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Tiger Tyson
Tiger Tyson
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Tiger-Tyson.com is the official web site of Tiger Tyson, the man of the hour. His film Take 'Em Down has won too many awards to mention and he was recently named to Naked Sword's Dream Team.

In 2006, Tiger appeared in the first gay porn video shot in high end, the interracial epic, The Show Parts 1 and Part 2. Clips from both of these movies are available in the fast and convenient to use Tiger Tyson Player at Tiger-Tyson.com

The player is great because unlike other membership sites, the Tiger Tyson player shows all the clips and their titles in one easy display. See a title, click, watch hot clip. See, click, watch hot clip. (Maybe there is one other motion involved, but we will leave that up to the viewer!)

Tiger-Tyson.com also features great Tiger Tyson wallpaper and galleries and as you might have guessed, you view the galleries in the aforementioned Tiger Tyson player, right along side the great clips, which includes scenes from Take 'Em Down. (We told you it was easy.)

The site also links directly to Tiger-Mart, which provides over a dozen updated galleries and clips to all of Tiger Tyson's latest photo shoots and films. There's gold in them thar hills and we think the prospecting is good at Tiger-Tyson.com
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  • lovetaurus

    December 22, 2007 - 06:25:24   |   See all My Comments

    I love Tiger Tyson ..He is sooooo sexy .. I love fuck him ant time...

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