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Helix Studios

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Helix Studios
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Updated: 2010-07-23

Primary Categories: Younger

Secondary Categories: Gay Porn Stars, Hardcore

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Let me throw some names at you: 8teenboy, Spank This, Latin Studs, Helix Studios... Mean anything to you? Well they should. They are some of the sites who supply content here and it's all good/great/fantastic. I guess it's Helix who make the content and put it up on those fab sites and here you get to view it all with one set of access details. It's excellent quality and totally hot. There, now we can all go home, log in, and have a high old time with sexy twinks and well made movies.

But maybe I should tell you a little more. Ok then.

What you see on the expertly designed and well laid out tour at Helix Studios.net is basically what you get once you've signed up. Inside the members' area the design is just as good, in fact it's the same, and this means it's easy to find the content you want to see. And that content comes from the exclusive studio itself. So, taking a look at the videos, for example, you will see content from six sites. (You can view content solely from any one of them or see it all in one go.)

You want some more good news? There were 1,092 scenes here, that's 69 pages of video content, enough for any compulsive masturbator to have a great time with - you're never going to go short of something to watch. Each scene is shown to you on the index pages with a small thumbnail, so you can see what kind of action scene it is: spanking twinks, oral, anal, all three... and then you simply click what you want to view to find the viewing page. More good design work makes this an easy console you use. There's a Flash stream at the top with a link to any upgrades that you may need, run times and title; there are other viewing options beneath with Quicktime and WMV in use, there are various resolutions in use to suit all, and you can download or stream. Everything comes with full instructions. Then you have some images beneath to take you through the scene and these are good sized digital shots. And you are also linked to each model's entry in the model index and to other scenes from the same movie.

Yup, Helix have thought of everything to make your viewing easy and enjoyable. And with so many numbers you're in for value for money from the start.

And as for the models: perfect would be a word to sum them up, I didn't know there were so many smooth, sexy, good looking, cute (add your own adjectives) twinks working in the biz today. But there must be at least 668 as that's how many guys there were in the model index. You can click through them page by page and then go over and examine your favorite looking boy in more detail - well, there are not a lot of details about each one, just his sexual orientation really, but there are links to each one's appearances in either the exclusive scenes, or the full length DVDs. When you click to view a DVD you will see that you are able to buy them at a discount, but you don't pay any extra to view those individual scenes.

Bottom Line:
I could rave on about Helix Studios all day but I'll let you go and view the site. It's great value, well stocked, regularly maintained, great to play with and view, and the boys and quality are fantastic. There, that's enough praise for one of the industry's biggest and best players.

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  • kabun22 March 30, 2010 - 20:46:07 (See all My Comments)

    This site is almost all relative skinny (to my taste), sometime acne ridden twinks. There is a variety of content, and most of the action is uninhibited. There are a lot of Latin and other "ethnic" types, of mostly average looks. For those who like this sort of thing. Look at the face snapshots of models before you subscribe. Probably overpriced for what you get.

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