over it and you’ll be free to do what you want.”

“That’s gonna hurt her and her family for sure.”

“Maybe so, but it won’t hurt them as much as you would be hurt if you just up and declared at Sunday dinner that you dig cock instead of cunt.” He laughed and looked over at me.

“Man I could just see her ol’ man when I said that. He’d go for the shotgun in a jiffy. I’d be lucky to get out of the house alive.” He laughed again, and put his right hand on my leg.

“Maybe you could just leave town and not bother to return.”

“Where would I go?”

“Hell, come down to Amarillo. It’s a bigger wide spot in the road, and you wouldn’t have to worry about who you are so much. Besides, Al and I live there just outside of town, and we could hook up when we wanted.”

“I’ll think about it, and let you know. You sure Al won’t mind us dicking around all the time?”

“Shit no. He dicks around all the time himself. He likes variety in his sex life. He sure isn’t going to object if I’m of the same opinion when it comes to cock. The more the merrier. By the way, Al has reserved a double room for us tonight at a hotel he knows in Frisco. It looks like it could end up being a lot of fucking fun. We plan on staying a few days before accepting another load and going home or at least back east. You know Jessie is hot for your bod, so don’t expect to be left alone.” He grinned at me, his eyes twinkling in the dim light.

“So, I meet up with you, and we fuck like rabbits, and before I know it I’m a full fledged fag.”

“Admit it, you’re enjoying dicking around with me.”

“I do. What we’ve had together so far has been great. I’ll have to see about the other stuff.”

“OK, that’s what I wanted to hear. You can only move forward at your own pace. You can’t force anything like this, because it’s your real life.”

“Is it ever. I’m still not sure I don’t want a wife an kids.” He down shifted for traffic, and gripped the wheel harder.

“You know, Al was married for a lot of years. He thought he was happy, raising a few head of cattle, driving his truck to make ends meet, and I can swear to it that he had plenty between his legs to satisfy any woman, but he came home from a long haul,, and found her in bed with the hired help. A Mexican guy half his age. She took off with her lover, and filed for divorce. It must be a hazard for truckers that have a wife. They’re o the road so much, the wife gets lonely, and pretty soon anything in pants starts to look good. And you know and I know, men think with their gonads, and will actually fuck anything offered whether it’s a pussy or an asshole.

‘Think about it. You tell me you think your dad was dicking around on the road, and obviously your mom was entertaining as well while he was gone. Do you really want to put your life on that train track headed for a wreck?”

“I hadn’t given it that much thought.” He down shifted again. Traffic into the city was beginning to pile up.

“Like I told you back there in the mountains, my folks have done nothing but fight with each other since I can remember. I wouldn’t call their relationship a happy one. My dad thinks I’m some other man’s kid. He doesn’t like me much, but now that I’m away from the two of them, and living my own life, I think I can begin to see what their problem is with each other.”

“Yeah?” A little VW cut in front and Marty tapped the air brakes to give him room.

“Yeah. I think they love to hate each other. Other wise, why haven’t they gone their separate ways before now.”

“Good point.”

“I’ve wondered about their sex lives together for a long time now, and I came to think it was nonexistent. My mom is probably happy about that, because the one time she got pregnant with me, it caused her life to turn to grief. My dad. . .well, I don’t know about him. I mean pressure builds up, you know. Maybe he jerks off in the shower, but I doubt it. For several years now, I’ve noticed he sometimes takes off and is gone for two or three hours at a time. I’ve always wanted to follow him to find out where he goes, but I didn’t have any way of doing it. But, I started to think he was seeing another woman.”

“That sucks. I remember when I found out my mom was sleeping with another guy while my dad was on the road, it made me sick to my stomach. I started to not trust either one of my parents after that. I was sure they were both being unfaithful to each other, and it turns out they were.”

“So the point I’m trying to make, is that the hetero life is full of those kinds of pitfalls. As Al says, men and women can get together if they want children, but they shouldn’t live together. They should keep their sexuality private, and they’d be a lot happier in the long run.”

“Al’s got kids?”

“Not that I know of. He and his wife never had any, and he thinks it was because she was using birth control the nineteen years they were married. He says he was just a dumb trucker, and didn’t have a clue about any of that. She talked a good story, he says, but after a while, he began to think he was shooting blanks. I haven’t told him this, but I think she didn’t want a kid, which would have tied her down to a lonely life on his ranch while he was on the road. Women are always about ten jumps ahead of men when it comes to planning their lives out. She knew she was going to leave him long before it actually happened. He gave her a good life, all alone on his spread while he was trucking to make ends meet, and she had her cock and ate it too.” We both laughed.

“Truth be known, she may have been fucking every cowboy for a hundred miles around. While he was married to her, he was honest, and never played around on the road. After she split, he got drunk for a week, and spent the time getting over his idea that me and women together is not really normal. He decided to try the other side, like that song a few years ago, he wanted to walk on the wild side.”

“So what did he do?”

“Well, at first, it was just a blow job here and there in rest areas on the road. He says there’s always a queer looking for cock, and it isn’t hard to get quick relief. Then one day, he had been off the road during calving, and got horny. He took a ride out to the rest stop west of Amarillo, and was looking to get blown, when he ran into a guy that works on the next ranch down the road from his. He realized the guy was there for the same thing. They stood around smoking and talking, neither of them willing to admit what they were doing there. Finally, Al invited the guy back to his place for a drink, and supposedly to watch a football game on his big TV screen.

‘The guy, who’s name is Jack by the way, hemmed and hawed, because he was horny as hell, and meeting Al at the rest stop had prevented him from getting his rocks off. But Al convinced him to stop into his place on the way home, and after a few drinks, and about half the football game, Jack told Al he was so horny he could kill. Al admitted that he was too, and after talking about it for a while, Al told Jack that if he’d suck him off, he’d do him too. One thing led to another, and before the night was over, they had had every kind of sex with each other they could imagine.

‘They were both thrilled that they had found each other living so close together. They had a steady thing for a year or so when ever Al was off the road. Jack would stop by, and they’d fuck their brains out. Finally Al began to get more adventuresome while he was on the road, and began to take up some of the offers he got. Eventually, while he wasn’t through with Jack by a long shot, he started fucking everything that was willing as long as it had a cock and balls.

‘He finally told Jack he wasn’t the only ass he was fucking, and Jack confessed that Al wasn’t his only fuck buddy either. He took Al into Amarillo, one Saturday night, and introduced him to a Club there called the Ramrod. It’s a cowboy hangout apparently, I haven’t been in it yet, because they serve booze, and I’m not old enough yet. But Al has told me all about it. He says they cater to queers, which is what he calls gays. They have a regular bar in the front, but in the back, there is a big dark room with dim red lights, and all kinds of nooks and crannies built in that make for interesting encounters.

‘Jack told him he’d been going there for a while after a cowboy he’d sucked off at the rest stop told him where it was. Well to make the story shorter, the two of them spent the night there fucking and sucking and getting it in equal return. Al says he was surprised there were so many cowboys into dick.

‘Actually, I suspect the men who go there aren’t all cowboys actually, but just cock hungry guys with no other outlet for their cravings. From what I have learned just being out the short time I have been, a lot of cock suckers and guys needing to get fucked, are married men who don’t get what they need from their wives. Just look at that guy with the two boys at the rest stop. He was so horny for a blow job, it only took him a minute to blow his cum down my throat. Definitely married, and his wife was probably next door in the ladies room taking a dump while I sucked the cum out of her husband’s cock. I bet she never touches it with her mouth, and it’s what he wants her to do to him the most.”

“Yeah, I watched through the crack in the door, and he was certainly enjoying it.”

“And I bet a dollar to a donut, that he’d either fuck my ass or ask me to fuck his if we had the time and place.” Marty down shifted once more, and the truck slowed for an off ramp.

“This is our turn off. It will take about an hour to do the paperwork, and drop the trailer. I think I see Al’s rig already here.” He pointed and Al was just dropping out of the cab, seeing us he waved, and headed into the dispatch office of the big terminal.

Marty turned his rig, and backed his trailer up to an empty loading dock. A yard man jumped up on the driver’s side running board, and handed Marty a sheet of paper through the open window.

“Fill this out bud.” He hung there for a moment, and glanced over at me. I thought I saw him wink before he vanished into the night headed for the next truck entering the lot.

