Andrew Justice
Sep 06, 2007 | By: Angel
Andrew Justice
Lately, there has been one name on the lips of the majority of the gay porn industry. That name is Andrew Justice. This hot and sexy newcomer from Illinois has been making friends and influencing people left and right. In just 8 short months, he has already made 15 movies. Longboard and Rush And Release from Falcon Entertainment, Afterhours by Mustang Studios, H2O and Campus Pizza from Titan, and Proven Straight from Jet Set (reviewed in this issue) are just the titles that are out right now, with 9 others to be released in the coming months.

Andrew with his muscular (but not too muscular) build, massive tool, and brown hair (which goes lighter in the summertime), considers himself to be bisexual. However, he doesn't see himself being in an actual relationship with a man. But, don't look for him to do straight porn anytime soon. He saves that for his girlfriend (sorry boys, he is definitely taken). He prefers to do gay porn as a way to safely explore his homoerotic urges. After all, what better place to experiment than in a clean and safe environment like a movie set! He has always been an exhibitionist, and loves that people like watching him have sex. Although he hasn't quite yet convinced the girlfriend to perform in front of an audience with him. The girlfriend does know all about his line of work, and is doing her best to be supportive, but Andrew concedes that, "It would be very difficult for a girl to be dating a gay porn star!"

Growing up in Illinois, he started going through puberty at 12, and at 14 realized that he was attracted to other boys as well as girls. In fact, all of his first sexual experiences with other guys occurred when he was in the Boy Scouts, with his fellow scouts. He lost his virginity to a boy first, at age 15, and then a year later started having sex with girls. Because his penis was so large growing up, he often felt like an "oddball" compared to other boys, but when he started having sex with girls he learned that having a big dick is a good thing! Go figure.

A completely sexual creature, when asked how often he has sex, he replies, "Daily" When pressed as to how much of that is with boys and how much is with girls, he says, "It depends on if I am working or just enjoying free time." He stated that it was difficult for him to pick a favorite scene partner, but if he absolutely had to, it would be Jorden Michaels (his scene partner in Longboard). He has been very blessed in respect that he has gotten to work with everyone that he has requested to be paired with.

He doesn't really pay too much attention to mainstream celebrities. In fact, he has never even heard of Perez Hilton! However he admits that he is turned on by both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. "Both are very fucking hot. Yeah, I would do both of them... the same time!"

Now that he is fully immersed in the gay porn scene, he has gotten to travel to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Florida to film movies, but of those he admits that Los Angeles is his favorite. He has made a lot of public appearances, like at the Grabby awards in Chicago and the Pool Parties in Palm Springs (where he was quite scandalous with fellow porn star Christian Owen) and Fort Lauderdale. He lives for his fans, and enjoys interacting with them.

Of all the movies that he has shot so far, 13 of them feature him topping, with him going bottoms up in the other two. (In fact, one of the selling points of the movie Afterhours is that it is Andrew's bottoming debut.) He says, "I am mainly a top, but for some reason people want to see tops bottom. I don't understand that, but oh well." And although he hasn't yet worked with Chi Chi La Rue as a director (but he really wants to!) he has headlined at her nightclub Dirty Deeds in West Hollywood, an experience that he called both "intimidating" and "exhilarating", since he had never go-go danced in public before. In addition to Chi Chi, he also would like to shoot for Buckshot someday. All of that will have to temporarily wait though. Since he has done so many movies in so little time, to prevent overexposure, he will be taking an eight month sabbatical to tour Europe. After that, I'm sure he will be ready to field all offers via his agent Howard at Fabscout Entertainment (who we also interview for this issue)!