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  • Updated: 2007-09-08
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It's Magnus Network time of day again and the latest one of their sites for us to feast our eyes on is Ass Toying. You'll remember the other sites we've seen recently: the complete bareback adventure at No Condom Zone and the bareback and ass-squirting jizz-splattering festival of My Guy Creampie - well, Ass Toying is third in their list of fetish-cum-not very often explored niches. This time it's 101 things to put up your ass.

Obviously 'cock' springs to mind first but the boys in the excellent videos do use other things. I have to tell you the site is still quite young so there are only eight ass-toy specific videos at the moment and so far the emphasis is on dildos and vibrators, though fingers, tongues and then cocks do feature too. The Network has a lot of bareback content on it and these vids are no exception. The two very sexy and youthful guys meet, strip, there is some erotic kissing and wank-work and then the ass plays happens. Some considerable proportion of the videos is spent concentrating on this aspect (good) before we move on to the fuck scenes and then to the cum shots. There is some further toy pay explored in the galleries where the pics also contain more experimental toy and ass play. We have boys using glass dildos, which is something sexy and stylish and not often seen. They use the toy to flirt with at first and there's some erotic action in both vids and pics with simulated oral sex where the glass dildo replaces the cock. There are also some scenes with different kinds of dildos and, oops, I just saw a condom in use, the first I've seen on the network!

So, you get the picture I hope: a small but growing collection of hard-core and mainly bareback videos that contain a certain amount of ass play in various forms and with various toys. Over time the site will no doubt grow and more inventive toys will come in to play. The same goes for the picture galleries which currently number only eight sets but these are top quality digital sets and worth the sign up fee in themselves. If you like technical details then the videos stream on line in three speeds, 56, 384 and 768 kbps and by first left clicking then right clicking on the screen you will bring up the options and can go full screen. You have shots of each scene and once you've selected your speed you click on a shot to jump straight to that scene, so navigating around the vids is easy.

Images click up to a good 600 x 900 and even if they are from the movie camera they are high resolution and good quality. Use the top title bar to return to the main page and there are your updates with the date the content was added. At the bottom you also have access to the four bonus sites. Simply click one of the titles, the page changes and you are in. Each site has the same layout and design so you feel like you are in the same place. But the content changes (though some is shared around the sites) and each one has it's own number of exclusive videos and image sets.

Bottom Line:
The more I see of the Magnus Network sites the more I like them. They are new, they have specific niches and they stick to them. The videos and images are all exclusive, which is great news and once you are in one site you can access them all so you get excellent value for money. Content numbers will increase over time I trust. So, if you're into Ass play, toys, bareback sex and good quality videos then you've come to the right place. Stick with it for more good and horny fun to come.
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