“Damn paperwork, seems to get worse with every trip.” Marty left the engine idling, while he filled out the new form, and up-dated his log. He leafed through a stack of papers on his clip board pertaining to his load, and after checking his watch, noted the time and date on the last page. I get a bonus for getting the load here within a certain amount of time. Just squeaked in under the gun by twenty minutes. That’s an extra five hundred in the pocket when I get paid. I got to go get this time stamped at the desk to make it official.”

“While you do that, I’m going to check up on Al and Jess.”

“OK. I think Al must already be in the office. Check the truck for Jessie.” He dropped out of the cab, and I followed his lead. I trotted over to the Peterbilt, and found Jess in the sleeper snoring like he was tired. I shook him awake, and he sat up rubbing his eyes. He was nearly nude, so I told him to put his clothes on since we were in the Frisco terminal depot, and after the trailers were dropped, we’d be heading out to the hotel. He grinned, and yawned, stretching his arms around his head.

“Man,” he said in a sleepy voice. “My ass is still leaking cum from Willie.”

“Yeah, he told me he always shot a big load. And the size of his dick he must have put it way up in there.” He grinned at me, and began pulling his shirt on.

“I wonder if he wants to join us at the hotel? He sure knows how to use his cock.”

“I haven’t seen his truck roll in. Was he headed for Frisco?”

“Berkley, I think. But I got his cell phone number. You know that fucker told me he has a wife and six kids back in Arkansas.”

“No shit? I thought he was totally queer the way he was going for your butt.”

“Me too, and that stuff he had for lube! Too much. He said he makes it himself out of gator fat.”

“Holy cow!”

“Yeah, holy cow! He told me he has a gator farm on a bayou and runs about three hundred gators in the swamp pens.”

“No shit! What does he do with them?”

“He says he sells their skins for leather, and eats the meat. He swears it’s the gator meat that makes him so horny all the time. He also says it’s his gator grease lube that makes him fuck so good. I can swear it was one of the best if not the best. Afterward, I thought I was in love. Not with Willie, but with his incredible dick.”

“Yeah I saw you hugging it like it was your new teddy bear or something.”

“Man, I don’t usually go for chubs, but I could learn to live with it if I could have that all the time.”

“Well, if he hooks up with us here again, you mind if I give it a try?”

“Hey, it’s a free country. Besides, I can’t wait to give your Marty a tumble.”

“I warned him about you already. I think he’s looking forward to a different dick to play with.”

“You fuck him yet?”

“No. I didn’t want to push him too far since I was his first.”

“First what?” I rolled my eyes at him. “Oh my god! You don’t mean he was a virgin!” I nodded.

“His girlfriend whacks him off once in a while, but she won’t give him a piece until they get married.”

“Oh. He’s one of those.”

“Well, I don’t think he is anymore. He’s looking forward to the hotel, and I planted a bug in his ear that just maybe he’s a fag.”

“Oh this is going to be delicious. Can I fuck him if he’ll let me; or are you saving him for yourself?”

“I guess. I don’t have a thing about virgins.”

“Well, I don’t either honey, but he is a dish I’d love to break.”

“Just go slow with him and don’t turn him off. I think I like him a lot.”

“What about Al?”

“What Al and I have, is an understanding. As Willie says what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“I still don’t understand what he means by that.” I started to explain, but the cab door opened, and Al asked if we were set to go. We both agreed that we were, and he climbed behind the wheel and fired up the engine. “I’m gonna put the rig in the guarded lot here. We’ll take the BART to the hotel, as soon as Marty catches up to us. I talked to him in the dispatch office and told him we’d wait for him at the BART station.”

“Where’s that?” I looked around, but couldn’t see anything that looked like a subway station.

“It’s around back of the terminal. Marty has used it before, and knows where it is.” We headed that way, and were just going through the gate, when Marty shouted as he left the dispatch office.

“Let me park my rig, and I’ll be right along!” I waved to let him know we’d heard him, and then told Al and Jess to go ahead, and I’d wait for Marty. The went on ahead, and soon enough Marty came trotting toward me from where he’d parked the Mack.

“Listen Marty,” I said after he reached me by the gate. “I want to say something to you OK.”

“Sure Bob. Fire away.” He sounded happy.

“I just want to prepare you for tonight. There’s going to be a lot of sex.”

“Uh huh.”

“There will be some switching of partners. I’d guess it will be something like an orgy.”

“What’s that? Orgy?”

“Well, I’ve never actually participated in one myself, but I have seen one on a DVD that Al has at home. What it is, is a bunch of guys all sucking and fucking at the same time. Sort of a big pile of bodies with a bunch of stiff pricks looking for holes to fill.”

“No shit?”

“Not a bit.”

“Fuck ‘n A. That sounds like some kind of fun.” We were walking toward the back of the depot to the train station.

“What I wanted to say, is that if you are uncomfortable with the situation at all, nobody will force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“You mean like getting fucked in the ass.”

“Exactly. If you are still unsure of anything, just say no, and it won’t happen. I promise.”

“Well, I was sort of looking forward to trying it with you.”


“Yeah. If it’s going to happen, I’d like it if it was you that showed me the ropes. After all, I fucked you first didn’t I; it was incredible. I figure turn about is fair play. Don’t you?” I leaned on him, pushing him into a dark corner of the cinderblock wall around the depot, and kissed him on the mouth. His tongue and mine worked on each other until I could feel both our dicks swelling in our pants. We broke the kiss after a minute, and I squeezed his cock through his pants, and he returned the favor.

We turned the corner, and saw the BART station. We trotted over to it, and he put a bill into the machine and bought us two tickets. Once on the platform, we saw Al and Jess sitting at the far end on a bench talking. We walked toward them, holding hands and staring down a man and woman sitting on another bench that glared at us.

“Well,” Al said, as we walked up to their bench. “What have you two been up to?”

“What do you mean?” I sat down next to Al, and laid my head on his shoulder.

“You both looking like the cat that swallowed the canary.” He put his hand on my head, and hugged me to him.

“We were just talking about the future on the way over here.” I looked up into Al’s face, and thought a caught a glimpse of pain there before he smiled down at me.

“What did you both decide?” He put his other arm around my shoulders.

“We’re still discussing things, but you shouldn’t worry Al. If anything you might be gaining another son.”

“What does that mean?” He hugged me again.

“What it means, is even though you aren’t my real father, you’ve been more of one to me in the few days we’ve been together than my real dad ever was. I feel like your son, like I’m loved, like I’m not just some millstone around your neck.”

“Well,” He hugged me tight, and I saw a glimmer of tears in his eyes. He paused in what he was going to say, and drew a deep breath. “Well,” he began again. “You ought to consider yourself like my son. I wanted a boy of my own for as long as I could remember. Not just to have him, but to watch him grow up, to become a man, and one day to be with me when I get old, and eventually leave everything I’ve tried to build in my life to him. I have been worried it would never happen, and that when my time comes, there would just be an auction of my worldly possessions, and that would be the end of me.

‘When I first stopped for you on the highway, I actually said a little prayer before you got in the cab, that you might be the one I’ve always wanted. I won’t lie to you Bobbie, but when you said you and Marty were discussing the future, it crossed my mind that you were planning to go off on your own, and I’d be alone again. It scared me.”

“You don’t need to worry. I’m trying to get Marty to move to Amarillo, to be close to us. He’s having second thoughts about the life that’s waiting for him in Chickasaw. He’s beginning to see that marriage might not be the way to go.”

“Son,” Al said to Marty, who had been standing next to us listening to our discussion. “You want to come live with us on the ranch, you’ll be welcome. What Bobby wants, I want him to have. I have a spare room at the back of the house, and we can get a bed for it. It’ll be for you two.”

“What about you?” Marty spoke for the first time.

“Well, maybe you two would let me join you once in a while, you know I like a little variety. But you shouldn’t worry about me none. I get around, and I’ve got a pretty good network of buddies built up. Sex ain’t the problem. The way I see it, loneliness is the problem. If you want to come, you are more than welcome. Bob and me would look forward to it.”

“Thanks Al. I’m thinking of deadheading back to Chickasaw to settle some things there, tell Debbie the whole things off, let my folks know what’s what, and maybe by the time you boys get home, I’ll be ready to come see you in Amarillo. Maybe it’ll work out for the best. I just have to let Debbie down easy. She’s been looking forward to having a dozen kids with me. Her folks have treated me like a member of the family already. You know, they’re good people, and don’t deserve to be abandoned without any notion of what happened.”

