D'Macho and Crosse launch StagHomme.com
Oct 04, 2008 | By: Gio
Francesco D'macho & Damien Crosse

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse are launching their own Spanish-based adult production company scheduled to be up and running October 8th, 2008 at www.StagHomme.com. The multimedia-website will not only feature Damien and Francesco as performers each month, but will also feature never-before-seen studs from Madrid as well as other cities in Europe, the United States and South America. 

The XXX-features will contain unscripted, real, up-close and personal sex, including hot and daring guerilla footage as well as more creative fantasy content. The site will release two XXX-features and one release of backstage and deleted footage monthly. 

The studio is also bringing "reality TV" to their site with two episodes monthly of "StagTV," where Francesco and Damien take you along on their trouble-magnetic adventures across the globe, taking their site's members deeper into the world of porn. And yes, you can expect to find plenty of sexual content within the episodes.

StagHomme.com will give you a closer connection to porn stars with "Coffee with the Stars" (a filmed interview of world-renowned porn stars once a month) plus two monthly opportunities to chat live with Damien and Francesco. The chats will also feature other porn stars that might drop by.

The site will feature an online store where you can buy various autographed DVDs, porn paraphernalia and more perverse items like filthy jocks, stinky high tops and abused articles of clothing used on set.

Members will also have a say in the action. Through the interactive community, viewers can rate and comment on the various content being presented. The feedback will allow the studio to bring you the kind of content you truly want to indulge in.

I had the opportunity to speak with Damien Crosse about the site from his home in Madrid.

What made you and Francesco decide to launch your own content?

We had our own ideas of how a movie should be done and we really wanted to bring those ideas to life, since we don't see them in the gay porn industry at present. We decided to take the initiative to express ourselves and we both feel strong enough to embark on this journey together. We could have taken the easy road and worked along with a big studio, having the whole dish cooked and ready to eat, but instead we prefer not to answer to anyone and start from zero. 

Does this impact your exclusive contract with Raging Stallion Studios in any way?  Is Francesco still under contract with Hot House?

Not at all, I still model exclusively with Raging Stallion outside of Stag Homme Studios. Francesco just finished a very successful two-year contract with Hot House but will remain a free agent at this time.

Does your site have an affiliate program or plans to have one?

Yes, we definitely have plans to have an affiliate program in the near future.

How did you come up with the name of the site?

We were thinking the name should include some sort of animal that signifies masculinity and sexuality. We figured a horned animal would be just that, and the elegance of a male deer would give some symmetry to the concept. It's a good name for an adult production company without sounding too "porn."

What can people joining the site expect as far as the content of the scenes?

We are giving much more than just XXX-features. However, scene-wise we are trying to avoid the standard of gay porn. Something really awful in porn today is a shitload of cuts and changes of camera angles which ruin any of the true sex and chemistry that would have been in your porn. So we are aspiring to make porn that's pure sex. Because let's face it, today most people would rather jerk-off to X-tube style home-movies rather than "multi-million-budget" productions. So what we're trying to bring to life is the same heat in amateur movies, only with better lighting and the hottest studs around. Included in this more reality-based porn we're going to capture hot and daring guerilla footage, the type of things you could get arrested for. But our studio will not only focus in the realm of reality, we will also feature more fantastical content made from the same fabric our dreams are made of, again keeping the heat in it.

You mentioned in your press release that you are going to offer more than just porn on your site, please elaborate.

I think aside from our XXX-features, Stag TV is the hottest feature of our site. There's loads of porn and loads of behind-the-scenes footage, but we've never heard of a "reality TV" series that gives you such an intimate look into the porn world outside of filming porn.

Damien, I wish you and Francesco much success with your new endeavors and I appreciate you taking the time to share with the readers of JustUsBoys!

Thank you Gio for everything you have done for me over the years!  You are the best...Big X and lots of love!