CorbinFisher Expands Model Benefits
Sep 24, 2008 | By: Seth
Corbinfisher Offers Unprecedented Benefits To Its Models
Gay adult video producer recently announced a new range of benefits being offered to their exclusive models on top of existing benefits and highly competitive pay rates.

The new benefits include full health (medical, dental, vision, and life insurance); 401(k) plan enrollment and participation; and tuition reimbursement for models actively enrolled, full or part time, in accredited institutions of higher education.

"The contributions our models make to the success of our company have always been tremendous," says's Vice President, Brian Dunlap. "We've long recognized that fact with very high pay rates and substantial income-earning opportunity for our performers, but wanted to do all we could to further expand upon what our valued performers are offered, how we care for them, and how we express our appreciation for all they do."

Pointing out that works with models regularly, frequently, and over extended periods of time often stretching over years, Dunlap explains, "We've long pursued an approach different from the 'revolving door' method many other companies use where models appear, film a few scenes, and then disappear to never be heard from again. Rather, our fans know us as a company that works with an ever-growing group of core models that they get to view, enjoy, and see develop and mature as men and performers over the course of dozens of videos and several years."

This policy of maintaining a core group of popular performers that is continuously added to by new recruits who also become fixtures of's videos and brand was central to the decision to offer increased benefits to models.

"We already pay quite well, and have long been committed to looking after the health and safety of our models with mandatory sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing, as well as covering the costs of those tests," says Dunlap. "We've never had anyone contract anything on one of our shoots and are quite proud of that, but looking out and caring for our valued models involves way more than just pay and testing and extends beyond just shoots."

Drawing parallels between the nature of gay adult videos and athletics, Dunlap continues, "The simple fact of the matter is that, as with athletes, there is a 'prime stage' in which we can work with our models the most, and during which they can earn the most. Once someone has passed that prime, things can change. We focus on guys that are 18 to 23 years old and so, while we're able to offer a great deal to them while they fall within that age range, we want to do our utmost to offer them benefits that will last them their entire lives, even after they have ceased working with us."

"In a day and age when even multi-billion dollar corporations are trimming or eliminating employee benefits, we're offering our models the same comprehensive health benefits - including fully paid medical, dental, vision and life insurance - our full time, salaried employees and executives are offered," says Dunlap. "Further, 401(k) plan enrollment and participation will enable the models to benefit from the considerable amounts of money they earn with us today, decades and decades down the line."

Dunlap goes on to describe the new tuition reimbursement program as a way to both reward models already enrolled in institutions of higher education and encourage those that are not to pursue graduate and post-graduate educations, while motivating all to perform well academically.

"Many of our models are college students - true amateur performers in that they come and shoot some scenes with us now and again, and then return to the regular world of a college student centered around books, class, and campus life. We have models ranging from part-time students at city colleges to full-time students at four-year institutions; they can be found earning educations at vocational schools, as well as Ivy League institutions; they're paying in-state tuition at large, public universities as well as substantial tuition at private colleges and universities; many are working on undergraduate degrees, with others pursuing postgraduate studies. Those that are not, we would like to encourage to consider pursuing those educations and assist them in doing just that, as well as in thriving in that environment," says Dunlap.

Any model actively enrolled in an accredited institution will be reimbursed a base percentage of their tuition, with the opportunity for a greater percentage of their tuition being reimbursed depending on the grades they earn - a model earning all A's in a term could see covering 100% of their tuition for that term.

The new benefits being offered to exclusive models, of which Dunlap says there are over two dozen with additional models being added regularly, have already taken effect, with the health plans in place and models able to enroll and participate in the 401(k) plan. Furthermore, the current academic term is eligible for the new tuition reimbursement program for models presently enrolled.