“I respect that about you Marty. I reckon I’d want to do the same if it was me. It’s a man’s way of handling the situation. When you get to Amarillo, it will work out fine. I can tell. I know that Bob likes you a lot.”

“And I like him a lot too.” Marty put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed. “I know we have something good here. I feel better and better about it the longer I know him.”

“I see that.” I felt myself start to tear up a little when Al spoke.

“If any body had told me I was gay before last night, I’d have punched their lights out. But after I met Bob in that game room at the motel, I haven’t felt the same since. I don’t know if it’s love, but I don’t have a minute when I’m not thinking about him. I don’t think I’ve ever had this feeling about Debbie.” The tears were flowing silently down my cheeks. “Look, Bob’s crying.” I sat up and wiped my eyes with my fists. I smiled up at him, and stood up. I hugged him to my body, and kissed him on the mouth.

“I do love you Marty. I’m shocked how much I feel for you. I can’t explain it at all, just that there is an ache in my heart, in my body to be with you.”

“Yeah, that’s what I feel too. Last night when you left my room, I couldn’t sleep like I told you, because I felt empty without you laying next to me. If you had stayed, I think I’d have played with you all night. What we had together, was amazing. I was totally blown away by my emotions. Debbie’s never made me feel like that ever. I realized then that she never could. I guess my emotions were trying to tell me I have discovered the one I love. . .Shit,” He paused. “This is sounding sappy, but I don’t know how else to say it.”

“You said it well enough for me.” I kissed him again, and happened to look down the platform. The couple sitting on the next bench were glaring at us like we were being offensive to them. I broke away from Marty, and walked deliberately down and stood before them. “He loves me,” I spoke to the two of them while they tried hard to avoid looking at me. “I love him. Don’t you think that’s wonderful?” The woman shook her head slightly, and I smiled. “You should be thankful that we have love for each other.” I turned and headed back to the boys watching me from the other bench. As I stepped away, I heard the man mutter under his breath. I turned back to him and asked what he’d said.

“I said,” He glared at me. “I’m glad we don’t live in Frisco. Too many damn faggots!”

“Where are you from mister?” He looked up at me, not wanting to even acknowledge my question.

“Kansas City.” It was the woman who spoke.

“You folks drive a rig?” There was something about their manner.

“What’s it to you?” It was an angry growl form the man.

“Nothing. It’s just that we do too.”

“Fuck you all. Trucking is not for fags.”

“You ought to open your eyes mister. We all met on the road, and every one of us is a faggot as you call us. Not only that, but we’ve met several others on the road as well. Maybe you should rethink your opinion of us.” I turned and headed back down the platform. I heard the woman say his name.


“Leave it alone Molly.”

“Yeah,” I said, turning to face them again. “Don’t ask Henry how many blow jobs he’s had when he’s in the men’s toilets on the road.” Henry blushed, and an angry expression passed over his face. Molly’s jaw dropped.

“Well, I never,” she gasped. Her expression was precious as she stared at Henry with sudden understanding as to why their sex life wasn’t better. Henry stood up clinching his fists and took a step toward me. The next thing I knew, Al, Jess, and Marty were all standing around me in a tight group.

“Take it easy Henry,” I said. “We might be faggots, but we aren’t wimps.” Just at that moment, the BART train rolled into the station. We got on separate cars from Henry and Molly, and had a good laugh over the incident as we rode into the city.

At our stop, Henry got up, and stood in the open door of his car, and gave us all the finger as we walked by headed for the exit stairs. “Fucking Fags!” He yelled as the car’s doors slid shut. I guess it made him feel manly, but I’d caught his embarrassment when I’d asked him how many blow jobs he’d had from men in toilets. He’d most certainly had his share. After all, a blow job, is a blow job, is a blow job, isn’t it. Why pass one up when it’s offered. Who cares if the guy sucking your cock is a fag if he swallows your cum?

The hotel was a quaint little place with four floors. It was a turn of the century Victorian building with a lot of frufru wood work hanging off it all painted in lavender shades. The front desk was tiny and tucked under the stairs, with a tiny office behind it. It was some time after one in the morning when we arrived. The night man was dozing in front of a small television in the office.

Al tapped a hand bell to wake him, and the started up in his overstuffed easy chair. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and came to the desk counter.

“What can I do for you guys?” He was a young looking thirty or so, with sandy blond hair beginning to thin above his forehead.

“We have a reservation for tonight, and a couple of days.” Al gave his name.

“Yeah,” the night man said. “I’ve been waiting for you. We don’t usually get much business after eleven, and I can usually get some sleep after that.”

“Sorry about that,” Al said, “But we hit a bad storm and had to lay over for a while in the mountains.” Al handed him his credit card. The night man went about registering us, and running a check on the card to make sure it was good, before he ran it through the press. He passed the impressed form across the counter to Al to sign, and turned and took a key from a box behind him.

“Fourth floor, the queen’s suite. Double queen sized beds as you requested.” Al removed his copy of the credit card bill, and unsnapped his shirt pocket, and pushed the flimsy paper inside it.

“Thanks. What’s your name?”

“Bruce.” The clerk had opened a drawer behind the counter and dropped the bill into it.

“Nice to meet you Bruce. Where’s the elevator?”

“It’s a walk up. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I was pullin’ your leg. I always stay here when I’m in town. I knew there wasn’t an elevator. I just haven’t seen you before.”

“Oh,” Bruce said. “Yeah, this is my first week here. You probably knew Phil.”

“That’s right, Phil. How’s he doin’?”

“I didn’t know him, but Charles, the owner, told me he was not with us anymore.”


“No. He didn’t last long after he went into the hospice.” Bruce turned and pulled out a postcard sized slip of paper. He handed it to Al. It was the announcement of Phil’s passing. “He had a lot of friends. I didn’t know him, but Charles says he had made a lot of friends on the job.”

“I’ll be damned,” Al muttered. “I liked Phil, and looked forward to seeing him again.”

“Are you guys planning to party?”

“Some,” Al said, but probably not tonight. We’ve all had a long tiring day.”

“Well when you do start, just play safe. OK?”

“Thanks Bruce. We will, if we bring anything fresh in to play with.” Bruce nodded, and turned toward the tiny office.

“Sleep tight then. I’m glad to have met you all.” Al led the way up the stairs to the fourth floor. The suite was just that. Two good sized rooms each outfitted with a queen size bed. They were separated by a bathroom with a hot tub, and shower. The beds were made up with lacy spreads, and the curtains on the windows were all satin and puffed out with a swag or something across the top. I’d only ever seen anything like it in my mom’s decorator magazines. I thought the place was very fancy.

“Which bed do you two want?” Al dropped the key to the room on a small table that stood near the entrance to the room.

“You pick,” I said.

“Fine, Jess and me will take this one. It’s closer, and I for one am dog tired.” He laid across the end of the bed in the front room of the suite. “Jess babe, pull my boots off. I feel like I’ve been rode hard and put away wet.” Jess obliged him, and was already working on his belt and pants when Marty and I made it into our room. I heard Jess ask Al if he would sleep better if he sucked him off. Al murmured something I didn’t hear, but after a moment, while Marty and I stripped out of our clothes, I thought I could hear Jess sucking Al’s cock.

Marty and I turned down the sheets, and he climbed wearily into the bed. I slipped in next to him, and put my left arm across his naked chest. “You want a blow job to help you sleep better?” He nodded, and pushed my head down toward his dick. I knew he was even more tired than Al was, because he’d only had the brief nap during the storm, and it took a while before his cock began to stiffen in my mouth. He kept both his hands on the back of my head, and after he got hard, began to rock his hips gently while I sucked him. When he came, he sighed and let his cum pump into my mouth of its own pressure. I swallowed the hot cream, and then lifted up to kiss him, but he’d already dropped off to sleep.

I slipped out of the bed, and went to the bathroom. Jess was already there, sitting nude on the edge of the hot tub. “Can’t sleep?” He asked.

“I guess I’m not as tired as Al and Marty. After all, we weren’t the ones horsing the trucks all day.” I sat down on the stool, pulling on my limp cock.

“You want me to do you? Might help you sleep too.”

“Let’s do each other. We both are going to need the rest if what Al’s told me about the fun he’s had here.”

