Ted Colunga from Men Machine at JustUsBoys - Gallery 3680
Ted Colunga (Men Machine)
Hunky Ted Colunga shows off!
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  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
  • Ted Colunga from Men Machine
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There are 18 comments on this gallery

  • RJ1979

    March 04, 2011 - 00:08:42   |   See all My Comments

    Either he has really small balls or his cock is so big it makes them look small.

  • Shepherd 2

    December 30, 2010 - 16:59:20   |   See all My Comments

    That perfect body, and OMG that yummy uncut cock.

  • IowaGuy

    September 04, 2010 - 22:51:11   |   See all My Comments

    That hairy body - that uncut cock YUMMMMMMMMMMM

  • bike10

    August 19, 2010 - 06:16:37   |   See all My Comments

    A true man with all the right assets.

  • wizardo

    December 15, 2008 - 09:36:53   |   See all My Comments

    Yep, he's beautiful all right. I read in an interview he recently did that he doesn't like to kiss other men. Too bad.

  • AntDec

    October 22, 2008 - 18:23:00   |   See all My Comments

    Ted is beyond sexy. Everything from his handsome face, masculinity, hairy, beefy body and thick uncut cock makes me wanna scream in pure lust!

  • jebsonflynn

    April 11, 2008 - 18:34:01   |   See all My Comments

    Ted's incredibly sexy - his manly stance, his confident demeanor, but the huge cock must be a curse - it scares the shit out of me. He ain't putting that pole up my ass, and NO WAY I could deep give it justice, orally.

  • prudyprudestein

    February 18, 2008 - 11:48:56   |   See all My Comments

    Hairy, Uncut and a major hunk. I'd love to be in bed with that stud.

  • piano1

    December 30, 2007 - 16:24:01   |   See all My Comments

    Just enough hair on his body for me to lick. Yes, he is uncut - YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  • madboy

    October 14, 2007 - 18:17:20   |   See all My Comments

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, please put that cock up my thight ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! usggghghghghg, this is such a tease, i wannt him with me right NOW!!!!!!!!!!! even Ludovic canot!!!! and Nick Braso, we can have a 4some!

  • sageonelv

    July 05, 2007 - 23:14:39   |   See all My Comments

    HOT! what more can I say..............

  • hotngotit

    April 23, 2007 - 02:45:35   |   See all My Comments

    Everything about this man is perfect.

  • ravenstar

    April 23, 2007 - 02:00:00   |   See all My Comments

    now that is one perfect looking man.

  • pollito

    April 23, 2007 - 00:48:51   |   See all My Comments

    que buen culo y se le ve machote lo amo!!!!!!!!!

  • jimrent66

    April 22, 2007 - 18:57:39   |   See all My Comments

    is he uncut? because that would make him even more perfect

  • Carlitos43

    April 22, 2007 - 16:27:54   |   See all My Comments

    He is the ultimate man........so we can dream on...

  • jimrent66

    April 22, 2007 - 16:14:31   |   See all My Comments

    quite possibly one of the most perfect men i've ever seen in my life.

  • bofiscandalo

    April 22, 2007 - 15:45:35   |   See all My Comments

    Q U E T E S O!!!!!!!!

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