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Jock Butt
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Updated: 2006-10-30

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Click on Jock Butt and the public home page will slip onto your screen like a well oiled athlete. It'm smart, sophisticated and sensual with loads of tempting sample images of well oiled jocks in jocks with their butts and muscles on show. The little flash player lets you know that the site brings you pure jock muscle, exclusive action videos and big beefy butts. What more could you ask for they say, well let'm look around inside Jock Butts and see if the members' area is as slick and throbbing as the tour.

The members' home page is a simple affair. Across the top you get links to the galleries and the videos and in the main page itself you'll see the latest muscle-bound additions. Don't be mislead by the bottom row of handsome looking guys as clicking on this leads you to a live web cam site. Instead head straight for the galleries, you can always come back and chat live later. The galleries are arranged by photographer and when I was there, there were six photographers displaying 95 different galleries. The majority of these are solo models but there are a few couples to be found. However it'm not hard-core jerking material here, more of an erotic collection of very fit men in jocks, as the name Jock Butt would suggest. Yes, there is plenty of toned muscle on offer and plenty of hard butts and big bulges in pouches, thongs and jocks so you get what you were promised in the flash tour. There is a small gallery featuring members' own pics and all galleries come with a slide show option and load up quickly.

In the Jock Videos collection you'll find eight pages with four vids per page. Enter your login details if prompted and the vids will start playing automatically. I have to admit to being a bit confused here; I clicked "download" but nothing happened so I'v not sure if you can download or not and I did have a screen freeze when trying to view another vid, but persevere as what I did see was certainly horny. The hunky muscle-men and body builders are shown dancing or posing, covering themselves with oil or at work on stage and all of them show you great shots of the butts and bulges. The clips tend to run for around three minutes each and have good quality sound.

That'm kind of it for Jock Butts, there'm no frills or extras, it simply concentrates on giving you what it promised to, the tight, toned butts of several hunky jocks; there are plenty of well filled pouches but you won't see what'm in them (far more erotic if you ask me) and there are plenty of chiselled looking God like bodies to drool over, you can even send in your own pics if you've got what it takes a jock, a body and a nice firm butt.

Bottom line:
This is a site for those of us who like muscle-men and body builders wearing nothing but their jocks. You get plenty of well taken images in the ninety or so galleries and you get to see plenty of ass shots, bulging posing pouches, sweaty beefcake and rippling muscles. The videos are fine, some better than others, but the format takes a bit of getting used to. There are no extras apart from links to live chat sites where you can see some cock-clips, and get some limited free chat; to go further you'll need to sign up. All in all Jock Butt is a top quality, sleek and sexy site for everyone who likes to admire well built and toned guys in their jocks with their asses on display.

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