“Where? We’ll wake them up if we go to one of the beds.”

“What’s wrong with in the tub? Let’s run it full of hot water and try it out.”

“Sounds good.” I stood up and closed the bathroom door, and Jess started the tub filling. We climbed in, and let the steaming water rise over our bodies. His cock was rising with it, and he reached for mine, and began to slowly stroke m to hardness. “You up for fucking me,” he asked. “I do like to get topped.”

“Sure if that’s what you want.” He leaned over my cock, and sucked around the head.

“I like your dick. It’s not the biggest, but it’s comfortable.” He dropped my now rigid cock, and picked up a small bottle of bath oil the hotel had provided. He got up on his knees, and reversed himself to me, and handed me the oil. “Squeeze this into my hole. It will make it slick, and maybe you can fuck me longer with it.” I did as I was asked, and put the little bottle against his rosebud, and pushed it in. When the neck of the bottle was through his sphincter, I squeezed out the contents, and then set the empty bottle on the edge of the tub. I got up behind him o my knees, with the warm steamy waster sloshing around the deep tub, and slipped my hardness through his assring. He moaned, as I touched bottom, and pushed back against my lap.

“That feels good,” he whispered. “Fuck me slow and easy now. Make it last as long as you can.” I did, and we fucked for a good half hour, before he twisted around and his mouth found mine in a tongue exchange. “I’m gonna cum,” he hissed, and broke the kiss. His cock started to pulse, and I grabbed it in a fist, and stroked his first shots of jizz out of his thick rod. He moaned quietly, and his assring clamped down hard on my shaft, and I felt myself tip over the edge, shooting wad after wad into his gut.

After a long tender moment in which we kissed again, with him twisted around to meet me, I slipped out of him, and dropped down into the water. He remained on his knees, and I saw his ring was still gaping open, with my slick of cum drooling out of him. I picked up a wash towel, and the lavender smelling soap, and soaped his crack and pushed a soap finger up into him. He bent, and putting his head against the wall for support, he spread his cheeks with his hands, and let me do a thorough job cleaning my oozing cum and the remains of the foaming bath oil out of his cunt.

After he was clean, and his hole was winking shut, he lay back in the water facing me with a satisfied smile on his face. We lay there for another half hour enjoying the warm bath, and the feel of each other’s body touching and nudging and stroking. Sleep came easy after that, He with Al, and me spooned up against Marty’s backside, my arm over his waist and his cock and balls gently cupped in my hand.


March 4th, 2007, 09:52 AM
Wow Gary. That was a great chapter. Lots of sex. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

March 4th, 2007, 12:28 PM
Gary, Thanks. This is one HOT chapter!!!

March 5th, 2007, 09:05 AM
Gary that was great. I hope Marty decides to join them in Texas. Keep posting. Vic.

March 5th, 2007, 09:14 AM
I would like to thank you LaloGS for writing this story. It makes me wish that I had run when I was young. I had my first M2M experience at the age of 6 and spent the last 72 years dreaming of M2M relationships that I had to pass up because it wouldn't look right. Now that I don't care what it looks like I really can't do anything. Thanks again .

March 5th, 2007, 09:36 AM
Thanks Gary. Another great chapter.
Al is going to get all the company at home ..... he won't be lonely any more!!!

March 6th, 2007, 05:22 AM
Runaway Chapter 12

Fiction: All things must end, and so has this story. Another is on the way soon.

Morning was announced by a telephone ringing somewhere nearby. I opened my eyes a slit, and heard Al answer it. He listened for a minute, and then said he’d discuss it with the rest of us and get back to whom ever was calling later in the day. After he hung up, I heard him get out of bed and go into the bathroom. His strong stream of urine splashing in the bowl stimulated my own, and I crawled out of bed and went to join him. My splash was smaller than his, but then that was to be expected since my cock was only half the size of his monster dick.

“Good morning,” He finished, and shook off the few drops that remained.

“Morning. Are you feeling rested?”

“Tolerable.” He stretched, his broad muscular chest turning to fire as the sun pouring through the small window between the tub and stool caught his mat of red hair.

“So what’s up for today?

“Well, that was a friend of mine on the phone just now, that I know from previous visits to Frisco. He’s invited us to a club tonight. I told him I’d discuss it with the rest of you and get back to him later today.”

“What kind of club?”

“Well, knowing him, I’d guess it’s a queer club.”

“What kind of things do you suppose goes on in a queer club?”

“For one thing, a lot of cock play as if you didn’t know.” He grinned at me, and started the water in the shower. “But I suspect, your ID will keep you out. They can be pretty strict here about age.” He stepped under the stream of steaming water, and closed the sliding glass door.

“Shit.” I washed my face in the sink. “My ID has worked before in Phoenix. I don’t mean I used it to get into a gay club or anything, but it got me a few six packs of beer over the past year.” I could see he was soaping his hair with shampoo. I didn’t know if he heard me or not.

“Crap! I got soap in my eye.” He put his face up to the stream of water, and rubbed his eyes with the knuckles on both hands. “Hand me a towel Bob, it burns like the devil.” I cracked the door and passed him a hand towel.

“I’m starving. Do they have room service in this place?”

“I don’t think so. Least wise the never did before. But there’s a good little diner around the corner that serves a decent breakfast. Why don’t you get the others up and we’ll go eat as soon as we can get around.”

“OK.” I went first to the bed where Jess was sleeping. He was laying partially uncovered across the bed snoring lightly. I lifted the bed clothes, and saw he had a piss bone. I leaned over and gave it a lick. His hands automatically found my head.

“Yeah,” he murmured, as if he was dreaming. “Suck my dick baby.” I licked him again, and looked up at his face. His eyes were open the barest of slivers, and he grinned at me.

“Time to wake up faggot.” I bit his stiff shaft lightly, and he shied away from my teeth.


“Get up and do what you have to do, because I’m about to starve to death.”

“I got a load of protein for you if you want to help yourself to it.” He lifted his thick cock and waved it at me.

“Don’t you ever get enough?” I licked his cock again.

“Not yet.”

“Well, get up. I’ve got to get Marty up now so he can take a shower. I hear Al getting out.” Jess groaned, and stretched on the bed, his big piss swollen cock lolling across his tight stomach as he shifted his weight from side to side.

In our bedroom, I leaned over and kissed Marty on the eyebrow. He shifted himself slightly, and then put an arm around my neck, and pulled me down onto his mouth. We kissed for a long moment, before he broke it off and opened his eyes with a smile. “Time to get up gorgeous. The shower’s open if you want to clean up. We’re going out to breakfast because the hotel doesn’t have room service.” He kissed me again, and stretched luxuriously before sitting up. I could hear Jess in the bathroom taking his piss.

“Who’s in the head?” Marty scratched his balls under the sheet.

“Jess I imagine. I just woke him up. Al’s getting dressed; already had his shower.”

“Man, I must a been tired. I didn’t hear anything.” He threw his legs over my head, and moved to the edge of the bed.

“I know. You even slept through the phone call Al got inviting us to a gay club tonight. We’ll talk about it over breakfast.” Marty stood on the floor, and sauntered into the toilet, his ass cheeks flexing and his semi hard cock swaying as he walked. I heard him greet Jess, and then start to take a leak. Jess was washing up in the sink. I started to pull on my clothes, and took my boots and socks out to where Al was nearly finished dressing. I sat down on the arm of the overstuffed chair he was sitting in and we both started pulling on our socks.

“Do you think I can pass getting into the club?” I rolled the top of my tube sock down a turn, and picked up my boot.

“I don’t know. I just know the police here are pretty strict on underage men trying to get into the queer clubs. Last time I was here, I was in a place that got shut down when an undercover cop wearing a towel around his waist, found the club doorman had let a known juvie into the club. He made no bones about it not being tolerated.”

“They don’t know me here, but my ID shows I’m nineteen. Maybe you can vouch for me, say you’re my dad or something.”

“Now wouldn’t that be something. . .Yes, officer, this is my nineteen year old son. I thought I’d introduce him to the queer life before he turns hetero on me.” He chuckled, pulling on his second boot. “That ought to go over like a queer stud horse on a horse ranch.” Jess came out of the bathroom, and sat down in Al’s lap. He hugged him and then planted a kiss on his forehead. Al put his big left hand on Jessie’s naked hip, and kissed him on the mouth.

