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New York Straight Men

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New York Straight Men
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Updated: 2009-04-15

Primary Categories: Straight Men

Secondary Categories: All American Boys, Amateur, Glory Holes, Hardcore, Mature And Older, Video Downloads, Video On Demand

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New York Straight Men's primary billing processor:

$25.95 for 30 days
Renews at $25.95 every 30 days.
After 3 months rebills at $20.95
After 12 months rebills at $15.95

$29.95 for 30 days One-time-only charge.
$69.95 90 days - One-time-only charge.

900 Phone Billing
$34.90 30 days

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New York, New York, so good they named it twice. Well, New York Straight Men is so good that they only need to name it once. What you've got here are hot and sexy, straight looking, straight acting guys from New York filmed in intimate and personal scenes. These well made scenes are easy to access and regularly updated. This may be a straightforward, gay, hard-core site but it's one that has a number of good things going for it which lifts it above the heads of many other similar sites. Actually I can't think of any similar sites that feature only guys from New York, so we've got originality here too.

To start with, you've got over 260 'featured men' as the members' area calls them. When you first log in you find a page listing all of these guys, and it's simply a question of clicking on them one at a time to move over to the galleries and videos that lie behind each thumbnail. Straight off you're told the guys' names and there is some background information about each one, how the shoot came about and what happened during filming. This is interesting and good to read background and it's well written but...

Us bois are keen to get to the action, and that's easy enough to do as well. At the bottom of each information page you will find a link to your man's appearances, his Portfolio. As some of these guys make one appearance and others make several an accurate content count is quite a difficult thing to achieve. But you have at least 260 videos and galleries and in actual fact probably many more. I found some guys with three sessions under their belts, for example. Each of the galleries contains a decent set of images, with around 80 to 100 shots per set, and these open up to good sizes at 675 x 900, though there are no zip file downloads or slideshow options, so it's a question of clicking through them one at a time. They are, though, collectable and easy to save. As for the videos I found WMV streams at 696 kbps at 640 x 480 - with some scenes using a higher bit rate and a larger size, you'll have to 'suck it and see' as there is no technical info here. If you are a Mac user there's also a page for Mac help, so no worries there.

After a quick cutaway to a street shot of the Big Apple, the videos start (usually) with a bit of chat with the guys involved. This is a nice way of getting to know the men who are going o turn you on and you'll get a little more detail about them by listening in. You will find all kinds of guys here with plenty of hairy chests and hunky muscled bears, plus younger looking, straight acting jocks and studs. The filming quality is good and it is quite laid back; some of the guys will chat to the cam as they're having their thick dicks sucked. And you have nice mix of solo, oral and anal action in each exclusive scene, and of which can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive.

New York Straight Men isn't particularly hot on interactive features. You're not able to make comments or rate the models, and there is no 'add to favourites' area. But what you do have is good update news and, by the looks of it, there is one new and exclusive scene coming to you every week. And don't forget that these are genuine, straight and curious guys from the heart of the Big Apple. Make sure you listen to their sexy accents as well as feasting your eyes on their totally sexy bodies.

Bottom Line:
Yup, this is sure-fire good-quality, well-made and exclusive porn in a site that is definitely a skyscraper set against other low-lying gay sex sites. These guys are primed and ready for action so you have hours of viewing ahead plus regular updates, great quality movies and some of the best looking hunks that New York has to offer.

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There are 21 comments on this review

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  • pumachuck1 November 08, 2011 - 20:43:25 (See all My Comments)

    i particularly dislike guys who wear sunglasses in sex scenes. most of these guys are not straight and do a poor job of acting kie they are. they are mostly very unattractive and out of shape some pretend to be homophobic which is a joke. if you like butts forget it because you see few and those you do look like they have seen a lot of traffic . scenes are poorly directed and are mostly just blowjobs performed by the same few guys. quality of videos is not the best

  • February 20, 2011 - 23:20:12 (See all My Comments)

    I was a member several years ago and returned to see what's news. The answer: nothing.

    The Welcome page claims sizzling High Definition Video. There is not even one! They need to get with modern technology and find out what High Definition really means and what upgrades are required.

    Another missed claim is a HOT straight guy added every 5 days!!!! Only happens some times. Normally it is added a day or so later which translates to less videos per pay period to their customers.

    Another missed claim BONUS UPDATES. There is only one, a one year anniversary video from 2006. Hardly a regular occurance.

  • jhonen32629 February 13, 2011 - 19:05:21 (See all My Comments)

    I only have three things that I expect from sites I join, and that is:

    1.DRM Free is a MUST

    2. Down loadable videos

    3. Good content!

    This site fulfills all of these, I joined yesterday but have been viewing their videos from other sites from long ago. This site is full of hot guys, join, I recommend.

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