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July 26th, 2010, 10:01 AM
Jim The Plumber's 8" Inch Pipe

It was a rainy Thursday and I had decided to skip school today, so my mom had me wait for the Plumber to come fix our bathroom sink. I’m was sitting on the living room couch watching television, I look at the clock and it’s was 11:45am when I hear a knock at my door and, to my relief, it was the plumber, so I go open the door and there stood Jim The Plumber. He didn't seem like the guy I was expecting to see, I was half expecting to see a hairy guy with a beer belly and a full mustache and beard. Jim stood about 6ft tall, had Intense greenish blue eyes on a handsome Rugged face, Thick, pouty lips surrounded by a clean-cut beard, dark brown hair, a great beefy body, and resembled a stockier version of Rugby Player David "Wolfman" Williams. Jim was wearing a White fitted V-Neck T-shirt that showed off his Semi-Hairy beefy chest, worn jeans that hugged his beefy round bubble butt, and black work boots. As he looked surprises to see me answering the door he asked me…aren’t you supposed to be at school kid?, I replied yeah I’m a senior and since it’s close to graduation we’re not really doing anything at school, so I decided to skip today, and I’m not a kid I’m 18...let me show you to the bathroom sink.

Jim the Plumber was walking a few steps in front of me and I couldn’t help but notice his jeans kept sliding off his butt; he wasn’t wearing a belt or any underwear from what I can see. I showed him to my bathroom and he got to work right away. He found the source of the leak was actually in the bathroom wall underneath my sink so he crouched down on his hands and knees and began to make a hole in the wall to get to the leak. His jeans slipped slightly so I could see his ass crack. I couldn't help but to stare at his ass while he was working, it just seemed so perfect that I couldn't look away. I asked him if I could help him, but he said he could do everything on his own, thank you. I sat on the chair and decided to watch him work. My arousal was very strong, I felt warmth all over my body, I went to the upstairs bathroom to chill my hot body a bit I splashed cold water on my face, then went back to the watch the plumber work. Jim must have made a mistake somewhere because after about 5mins of working on the bathroom sink, the pipe started squirting out water worst then before. I tried to help Jim stop the water from splashing everywhere, so I grab a towel and he tied it around the pipe it helped a little. Jim’s clothes were completely soaked, but he was still doing something under the sink and his face looked much happier meaning he was about to finish everything up down there. After he’d finish I’d offered him a pair of my dad’s sweats and a T-shirt, so I could dry his wet clothes. Jim accepted my offer and went upstairs to my room to change.

As I walked upstairs toward my room to ask Jim the Plumber for his wet clothes to put in the dryer, I notice my room door was slightly open. So I move closer very slowly and quietly to see if I could catch a peek at Jims naked beefy body. I aligned my eye up with the opening of the door and there stood a Buck Naked Jim in all his glory. Buck Naked Jim was standing in my room with his incredible naked beefy muscular body adorned with forearm tattoos, rock hard semi-hairy chest, little pink lickable nipples, chiseled abs, dangling smooth balls which connected to his big thick & meaty cut 8 inch Dick. When Jim turned around and bent over to pull-off his wet socks, I got a good look at his tight asshole, which was between his two big beefy muscle-bound ass cheeks. I began to rub my hand across my cock as it was growing harder and I was getting hotter, staring at Jims naked body. My knee accidentally hit the wall and Jim turned around and saw me peeping at him buck naked, I shouted out “sorry…sorry I was just coming to ask for your wet clothes“, as I backed away from the door, I’d could hear Jim yelling “wait wait…come here…come in…don’t be embarrassed, were both guys right…I don’t have anything you’ve haven’t seen before right”. I thinking to myself as I walked in the room…“Yes you do…the guys at my High School don’t look like you naked”.

I enter the room with a Buck Naked Jim pulling on his long thick penis, fondling his heavy balls, now and then touching his nipples which I knew he loved having sucked. I walked to my window to close it cause the rain was getting heavier, and then all of sudden the power goes out, so I go to my parents room to get a flash light. I stood up to get the flash light from the shelf, I didn't seem to notice a naked Jim approaching me from behind, He moved even closer to me, put his hands on my waist, lined his cock up with my butt and pressed his hard cock against my ass, he bent over to my ear and whispered “You want it right?”.

I nodded not saying a word. Jim’s hands started roaming over my body, massaging my semi hard cock. All I had to do was just enjoy him fondling my chest and grinding against my firm bubble butt. He kissed me on the shoulder, touched my neck, while his hands were vigorously feeling my shirtless body up. He was breathing heavy caressing my butt. He kissed my back; I felt his hot lips through my Gym Shorts. It was awesome! Jim grabbed onto his dick and began to jack it off, I saw that he was jacking off so I knelt down, began to lick his balls before moving up to his cock and slipping it in my mouth. He put his arms behind his head and held it up in a crunch position as I went to town on sucking his monster cock. I had sucked on a few cocks before and became adept at making it so I wouldn't gag but on this monster cock I gagged every time I started to lick all around his dickhead then neared to the bottom of his cock. "Oh yeah that feels great"…"Oh yeah, suck that dick, suck it!" Jim moaned, as I replied “You’re very delicious. I’ll never forget your taste.” I whispered to him. I continued sucking his beautiful 8" cock…I sucked his balls and he wanted me to suck the area around his anus. I lifted up his feet and placed it on my shoulder. I sucked his dick, balls and anal area…It was then that he started jacking off.