“You go on and get dressed now. We’ll have time for this later.” He pushed Jess off his lap, and gave his butt a little smack. Jessie did as he was told. A minute or two later, Marty came out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel.

“What’s up?”

“Nobody’s up at the moment, so we’re going to take a breather and get some breakfast.” Al laughed.

“Great” I’m so hungry I could eat my mother’s cooking!” We all laughed, and Marty dropped the wet towel on the floor, and headed for the bedroom to get his clothes on. The phone on the bedside rang again, and Al got up to answer it.

“Yellow.” He listened for a moment, and then chuckled. “Well, Jerry, You must be anxious to see me or somethin’.” I didn’t mention it earlier, but we might have a little problem. My good buddy needs to pass inspection at the door. . .” He listened. “Seventeen, but he’s got an Arizona ID card says he’s nineteen. . .Maybe.” He listened again. “You think that will work?” He listened for a longer period, and looked at me. “Seventeen.” He frowned. “Well, he can’t help the age he looks. After all, that’s how old he is right now.” He listened again, then chuckled. “Well, you know how I get driving the rig. I liked what I saw on the side of the road, and my dick said pick him up.” I could hear the faint laughter from the earpiece on the phone.

“We’re about to head out for breakfast, but I’ll call you in a little while. Meantime, you think about it and maybe you can come up with something. He really wants to go tonight.” He listened briefly. “Bye. Speak to you later.” He dropped the phone back onto the set, and said that was his friend Jerry. Marty came into the room fully dressed, so we all stood, and followed Al out the door.

In the lobby, there was a new face behind the desk. A slightly older man than the night man had been. “Hello Charles,” Al said, walking toward him with his hand out. The two men shook hands warmly, and Charles looked the rest of us over.

“Prime I’d say.” He chuckled. Introduce me to your friends. Al did, and we all shook his hand.

“Sorry to hear about Phil.” Al put a hand on Charles’ shoulder, and Charles shook his head.

“Thanks Al. I miss him you know.”

“I expect so.”

“I warned him and warned him, but he just didn’t like condoms. Actually, I tried to convince him that since he was a bottom, he shouldn’t care what the other fellow was feeling. He always argued that he felt it was his duty to give the other guy as much pleasure as he was getting out of it. The little shit just wouldn’t listen to reason.” A tear had appeared in the corner of Charles’ right eye. Al squeezed his shoulder tightly, and the tear broke and ran down his cheek. After a moment, Charles drew a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. “I miss the little shit.”

“If there’s a God, then Phil is up there next to him. I never met a nicer more caring man in my life. . . Listen Charles, we’re going around the corner for some breakfast, if Jerry calls again, take a message for me. We’ll be back in a little while. He’s acting like he hasn’t been fucked in a year.” Charles smiled, wiping a tear away.

“I’ll do that Al. But two days is more like the length of time he’s had a dick up his ass. He was in here day before yesterday with a hot little sailor from Tokyo. Left him in the room when he went to work, and my maid had a go at him before he left. Half the rooms didn’t get cleaned.”

“You talking about Raquel? How’s he doing? I haven’t seen him yet.”

“Oh you will if I know that little queen. He hasn’t come in yet, and his ass is mine when he does. He’s two hours late already.” Charles rubbed his right eye with his forefinger. “God, it’s hard being queer in this town. Just too many temptations, too easily come by. He’s probably shacked up with somebody he met at the grocery store or the laundry, or on the BART last night. I guess if I didn’t care that much about him, I’d let him go, but you know how it is.” Al nodded at him, and I tugged on his sleeve.

“We’ll see you in a while Charles. We’re all starving.” We trooped out the front door and a small Latino man with pale eye shadow and ruby colored lipstick rushed up the front steps. “Why hello Raquel!” Al smiled at the little guy.

“Señor Al! Charlie’s gonna kill me! I’m late for work!” His excited voice wasn’t in the least frightened that he might be fired.

“We’ll see you later son, and I’ll introduce you to my friends here.” The little man took a quick glance at the rest of us, and smiled broadly at us all, before dashing up the steps into the hotel.

At the Café, we ordered big meals, and lots of coffee. While we waited, Al explained what Jerry, his friend, had planned for the evening. I, having heard it already spent my time cruising the room with my eyes. The one woman in the packed café was sitting at the counter, and looked more like a man than most of the men in the room. My eyes met many and I was cruised in return. By the time the food arrived, I knew from the condition of my dick, that Frisco was going to be one hell of a party.

The food came, and Al continued his dialogue while he stuffed steak smeared with runny egg yolk into his mouth. “There could be a problem.” He indicated me with his fork. “Bobby has to pass for nineteen. Any ideas?”

“Maybe if we butch him up a little,” Jess said. “Put him in a tough looking hat and a denim jacket or something.”

“Might work.” Al said with a mouth full of food. “There’s a thrift store I’ve seen somewhere around here. Charles will know where it’s at. Wouldn’t want a brand new jacket now would we.”

“Maybe a little makeup.” Jess grinned at me.

“Hey, that’s an idea. Raquel might be able to help with that. She’s actually won a few beauty contests I’ve been told.” Al grinned and bit into a biscuit dripping with butter and strawberry jam.

“Well you can forget that,” I said. “I’m not wearing makeup tonight.”

“Oh now Bob, I didn’t mean like a woman’s. I’d reckon Raquel would add some age and maybe the suggestion of a couple of days growth on your jaws. She really is good this that stuff.”

“We’ll see. But if I don’t like it, I’m not wearing it. OK?”

“Fair enough, but we’re just trying to help you have a good time tonight.”

Al picked up the bill for the food, and we stopped back to the hotel to get directions to the thrift store. It turned out to be a thrift store mainly stocked by donations from gay men and the left accumulations of those who had died of the virus. Jess had a great time picking what he considered more macho clothes for me off the racks, and making me try everything on for everyone’s approval. Actually, I thought my own clothes were more down to earth and masculine that the things he chose for me to try. After all, my jeans, t-shirt, boots, and tooled leather belt Al had given me felt like real clothes to me. The things Jess chose in the store felt somewhat theatrical and over the top male.

When it was finally decided, and I was decked out in the new duds, several strangers nodded their approval, and as we were standing at the counter paying for the purchases, somebody pinched my butt, and ran a hand up between my legs. I turned to see who had done it, thinking it was Marty, but a young guy with blond hair showing dark roots, smiled at me and held his hand to his nostrils and took a deep sniff.

“Super butch,” he mouthed but didn’t speak out loud. I smiled at him, but took Marty’s hand in mine, and leaned my head on his shoulder.

At the hotel, we waited in our suite while Charles located where Raquel was working or not, and sent her along with her makeup kit. She finally arrived, a little after eleven, and Al explained the problem I had to her.

“You naughty chicken hawk, Señor Al!” She shrieked.

“What’s a chicken hawk?” I looked at Al and then Jess. I had always thought it was a raptor of some kind.

“An older man that likes young meat.” Jess said, leaning over and giving Al a peck on the cheek.

“I guess I have to plead guilty to that Raquel. After all, you and me have had our times eh?” Al was grinning at the little Hispanic.

“Oooh, Don’ remind me Señor Al. I don’ think my hole closed right for a week after to left.” She shrieked with laughter.

“Yeah, I couldn’t get enough of your little cunt baby.” Al patted the little man on the head. “We’ll get together again before we leave ; OK?”

“Oh sí Señor. My ass, she remembers you dicked her good.”

Raquel dragged a side chair into the light from a window and asked me to sit in it so she could examine my face. He held my chin his a surprisingly strong grip, and turned my head from side to side making mental notes and occasionally sucking on his front teeth. After a while, he opened a leatherette makeup case he’d brought with him, and started rummaging around in the tubes and jars. The first thing he did, was apply a thin base of something that felt greasy on my skin. After he had let it set for a moment, he took an eye liner pencil and shaved a bit of the dark lead onto a cotton pad. He patted my jaws and chin with this for a while, until he was satisfied. He used the same pencil, to darken my eyebrows, and then did some work around my lashes with it. When he was finished, he stepped back, and sucked his tongue against his teeth.

“Jew think I made this baby too old?” He tilted my head this way and that, and examined his makeup job in detail.

“Let me see.” Al looked over his shoulder. After a moment, he asked me to stand up and turn around. He took his own chin between his thumb and forefinger, and looked me over critically. “Well, he could pass for more than nineteen I think, but that’s alright. Maybe they won’t even card him at the door. What do you think?” He glanced at both Jess and Marty.

