20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword at JustUsBoys - Gallery 17277
20 Load Weekend (Naked Sword)
Treasure Island Media Exclusive Dawson gets 20 loads of cum in his cum-craving hole in DAWSON'S 20-LOAD WEEKEND.
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  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
  • 20 Load Weekend from Naked Sword
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Safe Sex Notice:

This gallery contains images of unsafe sex practices, also known as barebacking. Engaging in sexual practices without the use of a condom is a risky and unnecessary behavior. There are a lot of studios including the one listed on this page that film bareback or have bareback scenes in their content libraries. The images presented below should only be used for fantasy and you should not deceive yourself into thinking that "everyone is doing it." Further, you should not assume that just because you see photos or film content of barebacking that sexually transmitted diseases have been miraculously cured. HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are very real and potentially lethal. Please practice safe sex in your own life and educate yourself regarding the dangers of not wearing a condom before having sexual encounters. Visit AMFAR for more information about safer sex.

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There are 7 comments on this gallery

  • LongBeachBill

    February 11, 2010 - 09:42:13   |   See all My Comments

    Treasure Island films are awesome, very hot to watch. They are a major part of my porn collection, that doesn't mean I personally go out and do what they do in the films. I'm so sick of hearing people say it's wrong!! These mean are choosing to do this, there are NOT encouraging it.

  • aaronxp

    February 10, 2010 - 23:09:04   |   See all My Comments

    we make the decisions about our lives, just us, nobody else.

  • Shepherd 2

    February 10, 2010 - 11:31:48   |   See all My Comments

    Here is an example of choices. Naked Sword advertizes what is happening. I agree, it propagates unsafe sex, but we do not have to look. So accept responsibility yourself.

  • MaraisMec

    February 10, 2010 - 09:35:45   |   See all My Comments

    (as I was saying) I appreciate it for what it is... a hot fantasy. That's all porn is if you're looking at it. Inspiration (no matter how fantastic or politically/medically correct).

  • MaraisMec

    February 10, 2010 - 09:29:13   |   See all My Comments

    Porn is also an artistic reflection of what's actually happening. It may not be "safe", it may not be "the norm"... but it is certainly happening... and needs to be documented if only to serve as a cautionary example (of what NOT to do).

    All politics aside... it's the models' and film-makers' choices... so, let's be respectful and try to either enjoy the fruits of their labors... or avoid it (if you disagree so strongly).

    I happen to appreciate i...

  • dejdej1821

    February 10, 2010 - 00:46:51   |   See all My Comments

    Why? Simple. Money. Whether or not these gentlemen have HIV, or they are very carefully screened before engaging in such unsafe activity, the porn industry is going to produce these kind of films on the simple fact that they make lots of money. It fuels a fantasy as many porn films do. I happen to own this particular video and I have had a number of REALLY good squirts because of it. Out in the real world you wouldn't catch me doing this.

  • artisticcreation

    February 10, 2010 - 00:22:31   |   See all My Comments

    This is just wrong on so many levels. Why does the porn industry perpetuate very unsafe sexual practices.

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