Then he turned around, got on all fours stuck his ass in my face and ordered me to lick his ass, All I could see was his sweet round ass. I spread his cheeks apart and licked his sweet hole; I could feel him tense up at the feeling of a tongue, moving its way around his hole. I stuck my tongue as far as I could push it up his butt hole, then I smacked his ass as I buried my face deep in-between his butt cheeks as they clenched together from me tongue kissing his tight butt hole. I slapped his ass as he turned over and laid on his back, "Suck my fucking dick," he said. He grabbed the back of my head as he mumbled, "oh yeah dicksucker" He shoved my face into his cock. I slurped his cock very well, the saliva moving everywhere. Him guiding my head down his 8 inch cock, I gagged a little. Then I licked the hole in his dick head. "Mm you good boy, oh baby suck that fucking dick” he mumbled. Then I took my head off to gain my breath. 5mins after rimming his butt, and sucking his dick he lifted me up moved me towards the bed, He grabbed me by the neck and threw me face down ass up.

We were both hot and sweaty after all the Exertion. He said with a smile as he reached down and grabbed his dick “Bend over slightly" and “Spread your fucking ass cheeks for me baby” as rip my drawers off, So I did and when I was bent over he shoved his dick into my tight ass hole, forcing it open. My ass wrapped around his cock, massaging his plumbers cock meat. Jim started pound my ass, fucking me deep and hard and just teasing me by dipping just his dickhead in my tight asshole. He was moaning louder and louder with every thrust. I felt his hard cock as he sped up butt fucking me. He moaned “You like that dick in the butt; I’m gonna fuck you so hard”. Jim flipped me over on my stomach, spread my legs, and slammed his hard throbbing dick into my wet tight butt hole. He drove in as deep as he could, and then pulled out, his cockhead popping out of my tight boyhole. Then he drove in again, driving his cherry buster past the fuckhole, deep in again. Again and again. Jims pole plunge between my smooth ass cheeks, me gasped each time my ass was filled with his plumbers man meat. He teased my asshole with his cock head again; He slowly pushed his dick back in my tight awaiting asshole. "Ughhh fuck!" He moaned. "Oh shit baby." I groaned. He leaned over sliding his cock in my asshole. He put his hand over my mouth as he fucked me faster and faster. "Take this fucking dick baby." "Oh fuck it’s so big." It felt so bad but so good. So raw. I tried speaking through his hand. "Jim your cock is so damn big!" "Yeah baby!" He hissed back. He slapped my ass. "Take this fucking cock, I'm fucking you so good" He moaned as I jacked my dick off. Jim pulled my upper body up, and yelled out load “I’m about to cum baby” as he jizzed all over my body, His body shook as he came, his legs suddenly feeling wobbly under him. He stood panting, his cock dripping his cum onto my thrusting body.

Jim got off the bed as he was breathing heavily, naked and sweating, as I sat there naked and covered in his cum. I watched as he walked out of the room, as he was walking away he yelled to me “come on baby let’s hit the shower, time for round two”.

To Be Continued…

Here are Pics of Rugby Player David "Wolfman" Williams, for those who don’t know who he is. This story does not imply anything about his sexuality.

July 26th, 2010, 01:20 PM
damn ilovejstrokesdonk thats a hott story!! i really want to meet jim the plumber!!!!!! cant wait for part 2: in the shower.......

July 27th, 2010, 02:54 AM
Hey ilovejstrokesdonk, welcome to the story board.

It has been a while since we had a plumber story. Of all the workmen who come to call, plumbers seem to be favorite. Is it because they have a plunger in their tool kit?;)

Looking for further adventures with Jim!

July 30th, 2010, 02:06 PM
Cant wait for part two!!

September 29th, 2012, 04:35 PM
yes part two is going to be good - can.t wait

September 29th, 2012, 09:24 PM
A very nice start to pumping up the action.

October 6th, 2012, 02:25 PM
Reminds me of an experience I had but the guy was no plumber, but a stud and one good fuck, he called me cocksucker, and his bitch to to fuck anytime he wants, I love talk like that during sex, your story got me hard when I heard those words. great writing.

October 7th, 2012, 08:50 AM
Can't wait for round two.....:D

November 17th, 2012, 08:02 PM
OK! What happened in Round Two in the shower?