“He looks hot enough to fuck,” Jess laughed. Marty smiled, and nodded his approval.

I walked into the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror. While the makeup felt strange on my face, I saw that Raquel had added at least two years to my face. The clothes Jess had picked out for me added another at least, and maybe more. I smiled, it’s not every day you get to see into the future.

Back in the front bedroom, I thanked Raquel, and she held out her arms for a hug. I hugged her close, and she took the opportunity to stick her tongue in my ear. I shivered with pleasure.

“Oooh, Poppi; this baby’s hot. What club did youse say youse was goin’ to tonight? I think I’ll change my plans.” She stepped back and took one more look at her handy work. “I’m good. Ain’t it th’troot!” She squealed with laughter. “Now I gotts to get busy cleaning dese rooms before Charlie burns my ass for the lazy bitch I am.” She took her makeup kit and did a little wiggle out of the room, blowing kisses to us all. “Sees you later cock suckers!” Her shout rang through the hall followed with a shriek of laughter.

“What a gas,” Jess laughed. Marty was grinning at me, and I could see a nice lump in his pants.

“You like what she did to me?” I asked Marty. He took my hand and pulled me to his body and rubbed his hard-on against my groin.

“You were hot before, but now you look like the Marlboro Man.” He took his worn Stetson off his head, and placed it on mine. “I always thought the model they had playing that cowboy was hotter’n hell. Now I got my own if only for tonight.” He kissed me hard on the mouth, exploring with his tongue and humping his stiffness into me. When we broke apart, I playfully slapped him on the jaw.

“Watch it mister. You’ll muss my makeup.” Everyone broke up laughing.

Al called Jerry and told him he thought we had solved the problem. It was arranged that we would meet at Jerry’s place for drinks and a bite to eat before we headed out to the club. We lolled around the suite through the afternoon, cat napping, and watching porn on the closed circuit TV. We held off doing anything with each other that might impinge on our fun later at the club.

Finally, the time rolled around to head out to Jerry’s. When we arrived at his high rise building, the doorman was expecting us, and gave us all the once over with his eyes as he ushered us to the elevator. “Top floor, then one flight up the stairs to the penthouse.” He couldn’t resist patting both Marty and I on the butt as we stepped into the elevator car.

“Is this whole town gay?” I asked everyone in general as the doors slid closed.

“Maybe 80 percent,” Al said.

“No shit,” Jess whistled through his teeth. “I’m in hog heaven!”

“Well, just remember you let anybody fuck you tonight, make sure he’s wearing rubber. You hear?” Al’s voice was suddenly dark. “I didn’t bring you here to see you get sick. So promise me now, and stick to it no matter what.”

“Is it that easy to catch?” Marty looked serious.

“Everybody’s different, so just play it safe. A dick in the butt, cover it up.”

“Such phrase maker Al.” Jess punched him on the arm. Al grabbed his hand, and held it to his lips.

“I just don’t ever want you, or any of you for that matter,” he eyed us all. “To have to deal with the virus. I’ve seen enough of it around to know it ain’t pretty, or easy on you. You don’t see it as much in Amarillo, or Chickasaw, Oklahoma, but it’s all over the place here, and you need to keep any cock going into your body covered with a condom. Is that clear?” We all nodded, as the elevator doors opened on the twenty-second floor. We took the stairs to the penthouse in silence, all of us thinking about Al’s lecture.

At the top of the stairs, The massive carved wooden doors were standing open, and a tall thin man stood in the opening with his arms spread in welcome. Al walked into them and the two men hugged like long lost lovers. “God I’ve missed your cock,” Jerry said aloud. “Well I guess I’ve missed you too Al.” He kissed Al on the cheek, and laughed. “Whom do we have here?” He pushed Al away, and examined us one by one. “Tell me Al,” He glanced at Al briefly before looking back at the three of us still standing on his threshold. “What kind of honey are you using to attract such sweet young things to you?”

“I don’t know Jerry. I just come across them on the road I guess.” Al grinned at our host.

“Well introduce me.” Jerry had already offered his hand to me. I shook it and told him my name. “So this is our little problem child eh? He doesn’t look a day over twenty. What did you do to him, keep him up all night?” Everybody laughed. If Jerry couldn’t spot the makeup job, and the carefully chosen clothes, then there was a good chance I’d not be asked for ID at the club.

Al introduced the other two, and Jerry invited us into his luxury apartment with nearly wrap around views of the city just coming to life with glittering lights as night fell. I’d never seen anything like it, and obviously Jess and Marty hadn’t either. They were both looking around with their mouths hanging open. I suppose mine wasn’t closed altogether either.

“What can I get you boys to drink. I have nearly anything you might want.” Jerry was dressed casually in slacks and a silk shirt open at the neck. He was wearing loafers, that looked like they were made of glove leather, without any socks. Except for his bedroom and bath, the rest of his apartment was one large open room amply furnished with comfortable seating and hand woven throw rugs from the middle east. His state of the art kitchen was only separated by a counter and a couple of stools from the rest of the room.

He took our orders, and stepped into the kitchen to make the drinks. He hummed to himself as he worked, and the rest of us wandered from east to south, to west, to north, taking in the incredible views of the city. Once settled with the refreshments around a massive round glass coffee table, we all complimented Jerry on his place.

“Thank you boys,” He raised his martini in a kind of salute to us before sipping the clear icy liquid. “My partner Freddy, had this place from the beginning. He was the architect for the building, and designed this penthouse to his own desires. I didn’t know him then, but after we met, he brought my poor little self to live here with him. I try to keep it like he liked it.” His tone seemed to indicate Freddy was no longer with the living.

“When did he pass,” Jessie asked.

“Oh, he’s not gone, at least not that way. He’s in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I think, right now building another of his dream homes. He designs apartment buildings for the wealthy, and always negotiates a penthouse for himself for a reduction in his fee. He’s got apartments all over the world now. More than we could ever visit in a year. I seldom see him any more, because he’s always busy. Besides, although we love each other, I assume he has his men taking care of each of his apartments wherever they are. He probably loves each and every one of them as much as he loves me.” He shrugged, sighed, and sipped his drink. Finally he raised his glass, and shrugged again. “To Freddy. Where ever he is tonight, and to whom ever he’s fucking.”

“To Freddy,” we all joined his toast.

“Tell us about the club we are going to.” I was anxious to hear about it because I’d never been to anything like it before.

“It’s called ‘The Plug’. You have to be invited by a member or you can’t get in. Only the members know where it’s located, and it is very private. Lots to do.”

“Like what?” I sipped my Wild Turkey.

“Let’s see, they have a pool, several private Jacuzzi rooms, a sordid toilet room with glory-holes and everything. Slings, racks, and even a piss tub which I’m told is often full by the end of the night. It’s a kind of ‘what ever you can think of’ kind of place. Some of the most eligible men of San Francisco are members, and they often invite the hottest men in town to join the party. The one rule The Plug has, is you can’t monopolize anyone for the whole night. Of course you can say no if it is some one or something you don’t fancy, but otherwise it’s cum one cum all until you’re too tired to stand. I love it. I hope you will all love it too. If you do, then I’ll make sure you are members so when you are in town, you can visit. I’m there several nights a week. It’s more fun, and safer than bringing trade back here. Besides, I have Jake, whom you met, the doorman for emergencies. He’s hung like a horse and rides me like Zorro when I need it.” He drained his martini, and held the empty glass out and wagged it in front of us. “Seconds anyone?”

Al and Jess joined him in refills, but Marty and I were still nursing our whiskies. After we were settled again, Jerry explained that food would be delivered in a few minutes, and we could eat. Getting to The Plug before ten, he said was a waste of time. The place didn’t get hot until after nine, and wasn’t swinging until ten. After that, it would be daylight before it started to slack off. It sounded like one wild party.

When the doorman buzzed that the food was in the lobby, Jerry asked him to tip the delivery boy, and bring it up himself so he could meet us formally. After fifteen minutes, there was a light rap on the door, and Jake opened the unlocked door and entered carrying a large cardboard box. The smell of well cooked food filled the apartment. He and Jerry began to dish it up onto plates, while Jerry introduced us to him. He would stop to shake each of our hands, giving mine at least a warm squeeze while he looked into my eyes significantly. Once the food was dished out, Jake said he’d better get back down stairs.

“What do I owe you for the delivery boy’s tip?” Jerry was motioning for us to gather around the table.

“Oh. Nothing. I sucked his cock, and he went away happy.” Jake grinned.

“Well, I’ll have to repay you later then,” Jerry smiled at him and seated himself at the head of the table. Jake touched his forehead with his finger, and left, closing the door behind him. Jerry was pouring red wine into our glasses. The food smelled delicious, and proved to be so as we ate it.

When the meal was finished, it was a quarter past nine, and after the dishes were scraped and put into the dishwasher, Jerry declared it was time to order the car brought up. I wondered if he meant to the apartment, but then realized there must be underground parking for the building. We took turns in the well appointed bathroom, and then followed Jerry down the flight of stairs to the elevator. A long black Lincoln Town car was parked at the curb with a driver waiting for us when the elevator doors opened. Jake opened the heavy glass door for us, and then ran around us to open the door to the back seat of the car. While it was not quire a limousine, it did have two little fold up seats fixed against the back of the drivers seat. Marty and I took these, and held hands with each other while Al, Jess, and Jerry took the passenger bench seat across the back of the car. The driver was an oriental man wearing a uniform and billed military style cap.

He apparently knew where we were headed, because nothing was said to him, and after we were settled, he started the engine, and the big car rolled smoothly and in silence out of the curved drive and onto the semi-busy street. We watched the street life as the car moved through traffic, and headed up into a hilly wooded neighborhood above the city. Traffic fell away until only the occasional set of headlights passed us going down toward the center o the city. After we had driven for a while, and the lights of Frisco were only a glow below us in the gathering fog, the big car slowed and turned into a private drive. The way was blocked by a heavy wrought iron gate, and guarded by a dimly lighted guard house. A man stepped out of the tiny structure with a clip board in his hand. The driver rolled down hi window, and spoke quietly to the guard. The man shown a light over his clip board, and nodded. He made a check with a pen, and patted the roof of the car. The driver rolled up his window again before dropping the car into gear, and rolling on into the now fog enveloped forest of pines.

The road had become a paved narrow one lane, but we didn’t meet any oncoming traffic so I deduced the exit was in another direction. Once we topped a ridge, and the fog had not settled in the valley beyond it yet, and I saw below us a large Victorian house ablaze with outdoor lighting.

“There we are,” Jerry said. “The Plug.” We all stared at the building until it was lost to our view by a curve in the road. But it was only moments before the driver cleared the woods, and pulled up to the roundabout drive to the massive portal entrance to the grand house.

“What was this place before?” Marty was impressed. As we all were.

“It was built in 1894 by a man who invented round manhole covers.”

“What? Al said. “You’re shittin’ us.”

“I kid you not. Before his design, manholes were square or rectangular, which means they could fall though the holes they were meant to cover. A round manhole cover can’t fall through its own hole. Saved a lot of hassle, made him filthy rich, and he spent his money building The Plug, which is what he called this place when it was finished. I guess he marketed his idea by that name at first. A lot of people her about it for the first time, nd think it means something sexual, like a butt plug or whatever, but it doesn’t. However the old guy was queer as they made them in those days, and he used to throw some wild parties here for the times. Unfortunately, he was in the city in 1906, and the building he was in collapsed on him and the man he was fucking at the time. Hi will left this property to a trust, handled by his lawyers, and it was to be maintained for the pleasure of men of his persuasion sexually. It’s been a well kept secret since then, and averages about three hundred members at any given time. Of course they don’t all show up every night, but you usually can count on around fifty or so and guests.

Members are all encouraged to bring guests to keep the new blood flowing through these hollowed rooms. If it was limited to members, it would quickly become boring, doing and being done by the same guys time after time. I love this place, and I hope you all have a great time, and come to love it as much as I do. Come on, and I’ll introduce you to Belford, the butler. He’s here to serve you as are the boys wearing the black and white uniforms. If you want or need anything one of them will get it for you or at least find out about what you are asking for. The rule stands, that there is no fucking with the servants. It’s their job, and even though they are all queer, they are servants first here. So leave them alone, or we’ll have chaos before the night is over. They are kept pretty busy doing their jobs, but if you need anything at all, just find one and ask. Ah Belford, here you are.” Jerry ushered us into the presence of a distinguished looking man dressed like butlers I’d seen in the movies.

“These are my friends. I’m introducing them to the club tonight, so can you have the boys take special care of them?” He introduced us each by name, and the butler bowed to each of us and uttered the word “Charmed” in a thick British accent to each of us. Once that was out of the way, Jerry led us to an upper floor, and told us to take any of the rooms that were not tagged on the door handle with a hanger denoting an occupied room.

“I’ll leave you then to wander and find your own way. It will take you a while, but you’ll catch on quickly as to how the club works. Remember, you can say no, and even though this place is very exclusive, it is best to make sure you use condoms. They are supplied in each room, and elsewhere through out the premises.” He turned on his heel, and walked through an unoccupied room and taking the occupied hanger off the inside knob, hung it on his outside knob. He entered with a final wave at the four of us, and closed the door behind him. We looked at each other in a kind of shock, before shrugging, and selecting our own rooms. There appeared to be fifteen or twenty rooms on the floor, and at the end of the long hall, a staircase led to still another upper floor.

Marty and I selected a room near the stairs from the lower floor, and went in. I noticed, it was well furnished with Victorian antiques, I recognized from one of my mother’s magazines. Our door was numbered 3, and the room had a small fire place with a cheery blaze at work on several fragrant logs. There was a well appointed bathroom, and an antique clothes press to hang our clothes in. On hooks in the bathroom, were thick white robes, with slippers waiting on the floor below them. Marty and I examined the set up in awe. We hardly knew what to make of it or what was expected of us. Finally, we both sat on the edge of the big four poster bed and just looked around.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. Have you?” Marty took my hand in his.
“No, except I’ve seen some antiques like these in a magazine my mother reads. What do you think we are supposed to do?”

“How would I know?” He raised his eyebrows at me.

“Maybe we should find one of the staff and ask.”

“Good idea.” I went to the door, and opened it a crack to peek out. Two men were walking by, joking and laughing. Neither was wearing a stitch of clothes except for slippers like the ones in the bathroom. After they passed, I put my head out and looked in both directions. A young man was coming down the stairs from the upper floor, wearing a white collar and black string tie, but no shirt. He was wearing creased black pants, and patent leather shoes. He was carrying a tray with a bottle of liquor and two glasses. As he neared our door, headed for the stairs to the lower level, I hissed at him. He stopped, and turned toward me.

“May I help you sir?”

“Yes, actually. Can you come in for a minute and give us some advice?”

“Of course. But you do understand I’m working?”

“Yes.” I opened the door wider to admit him. He set the tray down on a small table near the door, and put his hands behind his back and waited. Marty stared at him for a moment. “This is Marty, and I’m Bob. We’ve never been here before, and. . .”

“Yes sir.” The boy looked to be about my age, maybe a year older nearer Jessie’s. “I know who you are. We are informed of all the guests shortly after they have arrived. It’s part of our duties to remember names. How may help you?”

“Well, can you give us an idea what to next?”

“Oh. Well, I’d guess you were brought here to mingle. So I suggest you mingle.”



“How? I mean in our clothes?”

“Oh. Clothing is optional sir. However you are most comfortable. There are no other requirements, except for the rules which I’m told you have been given.”


“So, just mingle however you feel comfortable doing it. The game rooms are in the lower floors. You might want to check them out before selecting your entertainment for the evening. Just remember you have the right to say no, and it will be respected. Another rule that mostly goes unspoken here, is the need to respect the word no.”

“Thank you.”

“Very good. Is there anything I can get you?” I looked at Marty, and he shook his head.

“No thanks. Maybe we’ll catch you later.”

“Very good sir. He turned and picked up his tray, and I opened the door for him and after he’d stepped into the hall, I closed it again.

“Very good sir.” We both laughed. “Shit, lets strip and fuck our brains out. I like it here with you.” I lunged across the room and bowled Marty over on the bed. We tussled on it for a minute, thoroughly mussing the ornate bed clothes. I finally pinned him down on his back, and could feel his hard cock pressing into my groin. “What’s that, a banana? I’m starving,” I pushed up off him, and reached for his belt. He grinned as I opened his pants, and found him without briefs. His stiffness, was swollen to lovely proportions, and I slipped down and took him into my mouth. “Ummm,” I started sucking him slowly, taking him in deep and pulling up slowly while I worked my tongue over the thick ridges of his shaft. He was soon moaning, but after a moment, stopped me, and pulled himself up on his elbows to look down into my face.

“I’m ready for you to fuck me Bob.”

“You sure? We can wait you know. We don’t have to rush it.”

“I’ve thought about it all day. You might have noticed I’ve walked around with a hard-on most of the day.”

“Yeah. I noticed.”

“Well it was because I was imagining your dick up my hole. I decided that tonight was the night.”

“Even if it hurts?”

“It won’t hurt. I know it won’t. Did it hurt you when I fucked you?” I shook my head. “Then it won’t hurt me either.”


“Yes now. I can’t wait another minute.”

“Let me check the bathroom for something to use as lube.” I got up, and he stood behind me, and started peeling out of his clothes. I kicked off my boots, and we were both soon nude with our hard cocks pointing stiffly at each other. I went to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. A fresh box of condoms was prominent on the lowest shelf, and above was a tube of clear gel like I’d used with Al. Getting his big thick cock up my ass was no easy matter, but the clear gel worked wonders easing the way. I grabbed the tube and went back to the bed.

Marty had turned down the sheets, and was propped on the pillows slowly stroking his beautiful cock. I climbed on the high bed, and showed him the tube of gel. “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees, and let me slick up you hole.” He quickly complied, and I got behind him, and spread his cheeks. His tiny rosebud opening was winking at me, and I couldn’t resist doing him with my tongue first. He sighed when my warm tongue found him and I began making French love to his hole.

“Man that feels fantastic. I could let you do that all night.” I pulled back and slapped his right cheek.

“Not on your life bud. You are getting nailed tonight by me if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Oh you can nail me, because I want it, I’m just saying you have a talented tongue. Who taught you to do that so well?”

“Al I guess. He likes it too.”

“Al told me he wants a piece of my ass if you don’t mind. Do you?”

“Of course . . .not. Jess is aching for a piece too, but I told them both I was first.”

“Yeah that’s exactly what I told them.” I went back to the rim job, and soon had him moaning again. He collapsed onto his stomach, and I leaned back on my heels, by stiff cock standing out between my legs, pointed at his crack. I squeezed a dollop of gel onto my fingers, and worked it into his hole I’d left dripping with my spit. He groaned as my finger entered his still tight pucker.

“That hurt?” I pulled my finger out.

“Fuck no. It felt like something I’ve needed for a long time. Put it back.”

“You’ve never experimented with anything, a carrot, or vibrator maybe?”

“Never occurred to me.”

“What? Saving yourself for your wife?”

“I guess.” I slipped a second finger covered in goo into him, and he sucked in his breath.

“That one hurts doesn’t it?”

“A bit, but don’t stop.”

“Oh I won’t. I want this as much as you do.” I worked my two fingers in and out of him squeezing more goo as I did to get him relaxed. He was sighing and shivering a little when I felt his sphincter relax, making his hole loose and receptive to me. “I’m going into you now Marty. I leaned over him, and straddled his legs. I kissed his ear, and laid my weight onto his back. He put a hand up and found my neck which he gripped tightly holding me in place. His face was buried in the pillows, and he was shivering under me. I felt my prick find his hole, and I pushed in a little. He groaned under me, and I held still. After a moment, he raised his hips a hair, and I pushed into his movement. More of my shaft penetrated his body. I could feel his heat envelope my cock. I moaned with the pleasure of it, and kissed his ear. He humped up slightly again, and I pushed through the strict opening and felt myself go balls deep into him. I stopped and let him catch his breath, because I could feel his chest under me shuddering for air.

He turned his head, and drew a deep breath. I let him breathe for a minute until his gasps subsided. He lay beneath me with his eyes closed and a smile played on his lips. Finally he opened his eyes, and smiled broadly up at me from his cramped position.

“You’re in all the way aren’t you?”

“Yeah man. You have been dicked.”

“It feels incredible.”



“Well, the best is yet to come.” I grunted, and pulled him back up onto his hands and knees, keeping my cock buried to the hilt in his butt. He moaned and Pushed back against me trying not to let me slip out of him. There was no way I was going to let that happen. Once we were in the position, I raised up on my knees and pulled back. My cock came out a full six inches, and I slipped it back into his hot gut. He shivered, and groaned. I reached under him and found he’d gone soft. I played with his cock, and balls until I felt them awaken to my stroking. He pushed back against my lap, and I began to slow stroke in and out of him. When he was fully hard again, I asked him how he was feeling.

“Man, I never fucking knew what I was missing. This is the most incredible sex I’ve ever had. No wonder women want to get fucked all the time.” I began bouncing my cock into him and jacking his shaft with my left hand. I pulled him back with me until I was back on my heels, and let him set the pace. He rode my dick like he’d been doing it longer than me, and I milked his cock with my hand to his schedule. He was content to do this for a full ten or twelve minutes, until he decided he wanted to see my face. He figured out how to turn over without losing my cock and after the maneuver, was on his back looking up at me, sweat covering his face and chest, but looking down to see my thick cock fucking his virgin hole. I continued to stroke him off while I fucked him, and he soon began to shake and tremble under me.

“I’m gonna shoot,” he gasped, and I felt his cock pulse in my hand. I cupped his big ruddy head, and felt him fill my palm with several hot loads of cum. His ass ring tightened down on my dick until I thought it would sever it, and I found myself blowing without control into his guts. “Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!” He was hissing and pumping more cum into my palm as I filled him up with mine. “I feel you shooting your stuff into me. It feels hot and I love it!”

His cum began to drip through my fingers on to his chest, and he suddenly grabbed my hand and started licking and sucking his own spunk off my skin. He had a fevered look in his eye, and his cock showed no signs of collapsing but then neither did mine. I felt like I’d never been harder, and could go again without puling out of him. When he had his spunk cleaned off my hand, he pushed it back to his cock, and wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

“Don’t stop Bob. I love doing this with you. Can you go again?” I nodded at him, and humped his hole again to show him I could. We fucked for another twenty minutes, and after, when he finally let me stop, he rolled over on top of me and we kissed passionately both of us still hard as stone, and drooling cum over our bodies. As we began to calm down, there was a slight knock at the door. Marty rolled off me and went to open it a crack. He chuckled, and opened it wider to let Al and Jess into the room. They both looked as flushed as we did, and I knew they had been fucking too.

“Are you two planning to keep each other to yourselves?” Al was standing there in slippers and nothing else with Jess in the same condition with an arm around Al’s waist.

“We just might,” Marty said.

“That good huh?” Al grinned at both of us.

“Man I never imagined anything like it.” Marty leaned over and kissed Al on the cheek. “I wanted Bob to be my first, but now that it done, I’d like to try other things.”

“Ooooh, oooh, me next,” Jess giggled.

“All right.” Marty said, “but I need a rest for a while. Bob fucked me silly. Let me take a shower and get something to drink.”

“What ever you want Marty,” Jess jumped up onto his toes, and clapped his hands together.

“When do I get a turn?” Al was pulling on his big limp cock. It hung nearly to his knees. Marty eyed his monster, and wiped his forehead with the back of a hand.

“Maybe I can practice sucking on it first. I’d love to feel it in my butt, but. . .”

“But what?”

“The fucking thing’s a fire hose Al.”

“That’s what makes it good isn’t it Jess? Ain’t it Bobby?” We both nodded. “But we’ll go at your speed. Maybe you can do like Bobby did the first time. He sucked it up good and slick and he sat on it. Easier to take that way.”

“Yeah it was,” I said. “If he’d fucked me on my back the first time, it probably would have torn me in half. But Al’s gentle, and once he gets into to you, he fucks like he knows what he’s doing with that hose of his.”

“Well you boys take a shower, and come down stairs to join us. Jess and I are going to check things out. One of the boys told us they have a bar and a buffet table and it’s all paid for by the trust fund the old man left.” He and Jess left, closing the door behind themselves. Marty and I headed for the bathroom and I shower while he sat on the pot and tried to get my cum out of his bowels. When I stepped out of the hot stream of water, he was ready to get in. I kissed him before he stepped behind the curtain, and started singing some redneck trucker song that was popular on the radio then.


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